March 22, 2005 General 0

I am going to reproduce these in full..I hope World net Daily doesn’t mind as they tend to not stay up for very long. Again these are all from World Net Daily’s pages and not my own very small readership.

The left’s culture of death

Perhaps nothing better illustrates the cultural divide separating blue state voters from their red state counterparts than what happened in Florida this past week. Within hours of Terri Schiavo having her feeding tube removed by order of a Florida judge, a registered sex offender confessed to kidnapping and murdering a 9-year-old Florida girl. Assuming he is convicted and sentenced to death, which of the two do you think will command the left’s sympathy? Will it be the severely handicapped Ms. Schiavo, who is slowly being starved to death through a denial of food and water? Or will it be a confessed murderer who may soon find himself sitting on death row?

When those on the left support life, invariably it is the life of the death-row inmate or of a terrorist in some far away prison. Otherwise, the left promotes a culture of death with its support of abortion on demand and the homosexual death-style. And now the gates to their morbid domain are opening wider to include euthanizing the handicapped!

The Bible says that those who hate God love death. And when life is no longer seen as a sacred gift from God, its value and worth will be determined by judges and legislators. When that happens, no one is safe.

Thomas M. Beattie

Therapy can help Terri

Our son, Travis, was in a severe car wreck eight years ago, as a passenger. All died except him. The paramedics could not find any sign of life until one happened to see a trickle of blood coming from Travis’ mouth ? with air bubbles in it.

Our son was rushed to Roanoke Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. His face was crushed, he lost his left eye, and he had severe traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for over six weeks and then was in a catatonic state, not knowing any of his family or friends for the next nine months!

He was lucky in the fact that he had good physical and cognitive therapies given to him ? and this young man could not swallow on his own; he had to be taught!

There were so many traumatically brain-injured patients in his various rehabs. Many were tied to wheelchairs with blank looks on their faces and drooling at the mouth. However, you should have seen many of them at Christmas parties when Santa Claus appeared! Their faces do show emotion ? trust me!

Many in the rehab institutions for traumatic brain injuries are very much like Terri Schiavo. They need therapy, and lots of it. The fact that she lights up when she sees her family is indeed a sign that she can be helped! Please do not let this poor woman die. Her family is willing to save her, and I truly believe that miracles happen for many TBI patients years down the road.

Pam Steadman

I have to respond to this one:
Bush’s grandstanding

You folks amaze me with your pretzel logic. Kudos to Bush for flying back to D.C. to grandstand on the Schaivo case when he couldn’t be bothered to disturb his vacation when over 130,000 people died (most women and children) in the tsunami. Oh, that’s right, they weren’t white, Christian and didn’t have oil.

Do any of you know or care about the law that Bush signed as governor of Texas that allows a care facility to refuse or stop care to a patient (such as Schaivo) regardless of the families wishes? The only factor in their right to live or die is the families’ ability to pay. This subjugates the patients’ lives to the corporate bottom line. In the past month, a baby was pulled from life support despite his mother’s wishes as a result of this law.

This is the America that you want? This is the compassionate Christian conservatism that you signed up for? To me this is the height of hypocrisy and shows how morally bankrupt these supposed Christian leaders truly are.

Greg Bowzer

Frankly I do not think we should have sent any aid over there. The elites of those contries simply stood back and waited for us instead of helping their people. Look through the archives about the UN during this time and you will see what many of these countried did to help their own people. Now not all of the countries sat on their hands..but the majority did.

Terri case to affect character of our soul

I had to go through a painf
ul exp
erience of having to decide to let two of my elderly family members go. These were the most difficult decisions I ever had to make. They were in their late 80s, slowly dying from cancer and kidney failure. They had nothing left but excruciating pain in their life. Still, I could not let go until all medical options had been exhausted and no hope was left.

Terri’s case is completely different. She is not in constant pain, and the state of her brain is debatable. Nobody knows for sure what she experiences; there is a slim chance her condition might actually improve; and there are loving family members willing and able to take care of her, if not for her scumbag husband.

Outcome of this case will set a legal precedent and will determine the fate of thousands of disabled people in this country. More importantly, it will affect the character of our society, our culture and the state of our collective soul. It will influence our ability to value, respect and love life.

Dave Loev

Special ops should rescue Terri!

So why can’t President Bush send a special ops team to Florida to save the life of an American citizen? There are many good things that can be done by this president. Mounting a military rescue of Terri Schiavo would boost the diminishing respect I have for the man I helped put in office.

John S. Rykken

Battle of the branches

I think it is more than Terri’s fate that hangs by a weakening thread this day. I believe she in fact represents America, being fought over by the separate branches of government. Her fate is our fate, and the branch that wins this war over Terri will almost certainly be the one that ultimately wins the war over the freedom of the entire United States to decide matters on their own behalf.

If we the people cannot win this war of giving Terri a chance at life, then how are we going to win the war to give our own states a chance at life? If the judiciary succeeds in getting away with this blatant homicide, then they’ve finally arrived at that constitutionally explosive position of unchecked power most feared by the Founding Fathers.

The fact is Terri may be able to recover, but the judge is not interested. She may be able to swallow, but the judge is not interested. She may be able to benefit from therapy, but the judge is not interested. She may enjoy some sunlight, but the judge is not interested. She may be able to show her consciousness on video, but the judge is not interested. Well, guess what, Judge: We, the people, are interested ? vitally interested.

Anthony Rose

The smell of death

Rabbi Boteach said in his recent article: “Before Hitler came for the Jews and the gypsies, he first came after the mentally handicapped.”

Death lawyer George Felos, Judge George Greer and Michael Schiavo seem to have formed a pact to do the same. Felos actually tried to politicize the whole thing after Terri’s tube was removed by making it a Republican issue. I am sure there are plenty of Democrats who care about Terri.

The “quality of life … culture of death … loving neglect” crowd seem delighted at the prospect of ridding our society of one of its most helpless, all the while professing to be taking the high road. These are the same folks who protect pregnant lobsters, baby seals, whales and anything else non-human. Interesting how they tend to be pro-abortion as well. The smell of death surrounds this crowd!

My dog had a stroke some time ago, and he is less than perfect now, but there is no way I would even remotely consider starving him to death. Imagine the type of character it takes to starve a human. I know of at least three of them.

Dave Ellis

May the best man win

We respectively suggest that, if Terri Schiavo dies as a result of this miscarriage of “justice,” Michael Schiavo, Judge Greer (the Starvin’ Judge) and George Felos (Felon?) be locked together in a steel box with no food and water, but be provided with sharp objects. It will be educational to see who eats whom first. They, too, deserve the right to die ? appropriately and with the dignity they intend for Terri.

Thomas and Judy Christiansen

Let Terri die in dignity

Nothing ceases to amaze me. Our government has now decided who should or shouldn’t live. In essence, Mrs. Schiavo is already dead.

The photos are those of hours of proppi
ng he
r up and hoping she will make a gesture or two to feed a story line. If this woman had any cognitive powers, she would be outraged at the pictures of her being shown all over the world. Those who think she should be saved should have to walk in her husband’s shoes for one day. Let her die in dignity and get on with life.

Our news media, including WND, have gone hyper over this issue and should be ashamed of themselves. I am a believer in euthanasia. ? We euthanize our pets to save them further pain and suffering; why not our humans?

Schiavo is a good example of this. Give her medication and forget the starvation angle. Or shut the Christian fanatics up and let them wait for a miracle ? or have they forgotten such things still do occur?

Our nation has become one of do-gooders who think they are gods. This is not only disgusting, it is dangerous.

Janey McDaniel

Sieg heil

Today America descended to the depths of Nazi Germany of 1939. A judge has ordered the death of an undesirable. In fact, we are worst than Nazi Germany. They would have just shot or poisoned her, not starved her to death. Sieg heil, America.

Ken Lowder


Terri’s ‘cruel and unusual punishment’

I saw the headline the other day: “Scott Peterson receives death sentence.” The judge ruled that his crime was so horrific that his death will be carried out by starvation and dehydration! Oh, wait a minute; I’m getting my stories mixed up. Death by starvation and dehydration is too cruel and unusual a punishment to implement on any lowlife criminal. We reserve that execution for the disabled and helpless citizens of America! (Terri Schiavo).

Enjoy your supper, Judge Greer.

Robert Blaski

Let’s see Terri’s reality

Our society is into reality TV programs. Well, why don’t we get to see for ourselves whether Terri Schiavo is in a vegetative state like her husband says or is interacting with her environment like her parents say? Because this has gone so far into the public arena and divided people into two strong camps, why not let Americans see for themselves what the truth is? I’m curious to know if any TV journalists are making this demand under the “public’s right to know.”

Gayle Anderson