Month: December 2011

New System Build

December 31, 2011 General 0

As per my sad day post I have to do something to rebuld my box. After quite a bit of research i’ve come up with a few things: 1. I am not a huge gamer anymore. HIghly intensive, video card sapping games are not what i focus on. 2. Multiple threads are a must still…but… Read more

Human Christmas Tree Protests Holiday Decoration Ban At Staten Island Ferry Terminal | Fox News

December 24, 2011 Anti-Americanism Christianity Family 0

Human Christmas Tree Protests Holiday Decoration Ban At Staten Island Ferry Terminal | Fox News. Human Christmas Tree at Staten Island Ferry Terminal:

The Account of The Star of Bethlehem….It IS Written in The Stars.

December 22, 2011 Christianity 0

I am buying the dvd so i can have it in high quality but keep an open mind and listen to this account of research.   The Star of Bethlehem.divx : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive.

Old Navy “Pump It” Video

December 21, 2011 Music 0

I ran across this on then it got deleted.  Luckily for me it was reposted to youtube..:)   [youtube][/youtube]

Former O State Coach Tressel’s Days as a College Coach Most Likely Done

December 20, 2011 Football Sports 0

A show-cause penalty will be handed to former head coach Jim Tressel for failing to report knowledge of impermissible benefits given to players before the 2010 season, which resulted in ineligible players participating during that season. The how-cause means any school that hires Tressel could be subject to sanctions by the NCAA.The NCAA later released… Read more

It’s a Sad Day in HCS Ville

December 16, 2011 Brunswick Gaming General 0

My computer has been acting up for a couple of weeks.  Tonight it just went poofies altogether.  I managed to nail it down to my video card…:(  Luckily my motherboard has onbaord gaphics and can drive two monitors..jsut no more gaming for accelerated internet vids(them quad cores goin to get a workout now).  Once i replace the… Read more

More About Our Nanny State

December 14, 2011 Anti-Americanism Family Politics 0

Folks you REALLY need to read the entire article linked to in my last post.  HOwever for those who don’t follow links here’s the full story from the market Ticker which details the fallacies in the Govt’s story:   WASHINGTON – States should ban all driver use of cellphones and other portable electronic devices, except… Read more

The Latest Power Grab by Our Nanny State

December 14, 2011 Brunswick Family New World Order Politics 0

Of course it turns out that texting wasn’t the primary..or even the reason at all for the crash that is now being used by the feds to try to invade our lives even more. Sure texting while driving is dangerous..there’s no need for the Feds to stop into this. Read this story about who owns… Read more

More Adventures…:)

December 12, 2011 Brunswick Family 1

My younger daughter has decided she doesn’t want to wear pullups to nite nite anymore…i quote, “me no peepee no wear pullup me wear undies and be big girl”…:)

AHH The Pre-Teen years

December 11, 2011 Family 0

The latest in my fatherly adventures. We got Alessa a kid friendly cell phone. We got back from Va Beach and the phone turned up missing. I nuked the phone and a search was undertaken. The phone has not been located…yet. Heather maintains it is inside the house. We’ll see. What’s kewl right now is… Read more

Can Congress Steal Your Constitutional Freedoms?(Only If We Allow It?)

December 2, 2011 Anti-Americanism Military New World Order Patriotism Politics 0

Congress is supposed to work in public. That requirement is in the Constitution. It is there because the folks who wrote the Constitution had suffered long and hard under the British Privy Council, a secret group that advised the king and ran his government.  We know from the now-defunct Super Committee, and other times when… Read more