Month: January 2010

The Presidential Assassination List January 28 2010

January 29, 2010 Criminal New World Order Obama 0

Will Grigg’s Liberty Minutes – The Presidential Assassination List January 28 2010.

Listen to your wife’s sniffer

January 26, 2010 General 0

Well she thought it was a bad idea for me to do volunteer work in IT(which is why she doesn’t do it).  I have to say i agree.  I jsut had bad days at both sites i volunteer for and i am now seriously re-evaluating my volunteer status. Location number 1:  I have been blown… Read more

As if the IE vulnerability wasn’t enough

January 19, 2010 Microsoft Security Security Alerts Windows 0

Time to Block DLL’s at the firewall.

January 19, 2010 Microsoft SBS 2008 Security Security Alerts Vista Windows Windows 7 0

Praetorian Prefect | Using Group Policy to Disable JavaScript in Adobe PDF Files

January 15, 2010 Security Security Alerts 0

IE Opens Your System to Baddies again. Video of Exploit online. Breathe deeply and say: Firefox, Chrome

January 15, 2010 Microsoft SBS 2008 Security Security Alerts Vista Windows Windows 7 0

Puyocon – A ball-shaped controller you can squeeze, throw, and roll : DigInfo

January 15, 2010 Hardware Input Devices 0

WTRI is Coming Back on the air With YOur Help!!!

January 12, 2010 General 0

I got this in my e-mail.  i do a fair amount of volunteer work for WTHU who has acquired WTRI in Brunswick: Dear WTHU friends, As many of you may know, the Lord has dropped an incredible opportunity into our lap to broadcast over the station in Brunswick MD which will allow us to reach… Read more

Smokey and the Bandit Fire Department..:)

January 11, 2010 General 0

YouTube – Fire Chief Runs Blocker.

NewsFactor Network | MagicJack’s Next Act: Disappearing Cell Phone Fees

January 11, 2010 Open Source 0

Joe Albero…Stop the Grandstanding

January 11, 2010 General 0

Salisbury News: The Daily Times Gets The Scoop On The Foxwell’s, So What?. I sent this to joe’s blog in the comments regarding the story at: I am posting it here since Joe deleted ti..:) “All I can tell you is this. ANY time anyone has come forward to raise money for the Family,… Read more

ZFS – Loads of Neat Features Like Native Deduplication

January 7, 2010 Hardware Open Source Storage 0

There’s more than one Admin Easter Egg in Windows 7..:)

January 7, 2010 Microsoft Vista Windows Windows 7 0

[H]ard|OCP – Windows 7 Tip of the Day: God Mode

January 5, 2010 Microsoft Windows Windows 7 0

A Decade of Self Delusion? NOT

January 4, 2010 Climate Scam Criminal Finance General Homeschooling New World Order Obama Obama Care 0

Greetings to all, I just had to comment on this. To find the story, here is the link: I think I know the direction that Mr Buchanan was heading for. The problem is, I never agreed with his whiny words and policies. Even now, people are still blaming “W” for their woes. You want… Read more

Interesting Timing by the Fed…Time for a Housing Price Crash.

January 4, 2010 Finance 0

“HAFA” – Foreclosure Warning Dead Ahead! – The Market Ticker. Don’t forget that we have a second wave of massive foreclosures coming Alt-A and Option-ARMS which are going to either reset or recast.  Now they are going to send another wave of defaults into the market as per a post I made back in December… Read more

New GM Same old Skins

January 4, 2010 Football Sports 0

Washington Redskins Fire Coach Jim Zorn|ABC 7 Sports. Zorn is fired to pay for Snyder’s incompetence.  It remains to be seen if this GM is in title only or really has the powers needed to get some continuity into the organization which is what is really needed.  The skins have the talent in their roster… Read more

Obamacare To Kill Private Insurance

January 2, 2010 Criminal New World Order Obama Obama Care 0

Employers will not be required to offer their workers coverage, being subject to a $750 annual penalty if they fail to do so, a figure most analysts say is not high enough to prevent employers from dropping their plans, meaning that more people will be forced to buy government health care. via Obamacare To Cost… Read more

“Healthcare Overhaul” not about covering everyone

January 2, 2010 New World Order Obama Obama Care 0

Health bill would leave millions uninsured – Washington Post- Health bill would leave millions uninsured Backer of Senate legislation says ‘the problem is still going to be there’ By Perry Bacon Jr. The Washington Post updated 7:02 a.m. ET, Sat., Jan. 2, 2010 // Even as Democrats seek the biggest expansion of health coverage… Read more

I like this….(course language ahead)

January 1, 2010 Finance 0

As The Clock (er, Worm) Turns… – The Market Ticker.