Listen to your wife’s sniffer

Well she thought it was a bad idea for me to do volunteer work in IT(which is why she doesn’t do it).  I have to say i agree.  I jsut had bad days at both sites i volunteer for and i am now seriously re-evaluating my volunteer status.

Location number 1:  I have been blown off several times leading to a fiasco(ongoing?) with the end of the year reporting.  I have also been stonewalled on various things we can do to improve operations(like bring mail in house) and WHEN the external mail servers drop(which they do often) I get queried on it.  I just today had to’s not my issue…multiple times.  I then had to waste more than half an hour PROVING it’s not my issue.  This location so far has not come through with multiple promises of a large job I cannot physically handle on my own in terms of providing assistance.  With my experiences in IT I am not seriously considering withdrawing from another volunteer posistion due to the fact it’s a volunteer posistion inside of a division that literlaly has no active members…..sooo i am going to report to…nobody even though i am going to work within this overseeing division.  I ma not sure I want to even wade into that one.

Location 2:  Everything is an emergency…almost.  money is non-existent but sometimes you need to spend $$$ to do it right and not always go cheap.  today the head of the organization had the balls to tlel me he was pissed becuase I did not respond for over two hours.  Sorry bub,  I have PAYING clients i was handling.  This one is on final warning..i won’t take being addressed in that manner..especially in a volunteer posistion.

Now I have a third project that is going to consume my weekends for two months..i have gotten zero response back from the members on it.  God only knows how this one is going to work out.  This is probably my last year doing this for at least a year.

I fully intend to remove all IT volunteer positions within the year if things don’t change.  Consider this my “50 week” notice.

*note to first two organizations…if you want volunteers to hang around don’t 1. blow them off and 2. talk to them in a disrespectful manner like they are paid staff).

WTRI is Coming Back on the air With YOur Help!!!

I got this in my e-mail.  i do a fair amount of volunteer work for WTHU who has acquired WTRI in Brunswick:

Dear WTHU friends,

As many of you may know, the Lord has dropped an incredible opportunity into our lap to broadcast over the station in Brunswick MD which will allow us to reach a HUGE listening audience.  The signal is especially strong in the Frederick community at 17,000 watts.  That’s 3 times bigger than WFMD’s signal and 30 times more than WTHU!

The power has been turned off at this station.  In order to begin broadcasting, we need to find help posting a $2000 security deposit with Allegheny Power.  They will NOT turn on the power until a deposit has been received.

Can you ask everyone in your circle of friends, ministry and business if they would be willing to help the Christian Radio Coalition extend the reach of the gospel into Frederick, Leesburg and beyond?  This is a powerful Kingdom building opportunity!

We have added some exciting new programs to our lineup like: Dr. Dobson & Focus on the Family, Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram, Dave Ramsey’s financial talk radio, Bill Bennett’s Morning in America, Ravi Zacarias and more……

All we need are 20 people willing to invest $100 and we can begin broadcasting right away.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions, or need any additional information at (301) 639-4323.


Michael Betteridge

Joe Albero…Stop the Grandstanding

Salisbury News: The Daily Times Gets The Scoop On The Foxwell’s, So What?.

I sent this to joe’s blog in the comments regarding the story at:

I am posting it here since Joe deleted ti..:)

“All I can tell you is this. ANY time anyone has come forward to raise money for the Family, I have been first in line to shut it down. If you want to participate in a fundraiser towards a secured trust fund for the children’s education in the future, so be it. However, If ANY money is accessible to ANYONE other than the children, that’s a complete waste.”

I may start up a fund for this child siblings just to spite you Joe. Come shut me down..or at least you can try. Your comment here shows your own myopia and how you obviously see yourself as the savior of Salisbury. I have supported you indirectly but this comment here is making me rethink that. Just because somebody else starts a fund to distribute to worthy siblings or whatnot that is not under the exclusive control of the DEAD child does not make it a scam. Your reprehensible behavior in this post where you brag about shutting down things you don’t like also reeks of sensationalism. One more thing, you say you have all this information but you won’t disclose it? That either means you don’t have it at all or you are just a immature child…if you have the information but do not wish to disclose it..don’t spend paragraph upon paragraph talking about it!  since you like to pass yourself off as media how about showing some actual media impartiality and allowing critical posts to show on your blog eh?

A Decade of Self Delusion? NOT

Greetings to all,

I just had to comment on this. To find the story, here is the link:

I think I know the direction that Mr Buchanan was heading for. The problem is, I never agreed with his whiny words and policies. Even now, people are still blaming “W” for their woes. You want to know the true reason why for our decline? The fact is, the US has been pointing fingers at others for over 30 years. JB tries to make this point, but it is lost after recital of rhetoric garbage. The way the US can get out of this is for all of us to ‘take ownership’, stop the blame game, and do what needs to be done.

But here is the crux: what is it that needs to be done. You will hear “we have so many problems..”, “the issues are numerous and vast..”, “there isn’t a simple solution or steps of solutions..”. Dont you believe them. In order to figure out what the problems are, we need to figure out who we, as a people and nation, are.

So, what is the United States of America? Now, you may be thinking “Gawd, not another history lesson..”. Well, too bad. The reason why schools push for 12 years of history is two fold: to rewrite history for selfish malicious use, and to get people sick of history to forget about it. It is like navigating a ship, driving a car, or even just walking from point A to point B: if you don’t know where you are at and how you got there, how can you plot where you are going to go?

Anyways, what were our American ancestors? Here is a link describing “American Colonists” . While I will not recite the whole page, I would like to copy the first paragraph: The term colonial history of the United States refers to the history of the land from the start of European settlement to the time of independence from Europe, and especially to the history of the thirteen colonies of Britain which declared themselves independent in 1776.[1] Starting in the late 16th century, the English, Scottish, French, Swedes, Germans and the Dutch began to colonize eastern North America.[2][3] Many early attempts—notably the Lost Colony of Roanoke—ended in failure, but successful colonies were soon established. The colonists who came to the New World were from a variety of different social and religious groups who settled in different locations on the seaboard. The Dutch of New Netherland, the Swedes and Finns of New Sweden, the Quakers of Pennsylvania, the Puritans of New England, the English settlers of Jamestown, and the “worthy poor” of Georgia, and others—each group came to the new continent for different reasons and created colonies with distinct social, religious, political and economic structures.[4]

Now, there is something very very wrong with this summary. Can you tell what it is? Is it incorrect? No. Are there any wrong references? No. The problem with this summary is that it is watered down. It does not have the heart and soul of what was done and accomplished. Let me explain.

Imagine yourself a colonist. You board a ship, overcrowded with people, a ship that is maybe 80 ft in length and you are lucky if 12ft in width. You travel from one continent to another, that is, over 3000 miles of water that at any point, you could drown. Sickness was always rampant. If you were a woman, you always had to worry about rape. You were lucky you would eat once a day. You finally come over to America. You have very little with you, because of no space on the ship, or, you were poor and had very little to begin with. You are on a land that you have no familiarity with. You are melded into a society of people you do not know about. You have very little to no money, and if you had money, you could buy very little. There were homes with no heat save a fireplace, no air conditioning, very few clothes you could wear. And why would anyone put themselves through this? Because, for the chance. The chance of being free, free of clergy persecution, free of corrupt government officials, free of unfair tax levies, free of social miscreants and fools, etc etc. The concept of freedom. The thought of freedom, but derived from pure sacrifice, devotion, belief, and faith.

Do you see the difference between the two summaries of American colonists? Which one has the heart? Which one excites the senses, the fears, the digust, the joy of hope? The first is definition through society’s acceptance of language. Mine, is a definition of the heart and soul. And, there is the basic problem/solution that we need in this country. Do you think the colonists pointed fingers at others for their problems? (well, in a way they did..hence why they were colonists..but other than that). Do you think they looked for handouts? Did they expect to be clothed, fed, sheltered, given money, health services, financial pensions, 3 cars in the driveway, cell phone for every family member, laptop and LCD plasma TV for each person, twittering their facebooks, worried about keeping up with the neighbors, going green while finance going red, etc etc? I know, I put in ‘modern everyday concerns’ with that of old. But I did this with purpose. Do you see what the average ‘joe’ now worries about vs even just 100 years ago? 100 years. That is simply 4 generations? Maybe 3?

Ok, enough of the history lesson. I did mention that the steps to turn things around are simple. And they truly are: that is, IF you keep what our founding fathers/mothers went through.

1: Only if you are a citizen, or going through the path of legal citizenship, STOP all entitlements. This means, no health care, no welfare, no government handouts of any type. These services have been paid for by citizens and soon to be citizens. We have over 12 million illegals in this country. If each one is given $10,000 of various handouts, that is $1.2 trillion dollars handed out.

2: Those that are citizens and on welfare, cut out the fat. How many times has each one of us saw some woman with 2 or 3 kids, in a grocery store, with more gold bling on her body, looking like she just came out of a salon, driving a nicer car than you own, pay for groceries with food stamps? It is said that 1 out of 12 adults are receiving food stamps. If only 1% of them are cheating, that is still over 83,000 adults. Average amount of food stamps is $250 a month. That is almost 21 million a month, nearly $250 million a year.

3: Hand the bill to the country for every illegal we transport back to them. It is estimated that it costs over $80,000 per illegal we catch and transport back to their country of origin. This, is a service. If we merely catch and transport 25,000 illegals, that is $2 billion a year. The actually number is much higher, closer to a million. But think about that. If 25,000 brings in invoices over 2 billion, then a million would be over $80 billion dollars. Let us just invoice Mexico alone at 25,000 illegals. You know they would enforce and beef up their own border patrols just to prevent this!

4: Invoice other nations. What do I mean? Invoice every other country that asked us for help on a military level since 1963. Every military base we have overseas, every military action we performed at the host country’s request, etc etc. Then, take these ‘bills’ to the UN and tell the UN to shove it up its arse, proving “we are doing the job you sworn to do”. Now, reality is, they won’t do a thing. But, show to others that we have been the ones shouldering the load with an ungrateful lot. But lets say payments do come through. Take every dime of those payments and pay to the veterans, current military personnel, and those survived by the military personnel that died performing their duty and love to this country.

5: Present each bill/law on the table of House, Senate, and Presidency that is no more than 50 pages in length AND it can only contain material directly related to the bill. Too much pork in each bill, too much bureaucracy. Take again, military pay increase. That should be its own bill. A good subtopic is increasing the payments of veterans who have severe medical disabilities. That, would be a valid sub topic. Trying to get a grant for a farm in San Francisco area for 33 million dollars to grow soybeans and peanuts have nothing to do with this bill. It should be its own seperate issue. To enforce this, allow the people in each house and senate district to do a ‘recall’ of the person they elected every 6 months if 25% of the citizens agreed it is within bounds for review. What do I mean? If a senator is going crazy, not listening to their constituents, and causing severe distress and embarassment to their representative community, then, hold a vote and a meeting to see if that person should be removed from office. This would force elected officials to be more honest and stop wasting our taxpayer monies for their salaries and their personal agendas.

6: Now, when it comes to voting, I personally feel that there should be a compentcy test passed. Not anything specific about the candidates or anything like that, but a test on basic government structure and process. So many people who are voting are ignorant of the jobs, dutites, and responsibilities for each branch of local, state, and federal government. So, an example of just 10 questions each about the local, state, and federal government, with a 70% success rate to pass would allow you to vote. People may say that this goes against the Bill of Rights. I say, the blatant stupidity among the public of not knowing their own government, party, and candidates that they are voting on is against my right as a US citizen. Example: The day of the presidential election 2008, a reporter asked 513 confirmed Obama voters simple questions that pertained to Obama, Biden, and top Congressional democrats. 12 questions were asked of each person (the same 12 questions). 0.5% got all 12 questions right. The other percentages of questions/answers were staggering. However, when asked about questions of McCain and Palin, and the questions asked had lies as answers, each one of these people answered those questions “correctly”. They were also asked about Sarah Palin seeing Russia from her backyard and I think 85% said that Palin did say that (it was actually Tina Fey in her famous SNL skit, Sarah Palin never ever said that). What this test showed, is that the general public, ignorant of their own electoral system, can be programmed of how to vote. This video does exist, a little bit of searching can find it. I went through the trouble and found the Zogby poll link for everyone: . Bill of Rights. I believe in it with all my heart. I just don’t believe in the people generally anymore. Not until this trend turns around.

I could go onward with other points, and I shall in another post. At the moment, this is enough for everyone to digest all this information properly. Until then, take care.



Interesting Timing by the Fed…Time for a Housing Price Crash.

“HAFA” – Foreclosure Warning Dead Ahead! – The Market Ticker.

Don’t forget that we have a second wave of massive foreclosures coming Alt-A and Option-ARMS which are going to either reset or recast.  Now they are going to send another wave of defaults into the market as per a post I made back in December of 2008(courtesy of Barry Ritholtz and CBS).  Now on top of this the Fed is going to force(which they should have done YEARS ago) homes that are zombies or in first stages of default to flood the market.  Housing prices are going to crash.  I find this to be intentional by the Fed.  there is NO way they they did not know that this is going to crater housing prices.  This is going to exacerbate the coming wave defaults and foreclosures on top of the mortgages that are going to be defaulting this year.  Also signs in the credit market say something is affot..

Obamacare To Kill Private Insurance

Employers will not be required to offer their workers coverage, being subject to a $750 annual penalty if they fail to do so, a figure most analysts say is not high enough to prevent employers from dropping their plans, meaning that more people will be forced to buy government health care.

via Obamacare To Cost Middle Class Families $15,000 A Year.

&750/year fine for employers but 15k for the workers?  This is to kill private insurance.  Basically the entire population will be on the gov’t dole.

“Healthcare Overhaul” not about covering everyone

Health bill would leave millions uninsured – Washington Post-

Health bill would leave millions uninsured

Backer of Senate legislation says ‘the problem is still going to be there’
By Perry Bacon Jr.
The Washington Post
updated 7:02 a.m. ET, Sat., Jan. 2, 2010


Even as Democrats seek the biggest expansion of health coverage in decades, as many as 23 million people could still be without insurance by 2018, illustrating the complexity of achieving the long-held Democratic goal of universal health care.

The legislation that the Senate passed Christmas Eve, which is expected to resemble closely the final bill that is hashed out between the House and Senate over the next month, would leave about 8 percent of the population under age 65 without health insurance, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. It would extend insurance to 31 million of an estimated 54 million who would have no coverage without the legislation.

“The impact of the reform overall is that we can focus more on care and less on how we pay for the uninsured, but the problem is still going to be there,” said Chip Kahn, president of the Federation of American Hospitals, a lobbying group that has endorsed the Democratic plan.

But those who would be left uninsured have drawn little attention. This is in part because their ranks would include many who choose not to get health insurance, even though they can afford it — such as some healthy people under 30, who have little effect on rising health-care costs because they rarely go to the doctor. Though starting in 2014, individuals would face fines if they do not buy coverage, some may still refuse.

Illegal immigrants
About a third of the uninsured would be illegal immigrants. Neither party supports expanding insurance to cover them, even though states spend millions caring for them at hospitals, where emergency rooms accept patients regardless of coverage.

Some Republicans have seized on the uninsured number to attack the health-care legislation, even though they oppose mandating the purchase of insurance and covering illegal immigrants. “After raising billions in new taxes, cutting about a half-trillion dollars from Medicare, and imposing stiff new penalties for people who don’t buy insurance and increasing costs for those that do, 23 million people will still not even have health insurance,” Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) said before the Senate vote.

White House spokesman Reid Cherlin countered that “tens of millions of Americans will gain affordable coverage under this bill.”

Despite complaints about those left uninsured, some health-care experts defend the legislation, noting the difficulty of reaching 100 percent coverage.

“If you’re at 84 percent and you are going to 94 percent, you picked up roughly two-thirds of the problem, which is big,” said John Holahan, director of the Health Policy Center at the liberal Urban Institute, referring to the percentage of legal U.S. residents who will have health insurance under the Senate plan. “If the economy comes back, you can pick up a good chunk of the rest. Most European countries don’t get 100 percent — the data I’ve seen is always 98 or 99 percent.”

The CBO has not released a breakdown of who would make up the 23 million. Along with illegal immigrants and people who choose not to buy coverage, there are two groups of people likely to be uninsured: those who are eligible for Medicaid but don’t sign up for it, and those who would qualify for an exemption from the coverage mandate because paying for insurance would take up more than 8 percent of their income.

The CBO estimates that the House version of the legislation would expand insurance to 36 million people, reducing the ranks of the uninsured to about 18 million. It would offer slightly higher subsidies for low-income people, reducing the number who cannot afford insurance, and it has stronger penalties for companies that do not offer insurance to workers and individuals who do not purchase it. But the House legislation would cost more than $1 trillion, compared with the $871 billion Senate package.

Latino activists and some Democratic lawmakers have complained about a provision in the Senate bill that bars illegal immigrants from purchasing insurance in new health insurance exchanges, which would serve people who do not have affordable employer-based coverage. Without access to those exchanges, such immigrants would have few health insurance options, although it’s not clear how many could afford or would want to purchase coverage.

There is little support in Congress for extending health insurance through Medicaid or subsidies to the millions of illegal immigrants in the United States.

Congress is seeking to cover people who are under 30 and who find insurance an expense they can live without because they are generally healthy; many in this group hold part-time jobs that do not offer coverage. Lawmakers’ goal is twofold: reducing the burden on hospitals to care for the uninsured and broadening the pool of people with insurance, since including those who are healthy helps lower costs for the ill. The legislation would create health plans with low monthly costs designed to appeal to young people.

Some experts say this group — 13 million Americans, according to some estimates — will remain sizable despite the mandate. But David Cutler, an economist at Harvard who advised Barack Obama on health care during the presidential campaign, said this group could be almost universally insured if the law was implemented properly, thereby reducing the total number of uninsured to much less than 20 million.

He said that if the bill becomes law, the government should look to Massachusetts, which passed a requirement in 2006 that every resident get insurance. The state ran commercials during the broadcast of Boston Red Sox baseball games encouraging people to sign up, helping reach young men. Only about 45,000 of the nearly 4 million who filed taxes last year in Massachusetts were fined for refusing to buy insurance.

Cutler said a similar effort could encourage people who would newly qualify for Medicaid, which would be expanded to cover most households earning less than $30,000 a year.

“If we do it right,” Cutler said, “I’m not very worried we will have lots of uninsured.”

Research editor Alice Crites contributed to this report.

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