January 11, 2010 General 0

Salisbury News: The Daily Times Gets The Scoop On The Foxwell’s, So What?.

I sent this to joe’s blog in the comments regarding the story at:

I am posting it here since Joe deleted ti..:)

“All I can tell you is this. ANY time anyone has come forward to raise money for the Family, I have been first in line to shut it down. If you want to participate in a fundraiser towards a secured trust fund for the children’s education in the future, so be it. However, If ANY money is accessible to ANYONE other than the children, that’s a complete waste.”

I may start up a fund for this child siblings just to spite you Joe. Come shut me down..or at least you can try. Your comment here shows your own myopia and how you obviously see yourself as the savior of Salisbury. I have supported you indirectly but this comment here is making me rethink that. Just because somebody else starts a fund to distribute to worthy siblings or whatnot that is not under the exclusive control of the DEAD child does not make it a scam. Your reprehensible behavior in this post where you brag about shutting down things you don’t like also reeks of sensationalism. One more thing, you say you have all this information but you won’t disclose it? That either means you don’t have it at all or you are just a immature child…if you have the information but do not wish to disclose it..don’t spend paragraph upon paragraph talking about it!  since you like to pass yourself off as media how about showing some actual media impartiality and allowing critical posts to show on your blog eh?