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Mattel Consumer Relations Answer Center – Product Recall/Advisory.

This is a huge recall.  Check this list of children’s product carefully to see if you have any of this in your home and evalute your own course of action..:) – Do Kids Count? Insurers Stop Selling Child-Only Policies Ahead of ObamaCare Provisions.

I will be updating this list often..for facebook users check the blog post and the facebook plugin for my blog doesn’t dynamically update for updates.

The Thurman Cafe in Columbus, Ohio

Riverstone Grill – Grand Island, NY

The Black Sheep– Richmond, VA

Tony Luke’s Pat’s, Gino’s and Jim’s- Philly

I just need to get the final list of current mailboxses and get the DNS switched over.  Staff meeting this Monday to see if they’ll give the green light.  I have found several extensions(called zimlets) that really extend the featureset of the Zimbra platform.  I know have built into the platform:

1.  Automatic detection of UPS and FEDEX tracking numbers.  The system will automatically highlight tracking numbers and auto-create hyperlinks.  Clicking the link takes directly to your tracking information

2.  Daily summary of tasks and appointments.  When the user logs in the zimlets checks their calednar for that day and sends them appriate reminders.

3.  Post Office tracking.  Along the same lines as the UPS Fedex trackers…this also will grab post office trackings form several other countries as well.

4.  Social network integration.  Twitter, Facebook and a couple of others can be integrated into your Zimbra interface

These are in addition to the base feature set available with the free version.  All of these zimlets are free as well.  The best thing….no more outlook.  FBC users can get to this anywhere they wish to via a https secured channel..:)

Well Mr. Penalty Alex Barron strikes again.  This jagoff has been the most penalized player in the NFL.  Why the boys keep this idiot is beyond me.  Of course Dallas tried to push things right before the half they lost the ball and the ‘Skins ran it in for a touchdown.  Then Mr. penalty on the last play of the game practically strangled Brian Orakpo to nullify the game winning touchdown.  I hope the Cowboys get this mess straightened out…otherwise it’ll be another long year for a lifetime Cowboys fan as we suffer through the Jerry Jones era.

YouTube – Rebuild a Jeep under 4 minutes. – Teenage Miley Makes Teenage Britney Look Tame.

It’s not.  Not only are these fish a danger to the waters they are most likely a danger to us as well.  The article mentions they are going to start with salmon and then go for everything else including tilapia.

Fast-growing GM salmon ‘safe to be farmed and eaten’ – Telegraph.

it start soon..and only gets worse.  Here’s more of that “change” for all you folks who vote for usama obama..:)

120 Days to Go Until the Largest Tax Hikes in History.

the banks listed had dedicated units for laundering money through the us banking system.  Yet they get to settle… why are they still doing business in this country?

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