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I am growing to love this job.  Once i get the kids taken care of and off to school my interruptions are few and I can really get some work done.  Right now it is researching the documents provided by the client and working with my team to get the deliverable products done.  I just found out that my team supervisor is a believer…yeah!  So far she has seen the “worst” of tendency to react quickly and voluminously with seeming random emotions.  Luckily for me, she is patient enough to guide my passions into where she needs them but not to stifle my ability to quickly size things up.  However instead of multiple small snippets she would like them put into a larger document…i’ll try..:)

The medical benefits are beyond outstanding.  However I think there are some disturbances within the company that I am not sure if the owners are aware or not.  The person who literally handed this job to me on a platter was supposed to be moving to a new, higher paying contract that he was supposed to be not only leading the team but also have a direct hand in hiring…didn’t turn out that way.  Instead he is stuck with the exact same pay he had before, the folks who were supposed to be his subordinates and who had less technical knowledge than him, got hired to higher paying, higher positions over him.  Needless to say, he is pissed and i have no doubt he is looking for another job after nearly 5 years at MBL Technologies.  I am going to hold my tongue(at his request) and will watch and see what happens.  If he leaves I might get queried about it..and i will tell the truth.  Eric(not the one in Va beach..that’s Erik…has already said if he finds another position he will bring me with him if he can.  That’s tantalizing..but we will see what the Lord says if that situation arises.

For a long time I tried to figure out how Heather went from pneumonia to sepsis to dead. After talking to quote a few medical folks(most of whom would not say officially) I have learned C.Diff is what finally got loose. right after she died I had several close friends of hers and mine tell me to take immediate hazmat style precautions in terms of what Heather had laid on or used or anything else. Luckily my military experience helped to figure out immediately the actions to be taken…everything she has touched, has fluids on, etc etc was immediately double plastic bagged..and then double trash bagged. and thrown out. I still had lingering questions about how this got so out of control….
C.Diff can also ravage a person due to the current medical procedure of starting large doses of general antibiotics instead of waiting for a culture. In many cases this works but now with this kind of bug around this leads to all of the good gut bacteria being decimated. C.Diff then explodes because it is immune tot he general antibiotics. By the time the doctors had any clue it was too late for heather. They tried switching to a targeted medication…but it was too late.
If you like to eat large quantities of Ice Cream…i would seriously consider severely limiting your intake…also keep in mind that hospitals are some of the most dangerous places you can be…do not eat theses kinds of products while hospitalized…and not for a while afterwards either. In this way my diabetes is a blessing in disguise.
Since installing this new central HVAC system back in Oct of 2015 it really has not gotten a bitterly cold winter to test the oil burner side with it. This winter…i am getting that cold test i wanted. So far the results are excellent:
The last time we had temps in the single digits with the previous furnace only system that system was an 85k BTU unit and only discharged air directly into the dining room. Warm air would work its way into the living room slowly. The kitchen got plenty of heat due to its proximity to the dining room. Keeping the house set at a temperature of 60 degrees I would go through half a tank of oil in less than three weeks with temperatures this cold. One half of the downstairs was bearable and the other half(the living room) was cold. There was not heat going directly into the upstairs bathroom nor the upstairs hallways. The bedrooms and bathroom doors wee kept shut to allow the baseboard heaters the opportunity to keep those individual rooms from getting freezing cold. Our oil bill was well north of 2.5k per season just for oil and the electricity bill would also jump to more than $300/month.
This year so far this new system has several major differences:
  1. It covers the entire house for both A/c and Heat..including the cellar.  There is at least one register in every room of the house except the upstairs bathroom(not needed if the door is open) and my network room(do not want heat going in there).  A/C is handled by a different system if required.
  2. This is a “dual-fuel” hybrid system.  It has the usual a/c capabilities but it also has a heat pump as the outdoor unit as the primary heat source.  Once the temperature gets below 35 degrees it switches to an oil furnace that is built into the indoor air handler unit.*
  3. This system now covers the entire house from the upstairs(including the hallway) to the cellar(a smaller amount is diverted there simply to prevent freezing in the winter and to aid in humidity control in the summer).
  4. The new system is rated at 105,000 BTU/hr instead of 85,000 BTU/Hr.
  5. The new system keeps the house at a programmed 64 degrees during the day vs 60 degrees for the old system.

So far this new system is saving me money all year round.  My electricity bill went up from @105/month in the summer to about @140/month.  However the entire house is at the same temperature instead of just a couple of rooms.  That rise in costs also includes the increase in power draw from the infrastructure upgrades(a constant 300Watts) i did around that same time to improve my business back-end infrastructure.

Now that wintertime has sunk its teeth into this area I am able to evaluate the heating costs.  During November more than half of the month was spent on the heat pump.  The electricity bill went up about $10/month so far due to the increased use of the hvac system in heat pump mode.  Now that i have been on a steady diet of oil for the past month I can also evaluate the oil usage.  With the old system we would go from a full tank to less than half a tank in a month.  In really frigid times that old system could not stop the house from developing a chill that would make it uncomfortably cold in the house requiring a bump to about 62.  The old system would be struggling to keep up 60 degrees much less 62.  With this new system,  the burn rate is actually less.  We are at, as i write this, just above 1/2 tank…but the system is at 64 degrees and there is not a chill in the house.  The system is also not having to run very much to maintain that temperature.  So an uprated system covering a larger area, while maintaining a higher internal temperature with higher efficiency = less cost to heat the house in the same conditions as the last system.  I will probably spent less than 1k on heating oil this year.

Now it helps that I did a ton of research on various systems while also taking into account our climate in the past here and a close eye on fuel consumption, the pros and cons of various heating technologies, and the costs involved.  Luckily oil prices have been stable the past couple of years so a direct comparisons was easy to do.  Having a dual fuel system is highly advantageous in this area.

* This is one reason when I installed my new HVAC system i went with a heat pump/oil furnace hybrid. When it is above 35 degrees heat pumps work well…below that and they just run themselves to death. Below 35 degrees my system switches to the oil furnace. heat pumps cannot operate with any real efficiency below freezing…so you wind up on the electric heat coil system(which is nothing more than a huge set of electric baseboard heaters). This spikes the crap out of your electric bill. When you are in “emergency” heat mode your efficiency is 1 to 1. You get one dollar of heat for every dollar of electricity. With oil it’s much higher. A properly maintained, high-efficient oil furnace has approximately 139000 BTU’s of energy per gallon. right now oil prices are hovering at @2.95/gallon. Sure oil heat gets expensive because you see the bill immediately with each fill up. Over time though it is cheaper than electric heat. Heat pumps work according to their SEER rating. IN a highly simplified nutshell the minimum temperature for most heat pumps is 32 degrees…below that and their efficiency quickly approaches that of baseboard heat. Get them into real cold(like below 20 degrees) and they actually burn more money in power usage than heat they produce. If your heat pump is more than 10 years old I would highly advise you look into replacing your heat pump with a newer, higher seer heat pump and back it up with an oil furnace.  There are some heat pumps rated for teens and below…but their efficiency at that point is barely above electric baseboard heat. I know of a local business facing this. Their location has the split ductless systems that promise to be able to heat at temperatures as low as zero degrees. Last night, with the thermostats set at 50 degrees the heat pumps could not keep up with the temperatures here in Brunswick. Despite the fact it got to “only” 10 degrees the building was 45 degrees. The heat pumps(which is what split ductless heaters are) ran continuously from midnight onwards. Their building right now(as of 10am) is hovering around 55 degrees and slowly rising. The temperature outside my house in 16 degrees. The client called me asking if her networking equipment is which i replied, “yes your equipment and servers are loving this”.  There is monitoring software running on their servers that e-mail me every half an hour..which is how i know at least what temperatures the servers are seeing…

I was blessed with a loyal wife who honored the wedding vows we both took literally…until the day she died.  The newly signed tax law takes a further dig at men.  However since men are now being drained of all of their livelihood by the legal system this latest dig now has the “let’s drain them dry” crowd concerned.  why?

One of the changes in the new tax law involves the tax status of alimony. Previously the payor (men) could deduct the money they pay in alimony, and the payee (women) would have it taxed as income. Starting with divorces commenced after Dec 31 2018, alimony payments will be treated like child support payments have been. Men won’t be able to deduct the amount they pay from their income, and women won’t have to pay taxes on alimony received.

Now folks may be thinking this is a good thing…except that men financially are being drained dry through divorce and the subsequent alimony awards.  It has long been established that the legal system is highly slanted against men.  The defenders of this are not bothering to hide it now that their fleecing of men is almost universal.  This latest award however brings with it significant risks:

You would expect that the pro divorce lobby (nearly everyone) would be cheering this enhancement to the cash and prizes we offer as a reward to women who don’t honor their wedding vows.  However, the problem is ex husbands are already being bled white.  It has gotten so bad that the parasite is now expressing concern for the host.  All of the articles I could find on the subject object to the changes, not because they object to soaking men for women’s benefit, but because the change is seen as potentially hurting women.

There are many linked articles in the following linked post.  I would read them as well.  When the “parasites” are now concerned for their “hosts” you know the problem has reached a least in their eyes.  As usual though, by the time the “parasites” are raising alarms it is too late.  Men are checking out of even the though of getting married at an even quicker rate.  Many are checking out of relationships with women altogether and even more are finding ways to not be in individual private contact with women.  What is interesting is the course men are taking is actually very close to the Biblical standard for how men and women should interact.  it will be interesting to see how this latest turn of events plays out.