Month: September 2009

Holdren: Seize babies born to unwed women

September 30, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

Obama science czar John Holdren stated in a college textbook that “illegitimate children” born to unwed mothers could be taken by the government and put up for adoption if the mother refused to have an abortion. Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, argued that “illegitimate childbearing could be strongly… Read more

The first vestiges of Facism.

September 30, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

3rd graders chant: Obama ‘uniting blacks and whites’. I have the first two videos downloaded here and stored.  If they disappear from you tube i’ll put them on my site. – New Jersey, New York and California Have Worst Tax Climates for Business, Tax Foundation Says

September 29, 2009 General 0

South Dakota Wyoming Alaska Nevada Florida Montana New Hampshire Delaware Washington Utah Texas Indiana Colorado Oregon Virginia Missouri Michigan Idaho Alabama Kentucky Mississippi Tennessee New Mexico Hawaii North Dakota South Carolina Pennsylvania Arizona Georgia Illinois Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska Maine Louisiana Massachusetts West Virginia Connecticut North Carolina Arkansas Vermont Wisconsin Minnesota Rhode Island Maryland Iowa Ohio… Read more

Activists Forget obama is an Illegal Immigrant

September 29, 2009 General Obama 0

Of course that’s never stopped anything now has it?  Despite the Unconstitutional regieme that’s now in power and the regiemes that have been in power for decades folks have forgotten about the US Constitution. “Not only is it an attack on the president, but also on all men and people of African descent,” King Salim… Read more

Corsi Forgets the Constitution

September 29, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

The government should not be giving subsidies to ANYTHING.  Corsi forgets this basic point in this column. He continued, “Unilaterally ending U.S. fossil fuel tax subsidies would have a seriously negative impact on the U.S. economy.” Approximately 85 percent of the energy that drives the U.S. economy still comes from oil and natural gas. “Simply… Read more

Safe Schools Czar Dongerous to Schools

September 29, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

“A teacher was told by a 15-year-old high school sophomore that he was having homosexual sex with an ‘older man.’ At the very least, statutory rape occurred. Fox News reported that the teacher violated a state law requiring that he report the abuse. That former teacher, Kevin Jennings, is President Obama’s ‘safe school czar.’ …… Read more

The Culture of Death is Alive and Well in the obama Administration

September 29, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

Sunstein: Governments must fund abortion. This is creepy.  Women become “involuntary incubators”?

More Rosemont Water Drama

September 29, 2009 Brunswick Rosemont 0

This one is going to go one for a while barring some common sense.  If no documents ar produced that definitively show Brunswick owns the lines then this suit is moot…of course again that depends on common sense with all parties involved. The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper. Judge allows Rosemont… Read more

WHy is Faith Baptist Operating Under the US Gov’t Perview?

September 28, 2009 General 0

tax. Tax exemption is a function of the gov’t and with that comes many attachments including gov’t interference.  I ahve not heard of any in our church…yet…but with obama’s attitude coming more and more into the bright light so that NOONE can deny where he stands one question comes to mind: Is it a good… Read more

Why do folks defend the quran instead of the Constitution

September 28, 2009 General 0

Quran vs. Constitution: Why they’re incompatible. ignorance mostly..

First it’s the toxic CFLs now it’s the exploding refrigerants.

September 28, 2009 New World Order 0

Ben & Jerry’s, GE work on greener freezers for US – Yahoo! News.

MOre obama czar power grabs

September 28, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

A Secret White House Power Grab Is In Full Swing – A Secret White House Power Grab Is In Full Swing It’s one thing for President Obama to surround himself with the advisers he’d like to have, but it’s another to bestow on them sweeping powers to broker secret negotiations and push forward vast… Read more


September 28, 2009 General 0

GOP: Take Bill Clinton’s advice. Neither of them do anything close to this right now.

Another Reason to Homeschool Your Kids

September 28, 2009 Homeschooling New World Order 0

Criminalizing public prayer. I am going tob e homeschooling my eldest next school year if this nonsense keeps up and right now I don’t see it letting up.

So Much for Recycling Being the Panacea for Landfills

September 28, 2009 General 0

In Cheyenne, glass pile shows recycling challenges.

Take a look at these stores…then hit the internet for more..make your own decision..

September 28, 2009 General 0

Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?.

Why can’t Christians unite to change America?

September 28, 2009 New World Order 0

Why can’t Christians unite to change America?. Because too many of them dont: REad anything other than tv and newspapers which are under the influence if not outright control of the political machine Can’t get away for the long implanted thoughts that the republicans and democrats are relaly different form each other Think for themselves… Read more

obama the usurper?

September 28, 2009 Criminal New World Order Obama 0

49 of 50 states never saw certification of eligibility. I have yet to see an actual birth certificate on this man.  Right now as far as I am concerned we have an illegal alien in the oval office.  We need immediate impeachment of this person AND anyone in congress who has knowledge of this man’s… Read more

World bids farewell to U.S. dollar

September 27, 2009 New World Order 0

World bids farewell to U.S. dollar.

So Much for Tolerance

September 27, 2009 General 0

NBC Producer Accused of E-mailing Anti-ACORN Group ‘Bite Me Jew Boy’ | Of course it’s only tolerance if it’s within their viewpoint.

Obama IS out to nationalize the health system

September 27, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

Ensign receives handwritten confirmation – Live Pulse – If you don’t buy insurance you go to jail.

‘Hostage situation’ portrays killers as Christians

September 26, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

‘Hostage situation’ portrays killers as Christians. This ties in to my previous post.  ‘Nough said.

Law Enforcement Again Warned About “Domestic Terrorists”

September 26, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

Policemen warned again about domestic ‘terrorists’. Guesss who’s on that list?  Pretty much anyone who opposes osama obama..:)

Obama’s ‘Safe Schools’ Czar – Schools Safe for Everyone but Straight Folks.

September 23, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

President Obama’s “safe schools czar” is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men. Conservatives are up in arms… Read more

Is it Racism if it’s Against Whites? Apparently not to obama and his Czars

September 23, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

Diversity boss: Whites must ‘step down’. Nough said.

Is Google Really out to do no Evil?

September 23, 2009 General New World Order 0

Get ready! Here come the energy police. The answer is no.  They are income focused and as a free market they can be.  However i htink i am going to be moving away form Google because i am seeing more and more of this kind of thing from them…i think they are going to be… Read more

Another Czar Talks Abortion

September 23, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

Holdren says Constitution backs compulsory abortion. Global Warming, carbon emissions..etc etc it’s all about making this country China in form with compulsory birth control, sterilization, and abortion.  I’ve been told i’m nuts for saying these things but these are the people obama has surrounded himself with.  Get ready folks it’s going to be a wild… Read more

Now Folks Rally Against Obama..Let’s Rally for the Constitution

September 23, 2009 General 0

Rallies catch fire against Obama’s ‘Minion Media’. Opposing obama is not a total lost cause but it’s going to be a loooooong hard slog.  See folks like me and others werw arning about obama and his cronies before the campaign.  NOw that the masses have elected him he and the demopublicans feel they have a… Read more

More obama Administration Craziness

September 22, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

Obama science chief: Abortion can save planet. This is just totally illogical.  You kill all the babies and the human race goes away.  Of course obama has two czars that say the US needs to be “dedeveloped”.  I wonder how much more craziness has to come out about usama obama before folks realize they ahve… Read more

Why IT Stereotypes Really Exist

September 13, 2009 Open Source 0

Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks. Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks j.ello <A TARGET=”_blank” HREF=”;src%3D2082207%3Bmet%3D1%3Bv%3D1%3Bpid%3D38837514%3Baid%3D216615229%3Bko%3D0%3Bcid%3D33070208%3Brid%3D33088085%3Brv%3D1%3Bcs%3Da%3Beid1%3D25598%3Becn1%3D1%3Betm1%3D0%3B_dc_redir%3Durl%3f”> <IMG SRC=”” width=”336″ height=”280″ BORDER=”0″ alt=”Click Here!”> </A> <IMG SRC=”;src=2082207;met=1;v=1;pid=38837514;aid=216615229;ko=0;cid=33070208;rid=33088085;rv=1;&timestamp=340061;eid1=9;ecn1=1;etm1=0;” width=”0px” height=”0px” style=”visibility:hidden” BORDER=”0″/> <IMG SRC=”” width=”0px” height=”0px” style=”visibility:hidden” BORDER=”0″/> <IMG SRC=”” width=”0px” height=”0px” style=”visibility:hidden” BORDER=”0″/> <a href=”;pos=imu;tile=7;sz=336×280,336×600;” target=”_blank”> <img src=”;pos=imu;tile=7;sz=336×280,336×600;” width=”336″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> <a href=”;pos=ezblaster;tile=8;sz=336×35;” target=”_blank”><img… Read more

Vendors Start Releasing TCP DOS Flaw Patches

September 10, 2009 Open Source 0

Vendors are finally releasing patches today for the TCP vulnerabilities first publicized nearly a year ago that affect a huge range of networking products, including any device running a version of Cisco’s IOS software, and a number of Microsoft server and desktop operating systems. Both Microsoft and Cisco released fixes for the vulnerabilities on Tuesday.… Read more

Walkersville shot itself in the foot

September 8, 2009 General 0

Moxley, Walkersville may have deal for land Originally published September 09, 2009 By Gina Gallucci-White News-Post Staff The Town of Walkersville may soon own the land that has caused it turmoil the past two years. In a settlement recently reached in a religious discrimination lawsuit, the proposed purchase price of the 224 acres owned by… Read more

Obama continues his spamming ways

September 4, 2009 New World Order Obama 0

On Facebook, MySpace? Obama’s got your e-mail.

A relaly good faked video

September 2, 2009 General 0

The Megawoosh Waterslide Viral: How It Was Really Done. A client sent me this in a file.  Its’ good enough to make you suspend disbielf for a second but if you think logically and critically this just doesn’t seem real.  A quick google search got me the linked site that explained how this is a… Read more

Homeschooling Under Attack in the US.

September 1, 2009 General 0

Group Asks Court to Reconsider Removing Girl from Home School Tuesday, September 01, 2009 By Joshua Rhett Miller * Print * ShareThis A New Hampshire court’s decision to order a 10-year-old home-schooled girl to attend public school is coming under attack from some social conservatives and religious freedom advocates. The Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona-based… Read more

It’s not jsut MASS but iowa as well.

September 1, 2009 General New World Order 0

State preps to relocate quarantined H1N1 victims.

MASS prepares for forced vaccinations, forces quarentines, and more.

September 1, 2009 General New World Order 1

Cops jump on swine-flu power: Shots heard ’round the world’. this is only the start.  Swine flu is NOT that big os a deal but the gov’ts are hyping this in ways that any rational person can see it’s at least hype if not a hoax.