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Yeppers..domain hijacking is easy now. If your registrar does not offer domain locking..get another one who does.

How ironic. I have been seeing BOA running commercials saying that in there business no errors are acceptable. Hrmm looks like they need to re-evaluate their procedures and commercials.

The judge basically says, “I am not going to investigate the possible abuse nor am i going to worry about the inconsistenceies put forth by Michael. Sir you are cleared to murder your wife with the court’s blessing.”

I was wondering when the fallout from the American Episcopal Church’s blessing of homosexual priests and weddings would come around and bite them. I was hoping they would reverse themselves before it came to this point.

The appeals has been rejected and this paves the way for Michael Schiavo to murder his wife with the court’s blessing. Most folks do not realize how big of a precedent this will set. One blogger named Tom McMahon asks, “When will they come for my son?” His concerns are very noteworthy in this case with Terri Schiavo. There are a few links in the post I am linking to. Please follow them.
Life Matters also chronicles past starvations the courts have predicated on this country. Yes, this has been going on in our own country for much longer than just Terri Schiavo.

*update update*
The case is going back to court!

Woohoo! Keep those prayers, e-mails, blog posts, and phone calls coming

This is mistaken! Michael Schiavo has decided he will murder Terri immediatly and starve this woman to death. The correction and details are here.

Apparently the stay was issued after all. Lashawn Barber has the details.
More details at blogs for terri and musing minds.

Just a quick thought:

How true this list is. The bloggers have been all over most of these. Nothing from the MSM who apparently are for open borders and unregulated immigration to try to steal elections.

*Hat Tip* Michelle Malkin

Big Brother comtinues his march. It turns out this company is one that the Homeland Security Dept. uses in its anti-terrorism operations. You would think they would be a bit more in the due dilligence area. The blog I have linked to is a member of the credit/collections industry. I have a previous post about the coming of National ID cards with a centrally located federal database as well.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin (Although michelle and the others still have not even mentioned the national ID card angle)

Well i am 0-2 for good election decisions. Bush was the first. Now my state’s Gov. Ehrlich has turned out to be another RINO. He wanted to borrow against FUTURE projected federal funding to build a road that really wasn’t needed in the area it was proposed to run.

This is about what i thought. I figured the break in would be much bigger than first reported given their database with billions of records.

Here is the MSM’s attempt at a response. Instead of trying to get their readers caught up they decide to attack bloggers. Bad move. It only makes them look more like dinosaurs. The MSM can compete with bloggers…as long as they change how they do things. Their days of free passes with no accountability are over.
(Hat Tip: Captain’s Qaurters)

Good to hear it. While I may not like what the homosexual activists have to say the First amendment is clear that it is protected under free speech. They tried to silence Christians who deicded to stand up to them. I am glad to see it failed.

I much time do we have left before Gabriel blows his horn and we are wisked away into heaven and the tribulation starts?

Wittenberg Gate has some excerpts of Michael Schiavo’s testimony. It shows how vindictive he is and how self-centered he is. If he wants out of the marriage, just divorce her. Why is Michael bent on killing Terri? Another post shows that Terri is not being kept alive mechanically. That means Terri is disabled. Where’s the ADA(Americans with Disablilities Act?) I pray that Terri’s parents triumph in this. I pray Terri will either be sent to be with the Lord quickly once they start trying to starve her to death or be legally resuced from her husband Michael.

Hyscience is one of a few large blogs that are aggregating the Terri Schiavo stories and refusing to let her die without a fight. I hope this little link helps save her life.

Over at Pro-life Blogs there is more going on with the save Terri fight as well

*update 2*
Over at Wittenberg Gate there is a blogging for Terri being organized. Submit your best save Terri post for inclusion in this forming blog swarm.

*update 3*
Hyscience has another insightful article about how the bloggers can gather enough evidence to make it irresistable. Let’s get crackin everyone!

This is a funny post in the form of a novel that satirizes the rise of the blog against the current mdeia structure. It is quite the hoot.

Howard Dean dicided he wanted to debate a “neocon”. Now you figure this would be something he would crow about to all the press right? Nope. Dean wanted a media blockout. Go figure.

The Easongate Follies continue. Much as the MSM did during Rathergate, they are trying to say bloggers have no idea what they are doing. As it was in Rathergate, it will be shown the MSM is being help accountable for once. This is a treand that will continue. The MSM’s days of free passes are over.

Peggy Noonan almost understands the blogosphere(kudos to Michelle Malkin and Sissy Willis)

*update 2*
Now here is an insightful post on Sissy’s blog. It details Rony Abovitz’s thoughts on Easongate. What’s more striking is that Rony is an independent liberal. Read the post for the full details.

Oh no! While that house was old and probably falling down, had been through many storms, and withstood our tornado this past summer, kinda sad to see Avery loose the house he has been living for as long as most folks around here can remember. Avery is such a nice man and doesn’t bother most folks and is very friendly. Hopefully some other accomodations can be put on the property for him later on.

Publish Date: 02/16/05

By Naomi Smoot-Kimble
News-Post Staff

Homeless and houseless
Staff photo by Skip Lawrence

T.W. Avery Luke210Zing! Giving-All-Glory-to-GOD talks about the demolition of the farmhouse on Jefferson Pike where has been staying.

FREDERICK — A little after 8 a.m. Tuesday, bulldozers and bucket trucks moved across the lawn of the Knoxville home in preparation of the pending demolition.

A small dog’s bark sounded from the upstairs bedroom of the two-story house as a cluster of men lugged food and blankets onto the lawn.

For five years, Avery, legally known as T. W. AveryLuke210Zing! Giving-All-Glory-to-GOD, had lived in the aged building. On Monday, however, he was told the structure would be coming down.

The owners of the property, Gibraltar, a New York development company, had known Avery was living on the site without paying rent, but believed he was staying in a tent. When workers arrived on a snowy, February morning with bulldozers and other equipment, they had no idea that he was living in the house, representative Chip Lynch said.

Avery’s initial response was to fight to keep the house.

But as it became increasingly obvious that he was losing the battle, he made alternate plans. Around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, he said he awoke to begin preparing for his upcoming move. He put up a tent near the house, still on the 14-acre property.

By the time the crew showed up to take down the house, Avery seemed in good spirits.

‘We’re going to camp as we have for the last 15 years,’ he said.

He and his eight dogs would stay in the tent and in several dog houses he has on the property, he said.

Avery had shed tears over the loss of the house Monday, but, in time, he came to terms with his pending move.

‘I have a tent. That’s all I need,’ he said.

‘We’ll be cozy. We’ll be fine,’ Avery said, adding that he was grateful the company let him remain on the property.”

I thought my home state would have enough intelligence to not go here. It appears politicians everywhere are not immune to the lobbying poisoning.

This is classic:

Howard Dean, the new leader of the Dems, just got done insulting the black caucus. They either let him get away with it or they are so wrapped up into their I am a victim mentality they did not even see the racial slur he sent their way.

This is a continuation of an earlier post. How amazing. Michael has not produced a single shred that his wife wants to die and he seems determined to kill her so he can continue to live with his lover whom he has children with. The part that boggles my mind is this; if he wants out of the marriage, why kill Terri? Just divorce her and move on.

How much more U.N. sex corruption is there? Apparently quite a bit. Michelle Malkin is on the case again. This is a continuation of what i posted earlier.

This is getting ugly. It appears that CBS simply tried to sweep it under the rug and then whitewash things to make them go away. Unfortunatly this appears to be backfiring.

LaShawn Barber has more details on the ugliness.

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

I always thought these perverts were sick. This just confirms it. Thanks to Vox Day for posting it.

Ah the myth of privacy. Read this story fully..this company has information on just about everyone in the country..and probably more.

The fight to save Terri Schiavo continues. I have added my link to this effort. My post about this mess is here.
I am not going to rehash what i said, follow the link to my previous post last month about this.

One of out trooops now faces the death penalty for defending himself during a military operation. The leftists wonder why our casualty rate is going up in such seemingly mundane operations. Hrmm..maybe the fact that you are prosecuting our soldiers for doing their jobs?

Want a national ID card with embedded technology that means you can be tracked anywhere you go? It is on the way if this Real ID Act goes through. The House has already passed it…the Senate will..and Bush intends to sign it(Bush is pushing it). This may be a no-no in the blogger world but this is important to me so i am going to link back to a previous post. Want to know what is interesting? Some of the biggest blogs are not covering this. BTW, here is a list of the liberties we have lost so far under Bush. With Real ID expect this list to go much further. Also, more of our sovereignty will go away if the LOST treaty is signed. This will give the UN control over all of the world’s oceans and give the UN the ability to tax all shipping. Of course the biggest taxes will be paid by us. Please please wake up and see that the republicans and dems are no different right now. I am ashamed to say Bush had me hoodwinked in his first 4 years. If you value this country, vote for a party based on the constitution . Also vote for someone who is a constitutional scholar and believe the constitution is not a living document meant to be translated how you will..but as the words are literally put on the page. That man is Michael Anthony Peroutka. Even if you disagree with me, fully research your candidate. Do not let the press of any kind tell you. Bush has the conservatives snowed badly. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who are willing to trade liberty for the sense of security deserve neither liberty nor security.” How true. I hope they all wake up before it is too late.

This is going to be an unpopular post I think. To clarify something. I would not have voted for Kerry and I did not vote for Clinton. I used to vote the lesser of the two evil(Repubs vs. Dems) but that is simply not valid as the two are strikingly similar.

*update 2*
BTW while we are trying to kill the above..let’s wipe out the Patriot act right now. Bush is trying to get it renewed as well. I have no confidence in Gonzalez being independant of Bush.
Quoting the Fox News article:

Gonzales, who has vowed to fight terror and confront injustice, was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and is expected to fight to extend the sunsetting provisions created in part by his predecessor, John Ashcroft. Ashcroft attended the ceremony.

Gonzales also answered critics who have suggested he is too close to the president to protect interests of Americans from bad administration policies.

“Undeniably, the attorney general is a member of the president’s Cabinet, a part of his team. But the attorney general represents also the American people, and his first allegiance must always be to the Constitution of the United States,” he said.

You would expect this kind of double talk from the liberals. Wait the Republicans are liberals now, I almost forgot.

*update 3*
CNET catches the wave

*update 4*
The Patriot Act gets a bit of attention at Michelle Malkin. Still no mention of the National ID cards though.

*update 5*
Here is the official White House Statement

*commentary update*
I just realized something. When i first stumbled across this story I noticed it was because the liberals(or dems, actually the leftists) were screaming about the immigraiton portions. Only when i dug deeper did i find the truly frightening portions of this bill. It’s amazing how the leftists are all for the centralization of all of our information AND want to let the flow of illegals continue unabated.

*update 6*
More details on the Choicepoint breakin and Choicepoint’s links to the Homeland Security Dept.

NO mention on some of the biggest conservative blogs on the net including:
Michelle Malkin
The Captain’s Quarters
Hugh Hewitt

I wonder if they need an outside contractor to help them out?
On a serious note, I hope those secret types build new covers quickly. ICK.

The power of the blog swarm. While I feel sorry for his family, I personally would have taken a simple apology. He chose to stonewall. Reminds us of Rathergate no? I wish CNN and Mr. Jordan would just come clean. Instead the coverup continues.

More links:
LaShawn Barber has a ton of links

*update 2*
This is a great expose on the resignation.

*update 3*
Michelle Malkin has one of the MSM newspaper’s response.

*update 4*
Vox Day chimes in on the resignation as well over at WorldNet Daily.

And we want to keep these people(the UN) around? Their reaction to this is horrid at the least..revolting is more like it.


It turns out this is not the only U.N. sex scandal in the world.(of course not..)
Michelle Malkin has more.

Well now isn’t this interesting? If this goes through the Secretary of Homeland Defense can waive whatever laws at whatever time for however long at any given moment. Bush a conservative? Hardly. We are seeing his true colors now that he does not have to worry about re-elction.

A final note:
Our governor here in Maryland is a RINO as well.

*OH crap. It passed the house*

This thing is the gateway to a national ID card..among others.

How about a new take on Sir Mix Alot’s Baby Got Back? Here is one from a Christian perspective..Baby got Book. I ran across this on my favorite hangout the CGA
forums. I then found i was waaaaaay behind on it rofl. It rocks. This guy is starting a church in Clevland before long. May God richly bless your ministry Dan.

I thought this law of the sea business had died. Unfortunatly it appears to only gaining steam. IF this passes more of our national sovreignty will be wiped away.

*update* Here is a direct link to the column

I am reproducing it here:

Opportunity knocking: defeat Law of the Sea Treaty
Phyllis Schlafly (archive)

February 7, 2005 | printer friendly version Print | email to a friend Send

When Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., asked Condoleezza Rice during her confirmation hearings about the Law of the Sea Treaty, she replied that President George W. Bush “certainly would like to see it passed as soon as possible.” Assuming she was authorized to deliver that shocking news, the president can no longer claim the mantle of Ronald Reagan’s conservative legacy.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea was a terrible idea when then-President Reagan refused to sign it in 1982 and fired the State Department staff who helped negotiate it. It’s an even worse idea today because of the additional dangers it poses.

The acronym for the Law of the Sea Treaty – LOST – is apt. LOST is the correct word for our sovereignty that would be lost under LOST.

Republicans who oppose this giant giveaway are looking at a stunning historical model. Reagan became the conservative standard bearer when he led the fight against the Panama Canal Treaty, which was supported by incumbent Presidents Ford and Carter.

The battle to prevent the Panama Canal giveaway was lost in 1977 by one vote in the U.S. Senate. But that battle made Reagan the undisputed leader of the conservative movement and multiplied its activists.

Hindsight teaches us that the battle was well worth fighting because it brought about the cataclysmic events of 1980: the election of a real pro-American conservative president plus the defeat of most of the internationalist senators who voted for the giveaway.

Conservatives are currently searching for a man of pro-American principles whom they can support for President in 2008. The Republican senator or governor who steps up to the plate can hit a home run if he leads the battle against LOST’s enormous wealth transfer to the unpopular United Nations.

The LOST is grounded in such un-American and un-Republican concepts as global socialism and world government. There is not much of a constituency today for giving more power and wealth to the United Nations, whose officials just committed the biggest corruption in history (oil-for-food) and continually use the United Nations as a platform for anti-American diatribes.

LOST is so bad that it is a puzzlement how anyone who respects American sovereignty could support it with a straight face. LOST would give its own creation, the International Seabed Authority, the power to regulate 70 percent of the world’s surface area, a territory greater than the Soviet Union ruled at its zenith.

LOST would give the authority power to levy international taxes, one of the essential indicia of sovereignty. This authority power is artfully concealed behind direct U.S. assessments and fees paid by corporations, but the proper word is taxes.

LOST would give the authority power to regulate ocean research and exploration.
The LOST would give the authority power to impose production quotas for deep-sea mining and oil production.

LOST would give the authority the power to create a multinational court system and to enforce its judgments. The authority’s courts would have even wider jurisdiction than the International Criminal Court – to which, fortunately, we do not belong – or the World Trade Organization, which has ruled against the United States a dozen times and forced us to change our tax laws and import duties.

There is no guarantee that the United States would even be represented on the authority’s tribunals. The whole concept of putting the United States in the noose of another one-nation-one-vote global organization, which reduces America to the same vote as Cuba, is offensive to Americans.

In the post-9/11 world, the idea of signing a treaty that mandates information-sharing with our enemies plus technology transfers is not only dangerous but ridiculous.

Of course, former President Bill Clinton is for the LOST; he signed it
n 1994. The LOST meshes perfectly with his speech to the United Nations in September 1997, in which he boasted of wanting to put America into a “web” of treaties for “the emerging international system.”

Of course, Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Lugar is for LOST. Like Clinton, he is a Rhodes scholar and an internationalist who never saw a United Nations treaty he didn’t like.

Vice President Cheney is an advocate of LOST. He doesn’t have to listen to U.S. voters because he will never again run for office.

Lugar’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing about LOST, held without any publicity and with only advocates invited to testify, was an insult to the American people. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., will forfeit his chance to be in the running for the Republican nomination for president if he schedules a vote before all Senate committees affected by the LOST hold hearings with both sides represented.

The real purpose of LOST is to force the United States to use our wealth and technology to mine the riches of the sea and turn them over to a gang of Third World dictators who are consumed with envy of America. Opportunity is knocking for a Republican senator or governor who will lead the charge against LOST.

?2005 Copley News Service

This brought tears to my eyes. As a former military member myself i saw some of the apathy and outright hatred our military members must suffer through at the hands of those ungrateful citizens. We are following orders. The military only does what it is told. Unfortunatly i am afraid the country will have to get invaded for some of the leftist folks to repair their anal-cranial inversion problem.

Hero Salute

An interesting dissertation on the ways the gov’t has and is violating the very constitution it is supposed to protect.
The United States of America was founded upon the principle of secured liberty

Freedoms Lost Under G.W. Bush

February 03, 2005

By Chuck Baldwin

Supporters and apologists for President G.W. Bush will often assail my assertion that the Bush administration has done more to dismantle constitutional protections of our liberties than any president in modern memory. It seems that these people believe that until federal Storm Troopers knock down the doors of their homes and drag them off to the gulags, they have lost no freedoms. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If history is any teacher, it instructs us in the incremental process that elitists use to implement their totalitarian agenda. The first step is to use an incessant, highly orchestrated propaganda. For all practical purposes, the major media in the United States is providing that propaganda. At the national level, there is hardly any investigative journalism going on. Instead, the national press corps has become little more than lazy lackeys for the White House.

The second step is to lay the foundation for totalitarianism by passing legislation that may later be used against the citizenry. And that is exactly what the Bush administration has very successfully accomplished. It very adroitly succeeded where the Clinton administration failed.

For example, most conservatives would be surprised to learn that the Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security was the brainchild of one William Jefferson Clinton. However, a recalcitrant Republican Congress denied Clinton the opportunity to implement these plans. Of course, with the Republican, G.W. Bush, serving as President, that same Republican Congress was all too eager to pass these bills into law.

The third step is to demonize and marginalize anyone and everyone who opposes the government’s plans and ambitions. Such opponents are characterized as “unpatriotic,” “obstructionist,” “uncompassionate,” or even “ungodly.” Once again, the Bush minions have very skillfully done just that. Anyone who dares to oppose or even question Bush must be regarded as enemies of America or even as enemies of God.

Of course, the last step is to begin using the power and force of government to physically silence or remove those who are determined to require such treatment. And, as Germany’s National Socialists proved, by the time this happens, there is no one around who is capable of coming to the assistance of such people.

For those who are willing to objectively analyze Bush’s actions and policies, the truth is clearly seen: this President has systematically put in place laws, policies, and bureaucracies that can, are, and will continue to strip the American citizenry of the constitutional protections of their liberties.

Following are examples of freedoms which President Bush and his fellow Republicans in Congress have already expunged (as reported by the Associated Press):

*FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION: Government may monitor religious and political institutions without suspecting criminal activity to assist terror investigations.

*FREEDOM OF INFORMATION: Government has closed once- public immigration hearings, has secretly detained hundreds of people without charges, and has encouraged bureaucrats to resist public records questions.

*FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Government may prosecute librarians or keepers of any other records if they tell anyone that the government subpoenaed information related to a terror investigation.

*RIGHT TO LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Government may monitor federal prison jailhouse conversations between attorneys and clients, and deny lawyers to Americans accused of crimes.

*FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCHES: Government may search and seize Americans’ papers and effects without probable cause to assist terror investigation.

*RIGHT TO A SPEEDY AND PUBLIC TRIAL: Government may jail Americans indefinitely without a trial.

*RIGHT TO LIBERTY: Americans may be jailed without being charged or being able to confront witnesses against them.

These rights have already been lost! Whether individual Americans have been personally subjected to the resultant tyranny or not doesn’t change the fact that they have already lost these freedoms! This fact, alone, should be enough for any studious lover-of-liberty to be outraged!

That good men are compliant and unconcerned regarding G.W. Bush’s propensity to trample constitutional freedoms bespeaks a great ignorance or a great apathy, or both!


Chuck Baldwin’s commentaries are copyrighted and may be republished, reposted, or emailed providing the person or organization doing so does not charge for subscriptions or advertising and that the column is copied intact and that full credit is given and that Chuck’s web site address is included.

Editors or Publishers of publications charging for subscriptions or advertising who want to run these columns must contact Chuck Baldwin for permission. Radio or television Talk Show Hosts interested in scheduling an interview with Chuck should contact

Please visit Chuck’s web site at When responding, please include your name, city and state. And, unless otherwise requested, all respondents will be added to the Chuck Wagon address list.

To subscribe to these columns, send a message to with the words subscribe chuck-wagon in the body of the message. To unsubscribe put the words unsubscribe chuck-wagon in the body of the message.

You have got to be kidding me; a judge actually let this go through? People wonder why people resort to computers and phones now. Knock on somebody’s door to be neighborly and you get sued? Those two girls who were just trying to do a good deed got punished for it by the court system. The demise of the neighborly attitude is slowly getting destroyed..

Thanks Deadly Waffle – Girls sued for delivering cookies – Feb 4, 2005

Now this is from the AP which has been quite liberal. That being said I applaud the huge increase in defense. I also applaud the increase in the Coast Guard’s budget. However I do have a problem in one area. Where is the massive increase for the border patrol and the hiring of agents to stem the invasion of illegals into this country? If the immigration dept is not going to be about we take some troops from the anti-american countries of france and germany and even the arab states that are actin a fool and post them on our own borders? Homeland defense needs to also mean our borders are sealed as much as possible..this administration has no interest in doing that unfortunatly.
Yahoo! News – Bush Budget Calls for Law Enforcement Cuts

Don’t these idiots understand if it were not for the U.S. Military we would not have the freedoms we do today? If you do not agree with he not attack our men and women who put their lives on
the line. They are following orders..orders that ultimatly come from the President. Leave the military alone. ‘nough said

*update* LaShawn Barber is relaly tracking this story.

*update 2*
Our Good Captain also has extensive coverage.

Both of the aforementioned blog have tons of links to other blogs. The video for this atrocity is due soon.

Oh this sucks. I find a blog i really like and they sign off..:) Oh well..I have taken all of the posts at the diplomad and turned them into word documents. LOOOOOng word documents. Each document is one month’s of postings. Zipped up they are only 512k. If anyone wants them jsut ask below in the comments.

Power Line: Diplomad, we hardly knew ye

I do not normally agrew with Vox Day..but this one is quite disturbing.
Vox Popoli: At least they’re learning something

Have to love it. All the leftists who were crying because the Iraqi elections would fail were proven wrong. NOw let’s see if the Iraqi people can work to get themselves a new consitution and avoid the self-defeatism that is rampant here in America.
Power Line: Administration Critics Keeping Mum

*update* Another Powerline Article

Heh. More UN ineptness shown in this cartoon.
Washington Examiner: Opinion

It has been decided. Beth Johnson won a close race. The spread? 9 votes. Congratulations to Beth in earning her new seat on the Brunswick City Council. I will try to get the vote tallies and get them posted tomorrow.


Here are the unofficial tallies courtesy of The HoodWinked:

Beth Johnson 249
Brent Baker 240
Wayne Dunkley 33

Well the national elections of the last 8
years have shown the world how to try to use
the courts to usurp the electorate’s wishes.
I was rather glad i live in this small 6k
population town..hoping that being a small
town would at least lend itself to playing
fair. Alas, the play is fraud here to.
Apparently, a supporter of another candidate
is going around to the elderly and illegally
soliciting their votes. Let me explain:
The supporter is going to the these homes
and asking these folks if they wish to vote.
They say yes and sign a form authorizing this
individual to pick up an absentee ballot for them.
What the supporter does after getting like 10 of
these forms is to go to city hall and grab the ballots.
This is not illegal. The part that is illegal is the
supporter then instructs the voters to vote for
the candidate this person supports. That is the
illegal part.

Sure in the grand national scheme of things it is minor.
Here in Brunswick, MD though this is major. It saddens
me that folks would even stoop to such levels. I hope
that the candidate who is having their votes illegally
boosted in this way put an end to it without the other
candidates having to take it to court.

Well it turns out that City Hall is unwilling or cannot do anything
about this. They say that as long as the request for
an absentee ballot is properly filled out and signed then
the ballot is allowed to leave. The vote is considered valid
if the absentee ballot comes back properly filled out irregardless
of how that vote was garnered. It seems voting fraud is now the
norm instead of the exception until we get a major overhaul of the
entire voting system’s laws. Well so far the fraudulent vote count is
known to be about 40. Hopefully exposing this fraud will stop it.

*Update #2*
I just found out absentee ballots have to be submitted to City Hall by 4:30
P.M. EST. Hopefully this will mitigate the voting inflation going on.