Month: March 2010

For once Max speaks the truth.

March 27, 2010 Finance New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

Oh REALLY?!?!?!  How much of your paycheck are you willing to donate to this cause Max?  I know the answer..ZERO!  This is simply to suck money out of everyone and give it to folks like you.  It’s unfortunate that many folks in the country through their lack of self-thought and research will actually let this… Read more

It’s time to detail the cuts and tax increases.

March 27, 2010 Finance New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

Medicare gets eviscerated over the next decade.  While i don’t have the specifics yet I found this which goes into some detail about what’s going to happen.  All you seniors who are members of AARP who either directly voted for this OR indirectly voted by remaining in AARP here is your reward.  This goes for… Read more

The costs of the healthcare socializaiton(obamacare) shows up NOW

March 26, 2010 Criminal Finance New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

Consequences Of Health Care: Valuations – The Market Ticker. Read this linked article closely.  Where are the healthcare savings at?  There are none! It gets worse.  The companies taking charges is growing exceedingly rapidly. More articles on the already unfolding impacts: 1 2 3

The Gov’t Theft(bailout) hits close to home.

March 24, 2010 General 0

The bailout theft has claimed it’s first major casualty…Don Phillips Jeep.  This video says everything.

Kidan’s sad day…and all of Americas

March 23, 2010 General New World Order Obama Obama Care Politics 0

krashpad: Am Sad. Don’t just throw out the incumbent…make sure(as i hope everyone will) the person you vote is is worthy of your vote…if not vote for yourself as a write-in.

The RINO’s are killing the GOP not immigration

March 23, 2010 General Politics 0

The title says it all.  They use McCain as the example in Ariz.  This is laughable because he helped push through one of the largest intrusions into the First Amendment seen in a long time.  He’s no GOP he a rino like 99% of the rest of them.  Demopublicans and Republicrats. Immigration’s killing the GOP.

MIcrosoft Exchange and Outlook may have met their match

March 8, 2010 Open Source 0 » Stay in Sync with GCal and Thunderbird.. I have converted two of my domains to gmail via Google apps.  I am now using Thunderbird via Secured IMAP to check my e-mail for those accounts.  I also now have access to my business e-mail from my phone without having to get a higher priced… Read more