Month: March 2007

A Lesson Learned About Volunteering

March 21, 2007 General 1

Don’t do it for long term..say over a month or two and then no more than a few hours a day..and definitely don’t go more than 10-20 hours a week for that short time.. Even fellow Christians get comfy with it and forget you don’t actually work are a volunteer and they forget the… Read more

I am now a Member of the IEEE!

March 17, 2007 General 0

For me this is a big deal due to the HUUUUGE amount of training courses i have access to for free! My business has finally brought in enough money where i can take the IEEE up on their invitation of a discounted membership offer. I can’t wait to start my training..just which one to take?… Read more

Upgrade WordPress now!

March 9, 2007 General 0

A cracker got into WP’s systems and compromised the release. A new release was put out to protect against this since all of the files are now suspect. Upgrade your wordpress immediately.

For all Windows XP Users…download this update to secure yourself against a wirless hole in Windows

March 8, 2007 General 0

I have the file download attached to this post. Grab it here and install it. I’ll let the transcript from Security Now! talk about it: Steve: Oh, yes. The challenge of secure Wi-Fi just never seems to be resolved. We of course talked last week, following up from the week before, last week we were… Read more

The interest in Anna

March 3, 2007 General 0

During the past two/three weeks, the mainstream media has flooded us with images and news stories surrounding the death (and legal actions) of Anna Nicole Smith. A day has not gone by when there has been something posted on and others, to be sure, relaying the latest developments in the bizarre case. Chapter One,… Read more