Month: March 2009

Karl Denninger nails everything i have been saying with a couple of caveats

March 28, 2009 General 0

What’s Disturbing About The Truth? – The Market Ticker.   I do not agree with compulsory community or military service.  Also abolishing the electoral college is also unconstitutional.  If you want it abolished..amend the Constitution..any law passed that does this is illegal.  That has never been part of our Constitution and i am totally against… Read more

The czech Prime Minister Nailed it a loooong time ago.

March 27, 2009 New World Order 1

Czech Leader Doubts Global Warming I blogged about this back in2007.  I have been decrying this myth since 2005. I am hitting a wall though…sites like msnbc are expring the pages and they are going poofies.  I am going to be posting the entirety of the storeis at the bottom of every post now so… Read more

Live blogging Obama’s town hall

March 26, 2009 General 0

His initial statement talks about one of the criterion for a recovery is if families have more money in their pockets..when his multi-trillion budget saddles this country with even more debt so more of our money has already been spent. A historic investment in early childhood education? I’m wondering what this means? Our success will… Read more

Clarence Thomas: The Justice Nobody Knows – CBS News

March 17, 2009 Interviews 0

Clarence Thomas: The Justice Nobody Knows – CBS News. I posted this back in 2007 but i had a databse crash and it turns out the backups were corrupted.  I’m surpised this video still exists on CBS.  I made an audio recording of this video as well because i wanted to make sure this interview… Read more

The Partitioning Myth

March 12, 2009 Hardware Storage Windows 0

More Fraud Courtesy of the Gov’t

March 8, 2009 Finance 0

On that date, a House financial services subcommittee plans a hearing on mark-to-market accounting rules, which have been blamed for forcing banks to report billions of dollars in write-downs. Karen Finerman has long been an advocate of putting these rules on hiatus for a while and “letting the banks breathe.” It’s been widely revealed that… Read more

Carbonite isn’t worth your money if you have more than a little bit of data

March 6, 2009 SBS 2008 Storage Windows 0

Finally got around Carbonite’s failure AND SBS 2008’s failure

March 6, 2009 Hardware SBS 2008 Storage Windows 0

SBS Backup is not a good tool for disaster recovery..not sure cloud backups are either

March 5, 2009 SBS 2008 Windows 0

Carbonite Restore = Fail

March 5, 2009 Open Source SBS 2008 Storage 0

Fed Launches $200 Billion Debt Trap For Those Unwide Enough to Fall Into It

March 3, 2009 Finance General 0

Fed Launches $200 Billion Consumer Credit Program – Economy US News Story – oh yes..let’s get a loan directly fromt he gov’t.  I am sure these are going to have some serious onerous terms in it. HOnestly with all of this gov’t intervention bo is doing it seems to me he is relaly trying… Read more

Conficker Collateral Damage for March 2009 – Sophos Blog

March 3, 2009 Security Security Alerts 0

The latest Worm out There for Windows Folks to Worry About

March 3, 2009 Security Security Alerts 0

Microsoft Fixes a Long Time Bug

March 3, 2009 Open Source Security 0