Month: July 2007

new virus out…

July 28, 2007 General 0

it’s called the storm worm. It is meant to take over your machine and add it to a network of attack computers for criminals to control. It slipped by one client’s defenses and got into one machine. Luckily it was caught and eliminated quickly. the variant i saw was easily manually dispatched. Update your anti-virus… Read more

Many renditions of the super mario theme

July 10, 2007 General 1

I give credit to my wife finding this. The piano, tesla coils, flute and handfarts are the best to me..

Possible DOS in Astaro v7.005 using p2p *Partially Resolved*

July 10, 2007 General 0

unfortunately Astaro has their forums set too restrictively for me to post there..:( I have ips off, web security off, i only use a/v and anti-spam for pop3. I’ll post links to the posts on the forums as i find them. i have 5 rules: New rule … Open live log All1Internal (Network) AnyNone… Read more

In honor of the day

July 4, 2007 General 0

Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends Be kind to your web-footed friends ‘cuz a duck may be somebody’s brother they live in the pond or the brook by the mud and the gunk and the gook You may think that this is the end, oh no, there is yet another be kind to your… Read more

An Oxymoron: The Anti-Microsoft Pragmatist(me)

July 1, 2007 General 0

I have found a very practical Microsoft product that’s not expensive. Small Business Server 2003. What a great idea Microsoft had. You get server 2003(along with IIS), exchange, sharepoint, and outlook 2k3 all for $499 at retail for the standard edition. The premium edition has the same with sql server and ISA server for $699.… Read more

The IPhone

July 1, 2007 General 0

The reviews are overwhelming positive. I would love to get one..the big thing however is cingular only. Sprint/nextel has been good to us for over 8 years and they are making it easy for me to take our sprint account over to the nextel plans(we want the PTT for the business). I’m not willing to… Read more