Month: April 2006

Backdoor deals: Dubai World Holdings to buy defense contractor

April 27, 2006 General 0

WorldNetDaily: Treasury issues ‘secret’ report on Dubai acquisition As is always the case the ports deal was jsut a front to distract the public form the real deal..the buying of a defense contractor and others closely tied in with our latest generation military equipment. From the f-35 to the M1 Abrams this would give Dubai… Read more

The Nuclear Option: When to Use it on Any Computer

April 6, 2006 General 0

? Wiping an infected computer is best for any OS | George Ou | This is spot on. If the system is compromised the only way to ensure it’s clean is to nuke it. That is why you backup and backup often. Unless you can say without a doubt you have checksums of every… Read more

Let the Switch to Mac Begin!

April 5, 2006 General 0

Apple’s 30th Anniversary show number one: Boot Camp | Computerworld Blogs Now that Apple has made it simple to dual boot winders and OSX it will be even easier to switch since now you can use mac all you want to and go to windows only when you have to. Maybe this is the foot… Read more