Month: February 2007

An Old Concept That Has Finally Caught On.

February 27, 2007 General 0

It’s called virtualization. It’s running on operating system inside another. The second OS is actually in a shell of the first. Well finally folks are virtualizaing windows and for many reasons. I am going to be doing it from now on for backup simplification and disaster recovery. I am going to be running Centos as… Read more

ie7 and xp badness

February 24, 2007 General 0

I have installed IE7 on 20 machines now with the same results. IE7 chews up a boatload of ram. Machines with 256 megs of ram that ran fine with 256 megs of ram now chug when IE7 is launched. 512 megs is now the bare miniimum with a gigabyte being needed for room to grow.… Read more

It looks like the left is spreading right

February 24, 2007 General 0

This past week, a federal judge in Massachusetts issued a ruling stating that the Board of Education (seemingly in Boston) was well within its rights to hand out material supporting same-sex teaching in public schools. Parents of the school children filed a law suit last year contending that the schools were violating their religious freedoms… Read more

Vista can be literally told to delete files…MS says it’s ok not to worry

February 6, 2007 General 0

Oh this takes the cake.  Talking about an exploit you can drive a truck through.  The funny part’s able to be very easily done.  I have to post this one in full: Vista has speech recognition hole Microsoft has admitted that speech recognition features in Vista could be hijacked so that a PC tells… Read more

A cheap way to get Vista

February 6, 2007 General 0

For home users you should only consider Vista Home Premium.  Why?  Vista home basic is even more stripped down than XP Home.  There’s an interesting way to avoid paying so much money to Microsoft for Vista…install the upgrade version on a blank hard drive without any other versions of windows present. .  Impossible?  nopers.  Here’s… Read more