February 27, 2007 General 0

It’s called virtualization. It’s running on operating system inside another. The second OS is actually in a shell of the first. Well finally folks are virtualizaing windows and for many reasons. I am going to be doing it from now on for backup simplification and disaster recovery. I am going to be running Centos as the base OS for all operating systems on my new clients. Then I will install virtualization software then i will load windows inside of that. Windows doesn’t know it’s not truly on the system it just runs along. The actual operating system’s whole environment is nothing more than one large file on the Linux server. This means i only have to backup one file for that installation instead of messing around with highly expensive, complex, and tedious windows backup software packages. Since i can then compress the image during the backup it’s now up to 60% smaller as well. That can then be backed up to a hard disk, tape drive or optical disk. Disaster recovering and backup security are greatly enhanced and i can cut at least 50% off the costs of backup drive/software solution packages. If i need a second windows server and the host machine isn’t being totally occupied by the first guest OS i merely install another virtual machine. I have heard of one Linux machine with VM’s getting 5-15 other “servers” put on it and then the older boxes being removed.