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The invasion is only going to get worse. We need military presences on our borders now. put up a fence and anyone who tries to cross it illegally is dead. Just to make sure we are not shooting folks while they are on foreign soil let he fence stand about 20 feet inside the border. if you get within 10 feet of the fence you’re dead.

Pray for and support our folks in the military who are only following orders. Everyone remember that the problems politically and culturally and spiritually in this country are not the military’s fault. Quit atacking them. The problem is the US citizenry. We for the most part have allowed or even asked for a more socialist government and are getting it. This memorial day remember our brave men and women who serve to protect what we as Americans are allowing to be taken away through our inaction and laziness.

This quote sums up the housing market right now. Housing is definitly overvalued. It WILL come crashing down as most of the mortages in a large part of the country are those interest only scam loans.
Vox Popoli: Only four years late: “As Mr. McCulley predicted, interest rate cuts led to soaring home prices, which led in turn not just to a construction boom but to high consumer spending, because homeowners used mortgage refinancing to go deeper into debt. All of this created jobs to make up for those lost when the stock bubble burst.

Now the question is what can replace the housing bubble.

Nobody thought the economy could rely forever on home buying and refinancing. But the hope was that by the time the housing boom petered out, it would no longer be needed.”


That’s the rules. The driver is not onculded in the weight calculations. Get over your selves and quit being babies. This among other things is why Cart/indy cars are dying quickly.

Group shuns Filipino mother of slain soldier – U.S. News – “?Whatever the excuse, American Gold Star Mothers? decision smacks of xenophobia and is in stark contrast to what Mrs. Lagman?s son fought and died for,? Engel said.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said, ?We now have many noncitizens serving honorably in our armed services, and I hope that this can be satisfactorily resolved.?”

This is a private organization whose charter is specific. The open borders folks want everything that is American only removed to turn this country into just another piece of land for the U.N. to control.

Well we have no doubt now. Our daughter has come home with lice from her past three visitations with her biological mother. AFter the second time we got her treated again..and took her to the doctor to be thoroughly inspected. The doctor certified her as being lice and nit free. This was last friday. The next day our daughter went to her biological mother’s place again for visitation. We saw sign on lice again last night. Overnight it blew up into a full blown infestation yet again. We rushed her to the doctor. Sure enough it was a full infestation.

Let the battle begin. The court case has already been filed.

Time to put troops on the border. you get one warning shot..then you get shot. If you attack a get shot. ‘Nough said.

This is interesting. The gov’t wants to put all of this information online but they cannot protect gov’t officials data they put online..:)

Hat tip: Betty “BJ” Ostergren

The Washington Post also has a sotry on this

These folks wish to continue the illegal alien invasion.

Mexico slams proposal to send U.S. troops to guard border: “Gutierrez said it was not the first time that such proposals had surfaced in the past, but noted that ‘the more moderate sensible and rational voices have prevailed.'”

Let’s put this is true language,
“the open borders folks were able to allow us to continue to flood your country with illegal aliens at your government’s expense”

What is chilling is that both the driver and passenger has no qualms about putting children in the trunk.

Checkout your children’s public school libraries. REview every book they bring home from school.

Another interesting piece by Vox..:)

An interesting colum.

Let’s see how long it takes the Dems to break this one.

*UPDATE* Frist sold out. The spineless wonder continues. McCain proves the tritor to the republicrats he is. More links and comments to come.

*UPDATE2* Load of links
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Ace of Spades
The Buzz Blog
Scared Monkeys
Captain’s Quarters
Michelle Malkin

Every single one of these has at least doubled. Considering this was going on for like 4 years..i bet it is over a million accounts comprommised…just my .02.

Enough said.

Fire tax rate will increase for many county residents: “An increase in fire taxes for certain areas of Frederick County is due in part to a last-minute decision by Commissioner Bruce L. Reeder, who changed his vote during a marathon meeting Tuesday night.

Reeder’s (D) decision to vote in favor of a tax increase, alongside Commissioners Michael L. Cady (R) and John R. Lovell (R), means property owners serviced by the Urbana, Braddock Heights and Carroll Manor volunteer fire companies will move from the ‘suburban’ fire tax district to the ‘urban’ district. This means that fire taxes will jump from 6.5 cents per $100 of assessed value to 13.5 cents.

Cady, Lovell and Reeder were then also voted to raise fire taxes in ‘suburban’ districts from 6.5 cents per $100 of assessed value to 8 cents.

‘This was a very difficult vote for me,’ Reeder said. ‘I know how important volunteer service is in our county. … I know how important it is for volunteer companies to respond to citizens in their community.'”

OK hold up. They are rasing the fire tax drastically in these areas when the county is going to have a 120 plus million dollar surplus? I hear a great sucking sound and it is lining the pockets of the county treasury.

Man. I had hope for Ehrlich. RINO tag still applies.

Get your comments in. The FEC may decide to censor all blogs..and of course let the MSM run rampant.

This should have never gone to court. Get it changed through the proper process. Instead he went and whined to the courts. I smell a huge mess coming on.

Somehow i missed this. While i did not agree with his political views there was not doubt about his dedication to this community and children.

I am glad to see these killed as GAY RIGHTS is merely a sham for choosing to live an deviant lifestyle which is a choice not genetic.

I hope the other two at the end of the article also get killed.

To ‘save jobs’ Well it’s not hard to see the left leaning here in this title is it? The Gazette is a subsidiary of the Washington Post so this is not surprising.

I quote the article:
The Fair Share Health Care bill, dubbed “the Wal-Mart bill” by opponents, would force employers of 10,000 or more to spend at least 8 percent of their payroll on health care or pay the difference directly to the state. The tax penalty, strongly supported by the unionized grocer Giant Food, is believed to apply to only Wal-Mart.

Well I must say I am pleased to see this. A ray of hope from Ehrlich. The leftists and unions are going to whine over this. This bill was soley aimned at Wal-mart.

Of course Giant wants it. Their labor costs due to the union contracts are outrageous.

“It’s sad, but not surprising, that a governor who accepts campaign money from Wal-Mart would choose corporate subsidies over health care for children and families,” AFL-CIO spokeswoman Christy Setzer said. “The Fair Share bill would have forced big companies like Wal-Mart to accept responsibility for their employees’ health care. It’s reprehensible that a company with $10 billion in profits chooses to cut corners where it counts most.”

Unions are scam artists. How much money do they embezzle from their members and funnel them to political lobbies? almost 100%.

Another quote:
“This bill directly threatens jobs and economic development in Maryland,” he said. “This irresponsible legislation sends a terrible message to employers who consider relocating and creating jobs in Maryland. This tax could cost our Eastern Shore hundreds of jobs in the foreseeable future and put thousands more at risk statewide if other large employers move out of Maryland to avoid new taxes.”

Had this bill passed as soon as my business got big enough i would have moved it out of the state.

Another leftie with an anal-cranial inversion problem. You’d think she would have learned from the Eason follies?

Frist REALID. Now while this is a private enterprise venture with REALID the law now do not expect this to remain private for long.

If the repubs “compromise” the name republicrats will stick least for me. Frist again has no backbone. Use your power(if you haven’t lost it already) and ramrod the change through to force an up or down vote that way it is supposed to be.

This IS very disturbing. I check the registry regularly and harris was not on the registry.

Chief rough is quoted
Chief Rough said two arrests for sex offense in such a short time span is unusual for the small town, and they are alarmed. “We don’t know what’s going on,” Rough said. “It seems lately, children have been the target.”

Children have been a target for a long time. That is why there are so many pedophile offenses registered every day and more that are not registered. I applaud Rough for their quick action and thorough investigation however.

Frederick gov’t folks need to “hear the pop” aka reverse their anal-cranial inversions. I have another way to say it but I will leave it at that. So the attempt to change it by legislation they are going to the courts. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!! Do it the right way. Elect folks sympathetic to your cause and change the laws the right way. Quit using the courts to step outside their boundareis. The courts do not make laws. At least they aren’t supposed to. Too bad the courts have become the legislature now.

WorldNetDaily: DeLay guiltier than bin Laden?: “Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean extended the American tradition of presumption of innocence to terror kingpin Osama bin Laden, but reiterated today that Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay ? who has neither been indicted nor convicted ? is ‘guilty.'”

Pot meet kettle. The demopublicans are going downhill. Making Dean the head of their party is a sure sign of the desperation they feel. Unfortunatly instead of moderating they have gone even more left and this will take them even further into the fringes. News – ACLU asks jail for Tangipahoa school officials 05/18/05: “This time, the group says, an elementary school teacher in Tangipahoa Parish repeatedly held prayers in her fourth grade class, encouraged students to bring their Bibles to school, held Bible study classes in the cafeteria of D.C. Reeves Elementary School and admonished students who didn’t show up for the class.”

ACLU is forgetting one thing. Students have a constitutional right to bring Bibles to class and to school and read them if they wish.

MSN News and Weather Reuters ? weather forecasts, latest world news, UK & sports news: “Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq defended the killing of ‘innocent Muslims’ in suicide bombings against U.S. forces, saying it was legitimate under Islam for the sake of jihad (holy war), according to an audio tape attributed to him on Wednesday.

‘The killing of infidels by any method including martyrdom (suicide) operations has been sanctified by many scholars even if it means killing innocent Muslims. This legality has been agreed upon … so as not to disrupt jihad,’ Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said on the tape posted on an Islamist Web site.

The Jordanian militant, Washington’s biggest foe in Iraq, quoted Muslim scholars to justify the loss of Muslim lives in suicide attacks in Iraq. His message appeared aimed at winning Sunni Muslim support for the insurgency.

‘Protecting religion is more important than protecting (Muslim) lives, honour or wealth,’ said the man who sounded like Zarqawi. ‘The shedding of Muslim blood … is allowed in order to avoid the greater evil of disrupting jihad.'”

How’s that for tolerance? We can kill the enemy even if it means killing our own. Our fellow muslims mean nothing if they are killed in johad.

REALID is supposed to keep us safe..but the Bush admin is going to require all law abiding citizens to register with the gov’t and continue to allow illegals to flood into our country AND get amnesty. How lovely.

NOW he apologizes. I do give him kudos for standing up in what he believed though. I think those kind of remarks hsould not have been made on the international scene though. Fox is not helping relations with comments such as those he made earlier.

This is telling when MSNBC calls something racist..:)

As a former servicemember of the U.S. Navy I look at it this way.

You volunteered for this job. if you walk away before the contract you signed is should face the entire list of charges you get. Nough said.

yeah right. Bush so far has not enforced our current trade laws so why would he enforce any others? Sorry but i will believe this when i see it.

The insurgents are increasing their violence..however they are attacking hte citizens of Iraq. The US military is grwoing very wise to their tactics and are turning up the heat. Unfortunatly the SMS is not reporting hte substantial gains our troops are making over there.

This is a frivolous lawsuit. Verizon can do whatever with its network it wishes. I just worked around vz’s blocking. I use gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and ther domains directly under my control.

Imagine this..even the ACLU is against this REALID.

./ chimes in as well as the folks at DSLreports.

More to come as i run across it.

I love it!

Now this is from a British site I frequent. The terms they use to describe REALID are so true. It is quite telling that a British site calls REALID gestapo. This is not going to do a thing for security.

i do not know the name of the blogger behind but this is a great site.

As usual the bigger conservative blogs are saying nothing about this:
Michelle Malkin nothing
LaShawn Barber nothing bout the National ID. To her credit though she is just starting to see the light about the demopublicans and republicrats.
The Captain’s Quarter’s is focusing on Canada
Little Green Footballs has not a peep on it.

The Feds may have issues if the states rise up and band together.

Here we go. Check this out for the REALID scam. This was never even debated..nor put on the open floor. It was attached to an Iraq appropriations bill. If REALID is so harmless that even the major conservative bloggers are blindly fawning over it…then why was it never even brought to either floor?

Yoohoo! Major bloggers! This is not the time to be me-too and blindly following the republicrats and demopublicans.

Bruce Schneier weighs in on how REALID is not going to do anything but increase the insecurity of our citizens. Of course many Americans simply do not care enough anymore to even read these things…much less do anything about it. WAKE UP!!!!!!

I disagree with Bruce on one point,”REAL ID also prohibits states from issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. This makes no sense, and will only result in these illegal aliens driving without licenses — which isn’t going to help anyone’s security. (This is an interesting insecurity, and is a direct result of trying to take a document that is a specific permission to drive an automobile, and turning it into a general identification device.)”
Illegal aliens should never never never get any kind of national ID or even state id since social services is tied to this. Giving them an SSN is also a bad bad bad thing.

Remember this post? Unfortunatly many of the large blogs that refused to cover it beforehand are now fawning over it. On the outside it says it will close immigration loopholes and force proper ids. However once you get under the hood is when the true nature of this act is apparent. We do not need more laws like RealID. We have sufficient laws on the books for immigraiton situations. What we really need is for those laws to be enforced. Passing more laws is not the answer. The answer is to contact the president and all of your elected officials and tell them to properly fund and staff our border patrol and supplement them witht the national guard units currently overseas. It is really that simple.

Vox Day also amply criticizes Bush and REALID as well. Vox starts off talking about a pastor that expelled members simply for not supporting G.W. Bush and goes on from there. Great article.

It is interesting that the radical homosexual activists say a minority of right-wingers are forcing our beliefs on them when they are actually the minority doing it.

Pot meet kettle.

Have to love it. From the side of “tolerance” comes this. At least he got an A for the paper but the liberalism shown here is amazing. Do not blindly let your children just pick any college these days.

Teaching Student Expelled, Erasing the Hate

Monday, May 09, 2005

By Scott Norvell

The New York Sun says a grad student was deemed unfit to teach and kicked out of his program after he expressed skepticism about multicultural education and support for corporal punishment in the classroom.

With the backing of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Scott McConnell is now suing Le Moyne College (search) of Syracuse, N.Y., for violation of his First Amendment rights.

As part of a class devoted to promoting “inclusive classrooms,” McConnell wrote a paper saying: “I do not feel that multicultural education has a philosophical place or standing in an American classroom, especially one that I will teach. I also feel that corporal punishment has a place in the classroom and should be implemented when needed.”

He got an A on the paper, but it was forwarded to the director of the graduate education program, Cathy Leogrande (search), who subsequently expelled him from the Master’s program.

“I have grave concerns regarding the mismatch between your personal beliefs regarding teaching and learning and the Le Moyne College program goals,” Leogrande said.

Ah yes. The vaunted insurance reform for doctors that Erhlich passed. This funds the slush fund to subsidize the malpratice insurance rates by taxing HMO’s instead of any real tort reform. Is it surprising that funds are “lost”?

Congratulations to Jacquelyn. One thing i want to address:

“Before the election, she said if re-elected she would work to improve the town?s water-pressure problems,”

The issue there is Rosemont is served by the Brunswick pumping station that is probably over 60 years old and draws from the potomac river that serves everything pretty much east of City Hall. Much of this will be addressed with the massive rebuilding of Brunswick’s entire sewage and water infrastructure as mandated by the annexation agreement that is going to bring Brunswick Crossing online. Frankly i see no reason to replace anything in Rosemont right now until the water pumping and sewage treatment plants are replaced which so far is on schedule. The east side will then have pressure comparable to the west side since we are served by a spring in washington county.

I also have issues with rosemont’s handling of another land issue..but that is another post.

I thought the job for City Council and Mayor was for adults? I have not seen much of that from the current lot in Frederick. I think the whole City gov’t needs to go and get replaced with adults.

This rocks. We had a hazmat incident in the tranyard behind my house and detrick was one of the units who responded quickly. With their help along with all of the other hazmat and fire companies that came the situation was quickly contained..:)

I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind in this. Brunswick has a radio station. WTRI 1520AM is back on the air. Beans in the Belfry is a local business right down the street from me a ways. melanie(the owner of “beans” as it is called) is a wonderful person and her coffee shop rocks. WTRI now does broadcasts from Beans every Friday morning. Go check it out.

I hope this man bets buried UNDER the jail.

More MI-13 action nearby to me. This one is in virginia.

This carrier is over 40 years old. She has served well but she needs to be retired and replaced.

Some Canadian scientists come out hard against the falsehood that is the Kyoto Protocol.

The biggest thing the enviro-nazis harp on is the increase of CO2 emmisions. Guess what? All the CO2 emmissions from vehicles is from what??? The catalytic convertors that the same environazis to reduce pollution in the first place.

ms-13 is a gang composed of mainly illegal immigrants that are highly violent. However Frederick, Maryland is not rural Michelle..) it is the second largest city in Maryland not too far behind Baltimore.

My town, Brunswick is close to truly being rural..:)

The MI-13 activity is located here.

nough said.

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WARNING – Pending OUCH!!!

…what would it say about me?



A busy time of year for me. Most of the family decided to read me through this year. They have kept me busy for the past two weeks. Now they have forgotten.


Clean up time. I was dusted yesterday and put in my place. My owner did use me a few minutes last week. HE had been in an argument and was looking up some references.


I had a bust day the first of the month. My owner was appointed leader of something and used me. I got to go to church again and was carried proudly since it was Easter Sunday.


Grandpa visited us. He kept me on his lap reading 1st Corinthians for an hour (ch 13). He seems to think more of me than he did when he was younger.


I have a few green stains on my pages. Had some early spring flowers pressed in me.


I look like a scrapbook. They stuffed me full of newspaper clippings. One of the girls got married.


They put me in a suitcase today. I guess we are off on a vacation. I wish I could stay at home because I will have to stay in this thing for a month!


Still in the suitcase!


Back home again, and in my old place. Have a lot of company; two “True Stories” and four magazines are on top of me. My…I wish I could be read as much as they are.


They used me a little today. One of them is very sick. Right now I am all shined up and in the center of the table. I think the preacher is coming.


Back to my old place. I was looked through for some old papers today. One of the children picked me up and asked, “Is this a scrapbook?”


They’re getting ready for Christmas, so I’ll soon be covered with packages and wrapping paper.


Score one against the radical homosexual activitsts.

This just hit me. Want to know why so many folks vote liberal? Liberalism says, “You are not responsible for anything. Let us higher folks do everything for you.” True conservatism(aka biblical) says,”You are responsible for your own actions..or lack of actions.”

I found this blog by checking my new sitemeter stats. Browsing hte blog i found this gem:

Psalm 23 – Lefty Style

I like this so much I just flat out lifted it from Common Sense Runs Wild, who stole it from The Bandwagon.

The government is my shepherd:
I need not work.
It alloweth me to lie down on a good job;
It leadeth me beside still factories;
It destroyeth my initiative.
It leadeth me in a path of a parasite for politic’s sake;
Yea though I walk through the valley of laziness and deficit-spending,
I will fear no evil, for the government is with me.
It prepareth an economic Utopia for me, by appropriating the earnings of my own grandchildren.
It filleth my head with false security;
My inefficiency runneth over.
Surely the government should care for me all the days of my life,
And I shall dwell in a fool’s paradise forever

The accusations of insensitivity and whatnot continue. It’s the battle of the feminists vs. the men in Frederick City Hall. ‘

Is it timeout chair time for the children of Frederick City Hall?

I have deleted some of the blogs that I do not read anymore. Either they blindly support the republicrats or jsut simply aren’t interesting anymore.

At least our city officials here in brunswick keep their squables provate. The frederick city gov’t has been acting like children for years now.

They may have a political hiccup but as long as this country continues down its pagan ways the liberals will continue to gain ground. The prison abuse scandal may hurt htem due to them being overzealous but i disagree that it will lead to their destruction on a permanent basis.

WorldNetDaily: Congressman calls Cheney ‘a– kisser’: “When asked what Bush was trying to accomplish on Social Security, Moran replied: ‘He wants to dismantle a program that defines what the Democrats are proudest of. That’s what this is about. The Republicans ? almost all of them ? opposed Social Security when it was proposed by Franklin Roosevelt. Almost all of them opposed Medicaid. They voted against Medicare in 1965. So these are programs that provide a safety net for the poor and I think the Republicans basically resent the poor and they figure if we can get the poor investing in the stock market, maybe they’ll start thinking like Republicans. God help us.'”

Of course they did. Back then the repubs were actual conservatives. Medicaid and Social security are communist in nature using wealth redistribution. Now those programs are not going to go away as long a the republicrats and demopublicans are in power due to so many folks dependant on the gov’t which was FDR’s intention in the first place.

It is interesting Moran says Bush resents the poor when many reports and quotes have shown the contempt the Demopublicans have for the very poor they claim to be the champions of.

The euthanasia movement grows. Now that they succeeded in killing terri, they are now getting bolder all over the country.

It seems the Dems forgot about their own violations when they started trying to go after Delay. Now some of the most powerful dems are getting scrutinized. The squirming from the worms has officially begun on both sides of the aisle as this will not stop with just a few dems and repubs.

Checkout my earlier post about this too.

Vox Day has this exactly right and I quote his post in full:
“This is why Republicans and Democrats must abandon their parties now in favor of any party that rejects the abandonment of American sovereignty. Both Republicans and Democrats are absolutely committed to the American Union, a New World imitation of the sovereign bureaucratic superstate.

Ignorance will not be an excuse. You are being warned now. If you support George W. Bush or if you support Hillary Clinton, you are selling your nation, your Constitution and your liberties in exchange for well-fed serfdom.”

Get out of the republicrat and demopublican parties while you still have some national sovereignty left. Vox subscribes to the libertarian. I support the Constitution party.

Here an exceprt of the town hall colum by Phyllis Schlafly:

European Union a model for the demise of democracy
Phyllis Schlafly

May 2, 2005

The European ruling elite is having a collective nervous breakdown for fear the French will vote on May 29 and to reject the European Union constitution. Eleven opinion polls indicate it is likely that democracy could upset the power-seeking politicians’ undemocratic plans.

Politicians and bureaucrats who dream of world government – or at least continental government to be run by a commission of technocrats who think they are wiser than ordinary people – have progressed a long way toward their goal, starting with the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952, then the European Economic Community in 1958 and then morphing it into the current European Union in 1993. The sovereignty and self-government of nation-states were bypassed in a series of very undemocratic, deceptive maneuvers, and the new EU constitution is expected to lock the system into place.

Some leaders in the British Conservative Party are trying to alert their countrymen to the folly of what Britain has already accepted by joining the EU. The British have given up their basic right to elect and dismiss those who make their laws, principles for which millions of Englishmen have fought and many have died.

And to whom did the British give these hard-won rights of a free people? To bureaucrats former Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher labeled as the paper-pushers in Brussels.

The EU Council of Ministers in Brussels now has effective control of all areas of commerce, industry, social and labor policy, the environment, agriculture, fish and foreign trade. Since Britain has only 11 1/2 percent of the votes, and it takes 30 percent to block a new law, the British Parliament must obey the Brussels bureaucrats or face unlimited fines imposed by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

?Just because we haven?t walked down the aisle, just because we haven?t stood in front of 500 people and said our ?I do?s,? my commitment before God to her was the day I bought that ring and put it on her finger, and I?m not backing down from that,? John Mason said Monday in an interview with Fox News.”

This man has the concept of marriage down. It would be nice if more folks took their vows as seriously as this man does.

This is insane. Plain and simple insanity. A thriteen year old is not able to fully realize the consequences of her actions in terms of abortion. The mental damage will be acute and the physicaly damage could be aggregious.

This is funny. This shows how out of touch is. Don’t they realize that Ehrlich is going to hand them maryland next year? He has done hardly anything worthy of the conservative label the republicrat are trying to wear. Most conservatives this election will either stay home or vote for a dem becuase they know the dem will be liberal and not a RINO. I personally am going to vote constitution party. should be supporting Ehrlich to guarentee a dem back in the gov’s seat..:)