Month: June 2022

Initial Review of the T5II True Wireless Earbuds by Klipsch

June 25, 2022 Hardware 0

I just had an interesting audio experience. I purchased a set of Kplisch true wireless t5 II earbuds. Klipsch is my speaker vendor of choice for their signature sound. I have a Klipsch pro media thx computer speaker system that I have had for several years now and am looking to start building my new… Read more

The War is Against America…and the electorate is complicit.

June 1, 2022 Family Finance Food Politics 0

“Ishmael” over at the market ticker has a very poignant post that i will reproduce in full.  However, there’s more food shortages coming…the food plant shutdowns for baby formula is one..but there’s been a rash of fires in major processing plants in all kinds of products.  Folks this is only the beginning..when Biden said shortages… Read more