June 30, 2022 Home Audio 0

I am at a local radio station waiting on a Comcast tech to come and install a new modem for a speed upgrade we ordered.  I have been doing various tasks while I wait …normally this isn’t the most exciting time but the T5 has totally changed that.  Right now I am running my Chlozee playlist.  Chlozee is a very dynamic artist that crosses several genres and gies me a wide variety of music to listen to.  I have been learning how to position the buds in my ears and now I have the balance much better.  Buds depend exceptionally heavily on position in your canal.  One little thing and they shift and the entire soundstage shifts.  Sometimes the shift is minor but usually, it’s jarringly audible.

so what’s it like now?  It’s EXTREMELY detailed now..jarringly so when something happens when you aren’t expecting it.  Like in the song How Fast at the end of the track there’s a sound of something breaking..it literally made me turn around as it sounded like the object brekaing was directly behind me.  This is not “spatial audio”  u apparently their baseline mix..man was it surprising to hear.  Bass is now more balanced than before.  highs are still bright but not jarringly so.  I still have to have the same amount of extreme eq in the app..so either this is how my canals and these buds are going to act or i still have some positioning to do.

Another track that has me stan up and taking notice is us.  With how i have Spotify set up to blend the tracks into each other slightly so I mostly do not have a huge blank gap between them..it was weird how the last breaking object sounded like the beginning of the Us track.  I am REALLY beginning to settle into these buds.  US the vocal track is very detailed without being harsh.  Now that i am beginning to adjust to these buds and their incredible detail i now have to adjust to my Pro Medias on my desktop.  As good as they sound..they simply do not have the same resolution as the buds.  they are at a disadvantage due to the physical location of the buds.  I still love the Pro medias and when i am at my desktop I will continue to use them as they are the best no-in ear speakers I have.  I am going to et quite a bit of use out of these buds though…now i will look forward to using them on jobs and whatnot…i look forward to using them more in the future.