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Putting this one here as Facebook might take it down.  I have been following the covid shitshow for years.  I have been one of the few wiling to question the official narrative.  The evidence has always been out there..put out by these snakes themselves.  The admissions coming out the past few days..in public..have been amazing..not even Fox has said much if anything and the lamestream media has said nothing.  Ill just quote Karl Denninger here.  I am going to grab the entire post here with a link back in case his site goes offline:

How Many Frauds Do You Permit?


The last few days have been…. extraordinary.

Of course the first bombshell was simple confirmation of what any thinking person knew a year ago, and anyone could discover with minutes of effort: The Covid-19 “vaccines” were not vaccines; they did not operate as a vaccine in that they neither prevented infection or transmission of the virus.  As such at best they were a personal mitigation against a severe or fatal outcome and there was never an argument, in law or otherwise, that allowed forcing them on people irrespective of where, why, and how.

Joe Biden’s statements, along with Fauci, Birx, Trump, DeSantis and in fact all the other governors and so-called “experts” that pushed these damnable things on people and still are, without a single bit of repentance, were not errors — they were lies, they were actionable lies, and they resulted in a monstrous money grab under false pretense that in fact imposed harm, including in many cases death on recipients.  That’s not over either, and won’t be for years.

I remind you that Birx has publicly admitted to knowing this originally and deliberately lied.  Why is she (never mind Fauci) not under indictment and locked up awaiting trial right here, right now?

Again: That these jabs were not capable of producing sterile immunity was known before the first EUA issued.  It was strongly suggested even before the trials began because the design of the studies was such that they were not intended to, and couldn’t, statistically prove such a result.  Pharma companies, of course do trial design as one of their most-important functions so if they didn’t intend and design the trial to prove sterile immunity the odds are they knew they were worthless in this regard before the trials began.  I pointed this out at the time and yet to do so in the media was to get instantly censored and called all sorts of names.  Indeed all of these people said “you’re a dead end for the virus” if you get the shot which was a factually false and knowingly so statement that sterilizing immunity was produced when the original trials were never designed to show that and thus could not.

The result of this fraud has not just been material harm — it has also been billions in profits and the wild enrichment of a small cadre of people all as a result of an organized scam.

That Joe Biden, after personally promising that “you will not get Covid if you have these vaccines” got infected himself is just a single exclamation point on the scam he, Trump, every governor including DeSantis and literal thousands of others including EVERY SINGLE GOVERNOR, nearly all county executives and town mayors have run on the general public for the last two and a half years.  You name it, if its a medical institution, government or school they fucked you in the ass.

Who has run around for the last two+ years calling health-care workers heroes and patting them on the back repeatedly in public?  All of these people.  Every single one.  Even in places like this county, where 89% of those who went into the local hospital with Covid in a six month period died there.

I challenge readers to show me one exception in the comments.  Just find me one such person in a political position of power — a Governor, Mayor, Alderman, Legislator or similar who stated that such a “success” rate was not only unacceptable it was demonic and the people responsible all needed to be arrested now and, if in an executive role, ordered the police force under his or her command to do so.

We have understood the basics of coronaviruses for a very long time.  They have never been successfully vaccinated against because they mutate too rapidly and readily.  As a result any alleged protection wanes at best and becomes destructive, that is it enhances infection at worst.

Let me be clear: No “vaccine”, irrespective of the level of personal protection it affords, is legally, morally or ethically permissible to be mandated in any circumstance unless it is sterilizing.  That is, unless the result of the conferred immunity does make you a dead end to the particular disease all benefit is inherently personal and thus under no circumstance can it be compelled because it is never capable of providing benefit to any person other than you.

To argue otherwise is to argue that you can compel someone to run a 5k three times a week under penalty of being fired, prevented from shopping, going to a show or nightclub and similar or even jailed; the benefit, whatever it is, of running said 5k is personal and never conveys any benefit upon anyone else.   Ever.  Nor do this shots, and they never did.

Never mind the more-basic argument: Bodily autonomy includes the right to kill yourself.  If an inoculation is both safe and effective and the disease deadly anyone who chooses to refuse has chosen a risk of death by said disease.  In a free society one has the right to choose to risk death, whether by serial anal sex with 50 other adult men, skydiving, climbing mountains — or a respiratory virus.

But now, in the last few days, we have found that Covid is far from the only intentional line of bullshit run by the medical and pharmaceutical industry on a widespread basis.  In fact this sort of wild abuse and fraud appears to be disgustingly common and stretches back decades.

Specifically we have two pieces of work out in the last days that underline this point.

First, the original 2006 research paper that underlays virtually all Alzheimer’s research in the years since may have included fraudulent images.  Note well — this is not an allegation of a mistake; it is an accusation that key images used to make the base claims about “plaques in the brain” causing Alzheimer’s were intentionally fabricated.

Science investigated the study and says it corroborated Schrag’s suspicions about Lesné’s research with the help of leading Alzheimer’s researchers and image analysts. The independent experts alleged that some images they reviewed were “shockingly blatant” examples of image tampering.

The authors “appeared to have composed figures by piecing together parts of photos from different experiments,” Elisabeth Bik, a molecular biologist and well-known forensic image consultant, told the publication. “The obtained experimental results might not have been the desired results, and that data might have been changed to … better fit a hypothesis.”

This explains exactly why the recent drug approval by the FDA for this disease was bogus, and which I wrote on and called out at the time.  The drug in fact very materially reduced said “plaques” in the brain of the study subjects but had no statistically measurable impact on the progression of the cognitive problems that come with Alzheimer’s.  That is, the drug did not slow, stop or reverse said cognitive decline.

This is hard evidence, in fact nearly irrefutable evidence, that said “plaques” are not the cause of the condition as it is a direct refutation of Koch’s Postulate, that if one removes the cause of a condition the condition does not occur, is halted or is reversed.

The FDA knew this at the time they “approved” the drug because it was clearly in the submitted study and their advisory committee voted against approval.  To be blunt: The FDA knowingly and intentionally approved a drug for a condition with full knowledge that it did not improve, reverse or halt the condition.  In other words the FDA took an INTENTIONALLY fraudulent act in that the approved label is for “treatment” of said condition when they knew, at the time, it did not improve — that is, “treat” — same.

The impact of this bogus original study, however, does not end there.  In point of fact myriad drugs and other interventions have been studied, proposed and worked on to the exclusion of others, both with private and taxpayer funds.

It gets worse.

A recent systemic review, the highest form of statistical evidence in medicine, has found that:

Lead author Professor Joanna Moncrieff, a Professor of Psychiatry at UCL and a consultant psychiatrist at North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT), said: “It is always difficult to prove a negative, but I think we can safely say that after a vast amount of research conducted over several decades, there is no convincing evidence that depression is caused by serotonin abnormalities, particularly by lower levels or reduced activity of serotonin.

Let me clarify that: Virtually all anti-depressants are SSRIs.  That is, they interfere with the natural uptake and elimination of serotonin, and thus rest on the claim that depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

There is no convincing evidence this is true.  Not some evidence, not a preponderance of evidence, no evidence.

Worse, these drugs are both habit-forming and dangerous, in that withdrawal can produce extreme psychiatric disturbance including suicide.  As I’ve pointed out repeatedly in this column there is an utterly stunning correlation between young people, specifically those under 25 who are on these drugs and “rage monster” events including a wild over-representation of said persons committing mass homicides.  Any claim that these drugs are “benign” is known false and while the statistical probability of someone taking them turning into a rage monster is low in absolute terms if you hand them out like candy to millions you will inevitably produce a decent number of mass-murderers.  This is culpable negligence at best and, given the lack of evidence that there is benefit in that while the mechanism of action does occur the actual cause of depression is not chemical in nature and specifically related to this chemical that rises to the level of outrageous malfeasance from which the entire medical and pharmaceutical industry has profited to the tune of billions once again.

Over a hundred million SSRI prescriptions are filled every year in the United States.

Shall we talk about statins, another “hand ’em out like candy” class of drugs and the outrageously fraudulent images peddled all over doctor’s offices depicting “plaques” on the inside of one’s arterial wall?  They’re false, as anyone who takes 30 seconds to look at an actual dissected image of a diseased coronary artery can tell you, and in fact those images — the true ones — are found in medical texts.

If you look at those images you will discern that the damage is between the outer and inner walls of the blood vessel; that is, the damage is to the tissue that makes up the vessel itself, not “stuck to” the inside where the blood flows much like a clog would be in a pipe.  This in turn means that the mechanism cannot be that of a clog in a pipe, that is, some material that sticks to the inside of the wall and then collects more around the stuck part.  That’s what you’re told and sold about cholesterol, it underlies the entire premise that you should take statins to lower cholesterol so there is less to “stick” and it is a knowing, intentional lie.  Medical texts depicting actual dissected diseased arteries make clear the actual problem is an inflammatory response to some sort of insult inside the tissue of the artery triggering the expected and normal biochemical cascade that occurs with inflammatory damage — that is, cholesterol is an inherent part of the repair process of a puncture or other inflammatory damage.

Of course that assumes the cause of the inflammation is transitory and resolved (e.g. a thorn you stick yourself with.)  If the inflammation is chronic, that is, continues over a space of months, years or even decades, then the damage will never resolve, it will continue to accumulate and….. voila — heart attack or stroke.

This, incidentally, explains why statins show no change in all-cause mortality among persons except those who previously have had a heart attack.  They do reliably lower blood cholesterol levels but the claim that this is the cause of heart attacks and strokes was voided a long time ago when it was conclusively shown that except in those who previously had a heart attack or stroke there was zero statistical change in rates of death among those who used them and those who did not.

Yet that bullshit continues to be peddled to this day when, in point of fact, reducing systemic inflammation may well provide real benefit and since no drug is without risk taking one that does not actually reduce your risk of being dead is stupid.

Stupid is extraordinarily profitable, however, and thus the lying continues.

Right up until the people make it stop.