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I decided to go from software dynamic disks raid on the VM mirror to direct hardware raid. This was relatively painless. I exported the Hyper-V VM’s to the backup server (which took about an hour at a gigabit)..deleted both disks from storage spaces…then using the web interface logged into the raid controller and created the mirror on the controller. Since I have the rebuild on low priority (and the fact these are only 1 TB 7200 RPM disks) I then recreated the volume in storage spaces, grabbed the now single drive and formatted it NTFS and imported the VM’s back to the drive. I am only getting about 50MB/s in sequential reads and writes right now due to the rebuild of the mirror on the controller. That is all I need for now. The rebuild should be done in a couple of more hours.

I wanted to get my 10-gig connection between my primary server and my backup server working again without needing to buy an expensive (and potentially noisy) 10 gigabit switch. I found out that direct fiber connections will work without the need for an interposing switch…:) I ran a fiber connection directly between the fiber nics of the two servers, manually set IP addresses outside of my current internal range (I am using and and fired things up. They both came up chatting nicely. I then told FreeNAS to have SMB talk only on the fiber nic but I left the web interface on the internal network so I can manage FreeNAS via the web interface. Right now, I have seen maximum transfer rates at 5 Gbps. I have manually launched a backup and we will see what the more random I/O patterns of a backup max out at. I should see an average of 1.5 Gbps with a max at 2-4 Gbps once the backup process hits the data mirror. If i do not see at least 1.5 Gbps I’ll start replacing the last 4 HDD’s(disks 2-5) with equivalent capacity SSD’s then I should REALLY see an improvement.

Now my backup strategy has at least two layers both protected against ransomware and corruption:
Layer 1 is the backup from my primary server to the FreeNAS machine. I use the built in Windows Server Backup to send all local backups to the FreeNAS machine. This backup is done once per day. FreeNAS runs the ZFS filesystem which protects against corruption via the scrubbing function (which detects bitrot and file corruptions). If a file gets deleted from the main server or if I should get hit with ransomware here, I can first head to the FreeNAS machine. If the ransomware got into a backup I can use the snapshot function to back off however far I need to, and then use that image to restore any files that are lost or deleted. If for some reason that fails I have my second option.

Option two is my crashplan offsite backup. All files on the vm mirror and the data mirror are sent to the crashplan site every night. A different version is saved for each day and the daily versions are not deleted. The amount of storage available is unlimited. If something REALLY bad happens that destroys the house crashplan is my Disaster Recovery fallback. I have already had to recover a client’s system from ransomware using a similar system so this type of versioning, encrypted, cloud backup has proven its value to me. For $10/month this is cheap insurance.

Future goals: With the latest release of FreeNAS 11.1 a FreeNAS machine now can access BackBlaze B2. This is similar to crashplan but you pay as you go…the more online storage you use the more you pay. This is similar to amazon S3 but Backblaze is half the cost of S3. I have not had a chance to leverage yet but I intend to test it using my FreeNAS machine. If this works out (and has the security features I want and once i get my upgraded fiber connection installed) I may FINALLY be able to resume my secured storage research. I hit a major wall that i was not able to overcome financially due to the massive storage investments that would be required and also due to a security concern I had using earlier FreeNAS replication technology.

Let’s start off with a definition.  What is exactly is a ponzi scheme?

There’s wikipedia  definition.  In a nutshell newer investors are required to continually payoff the existing investors.  When(not if) this fails everybody looses.  Many government programs are variations of this….most pension funds are variations of this as well as the ACA.  Right now according to this article on cnsnews the Social Security trustees have been warning that there is not enough money to cover the payouts.  In this case right now the ponzi is working..there are 2.x workers for each recipient…until the gov’t went in and spent any surpluses for other programs.

The ACA is an example of the program failing from the start.  The ACA depends on healthy folks signing up to provide the funding for sicker people who sign up.  However that has not happened…why would a healthy person sign up if they do not need it?  They didn’t.  Some folks(like myself) could not afford the premiums at all….and the penalties are crushing.  The penalties do not cover the entire cost of not carrying insurance though and the penalties get to the point that not event he super rich could afford to pay them.  At this point either you ahve to let the folks off he hook or you jail everyone….good luck.

The gov’t continues to tax in record tax revenue but cannot balance it’s books.  We do not have a taxation problem..we have a spending problem.  Unfortunately until the electorate stops demanding these free lunches it is only going to get worse.

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God is good.  I got my first paycheck from my new job and it alone is almost what i normally make in one month.  I started the day with $1995 in my account and as i walk in the door this evening i have…$523 left.  The vast majority of that is bills that have been left to wait as I didn’t have the funds to pay them off.  Now they are paid…we have everything we need food and grocery wise..and i have money in the bank left over that only has to last for two weeks before I get more funds in.  My eldest is freaking out because we usually have to make that money last the rest of an entire month.  For the first time in literally years we could actually afford to buy a month’s worth of everything we need.  Between the cat supplies and the groceries we spent $540.  Now by raw numbers I could have cut a hundred or so off of that..but that would have been getting everything at Walmart and Costco.  The intangibles that most folks do not see are the amount of time it takes to drive to Frederick, the time spent in the zoos of Costco and Walmart..and the trip back the fuel.  My time is worth  at a minimum of 36 bucks an hour.   It is about 1 hour of travel time, more than 2 hours in Walmart and then 2 hours in Costco.  That alone is $180 dollars.  I usually burn 10 bucks worth of $190 bucks.  This does not take into account the wear items on the car that have these miles put on them or the oil changes…etc etc etc.  I am just doing the most obvious one that folks see..time and fuel.  We usually spend around $350 at Costco and Walmart combined.  In total it is $350 + 180 = $530.  I spent 10 more dollars this month than I normally would shopping in Frederick.  We are not totally familiar with Weiss yet..once we are that $10 expense will go down to a negative number and then we are saving money.  In this case folks…shopping locally does save you money as long as you take proper accounting of the intangibles.

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The Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten to the point that anything in the media that comes out I hold off on before I post.  I would say about 90% of the time if it is anti-conservative(not cuckservative), anti-trump it’s bullshit.

The instant this Roy Moore stuff started coming out I was highly suspicious.  Back on November 15th Karl Denniger called this story for what it obvious forgery and therefore a total falsehood.  I have included Karl’s post below to make sure it doesn’t disappear due to his site expiring posts from time to time):

You Can’t Possibly Be Serious

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Jesus, it’s that obvious and CNN ran this crap?

People need to go to ****ing prison for this.  NOW.

Yes, including Gloria Allred.  The yearbook is an obvious forgery and she peddled it on national television; that needs to be good for disbarment and prosecution.

The original tweet from CNN can still be looked at.  We’ll see how long it is before they try to take it down.  (Update: It appears one of Getty’s photographers shot the original photo; it’s been linked in the comments, and I checked it.  It’s pretty-clearly the image CNN used and it was also clearly shot in color as it includes portions of the people holding it in the picture….)

I took the image on the right side of their tweet, brought it into Photoshop and increased the size.

I will swear under oath that I did nothing to tamper with the color or tone and in fact did nothing other than increasing its zoom level to 400% because it would be impossible to tamper with the image at said greatly enhanced zoom level without causing visible artifacts in the background and periphery of the letters.  There is also a gradient in the paper caused by a B&W photo being in part of the area where the signature is, which again will cause visible artifacts if I were to try to tamper with it.  In other words I did this to add irrefutable proof that I did not in any way tamper with the image itself.  I also saved the extract from the tweet as a “PNG” which is lossless from my desktop to yours; no compression so there are no artifacts added in my process either; whatever CNN put forward, that’s what I (and you) have.

Those are clearly different inks for everything after the first name.

Was the original signature Roy or was it Ray?

Whatever it was, someone added “Moore DA”, the date and “Olde Hickory House” in a different ink color.

By the way, the claimant says that Moore knew she had a boyfriend “and offered to give her a ride home” when he assaulted her.  Was the boyfriend’s name RAY?

This must be criminally investigated right ****ing now as attempted federal election tampering.  Jeff Sessions, you claim to be “for the rule of law”, let’s see a search warrant for that yearbook to perform forensic testing of the ink, and if the latter part of the “signature” is not 40 years old indictments must issue right now for everyone involved in this crap or you are a lying, sniveling sack of ****.

A bit of truly independent, critical thinking and this is an obvious forgery..isn’t that a crime?  Where are the handcuffs?  I ask that question because now the accuser has admitted to forgery herself.  Karl Denniger on November 14th voiced suspicions about this as well.  Guess what network broke this “story”?  You guessed it..the fakenews network..CNN.