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Ah Yes the communist manifesto indeed.  Does this relaly surpise you consideriong we have an illegal immigrant usurper in the White House?

Czar: ‘Spread the wealth! Change the whole system’.

Uncle Sam Will Use Schoolchildren to Pressure Parents on 2010 Census.

oh goody…yet another thing to tell my daughter to NOT pay attention to.

It looks like you have to use wpa2 now with AES.  TKIP was cracked a while ago and it continues to show issues.  Also remember that your passwords need to be a minimum of 16 randomized characters or they are subject to a brute force attack.

WPA data is gone in 60 seconds

Without any car chase

By Nick Farrell

Thursday, 27 August 2009, 10:23

JAPANESE BOFFINS took time out from fighting giant moths to work out how to break the WPA encryption system used in wireless routers in just sixty seconds.

Toshihiro Ohigashi of Hiroshima University and Masakatu Morii of Kobe University plan to tell the world plus dog how to do it at a technical conference set for September 25 in Hiroshima.

The attack gives hackers a way to read encrypted traffic sent between computers and certain types of routers that use the WPA or WiFi Protected Access encryption system.

It has been known that WPA could be broken for some months now, but these researchers have come up with a theoretical attack and made it practical.

An earlier attack technique, developed by researchers Martin Beck and Erik Tews, worked on a smaller range of WPA devices and took between 12 and 15 minutes.

Both attacks work on WPA systems that use the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) algorithm.

To be fair the WPA standard is a bit long in the tooth. It was designed as an interim encryption method as WiFi security was developing and has long since been superseded by WPA2. However there is still a fair bit of WPA with TKIP kit out there since 2006.

Newer WPA2 devices that use the stronger Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm remain safe for now. µ

via Wpa data is gone in 60 seconds – The Inquirer.

I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed. What a beauty of a bird feeder it was, as I filled it lovingly with seed. Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food.

But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue.

Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tile, the chairs, the table… everywhere!

Then some of the birds turned mean. They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket.

And others birds were boisterous and loud. They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food.

After a while, I couldn’t even sit on my own back porch anymore. So I took down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone. I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over the patio.

Soon, the back yard was like it used to be… quiet… serene… and no one demanding their rights to a free meal.

Now let’s see.

Our government gives out free food, subsidized housing, free medical care and free education, and allows anyone born here to be an automatic citizen.

Then the illegals came by the tens of thousands. Suddenly, our taxes went up to pay for free services; small apartments are housing 5 families; you have to wait 6 hours to be seen by an emergency room doctor; your child’s second grade class is behind other schools because over half the class doesn’t speak English.

Corn Flakes now come in a bilingual box; I have to ‘press one ‘ to hear my bank talk to me in English, and people waving flags other than ‘Old Glory’ are squawking and screaming in the streets, demanding more rights and free liberties.

Just my opinion, but maybe it’s time for the government to take down the bird feeder. If you agree, pass it on; if not, continue cleaning up the poop.

via krashpad: Take Down The Bird Feeder.

Faceoff! Cops versus preachers on public sidewalk.

It’s only going tog et worse.  This is n’t the first time and won’t be the last.

Feds go hog wild promoting swine-flu shots.

REsist this.  This vaccine has not been tested to any level of safety.  Plus with virii ability to mutate it’s most likely the flu vaccine isn’t going to be that effective anyway.

Paul Gordon: Only government can solve the impending health crisis.

We already have government healthcare and it’s called medicare and medicaid.  Costs have gone up since the government got involved.  Wnat tog et health costs down?  Get the government out of healthcare.  Healthcare is not one of the powers enumerated to the federal government in the US Constitution.

Next step in H1N1 scare: Microchip implants.

Nough said here.

White House Reveals Identity of Firm That Sent Unsolicited E-Mails on Health Reform – Political News –

Obama the spammer!  If anything should rile you up it’s the fact he has now broken the can spam act!!!  This is a federal law!  While he hides his birt certificate that’s one thing but he is now in violation of federal law!  Come on folks let’s get writing to your federal congress critters!

The White House hired a private communications company based in Minnesota to distribute mass e-mails, helping to shed light on how some recipients received e-mails in support of President Obama’s health care plan without signing up for them, FOX News has learned.

The company, Govdelivery, describes itself as the world’s leading provider of government-to-citizen communication solutions and says its e-mail service provides a fully-automated on-demand public communication system.

It is still unknown how much taxpayer money the White House provides to Govdelivery for its services.

Click here to view Govdelivery’s Web site.

The revelation comes after the White House acknowledged this week that people were receiving unsolicited e-mails from the administration about health care reform and suggested the problem was with third-party groups that placed the recipients’ names on the distribution list.

Republicans quickly pounced on the news.

“This is yet another ominous chapter in the administration’s rabid campaign to jam its radical health care scheme onto an unwilling public by any means necessary,” Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan said in a statement.

Govdelivery sent hundreds of e-mails from senior adviser David Axelrod asking supporters to help rebut criticism of Obama’s health care plan circulating on the Internet. It also sent e-mails highlighting Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in Cairo and the announcement of Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court nominee.

Several FOX News viewers complained they received these e-mails even though they had never requested any communication from the White House.

On Monday, the White House implemented several new changes to its Web site, apparently aimed at reducing the number of people who receive unsolicited e-mails and at fighting charges that it’s collecting personal information on critics.

The White House also pulled the plug on a controversial e-mail address,, that was established for supporters to report “fishy” information about health care reform.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., has sent a letter to the White House asking for the “full truth” behind the Axelrod e-mails and expressing concern that “political e-mail address lists were used for official purposes.”

Chris Hansen, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union told FOX News that if the White House used the private firm, it’s the same as if it had sent the e-mails.

The White House insists that Govdelivery aggregates nothing and plays no role in the formation of its e-mail list; it is merely an end-product e-mail distributor.

Govdelivery does extensive work with a bevy of federal, state, and local agencies, including 11 Cabinet-level departments such as Defense, State, and Justice. Among the tasks Govdelivery performs are FBI internal e-mails and external regional crime alerts, and FEMA hurricane or other natural disaster alerts.

In fact, before Jan. 1, Govdelivery handled 85 percent of mass e-mail deliveries for federal agencies.

The White House said it hired Govdelivery based on its performance with those agencies. The company was hired after Jan. 1 but before Obama took office on Jan. 20.

The White House notes that Govdelivery also handles mass e-mails for Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, both Republicans.

Earlier this week, Govdelivery’s president, Scott Burns, declined to comment to FOX News on whether the White House had used his firm to send out the Axelrod e-mails.

FOX News’ Major Garrett and Eric Shawn contributed to this report.

Substation is not suitable for anyone’s neighborhood.

There’s one thing these folks constantly neglect to mention..we are part of hte PJM interconnect.  Sure while this line(PATH) does not DIRECTLY sned power to Frederick County it can because we are part of hte interconnect.  That power fomr kempvillle can be rerouted back here if it is needed as per the regulations put forth by the PJM Interconnct.  So this power WOULD srever Frederick county.

Substation is not suitable for anyone’s neighborhood

Certain industrial projects and infrastructure are not suitable in residential areas. Allegheny Energy’s proposed PATH 765kV “Kemptown” substation is one of those projects.

It is absurd that the largest, highest voltage electric substation ever built be constructed in the middle of 1,300 Frederick County homes.

Industrial projects like this vast substation should be built near interstate highways, in industrial zones, or in extreme rural locations.

For anyone to conclude that this is a case of “Not in My Backyard” I would argue that this 765kV substation should not be anywhere near anyone’s backyard!

If a person is not willing to protect the rights of their own family and neighbors, who will? To accuse someone of NIMBY is to encourage apathy and discourage residents from engaging in issues that directly affect them.

By Allegheny’s own admission, more than 80 percent of energy this proposed Frederick County substation will generate will go to power New York City and New Jersey.

I love Frederick County. I have lived here for more than 37 years. I will fight this for my family and my neighbors’ families and would encourage you to do the same.

Chris Krivos, Mount Airy

Obamacare will be 1 big ‘death panel’.

This article pretty much sums everything up. – White House Admits It Sent Unwanted E-Mails.

This makes you a spammer!!  You are in violation of your own CAN-SPAM act!!!  Not that this has stopped any administration since reagan(and he got busted for illegal stuff too).

Rex Ryan, the Ravens’ former defensive coordinator, criticized the franchise’s decision to give former defensive end Michael McCrary’s No. 99 jersey to second-round pick Paul Kruger.

“I am disappointed that they gave his jersey to some rookie who hasn’t proven” anything, said Ryan, using an expletive as quoted by The Associated Press. “Excuse my language.”

via Ryan takes shot at Ravens over use of No. 99 —

Guess what big boy?  YOU AIN’T WITH THE RAVENS ANYMORE so poopies on you(I have the poopie song going through my head gen).  What’s even more ridiculous is he felt the need to curse about it.  The number wasn’t retired so it can go to anyone team management wants it to go to.

No time for Constitution.

With obama dogged on several fronts it’s time to continue the fight.  He is breaking out the racist tag(bring it on bubba) among others.  From his website saying for neighbors to report on their neighbors to him now spamming it’s obvious they are getting desperate.  let’s hope we informed few are able to stop the gov’t takeover of this country to save this country form those who don’t wish to defend it.

Obama seeks to track visits to .gov websites.

I just got Axelrod’s pleading e-mail telling me the the “myths” about Obamacare.  It’s quite pathetic they are not resorting to spamming to try to win this.  It’s funny i got it in my hotmail account but not yahoo or gmail(yet).  I may blackhole the whitehouse(and most .gov) on my own servers after this.

Nough said. I don’t trust the entire medical establishment at all..especially when they STILL use thimerisol which is derived form mercury. it defies logic. How can something that is based off a highly toxic substance be safe?

Here’s the article since they tend to go poofies after a few days:

(AP) Polio, the dreaded paralyzing disease stamped out in the industrialized world, is spreading in Nigeria. And health officials say in some cases, it’s caused by the vaccine used to fight it.

In July, the World Health Organization issued a warning that this vaccine-spread virus might extend beyond Africa. So far, 124 Nigerian children have been paralyzed this year – about twice those afflicted in 2008.

The polio problem is just the latest challenge to global health authorities trying to convince wary citizens that vaccines can save them from dreaded disease. For years, myths have abounded about vaccines – that they were the Western world’s plan to sterilize Africans or give them AIDS. The sad polio reality fuels misguided fears and underscores the challenges authorities face using a flawed vaccine.

Nigeria and most other poor nations use an oral polio vaccine because it’s cheaper, easier, and protects entire communities.

But it is made from a live polio virus – albeit weakened – which carries a small risk of causing polio for every million or so doses given. In even rarer instances, the virus in the vaccine can mutate into a deadlier version that ignites new outbreaks.

The vaccine used in the United States and other Western nations is given in shots, which use a killed virus that cannot cause polio.

So when WHO officials discovered a polio outbreak in Nigeria was sparked by the polio vaccine itself, they assumed it would be easier to stop than a natural “wild” virus.

They were wrong.

In 2007, health experts reported that amid Nigeria’s ongoing outbreak of wild polio viruses, 69 children had also been paralyzed in a new outbreak caused by the mutation of a vaccine’s virus.

Back then, WHO said the vaccine-linked outbreak would be swiftly overcome – yet two years later, cases continue to mount. They have since identified polio cases linked to the vaccine dating back as far as 2005.

It is a worrying development for officials who hope to end polio epidemics in India and Africa by the end of this year, after missing several earlier deadlines. “It’s very disturbing,” said Dr. Bruce Aylward, who heads the polio department at the World Health Organization.

This year, the number of polio cases caused by the vaccine has doubled: 124 children have so far been paralyzed, compared to 62 in 2008, out of about 42 million children vaccinated. For every case of paralysis, there are hundreds of other children who don’t develop symptoms, but pass on the disease.

When Nigerian leaders suspended polio vaccination in 2003, believing the vaccine would sterilize their children and infect them with HIV, Nigeria exported polio to nearly two dozen countries worldwide, making it as far away as Indonesia.

Nigeria resumed vaccinations in 2004 after tests showed the vaccine was not contaminated with estrogen, anti-fertility agents or HIV.

Experts have long believed epidemics unleashed by a vaccine’s mutated virus wouldn’t last since the vaccine only contains a weakened virus strain – but that assumption is coming under pressure. Some experts now say that once viruses from vaccines start circulating they can become just as dangerous as wild viruses.

“The only difference is that this virus was originally in a vaccine vial,” said Olen Kew, a virologist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The oral polio vaccine used in Nigeria and elsewhere contains a mild version of the live virus. Children who have been vaccinated pass the virus into the water supply through urine or feces. Other children who then play in or drink that water pick up the vaccine’s virus, which gives them some protection against polio.

But in rare instances, as the virus passes through unimmunized children, it can mutate into a strain dangerous enough to ignite new outbreaks, particularly if immunization rates in the rest of the population are low.

Kew said genetic analysis proves mutated viruses from the vaccine have caused at least seven separate outbreaks in Nigeria.

Though Nigeria’s coverage rates have improved, up to 15 percent of children in the north still haven’t been vaccinated against polio. To eradicate the disease, officials need to reach about 95 percent of the population.

Nigeria’s vaccine-linked outbreak underlines the need to stop using the oral polio vaccine as soon as possible, since it can create the very epidemics it was designed to stop, experts say. WHO is researching other vaccines that might work better, but none is on the horizon.

Until a better vaccine is ready, WHO and U.S. CDC officials say the oral vaccine is the best available tool to eradicate polio and that when inoculation rates are nearly 100 percent it works fine.

“Nigeria is almost a case study in what happens when you don’t follow the recommendations,” Kew said.

Since WHO and partners began their attempt to rid the world of polio in 1988, officials have slashed the disease’s incidence by more than 99 percent.

But numerous deadlines have been missed and the number of cases has been at a virtual standstill since 2000. Critics have also wondered whether it is time to give up, and donors may be sick of continuing to fund a program with no clear endgame.

“Eradication is a gamble,” said Scott Barrett, an economist at Columbia University who has studied polio policies. “It’s all or nothing … and there is a very real risk this whole thing may fall apart.”

Aside from Nigeria, polio persists in a handful of other countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Chad, Angola and Sudan.

Aylward agreed the Nigeria situation was another unwelcome hurdle, but was confident eradication was possible. “We still have a shot,” he said. “We’re throwing everything at it including the kitchen sink.”

Swine flu vaccine linked to deadly nerve disease?.

When the gov’t itself is worried about’s perfectly “safe”

“How are you going to safely pull combat troops out of Iraq?” asked Air Force 1st Lt. Rachel Kleinpeter, an intelligence officer with the 100th Operations Support Squadron. “And if you’re pulling out combat troops, who are you leaving to help support what’s left? What happens if Iraq falls back into chaos? Are we going to be there in five years doing the same thing over again?”

I don’t have confidence in Obama for anything..however we never had a constitutional declaration ofw ar to go into iraq so frankly we should remove ourselves ASAP.  We do not need to go back there unless we have a duly declared war by the Congress of hte United States.

‘Obamacare:’ What does the Constitution have to say?.

The states have already risen up and killed REALID.  Will they have the gumption to do the same to Obamacare?

Town halls burst with Obama ‘plants’.

It’s going to continue to be this way.  Even Bill Reilly is going to the healthcare reform side.  turn off the tv and do some research on the’s obvious this is a bill of goods the likes we have never seen.  You think the spendulous bill was bad?  You ain’t seen nothing yet if you allow this bill to pass.

Symantec, 11 others, fail Virus Bulletin’s August 2009 test (Updated) – Ars Technica.

Some of these are the BIG BOYS in the market…:)

oh boy.

Get your mouse clickers ready and update Windows as this is a nasty bunch of updates.  More than half of the patches are of the type that allow remote system takeover and most of the takeover udpates are in…..Drun Roll Please…..ACTIVEX!

Miley Cyrus used to be somebody I allowed my daughter to follow but over the past couple of years Miley has steadily followed the Britney Spears way of doing things.  In this latest move she is dancing in shorts that barely cover her and wearing a top where her bra is clearly visible all done before a group of 10-16 year old kids.  The sad part is i like this song..but if i don’t allow my daughter to wear that kind of clothing I can’t in any conscience allow her to follow this person anymore.  I now have the unenviable task of letting my 9 year old know why I am taking this action as well as showing her the several examples that are readily available.

I have two versions.  The first one is the tv performance.  The second one is raw footage form the stands where you can see not so much Miley’s actions but the actions of the supporting dancers around her which is where i have another problem.  I now consider Miley to be an adult artist. I’ve been watching her for a couple of years and she wants to “grow up” but this isn’t the way to do it.

Here’s the lyrics to her latest song that was performed for a group of 9-15 year olds at the teen awards show and the final thing at the bottom will be a link to watch or download the video. To watch double-click the video.   The url for download is  Also I have found raw footage that shows the whole performance before it got edited for tv.  That url is

I hopped off the plane at LAX
with a dream and my cardigan
welcome to the land of fame and sex,
am I gonna fit in?

Jumped in the cab,
Here I am for the first time
Look to the right and I see the Hollywood sign
This is all so crazy
Everybody seems so famous

My tummys turnin and I’m feelin kinda home sick
Too much pressure and I’m nervous,
That’s when the taxi man turned on the radio
and a Britney song was on
and the
Britney song was on
and the
Britney song was on

So I put my hands up
They’re playing my song,
And the butterflys fly away
Noddin’ my head like yea
Movin my hips like yea
I got my hands up,
They’re playin my song
I know im gonna be ok
Yea, It’s a party in the USA
Yea, It’s a party in the USA

Get to the club in my taxi cab
Everybody’s lookin at me now
Like “whos that chick, thats rockin’ kicks?
She gotta be from out of town”

So hard with my girls all around me
Its definitely not a Nashville party
Cause’ all I see are stilletos
I guess I never got the memo

My tummys turnin and I’m feelin kinda home sick
Too much pressure and I’m nervous
That’s when the D.J. dropped my favorite tune
and a Michael song was on
and the
Michael song was on
and the
Michael song was on

So I put my hands up
They’re playing my song,
And the butterflys fly away
Noddin’ my head like yea
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I got my hands up,
They’re playin my song
I know im gonna be ok
Yea, It’s a party in the USA
Yea, It’s a party in the USA

Feel like hoppin’ on a flight (on a flight)
Back to my hometown tonight (town tonight)
Something stops me every time (every time)
The DJ plays my song and I feel alright

So I put my hands up
They’re playing my song,
And the butterflys fly away
Noddin’ my head like yea
Movin my hips like yea
I got my hands up,
They’re playin my song
I know im gonna be ok
Yea, It’s a party in the USA
Yea, It’s a party in the USA

So I put my hands up
They’re playing my song,
And the butterflys fly away
Noddin’ my head like yea
Movin my hips like yea
I got my hands up,
They’re playin my song
I know im gonna be ok
Yea, It’s a party in the USA
Yea, It’s a party in the USA

No Krakana: Liberating Cookies.

‘End-of-Life’ Counseling Intensifies Health Care Debate – Political News –

This is only part of Obama-care.  If you don’t take the euthanasia counseling and kill yourself they’ll just deny you care based on your age.

A provision in President Obama’s health care reform bill encourages “end-of- life” counseling for seniors — sparking euthanasia fears among some of the legislation’s critics and leading others to believe that the White House is looking to save money by pressuring insurers to provide less coverage to seniors.

The provision, tucked deep within the House bill, would provide Medicare coverage for an end-of-life consultation every five years, and more frequent sessions if a person is suffering a life-threatening disease.

Health providers would be required to explain to seniors the end-of-life services available, including “palliative care and hospice.”

“This provision may start us down a treacherous path toward government-encouraged euthanasia if enacted into law,” House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Mich. said in a statement last month.

But the sessions are not required, as President Obama reassured seniors last week at an AARP town hall meeting, when one woman said she’d been told that the policy requires everyone of Medicare age to be visited and told they have to decide how they wish to die.

“Nobody is going to be forcing you to make a set of decisions on end-of-life care based on, you know, some bureaucratic law in Washington,” the president said.

Obama encourages people to create living wills, but it’s not clear if he supports Medicare reimbursement for “end-of-life” counseling.

A Harvard study released earlier this year directly linked end-of-life counseling with lower health care costs and better quality of life for patients with advanced cancers.

Researchers, who interviewed 603 advanced-cancer patients about whether they had end-of-life conversations with their physicians, found that patients who did had an estimated average of $1,876 in health care expenses during their final week of life, compared with $2,917 for those who didn’t. Patients also associated higher costs with a worse quality of death during their final week and typically did not live longer if they received intensive care.

“As the nation looks to ways to improve patient care and reduce costs of health care, end-of-life conversations should be considered, ” said the study’s senior author, Holly Prigerson, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

“Policies that promote increased communication, such as incentives for end-of-life conversations, may be cost-effective ways to both improve care and reduce some of the rising health care expenditures.”

White House aides acknowledge it’s a sensitive issue.

A quarter of all Medicare spending takes place in a patient’s final year of life, and studies show most people facing a terminal illness or simply very old age prefer less medical intervention to more. That suggests the potential for savings.

Last fiscal year, the government spent $455 billion on Medicare — 15 percent of the federal budget — to cover 46 million Americans. Medicare spending is projected to skyrocket to 20 percent of the budget by 2019 as baby boomers increasingly become eligible for the program.

In 2010, 40.2 million seniors 65 years and older will be eligible for Medicare. That number is projected to rise to 54.8 million in 2020 and 88.5 million in 2050, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

But Medicare’s program for hospital stays is already spilling red ink. A report earlier this year showed that because of rapidly declining revenues, the Medicare trust fund for hospital expenses since last year has been collecting less in taxes and interest income than it pays out in benefits.

The fund’s reserves will be exhausted by 2017, making it insolvent two years earlier than the trustees predicted last year. Medicare’s total unfunded obligations, including its programs that use general revenues to pay for doctors’ fees and prescription drugs, have reached $37.8 trillion.

When the Bush administration expanded Medicare reimbursement to cover hospice care, which is less expensive than hospital care, hospice use grew 240 percent. Studies show people prefer hospice care but officials are concerned about people outside a patient’s family or doctor influencing the decision to give up on curative care.

“And that’s where a lot of people fear that some of these ideas in these bills lead you to and that’s unethical as far as I’m concerned,” Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said.

Charmaine Yoest, president and chief executive of Americans United for Life, said in a blog post that health reform “must respect life, and not contain provisions that mandate or encourage the withdrawal or curtailment of effective life-sustaining treatment to the terminally ill, the chronically ill, or the permanently disabled.”

Lawmakers say making end-of-life decisions ahead of time is a good thing — and it should be done early.

“Think about it when you’re 50 years old instead of when you’re 85, what sort of care you want,” Grassley said.

The White House says even though Medicare would reimburse for the counseling sessions, it wouldn’t conduct them.

“These decisions will be made by doctors and patients,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

And Gibbs accused critics of misrepresenting that part of the health reform bill.

“I think there are people that have knowingly spread inaccurate information to hold up progress on health reform,” he said.

FOX News’ Wendell Goler and’s Stephen Clark contributed to this report.

Church at forefront of debate over gay members.

A Mennonite church accepting an openly homosexual person.  Talk about knocking me over with a feather.  The whole movement is not embracing this..sut since more and more of the individual churches do it’s only a matter of time before the rest fall.

National body says it will seek a resolution

by Elahe Izadi | Staff Writer

Larry Miller, 55, of Edmonston is a committed churchman. He regularly attends church meetings, holds leadership positions and strives to apply Biblical scripture to his life.

In 2003, he served as a delegate from his congregation, the Hyattsville Mennonite Church, to its regional conference, the Allegheny Mennonite Conference, where church delegates discuss and vote on matters.

But Miller’s visible role as a delegate who is also an openly gay man led some conference delegates to complain about the Hyattsville church’s stance on welcoming gays and lesbians into its congregation.

Conference delegates eventually called a vote in 2005 and about two-thirds voted to remove the church’s voting rights at the regional conference, Miller said.

The church’s loss of its voting rights at the regional level was mostly symbolic, though some members of the congregation were hurt by it, said Tim Wiens, congregational-chair elect and a member of the church for 30 years.

Miller said he didn’t serve as a delegate in order to prove a point. He merely wanted to serve his congregation, he said, adding that “it wasn’t a comfortable feeling” being at the center of the 2005 vote.

“But these feelings pretty quickly subsided for me when I was reassured by the congregation of its support,” he said.

The Hyattsville church is one of several Mennonite churches nationwide that have faced disciplinary action by their regional conferences for their stance on homosexuality.

Each regional conference handles the issue differently, with delegates able to vote to sanction churches, said Marty Lehman, The Mennonite Church USA’s director of communications and development.

The issue of homosexuality within the church has come to the forefront in recent decades as homosexuality has become more accepted in the larger society, she added.

“This issue has become very divisive in a lot of denominations and there are voices that are calling for us to not look at one particular issue but to think more globally on other things we disagree on,” Lehman said.

Mennonite churches belong to regional conferences under the umbrella of The Mennonite Church USA. Sanctioning as a method of discipline is a practice the church has allowed for years in matters other than homosexuality, Lehman said.

The stance of The Mennonite Church USA is that homosexual, extramarital and premarital sex are sins and that the church be in dialogue with those who have differing views, according to official church statements.

The Hyattsville branch has had an “intentional stance” of welcoming gays and lesbians since the 1980s. The church adopted the stance after a gay man wanted to join the congregation and has remained unified in the position even after the 2005 vote, Wiens said.

“As people got to know people who are gay or lesbian and committed Christians who were part of our congregation, we felt this was the right thing to do,” he said.

Several members from the Hyattsville Mennonite Church who attended the annual Mennonite convention in July supported unofficial events organized by groups seeking to raise awareness over the church’s stance on homosexuality.

Events were hosted by groups such as the Pink Mennos, a group founded in January to raise awareness of gay issues at the national convention. Founding member Luke Yoder said the campaign has turned into a movement that will continue to foster dialogue about the issue.

The Mennonite Church USA Delegate Assembly adopted a resolution during the national convention that acknowledged the ongoing debate over sexuality and dissenting points of view.

“We acknowledge the pain and frustration of this issue for a number of conferences, congregations, families and individuals,” it states.

Lehman said the national church will assist in setting up a method to work toward a resolution, although Yodder countered that sanctioning provides an obstacle to any resolution.

Despite contention around the issue, Miller calls his local congregation a “sanctuary.” He recalled the moment, during a retreat, when he told fellow congregation members that he was gay.

“It was a time when I could have felt isolated, I suppose, and I didn’t, largely because of the folk here,” he said. “Most people here will make an honest attempt to understand wherever a person is coming from.”

E-mail Elahe Izadi at

99% of all of our issues are due the gov’t doing things that are against the US Constitution. Here is just a few of them:

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

Verify  at:

2. $2.2 Billion dollars  a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens .

Verify  at:

3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.

Verify at:

4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!

Verify  at:

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.

Verify at

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens .

Verify at: TRANSCRIPTS/0604/01/ldt.01.html

7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens .

Verify at:

8.. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare and Social Services by the American taxpayers.

Verify  at:

9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.

Verify  at: RI PTS/0604/01/ldt.01.html

10. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that’s two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens.

Verify at:

11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal  aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries.  Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the U. S. from the Southern border..

Verify at: Homeland Security Report:

12. The National Policy Institute, estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.’

Verify at:

13. In 2006, illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittance to their countries of origin.

Verify at:

14. ‘The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration:  Nearly One million sex crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in The United States ..’

Verify at: http: //

Black Hat ® Technical Security Conference: USA 2009 // Archives.

This is a huge annual security conference by folks who know a ton more about security than i do..:)

I saw the writeup about this new restaurant in the local paper.  It was highly mentioned about how he uses all fresh ingredients form local butchers and local grocers and the reasonable prices he charges.  I then saw something that made me nervous…he used to run the local Dominos pizza.

We had stopped patronizing the local Dominos because the people on the phone could not speak clearly, the orders were wrong most of the time , and the pizzas just did not taste good at all.  Delving into the article, about the time he left that Dominos to start this new venture is when the quality of the Dominos drastically improved.  Needless to say I was apprehensive about this local eatery given the owner’s history.

Me and my family walked into the former Emerald Garden to see a restaurant that did not really appear to be completed on the inside.  The main dining area was well done with a southwesterm/modern motif with various tables with chairs throughout.  Even when full this space would not feel cramped.  Moving up to the ordering area is where things got a bit stark.  I attribute this to this being a startup trying to get some incoming funds due to the bad economy so i will comment on it if it has not changed the next time i go back.

I tried the Barbacoa Taco.  You can see the description on the online menu.  I ordered mine with just meat, lettuce and added cheese.  I did this for two reasons:

1.  I wanted to try the meat more than anything else

2.  I wanted to be able to taste more meat than the rest of everything else.

I was left very unimpressed.  The seasonings were ok..they had a nice bite.  The big letdown was the beef.  It was the same quality and texture as the low grade bulk shredded beef you get from foodservice companies for school lunches.  The tortilla was the low end variety you would get from your local supermarket.

All in all I walked away unimpressed.  I do intend to go back to try other menu items and i hope the beef quality was only because that is not El Sloppy Tacos primary focus,.

It is going to be either Astaro or Untangle.  Depending on what the clients needs are.  Ipfire feels kludgey and ipcop isn’t really designed for modern hardware and is a bit too basic for my needs.  Comixwall is a typical Debian distro..if you want to live in the cli go this route..:)

According to the Centos homepage:

The CentOS Development team had a routine meeting today with Lance Davis in attendance. During the meeting a majority of issues were resolved immediately and a working agreement was reached with deadlines for remaining unresolved issues. There should be no impact to any CentOS users going forward.

The CentOS project is now in control of the and domains and owns all trademarks, materials, and artwork in the CentOS distributions.

We look forward to working with Lance to quickly complete all the agreed upon issues.

More information will follow soon.

Original Letter

Last Update: August 1, 2009 04:34 UTC by Donavan Nelson

This is nice but it does not answer the questions they raised in public.  This also does not tell me they are going to be more transparent which could lead to another similar issue in the future.  Centos,  What has actually been done to resolve these issues?

Right now I still cannot put my full trust in the long term stability or viability of this project.