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My wife found this and now i’m hooked..rofl. My winner was Kabba modern. JabbaWockeeZ has been doing great and while their performance was good it did not measure up to Kabba Modern’s. Status Quo did an excellent performance as street tuners and kept up their high-flying tradition. BreakSk8’s characters as basketball street hustlers was good..but one of the weakest performances this episode. Live in Color got totally jyped. IMO they nailed their story and frankly Fysh N Chics has been weak the entire series. It’s sad Live in Color got turned out..they rightly went out with a little attitude..they knew they got jyped.

youtube had their ip’s hijacked. Pakistan was advertising an invalid route announcement which not only blocked youtube for Pakistan but other networks for some reason accepted this as a valid route and blocked youtube for other networks as well. This was caused because the gov’t of Pakistan said all Pakistani networks have to block youtube. The Pakastani networks should not have let this false route leak out of their networks..but also other networks should not have accepted this route advertisement. I found this posting on the nanog list:

As you guys probably know Youtube’s IP’s are being hijacked. Trace:
~ $ host has address has address has address
[Same /24]

701 3491 17557 (metric 1) from (
Origin IGP, metric 100, localpref 100, valid, external
Community: 65010:300
Last update: Sun Feb 24 11:33:05 2008 [PST8PDT]
3491 17557 from (
Origin IGP, metric 100, localpref 100, valid, external, best
Last update: Sun Feb 24 10:47:57 2008 [PST8PDT]

So, it seems that youtube’s ip block has been hijacked by a more
specific prefix being advertised. This is a case of IP hijacking, not
case of DNS poisoning, youtube engineers doing something stupid, etc.
For people that don’t know. The router will try to get the most specific
prefix. This is by design, not by accident. This is a case of censorship
on the internet. Anyways, I hope this doesn’t get into a political
situation, and someone stops this.

What action are you going to take? Are you going to filter
announcements from AS17557, or just filter that specific announcement?
Considering youtube is a fairly high-traffic website I think that other
operators are just going to start filtering that AS. This is a great
example of global politics getting in the way of honest corporatism.
This is also an example of how vulnerable the internet is, and how lax
providers are in their filtering policies. I don’t know how large
Pakistani Telecom is, but it I bet its not large enough that PCCW should
be allowing it to advertise anything.

There’s a quick reply:

You are making the assumption of malice when the more likely cause is one of accident on the part of probably stressed NOC staff at 17557.

They probably have that /24 going to a gateway walled garden box which replies with a site saying ‘we have banned this’, and that /24 route is leaking outside of their AS via PCCW due to dodgy filters/communities.

This is still an ip may not have been intended to be inet wide..but it’s still an ip hijack.

As of this posting youtube is now back online..:) The nanong conversation is here.

*UPDATE* i don’t normally do this..but heck little me got mentioned by Leo Laprote on his national radio show. Wow..just incredible. Nanog actually saw it first on the mailing list..:) I’ll post a link to the techguy podcast that it was first broadcast on when it gets posted.

I have noticed youtube is getting routed to honkong..BUT they have redone their dns to have their hong kong ip’s resolve the site back to This is not hard to do but it shows that youtube is getting around the bgp errors using dns..:)


Non-authoritative answer:


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 6 ms 7 ms 9 ms
3 13 ms 8 ms 11 ms [68.86.
4 7 ms 7 ms 10 ms [68.86
5 11 ms 10 ms 9 ms [68.86
6 10 ms 9 ms 8 ms [68.86
7 11 ms 9 ms 10 ms [68.8
8 11 ms 11 ms 15 ms [68.86
9 21 ms 19 ms 28 ms [68.8
10 24 ms 21 ms 21 ms [68.87.
11 44 ms 24 ms 25 ms
et []
12 26 ms 33 ms 31 ms
13 32 ms 27 ms 29 ms
14 105 ms 105 ms 101 ms [64.208.
15 101 ms 102 ms 106 ms []

Trace complete.

ZDNET posted an hour before i did..:).

*UPDATE* There’s another thread starting on nanog bout prevention of this kind of hijack.

Renesys has some good data on this as wlel as a mention of other major incidents like this during the past decade.

About 1.5 hours ago Pakistan has lifted the youtube ban…I get their network engineers are a bit red-faced right time they’ll probably make sure their filters are in place. However if you read into the stories this tells me that they did it this way on purpose with no regard for the consequences. I’m sure the engineers who did this knew the consequences but they had higher up pushing them on. We’ll see how this works out..:)

Here’s other updates:
Taipei Times
Network World

No Krakana: Stumbling through a Tuesday
Most folks just don’t want to accept the fact that the new Knight Rider is a very well done and thought out sequel to the original. I think the hangup is that it is a Mustang instead of a T/A. They would have a valid argument if GM did not cancel the camaro/Firebird/TA series. Frankly I think the new K.I.T.T rocks and i think the casting is well done. I will watch every episode then if it’s not picked up i’ll buy the dvd the instant it comes out..or find a rip on the net. I like this show and frankly the critics need to open their minds a bit instead o whining over the past.

Some of the criticism includes it’s a ford advertisement. Well DUH! The original series was a TA advertisement. There is multiple shots of the cobra logo and whatnot..maybe that angle is a bit over the top but it’s well done. The weekly series needs some tweaks but all in all it’s a good sequel to the original. Let’s see if it gets picked up.

There’s a very active forum talking about the new pilot.

*update* Kidan points out another series of issues with folks complaining bout the storyline and acting. Honestly when Knight rider first started it was pretty corny but evolved very rapidly. I don’t expect K.I.T.T. to be anything than what he was at first. The original K.I.T.T. did not have a “personality” until well into the first season. I’m thinking it will be the same here(unless Val isn’t able to talk with any kind of personality). I still think it was a good pilot..if it gets picked up then i’ll give it a chnace to gel..:)

TechNet Plus Blog : TechNet Plus: SP1 availability plan of record

Ms is not allowing msdn and technet subs get Vista SP1 until the masses do. These are people that pay large amounts of money to MS for advanced previews of everything and they are getting seriously shafted. Needless to say the response has been negative with the comments on the official technet blog blistering Microsoft. Microsoft’s final response on the post? Close the entry to new comments..:)

*update* Microsoft has decided to release SP1 to MSDN and Technet Plus subs..the very people that should have gotten it first in the first place..)

Science, religion coexist at local church

The headline is misleading but as a secular publication I can’t blame them too much. Let me put in a couple of quotes that show the issues with the stance portrayed int he article:

Here’s the biggest one:

“The Rev. Anjel Scarborough, rector of Gathered by Christ Episcopal Church, preached Sunday morning that evolution and faith can live comfortably together.

However, that means sacrificing literal interpretations of the Bible, she told about 20 people who attended the service.”

Uh sorry..You can’t relativize the Bible. The Bible is not “living Document” open to changing it’s meaning whenever you want.

“”You need both,” she said. “It is not a case of choosing one over the other, but allowing both disciplines to address the mysteries of life from their respective perspectives.”

Faith asks questions of meaning while science answers questions of mechanics, Scarborough said.

“Science is designed to answer ‘How?’ ‘How did we get here?’ ‘How do things work?’ ‘How can we solve a problem?'” she said. “Faith, on the other hand, answers the question ‘Why?’ ‘Why are we here?’ ‘Why do bad things happen?'”

Absolutely incorrect. The Bible says how the universe was created. It answers the how things like marriage and dealing with one another both believer and non-believer alike.

“Scarborough concluded by referring back to the story of the emperor’s new clothes — the cloth a tailor convinced the emperor to wear was invisible and, in fact, never existed.

“We would be better clothed by integrating (science) into our faith and expanding our understanding of truth to be something richer than just reporting the facts,” Scarborough said, rather than be “hoodwinked” like the emperor and accept intelligent design as another scientific theory.

“Science tells me the how of evolution and my faith tells me why God did it.””

The Bible says how the world was created and everything in still has not answered that. They have a THEORY which is in it’s purest form a guess..unfortunately many are taking this theory and turning it into fact. Since evolution is based on various theories of how the world was created evolution itself is never going to be totally logical since it’s foundation is inherently illogical.

Microsoft Proposes Acquisition of Yahoo! for $31 per Share: Transaction valued at approximately $44.6 billion in cash and stock; provides 62 percent premium to current trading price for Yahoo! shareholders; combined entity to create a more competitive company, providing superior value to shareholders, better choice and innovation for customers and partners

MS’s search is woefully behind google. Yahoo’s search is much better. Given that Microsoft is determined to catch yahoo this makes sense on that front. My question is..what is going to happen to yahoo if this goes through?

*update* this would also have huge implications for some open source projects. Also consider the enormous amount of bsd and linux server yahoo of that would be ported to windows: