Month: February 2008

America’s Best Dance Crew EP. 4

February 29, 2008 General 1

My wife found this and now i’m hooked..rofl. My winner was Kabba modern. JabbaWockeeZ has been doing great and while their performance was good it did not measure up to Kabba Modern’s. Status Quo did an excellent performance as street tuners and kept up their high-flying tradition. BreakSk8’s characters as basketball street hustlers was good..but… Read more

YouTube outage *updated* (caused by routing filter mistake in Pakistan)

February 24, 2008 General 1

youtube had their ip’s hijacked. Pakistan was advertising an invalid route announcement which not only blocked youtube for Pakistan but other networks for some reason accepted this as a valid route and blocked youtube for other networks as well. This was caused because the gov’t of Pakistan said all Pakistani networks have to block youtube.… Read more

Knight Rider

February 19, 2008 General 1

No Krakana: Stumbling through a Tuesday Most folks just don’t want to accept the fact that the new Knight Rider is a very well done and thought out sequel to the original. I think the hangup is that it is a Mustang instead of a T/A. They would have a valid argument if GM did… Read more

MS pisses off technet and msdn subs with Vista SP1.

February 12, 2008 General 0

TechNet Plus Blog : TechNet Plus: SP1 availability plan of record Ms is not allowing msdn and technet subs get Vista SP1 until the masses do. These are people that pay large amounts of money to MS for advanced previews of everything and they are getting seriously shafted. Needless to say the response has been… Read more

The Sacrifice of The Bible by Episcopalians Continues Locally

February 11, 2008 General 0

Science, religion coexist at local church The headline is misleading but as a secular publication I can’t blame them too much. Let me put in a couple of quotes that show the issues with the stance portrayed int he article: Here’s the biggest one: “The Rev. Anjel Scarborough, rector of Gathered by Christ Episcopal Church,… Read more

MS bids for Yahoo

February 1, 2008 General 0

Microsoft Proposes Acquisition of Yahoo! for $31 per Share: Transaction valued at approximately $44.6 billion in cash and stock; provides 62 percent premium to current trading price for Yahoo! shareholders; combined entity to create a more competitive company, providing superior value to shareholders, better choice and innovation for customers and partners MS’s search is woefully… Read more