Month: September 2007

With the Lizard Queen’s Health Care and….

September 26, 2007 General 0

Over the past two weeks, I have been barraged with pay for this and increase tax that: you now have to pay this fee and cover this expense for someone else. /pulls out soap box/ I have now been working for almost 20 years and with the exception of taking one summer off, I have… Read more


September 13, 2007 General 0

Courtesy of There are 6 lists of names the are used each year for storms. The names remain on the list until there is a devastating storm, then the name is retired. So, we will never have another Hurricane Katrina. For reference, here is our list of storms for 2007 2007 Hurricane Names Andrea… Read more

More Cellphone Sneakiness

September 10, 2007 General 0

The Apple Iphone even when it’s off(but it really isn’t off it turns out) continues to download mail and make data connections. This can have scary financial results.

Ebay users make sure to protect your accounts

September 6, 2007 General 0

I just saw this on My advice? Head to GRC’s password generator and use this page to make your passwords. Make sure to use at least 12 characters. Also keep that a/v and firewall software updated.

A chemical That’s Toxic to the Workers..But Not to the Consumer? Yeah Right

September 5, 2007 General 0

here’s the msnbc story via AP here’s the text: Popcorn maker to drop toxic chemical ConAgra to remove buttery flavoring linked to lung disease The Associated Press Updated: 12:07 p.m. ET Sept 5, 2007 OMAHA, Neb. – The largest U.S. microwave popcorn maker, ConAgra Foods Inc., said Wednesday it will change the recipe for its… Read more