Month: September 2011

Sprint’s On An Anti-Consumer Tear – As Company Prepares for iPhone, LTE Build |, ISP Information

September 29, 2011 General 0

Sprint’s On An Anti-Consumer Tear – As Company Prepares for iPhone, LTE Build |, ISP Information.

Require that the Senate ratify the ACTA treaty rather than making it effective by Executive Order. | The White House

September 28, 2011 Anti-Americanism Criminal New World Order Obama Patriotism Politics 0

THE EXECUTIVE CANNOT ENTER INTO A TREATY EXCEPT BY SENATE RATIFICATION.  If Obama does this then he is guilty of sedition and MUST BE IMPEACHED ON CRIMINAL CHARGES!  Read the Constitution folks.  it is available here.   The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has been negotiated in secrecy. The Obama Administration plans to make the US party… Read more

NYT: Global protests share scorn for democracy – World news – The New York Times –

September 28, 2011 Brunswick New World Order Patriotism Politics 0

Why do you hold disdain for the ballot box?  Could it be because you have allowed the rot to infest everywhere do to your own lack of action at said box or the poor choices which I have been talking about for years now?  Other than arms the only way you have to exert your… Read more

The Time for Declaration of Independence Actions May Be Approaching

September 28, 2011 Anti-Americanism Brunswick Family Military New World Order Patriotism Politics 0

So in order to solve our nations debt crises…which the American people have allowed to happen….we are now to turn over total power to the boobs in congress who are doing nothing to stop the run away debts we have incurred? As a way to solve the national debt crisis, North Carolina Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue recommends… Read more

Holder and Others Belong in Jail. It is Time to Impeach Obama on Criminal Charges as Well.

September 27, 2011 Criminal New World Order Obama Patriotism Politics 0

This is just part of it.  Look up solyndra and you’ll find the corruption in terms of 500 million dollars..and that is just what has been publicly exposed.  Obama is a criminal and should be impeached and jailed immediately.  Does the rest of the American public really care about it’s nation? Not only did U.S. officials approve, allow and assist in the sale of more… Read more

DailyTech – Sony PS3 Update Tries to Force Customers to Sign Away Their Rights

September 24, 2011 Gaming 0

Companies are trying to hide all kinds of things in those eula agreements.  Make sure you read them these days as these eulas are effectively contracts…you agree to the terms to use the product in question.   Updates terms of service state that the customer is guaranteeing if it sues Sony it can’t be a class action… Read more

Nice Duet With Two Children

September 17, 2011 Christianity 0

    wow…this is a moving experience to watch this.  Have to give thanks to Anthony for this one INCREDIBLE Duet – Jotta A Michely Manuely Sing Hallelujah – Inspirational Videos.    

Frederick Keys Win Carolina League Mills Cup!

September 16, 2011 Baseball Frederick Sports 0

Just heard it on the stream.  11-3 with a huuuuge  11 run third inning.  Way to go Keys!

Kinzua Sky Walk

September 16, 2011 Environment 0

This is really neat.  The park is far northern Pennsylvania so I’ll have to work with Gen to make this happen one day for hte whole family.  Definitly not a day trip…:) MSNBC Story.  Web site

An Interesting End to the Frederick City Alderman Meeting

September 15, 2011 Baseball Frederick Politics 0

A gentleman came up for public comment and said they Keys has previously abused the internal maintenance section of the previous contract.  Once the final contract that was passed(it was amended slightly before the vote) is posted online I’m going to read it and see about that.  Then it will be interesting to see if any such abuse occurs.… Read more

Alderwoman Aloi tries to rescind the Keys vote and fails

September 15, 2011 Politics 0

Alderwoman Aloi is now trying to rescind the approval of the Keys vote due to “a procedural error” on the Mayor’s part.  Motion made to rescind vote seconded.  Young with the second.  Aloi’s stated purpose is to “gain a 5-0 Vote”.  Aloi and Young voted yeah..all others nay.  Motion failed. BTW there was discussion about rules… Read more

It’s Official!!! Frederick approves new 10-year lease for Keys – The Frederick News-Post Online

September 15, 2011 Sports 0

The lease saga and drama is over!  The Keys stay in Frederick for 10 more years!!! City approves new 10-year lease for Keys – The Frederick News-Post Online.

Unofficial Report: Frederick Keys Lease for 10 years Approved

September 15, 2011 Politics Sports 0

NO official confirmation yet…however I heard on the keys radio stream that apparently the  new 10 year lease for the Frederick Keys has finally been approved.  No details on the vote..i can’t wait to see the details of that one.