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October 23, 2008 Open Source 0

Welcome to the ECC Blog!  This is where you will find various postings I have deemed important or helpful.  If you find something of interest please use the contact form to alert me.

I figured out what is going on with Activesynch and networking problems

October 21, 2008 General 0

I had a client that has two palm treos running windows mobile and activesync 4.0 and above.  When they would connect to their machines and sync via usb they would loose connection to their server.  I had a windows mobile PDA but never experienced this issue.  I just recently upgraded to a HTC Touch which… Read more

How do we FIX this mess?

October 10, 2008 Finance General 0

It’s actuallly very simple…get out of debt.  Once you get out of debt stay out of debt.  This goes for individuals, companies, municipalities, states, and countries.  What I have seen over and over is credit is needed to finance everything..daily operations, payroll(?!?!?!?), etc etc.  This is insane.  My business is about 90% debt free however… Read more

This is what happens when a large corporation(that is not totally open source..or worse) buys an open source company

October 9, 2008 General 0

Sun terrible place to work – The INQUIRER. The open source founders walk after they see that selling their baby to said non open company means they are working inside a corporate prison.  This is why i started my own consulting firm.

The first outright Bible ban in the US is getting challeneged

October 9, 2008 General 0

Colorado’s Bible ban faces court challenge. IF..and that’s a big IF gets overturned with either jihadobama or mcinsane in office you’ll see more of these band coming..and sticking.

Girl faces child porn charges for nude photos of herself.

October 9, 2008 General 0 – Girl, 15, Faces Child Porn Charges for Nude Cell Phone Pictures of Herself Now this is stupid.  She is going to get charged with a serious felony, possibly be registered as a sex offender for life..for taking nude photos of herself?!?!?!?  Not the smartest thing to do to be sure..sending them to her… Read more

The Bailout Hydra has global offspring

October 9, 2008 General 1

Britain Announces Huge Bank Bailout – I’m a bit behind on this part to be sure..but the ramifications are recently revealed.  The US is going to be doing the same thing.  I say this becuase the Bush has already lied repeatedly saying the trilion dollar bailout was for main street when it was really… Read more

The worldwide plunge has started

October 8, 2008 General 0 – Japan’s Nikkei Takes Biggest Dive in Two Decades; Markets in Asia, Europe Plunge – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News. I don’t know how bad it’s going to be..but central banks all over the world ar now using pretty much the same strategy,  pump billions… Read more

If you have any credit card debt..get rid of it now

October 8, 2008 General 0

I’m not going to post any links right now as the informaiton i am seeing is wildy swinging between depression alerts to recession alerts.  However it’s clear the hydra’s growing heads aren’t stopping the slide around the world and the slide may be accelerating here.  If you have an arm loan of any kind refi… Read more

Cramer says to get out now in the short term.

October 7, 2008 General 0

The eternal optimist Cramer says get out in the short term.  I found his details for his 5 year plan on video. *Update* i can’t get this to embed so i have a direct link in the above text.

Now this is amazing. How wall street is a founding pillar of this (now criminal)mess.

October 7, 2008 General 1

A Look At Wall Street’s Shadow Market, 60 Minutes: How Some Arcane Wall Street Financial Instruments Magnified Economic Crisis – CBS News. Let me highlight something in this video: They are private and largely undisclosed contracts that mortgage investors entered into to protect themselves against losses if the investments went bad. And they are part… Read more

The bailout hydra grows another head

October 7, 2008 General 0

Fed eyes short-term loan plan – Stocks & economy- I quote the article: The government is weighing a bold plan to buy massive amounts of unsecured short-term debts in a dramatic effort to break through a credit clog that is imperiling the economy. The Federal Reserve is working with the Treasury Department on the… Read more

Some debt numbers

October 7, 2008 General 0

Company Name | Cash | Debt ATT | 1.63B | 80.13B Level3 | 666M | 6.84B Verizon | 2.07B | 43.11B Cogent | 129M | 330M Comcast is carrying 31 Billion is debt right now. Verizon isn’t too far behind and then there’s AT&T. I wonder how much longer these companies are actually going to… Read more

The bailouts spread to Europe

October 7, 2008 General 0

Dow shocker: It’s global crisis. Well DUH!  It apears nobody is learning that having multiple trillions in unpaid debts running around is a BAD THING!!!!

Great American Debt Monster beings eating it’s global children.

October 7, 2008 General 0

U.S. financial panic goes global – Eye on the Economy-

Another goldman cronie is now in the Treasury

October 7, 2008 General 0

Former Goldman exec to run financial rescue – Stocks & economy- Ah yes..nepotism at it’s best.  Now another person who helped create this mess is now going to oversee the office of financial Stability.  If it wasn’t so ridiculous I would be laughing right now…

Vista Network Speed-Up Tip

October 6, 2008 General 0

Vista Network Speed-Up Tip

Getting Vista to work with Samba

October 6, 2008 General 0

Getting Vista to work with Samba This is interesting…:)

Let’s thank Congress for the selloff…it’s not going to stop today

October 6, 2008 General 0

Thanks For the Crash CONGRESS! – The Market Ticker This is the beginning.  Once Paulson(who helped create this mess and is now supposed to fix it..RIGHT!!!) spends all of this non-existant cash and devalues the dollar even more that’s when folks will wake up and go oh crap and bail out.  I’m no economist but… Read more

More Posts on the NO Banker Left Behind Act soon.

October 6, 2008 General 0

Been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

Debt is a bad thing

October 6, 2008 General 0

Credit crunch puts squeeze on businesses – If you have to borrow to make payroll you have waaaaaay to many expenditures.  This is going to be a pinful time but I htink hopefully one that willl get at least some companies off of the debt treadmil and into real growth not the false… Read more

Here’s something you don’t see everyday

October 5, 2008 General 0

Businessman fights affirmative action – Race & ethnicity- A black man fighting to overturn one of hte worst cases of white discrimination ever thought of..affirmative action.

Now let’s see how badly the mismanagement goes

October 4, 2008 Finance General 0

Administration rushes to begin financial rescue – Economy in Turmoil- Paulson..the head of one of hte big five banks that no longer exist is now taked with trying to rescue the economy..oh this is going to be painful to watch considering how badly leveraged most american households(not this one though).  Hang on folks.  Thing… Read more

The 700 Billion Dollar smokescreen

October 2, 2008 Finance General 0

Banks, firms borrow record amount from Fed – Economy in Turmoil- let’s see that’s a total of 311.5 BILLION just this past week.  That’s not including the 398 BILLION Bernake has pumped into domestic AND FOREIGN markets over the past couple of weeks.  So far the gov’t has blown 794.5 BILLION between AIG and… Read more

Glen Beck Has an Interesting Look at One Future of Amerika.

October 2, 2008 General 0

Commentary: America’s chilling future –

The Bailout Grows many more heads…and a great speech is given.

October 2, 2008 Finance General 0

Give me a break, a tax break — or else – Capitol Hill- This learnean hyrda of a disaster has just grown more heads.  Read above.  Folks we need to ge the house to stomp on this..once and for all.  This bill further drives us into the entitlement culture and socialism.  heck, even the… Read more

Want to see how precarious our economic situation really is?

October 2, 2008 General 0

China Declares Economic War? – The Market Ticker This  isn’t about the US…it’s the countries we owe money to(aka our national debt. ).  I’ve seen this being mentioned at newsmax and worldnetdaily for years now about how the saudis and chinese(the two biggest holders of us debt) can bankrupt this nation by calling in all… Read more

Chicken Littling This Administration has Done and is Doing

October 1, 2008 Finance General 0

The Big Picture | We need to act quickly on the Bailout! Never mind the fact this “disaster” has been “looming” for a week.  Where’s the huge crash?  It’s going to happen bailout or no.  Also 700 bilion is hte tip of hte iceberg.  The fed has already spent 680 BILLION pumping non-existant cash into… Read more

The TRUTH About The Bailout – The Market Ticker

October 1, 2008 Finance General 0

The TRUTH About The Bailout – The Market Ticker It gets better folks.  This is also going to include FOREIGN assests that have nothing to do with the US.  Folks please get on the horn to the senate and house( and and REPEATEDLY tell your reps to kill this hydra!!!

Bernanke PROVED Paulson Plan Bankrupt – The Market Ticker

October 1, 2008 General 0

Bernanke PROVED Paulson Plan Bankrupt – The Market Ticker The bailout is a ripoff.  Bernake has already spent nearly $700 bilion injecting cash into vairous markets..and the dow had a hissy anyway.  Paulson’s bailout will not do anything.  Don’t forget the Fed CAUSED the great depression and they are casuing this “crisis”

We’re BACK!!!

October 1, 2008 General 0

Thanks to WP’s easy backup processes I at least got the posts backedup before the database hosed itself..:)  New posts on this bailout to come..and they monster isn’t’s a hydra with a new head(called the senate version) ready to spring on us.