October 7, 2008 General 0

Company Name | Cash | Debt
ATT | 1.63B | 80.13B
Level3 | 666M | 6.84B
Verizon | 2.07B | 43.11B
Cogent | 129M | 330M

Comcast is carrying 31 Billion is debt right now. Verizon isn’t too far behind and then there’s AT&T. I wonder how much longer these companies are actually going to survive considering most of them are borrowing to pay off other debts?

The staggering number is AT&T. The following text is form a mailing list post: “If you assume for example, that Verizon has notes of 10-year terms, then
(if the notes are spread evenly) they will need to borrow some $4Billion
in the next 12 months. If the terms are a lot shorter, then the amount
to borrow goes up significantly of course…”