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Star Trek: Picard Two Weeks In

I have seen plenty of folks complaining about how STP is not moving fast enough in the first few episodes.  I find it refreshing that they are building the backstory and foundation first not just ramming stuff through.  It is nice to see.  So far things are going well and I have finalized my plans to turn off youtube.tv after this superbowl and stick with Netflix and CBS All Access.  The other shows I care about I can watch on demand at other places for free.  It’s not as convenient as YTTV but oh well..:)  STP, if it continues down this path, could be another long running series for ST and a finally worthy successor to STNG…of which discovery most assuredly is NOT.

Star Trek: Picard

ok the series of star trek on cbs for me has been garbage..however picard has me hopeful…although cautiously. I hope things will go well…some of the previous st’s are coming in but I am anxious to see what Patrick has done and allowed.

I am cautiously hopeful but excited to see if this series honors the star trek legacy while obviously moving it forward in a way discovery and the other Star Trek series on CBS have most assuredly NOT done at all.

Gamecache Update: All Games Operational.

Remember that one game that refused to run on Gamecache?  I decided to disable the onboard nic(Realtek) and order a PCI-E 1X nic for the girls computer.  I ordered 2 on eBay for a total of 12 bucks for two of them and they shipped via the boat so they just arrived a couple of days ago.  I got the Intel Nic installed and the eldest began with the install of Elder Scrolls Online.  The install is absolutely massive.  We never got past the first 7% beforehand…now we are completely installed two hours later.  The initial install is 85 gigabytes with another 60 gigs in patches.  Now the eldest can play all of her games on the Gamecache without stuffing the local ssd…:)  It took a bit of research and some troubleshooting but the Gamecache drive is now 100% operational for all of her games…and I am stoked about this too..:)  I will make one more post about the full list of games she has on the gamecache once she gets done installing everything.  When it’s all said and done she will be chewing up just over 550 gigs of storage…which is less than 25% of the 4TB I had available.  Needed to do something with that space..:)

Let’s Stop With The Gun Control BS RE: White Settlement Church Shooting

Politicians are saying idiocies like, “Our representatives in Texas have left us open to these kinds of attacks,” he tweeted. “Time to change our representatives.”.

If you want to see what happens when there is NOT a gun free zone…this is it.  How many more shots would this lunatic have gotten off when the police responded?  It would have been 5-15 minutes for them to get there.  Guess what?  Stricter gun control would have disarmed the congregation and not the criminal.  Criminals do not follow laws written on paper.

This video points out the flaws with the responders and points out good procedures and training points for church security team members.  Talking about putting a hard reminder on churches needing security I will be pointing this out to our pastor.  time to plan for this at the beginning…instead of having this happen and we face this without being prepared like this church was.

I think something else that needs to be pointed out IMO is if someone is not acting in a normal way it’s time for the security team to escort the individual out.  Like the presenter says I know you want to be accommodating…but IMO safety has to come first.  Better to loose one than to loose two or more when the individual snaps.

One more thing the presenter points out.  If you are going to be a church security member…you best have your worldly and spiritual details in order because you will be expected to be the first one to face down this type of threat.  This shook me to my core and has also made me think about some things here with my own life and household that will get addressed in short order.

This video shows two murders and the killer himself being shot and killed by a responding church security team member.  If you are squeamish or cannot handle violence do not watch the following video.

For My Future Wife(and Lover) In That Order

i know how I will feel for her…but most importantly I know how she will feel for me.  Her feelings will draw out my instincts to protect and lead the household on the correct path.  The dancing, the closeness..the energies, will be something to behold.  It’s just a matter of time.  The visions that i do see are not detailed..except right now for her hair color…the rest is the feelings…and the dances…:)  i await her with great anticipation….
Tracy Chapman
For My Lover
Two weeks in a Virginia jail
For my lover for my lover
Twenty thousand dollar bail
For my lover for my lover
And everybody thinks
That I’m the fool
But they don’t get
Any love from you
The things we won’t do for love
I’d climb a mountain if I had to
And risk my life so I could have you
You, you, you…
Everyday I’m psychoanalyzed
For my lover for my lover
They dope me up and I tell them lies
For my lover for my lover
I follow my heart
And leave my head to ponder
Deep in this love
No man can shake
I follow my heart
And leave my mind to wonder
Is this love worth
The sacrifices I make
Two weeks in a Virginia jail
For my lover for my lover
Twenty thousand dollar bail
For my lover for my lover
Everyday I’m psychoanalyzed
For my lover for my lover
They dope me up and I tell them lies
For my lover for my lover


So i ordered a  couple of pci-e network cards one for my machine and one for the girls tower.  Let’s see if that helps the eldest’s one game not crash the entire networking stack…:)  Realteks are decent if you aren’t doing heavy networking stuff like I am doing..it will take a couple of weeks for them to come in(ordered from mainland china on the boat).

Now for the Gamecache update.  I really didn’t need to do this..but i figured why not?  I moved my battle.net games(which are the only ones i play…being SC2 and D3)…to my own iscsi target on the FreeNAS.  It’s a total of 40 gigs…but it’s 40 gigs i do not have to download again when i scrub my computer(which I am going to be doing soon as I am having weird video issues…had similar issues on the girls tower and a scrub fixed them).

My workstation actually runs nearly everything off the FreeNAs in one way or another.  My Douments, Music, videos, Downloads actually run from an SMB share.  I use most of the files myself and there’s many that are used to rebuild internal machines when they get scrubbed.  What does the gamecache give me that the smb share doesn’t?  First, is speed.  SMB is not multi-threaded so it does not take advantage of the multiple cores i have going.  Secondly I do not want anyone else possibly messing up the game files.


Everything has ZFS snapshots going as well so if something goes boom..i can just rollback that dataset or even individual files…:)  Kinds neat..:)

Toss A Coin

When a humble bard
Graced a ride along
With Geralt of Rivia
Along came this song

From when the White Wolf fought
A silver-tongued devil
His army of elves
At his hooves did they revel

They came after me
With masterful deceit
Broke down my lute
And they kicked in my teeth

While the devil’s horns
Minced our tender meat
And so cried the Witcher
He can’t be bleat

Toss a coin to your Witcher
O’ Valley of Plenty
O’ Valley of Plenty

Toss a coin to Your Witcher
O’ Valley of Plenty

At the edge of the world
Fight the mighty horde
That bashes and breaks you
And brings you to mourn

He thrust every elf
Far back on the shelf
High up on the mountain
From whence it came

He wiped out your pest
Got kicked in his chest
He’s a friend of humanity
So give him the rest

That’s my epic tale
Our champion prevailed
Defeated the villain
Now pour him some ale

Toss a coin to your Witcher
O’ Valley of Plenty
O’ Valley of Plenty

Toss a coin to your Witcher
And friend of humanity

Toss a coin to your Witcher
O’ Valley of Plenty
O’ Valley of Plenty
And friend of humanity

Toss a coin to your Witcher
O’ Valley of Plenty
O’ Valley of Plenty

Toss a coin to your Witcher
A friend of humanity

All Goes Well With One Exception

So far my eldest has all of her games on the gamecache drive.  Unfortunately ElderScrolls Online refused to run on the Gamecache drive.  It would hang up the network card causing all network connectivity to go away.  Only a restart of the machine would fix it.  However the fact that all of the other games are on the gamecache drive means the monster game now fits on her local storage without running out of local space.  I’ll troubleshoot the problems later(it think I need to put in an Intel NIC).  I will try a few things once I can order the new nic.

GameCache Project Updates

It is working out better than I anticipated.  Right now the eldest has been installing all of her games on the G drive.  I found out one of her games is nearly 200 Gigs in size.  Holy crap batman.  She can easily chew through more than 400 gigs of storage just with the games she plays.  here are the ones that take up the most space.:

  1.  Skyrim
  2. Diablo III
  3. Starcraft II
  4. Lord of the Rings Online
  5. Elder Scrolls Online(this one is the nearly 225 gigabyte monster)

She informed me she has a ton of smaller games that she will be installing now that she has the space.  She also asked..what happens if i run out my 1 Terabyte allocation?  I told her it is a couple of mouse clicks to add more space.  Let’s see if she chews through the whole terabyte..if she does I have 3.2 terabytes waiting..:)

One Thing i like about zfs

*Game Cache Update* Is the built in compression.  For vm’s you can sometimes get 5-10x compression because vms are mostly empty space.  ZFS does compression transparently.  Right now as part of the eldest’s game cache her system thinks it has written 75 gigabytes of data.  ZFS compression has reduced that down to 52.5G in the background.  This is roughly a 1.41x reduction in size just from basic compression.  Normally with my file types(movies, music..mainly stuff that is already compressed) I do not see any real compression.  With her steam apps the compression is much higher.  It will be interesting to see if it goes up or down as she loads up the rest of her games.

Data/Steamcache type volume –
Data/Steamcache creation Tue Nov 19 17:11 2019 –
Data/Steamcache used 52.5G –
Data/Steamcache available 4.17T –
Data/Steamcache referenced 52.5G –
Data/Steamcache compressratio 1.41x –
Data/Steamcache reservation none default
Data/Steamcache volsize 1.00T local
Data/Steamcache volblocksize 128K –
Data/Steamcache checksum on default
Data/Steamcache compression lz4 inherited from Data
Data/Steamcache readonly off default
Data/Steamcache copies 1 inherited from Data
Data/Steamcache refreservation none default
Data/Steamcache primarycache all default
Data/Steamcache secondarycache all default
Data/Steamcache usedbysnapshots 0 –
Data/Steamcache usedbydataset 52.5G –
Data/Steamcache usedbychildren 0 –
Data/Steamcache usedbyrefreservation 0 –
Data/Steamcache logbias latency default
Data/Steamcache dedup off default
Data/Steamcache mlslabel –
Data/Steamcache sync disabled inherited from Data
Data/Steamcache refcompressratio 1.41x –
Data/Steamcache written 52.5G –
Data/Steamcache logicalused 74.0G –
Data/Steamcache logicalreferenced 74.0G –
Data/Steamcache volmode default default
Data/Steamcache snapshot_limit none default
Data/Steamcache snapshot_count none default
Data/Steamcache redundant_metadata all default
Data/Steamcache org.freebsd.ioc:active yes inherited from Data

Game Caching update

I made an earlier post about an experiment I am running.  So far so good.  The eldest is having to put her games onto the new G drive her computer sees.  The magic of ISCSI makes it appear as a local hard drive even though it’s on a network server.  I am a HUGE fan of ISCSI and I use it as much as I can…especially when the storage is Linux or UNIX. I did notice that the transfer was maxing out at 650 megabit/second…i know that the machine can do better..it used to do 2 gigabits/second when it was a backup target.  I wondered what has changed throughout the years?  I did a little bit of digging.  ZFS is all about data safety.  You have to be extremely determined to make it loose data for it to have a chance to do so.  sometimes that ultimate safety comes at the price of performance.  I started looking at the numbers and i noticed ram(32 gigs) was not a problem.  CPU usage was less than 20% max.  The disks however were maxed out.  Well it turns out that ZFS has a ZIL(ZFS Intent Log) that is always present.  If there is no ZIL SSD then it’s on the main drives.  I thought that double(or in this case triple) writing to the drives was it…but nope..no there.  I had to dig deeper and dug into the actual disk I?O calls.  It turns out that the default setting for synchronous writes defaults to the application level.  If the application says you must write synchronously…that means zfs will not report back that the write transaction was completed until it does both of it’s copies and verifies them on the array.  Loosely translated if you were to put this in RAID terms it would be a write-through.  Since ZFS is a COW filesystem I am not concerned about data getting corrupted when written..it won’t(again unless you have built it wrong, configured it wrong…something like that)…so I found a setting and i disabled the forcing of synchronous writes.  I effectively turned my FreeNAS into a giant write-back caching drive.  Now the data gets dumped onto the FreeNAS server’s ram and the server says “i have it” and the client moves on to the next task..either another write request or something else.  Once I did that the disks went from maxing out at 25% usage to nearly 50% usage and the data transfers maxed out the gigabit connection.  That’s how it is supposed to be.

There are times for forcing synchronous writes…like databases, financials….anything where the data MUST verified as written before things are released.  that’s when you can force synchronous writes and use a ZIL drive.  This is an SSD(typically) that holds the writes as a cache(non-volatile) until the hard disks catch up.  The ZIL then grabs the data, verifies it’s integrity, and then tells the application the write has been accomplished(because it has) and then passes those writes to the array as a sequential set of files(something hard drives are much better at than random writes).  What’s eve nicer is that you can set the writing behavior per dataset or per zvol.  The entire file system doesn’t have to be one or the other and it doesn’t hurt the ZFS filesystem performance.  More as I figure it out with the ultimate question being…how do games perform when operated like this…stay tuned.

An interesting FreeNAS Experiment

I came across an interesting use case for FreeNAS.  My eldest daughter likes games that are huge.  Like 100-250 gigabyte huge.  I simply cannot afford to keep adding SSD storage to her machine.  I will not do hard disks as main storage..under Windows 10 it’s too painfully slow.  What Lawerence had done was taken a FreeNAS machine, sliced off a portion of the raw storage, and presented it to the workstation as a hard drive over his network.  His son now run his large games from the FreeNAS zvol as if it was local.  What’s neat is the games initial load time is a bit slower(the NAS is hard drive based) but once it’s loaded..there’s no perceptible difference in gaming performance despite a constant stream of data from the server…usually less than 150 megabit/sec.  Since I have multi Terabytes of free space i am doing the same thing for my eldest.  I am also doing what is called thin provisioning so it initially starts at zero usage and goes up until she reaches her cap of 1 Terabyte.  Let’s see how this works as my quad core Xeon cpu is light years faster(with 4 times more ram at 32 gigabytes) than his FreeNAS mini dual core atom and 8 gigs of ram.  If this works…i have a new idea for future computer builds here at the house..<G>

A picture of my Faith

Very few will get this picture. Honestly I have not figured out all of the facets that appeal to me..but I know the base levels.

The knight is a dark knight…one who does his battles from behind the scenes….who works in the shadows. The knight has defeated a devil and prays to God in thanks for the ability to defeat the beast. His spirit guide stands beside him on watch for any further threats as the knight prays in silence.

Few people understand I am one of these “Dark Knights”. I do my best work in the background. The Holy Spirit manifests itself in many ways. For me, most often the Holy Spirit is that animal guide….the one who can nudge me when nothing else can. That still companion that is the first hint of trouble or guidance of where you should go. It has taken me many years to find a manifestation(in pictures) that accurately conveys his stance, his color, and his visage. That guide is my wolf as you can see in the picture.

When i was at my lowest pint in life(before I met Heather) I asked the Lord for guidance and the first thing I received was this manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a way that was quite surprising. Over the intervening decades I have grown in relation to the wolf (the Holy spirit) and to the Lord as well.

Some folks who know of my pagan past might be concerned about this being a reference to that life. That is the furthest from the truth. The Lord can and does use many people. Some are beacons of light( Bruce Conley ) (Ginny Mueller ) just to name two. Some are best at prophecy. Some are best at oratory, but there is a group of folks who are called from the background. One of those folks is me. I am not one to be visible most times, I am reserved, cautious, slow to trust, but fiercely loyal once that trust is earned.


The Genius of the Electoral College and the Broader Constitution

The founders could not see every potential thing that came.  The Constitution is just as relevant today as it was back when our country was founded.  The reason people are calling for the dismemberment of various parts is because they do not want to operate within its constraints.  The biggest offender is the Federal government.  Unfortunately, too many folks do not realize that with our votes we the people are the ultimate arbiters.  If we want to government out of our lives right now..have one side of the legislature be one party and the other the other..that’s gridlock…and frankly that’s a good thing in today’s time.  Many many of the federal laws that exist are unconstitutional and should be repealed.  This is not an issue for the courts.  Folks need to realize the courts do not have the power to strike down a law.  Any ruling along those lines should be ignored (that has happened before btw…I’ll leave that search up for the reader as self-education).  The electorate also needs to stop depending on the media to tell them what is up and what to believe…we the people need to take it upon ourselves to inform and educate ourselves and vote in whatever government we want.  It’s interesting that many of the folks who are complaining the loudest about government is the ones that elected the modern-day monstrosities that exist at the federal, state, county, and local levels.  If you want the government out of your life stop giving them the power to invade your life.  If you really want the government out of your lives, it’s time to elect folks that will not only reduce the budget…but kill many of the programs that just allow the government to invade your lives.  Folks also think this is going to be a microwave process.  Gov’t always moves slowly, at least until it gains enough power to move unrestrained.  Reversing the things that turned gov’t into the monstrosity it is will also take time.  Do not be fooled by those that say…it’s too hard…or it’s gotten too big.  That’s just folks who either do not care or want to keep siphoning off your paycheck without doing anything on their own doing.  It’s not too late….yet..but the time approaching where it will be too late.

How does God Come For You in Times of Darkness?

it’s been a rough past couple almost three weeks here.  The strain is amplified by the fact I have not slept well in weeks.  First it was Chloe getting a cold…that’s minor so I took that in stride.  I still sleep much more lightly when someone in the house isn’t feeling well..but this was not an unable to sleep issue.  Alessa then caught the cold and it triggered her latent Asthma(my term for it).  hers is not the sudden, acute unable to breathe but it sets in gradually over the course of days to weeks.  Only when it gets to the point where she is out of breath going up the stairs does it get noticed….for me I noticed it the night before because she got her Athsma cough(my term again).  This was Friday night…while her breathing wasn’t critical something needed to be done.  Luckily I ALWAYS have some psudeoephidrine based decongestants around(to help with my minor issues..which i have not had in years).  She took one of these every 12 hours until we got the appointment setup.  Luckily the pseduoephedrine stabilized her until Monday morning when I had the appointment setup.  We get to the doctors and yep the cold has triggered her asthma.  She is now back on a nebulizer 5x a day plus she had two other prescriptions.  If i had to pay this out of pocket it would have been north of $1000.  Luckily her mother recently got Alessa on her work insurance..out of pocket was only a couple hundred…which i covered.  Next, once Alessa was under treatment and Chloe was well I thought I could relax a little.  I went downstairs into the basement to run test my oil furnace.  i do this every year to make sure the until is working properly.  I know how it sounds when operating normally and i know how it should feel in terms of the outgoing air.  When i fired it up the flame sounded like a steam engine(Huff huff huff) and i started smelling exhaust.  I immediately forced the system back to heat pump and called for service.  Because we were stil in the temperature range where the heat pump could properly operate I didn’t need service on that Saturday night..so they came on Monday.  For me…knowing I had a potentially deadly furnace downstairs made me uneasy again….but I have another backup in case..some of the rooms in the house have electric baseboard heat.  Monday comes…the technician had to replace the tip and reset the air/feul mixture settings.  Ok…done right?  Nopers.  I then noticed OJ was loosing fur…we got him to the vet and the diagnosis was a flea bite allergy.  How the hell did fleas get in?  So we get the prescriptions from the vet and get OJ and Freya treated…6 hours later Freya has a very bad reaction to the treatment which necessitated an emergency run back to the vet.  It turns out some cats can react badly to the treatment(called revolution)..the reversal is quick and Freya got a bath(much to her displeasure).  IN the course of one day me and my daughter combined spent more than $500 on the animals to keep them safe…now money is at nearly zero for me and zero for her.  I am tired, no exhausted and tonight I cna FINALLY look for a good night’s sleep.  Luckily the Lord has given us some good news…Alessa may have found another job with good pay and reasonable hours.  I have two more big jobs I am working on and my remote gig is going strong.  One thing I never lost was my faith in Jesus and his ability to see me through.  Footprints in the sane…at one point i was so tired I just slept for the day…and nothing bothered me.  I am still tired but now I can sleep well knowing that Jesus saw me through everything and HE is providing for us..as he always does.


I posted this here so I could embed this video…I didn’t want to go into Facebook jal; for posting something that is readily available on youtube…:)




A New Adventure…Being A Trustee

It has been an interesting few months.  The Lord and life are taking me and have taken me into directions I would never have gone on my own.  It started with Bruce Conley asking me to assist in a restart at a church that is now called North Valley Church.  I was highly hesitant but because it was Bruce and the amount of respect I have for him I agreed to attend for at least 12 months.  So far in the past couple of months we have voted on a new pastor, his old church is going to assist our church in re-starting things, we are making plans for the new church’s name and legal entity, and in general getting things tidied up to start rebuilding this church community.  Pastor Dan comes from Summit Trace church in Frederick.  He is leaving there as head pastor and coming to restart North Valley.  I have seen a huge example of stepping out on faith with him leaving a well established, highly respected and well funded church to one that nearly was sold(land, building, everything).  Now Dan has stepped in and with some assistance from Summit Trace, he is taking a huge leap of faith.  That leap of faith continues with his choices for staffing.  A church(at least the Baptist ones I have been involved with) have the deacons and/or elders(one or the other..sometimes both if large enough), and then the trustees.  The trustees are the ones that tend to the physical(building, utilities..etc etc) and legal affairs of the church.  The next leap of faith I refer to is Pastor Dan asked me today if I would serve as a Trustee of North Valley Church.  I was blown away….in my eyes this is a HUGE honor…and a massive responsibility.  He said he chose me because I have run a business in one form or another for more than a decade(which is true)…I asked him if he was sure and he told me yes.  I agreed.  We have not had a vote yet..and that is forth coming…i am honored and humbled…and a bit nervous.  This is a huge responsibility and i intend to take it seriously…

Japanese Kabuki Theater, USA Political Edition

I have been watching this whole impeachment thing with a quiet interest.  I “stole” the first part of my thoughts(because it eloquently stated my initial thoughts on this) and then i added the second part. the first part is italicized followed by my own words in regular font.  I posted this on Facebook RE: another thread that appeared and the responses are personal insults to me.  What’s sad is the insults have absolutely zero impact…like those hurled by elementary and k/Pre-k children.


President Trump is using their emotional projection(the squad and the loony left and right) as bait. It’s one of the more brilliant political tactics I’ve ever observed; it’s worthy of an entire chapter by Machiavelli. What he’s doing is accusing himself of things that he knows they are doing. So they demand the very investigations that he wants, thereby forcing the media to extensively cover the very topics it wants to bury. The left is still pissed they couldn’t elect Hillary. Take a look at what is going on…Trump is goading them into impeachment..if/when they do he has already revealed what is going to happen…and that is the crooked dealings of Biden and most likely others in the Ukraine and other places…because once the impeachment reaches the Senate then that body has broad suponea power for a full criminal investigation…except it’s not Trump going to prison as he has done nothing illegal..it is others…the ones screaming the loudest both republicrats and dempopublicans are the ones going to prison…that is why pelosi refuses to hold an actual impeachment vote..this is all kabuki to simply try to smear trump and anyone who supports him..if the squad and the lunatic left and right get their way they will destroy themselves and most of the two party system with it..pelosi is being smart here by NOT holding the vote..however trump is correct that until the vote is held this inquiry is NOT a true impeachment inquiry and he is under no obligation to cooperate.

A New Church…and Helping to Rebuild

I have been churchless for several years.  I have had many issues with churches and the people that attend them.  Just about every single one of them are fear infested, SJW/Churchian infested, and cannot handle someone who is willing to speak his mind when it goes against the grain.  A friend of mine whom I respect wanted me to try a church that is literally rebuilding after the membership was bamboozled by a crook that nearly literally stole the building and land right from under from them.  Luckily the scam was uncovered right before the title to the land was turned over.


It’s now been 6 weeks and I have been watching with great interest.  We have a church in Frederick called Summit Trace that has said they are going to help my church rebuild.  They have sent financial support and their lead pastor is coming to lead our church somewhere around the end of the year…as long as the congregation votes to confirm him as our pastor this upcoming Sunday.  I have been asked to provide IT and audio/sound mixing expertise to the church which is what I have been doing.  So far, so good.  We shall see how things progress moving forward.

The Journey Through The Fog

One of the many tragedies of the past 4 years has been my inability to find a church home.  it’s been a long time and every church I have tried I do not feel like I belong there(including one i used to attend).  This morning, one of the few men claiming the title of Christian who actually deserve to wear that mantle, sent me the following:

I have a proposal regarding you blessing a church that is very much in need. I know you haven’t attached to a body yet, and one of my churches DESPERATELY needs some good tithing and serving believers to give things a boost. I thought of you and 3 others who have been “displaced” from their long term church homes as possible HUGE blessings to a very needy congregation.

Given my history with modern religion and modern Churchianity, i normally would reject a message like this out of hand…however This person is one I still have immense respect for and therefore i was instantly curious.  My previous main church I was considered a foundational member(whatever that meant as it didn’t mean what I thought it meant).  So now I get this message and my first thought is…Curiosity?  That’s not a William reaction that’s a spirit reaction.  so my reply to this inquiry?

you definitely have me curious…? I was a foundational member @(previous church) and it got me…well you know. I guess the fact that I am at least curious is a good sign?..?

Let’s see where this goes…Jesus is in charge on this one..left to my own devices I would not even explore this…:)

Widow’s Fog

For a very long time…years..after heather died This song really describes how i felt on a daily basis. The only thing i had to keep my sanity whilst I tried to figure out who i was, where i was, how i was going to move forward, and what the F*&^ is next was my extremely close friends, my kids, and most importantly my faith in Jesus.
There were many days i didn’t sleep at all. I would lie down, but true sleep was fleeting. I was restless, and rarely truly slept. To have part of yourself ripped away..in 3 days…was traumatic. I still suffer from what is called Widow’s brain. I found a series of articles that describe what I have been experiencing. The symptoms are reduced..but the biggest one that affects me still is i will be talking and I simply freeze. My mind doesn’t go blank..i know what i want to say but the ability to continue has paused. All I can do is wait for it to pass and i will pick up exactly where i left off. It was so severe at one point I couldn’t hold a long conversation with anyone verbally..i would freeze so often I had to walk away. it took years for me to fugue out what was going on..i had seriously considered medical help…i thought maybe i was stroking or something..it got that bad.
The only memory hole i have though is a small time when i got put to sleep by my mother in law after having been up for nearly 96 hours straight as heather was slipping away. the other memory gap i have is right after i left the hospital. i do not remember going to the Kia, getting in, driving home, getting out of the kia…going inside…and lying down in bed. I went beyond dark. I did not wake up again until the next day…24 hours..literally. I recall someone finally getting a hold of me on the phone saying they were going to call the police had i not answered…then i have a 3 month gap where it was getting the estate together, burying heather, and getting ready to move on…except..i have very scattered memories of the intervening months.
I could go on and on and on.  Let me give you a few links to look at.
One thing i have figured out..and it’s a back and forth with me.  I do not wish to live out my days alone..but i most assuredly do not want to go through this again.  This part I place firmly in the Lord’s hands.  Left to my own device I would not take an opportunity when presented in this arena.  This one where faith has to prevail.
I think this song would describe a family member of mine who i know, to this day 4 years later, is in that exact same place I was in. I hope one day he can see fit to reach out to me and maybe we can walk down his path together..one soul that was lost to another soul that may not be lost but definitely needs to figure out maybe the other three.  BTW everyone and especially this person(if he gets referred to this post), the biggest thing you have to let go of…is the guilt.  It does nothing but tear at you every single time.  It still haunts me at times…but with the help of the Lord I am moving through it.

Need a little bit of green
Just to lay my head to sleep
We’ve let each other go
But my mind still intervenes
Can’t seem to get you
Out of my mind
Can’t seem to remember
What it’s like to feel fine
Need a little bit of green
Just to lay my head to sleep
We’ve let each other go
But my mind still intervenes
Can’t seem to get you
Out of my mind
Can’t seem to remember
What it’s like to feel fine
Oh my, oh my
The things this does to me (yup, yup)
Oh my, oh my
Feeling like I can’t breathe
Oh my, oh my
This is a tragedy (yup, yup)
Oh my, oh my
Oh my, oh my
Head feeling heavy
Haven’t slept in days and days and days
Eyes wide open
This feeling stays it stays it stays
True to this feeling
About these distant ways
Not much of a believer
But this time I pray
Oh my, oh my
The things this does to me (yup, yup)
Oh my, oh my
Feeling like I can’t breathe
Oh my, oh my
This is a tragedy (yup, yup)
Oh my, oh my
Oh my, oh my

Where Have all the good men gone

What is happening to men these days?  They have been buried/destroyed/maligned by the modern anti-male, militant feminist, SJW culture.  It has led to sad situations,the rise of MGTOW, a subsequent rise is the number of men unwilling to marry or even be in any kind of long term relationship with a woman, sexual misbehavior by women(in the name of “being strong”, and a culture of men’s abuse by women.  Recognize this?  I see it all the time now..and it’s time for it to stop.   This is not accidental…this is a choice or condition brought on by modern parenting.  If folks are truly interested in “social justice” it’s time for the misogyny against men to stop.

This is what modern culture is doing to women, and by extension, men. If you do not want men to checkout on you…do not treat your partner/husband this way. It gets old very quickly. It definitely changed my interactions with just about everyone else from the female gender.  It is infesting my kids and they find out really fast how quickly I will not put up with this nonsense in my house.  Ladies it’s time to throw off modern culture and stop lying to yourself and others with the we do not need a man culture.  Be careful what you wish for…you will get it…and then what?




Churches and The Source of my Suspicions of Them Generally.

A short post..one with more links to other posts of mine.  I have not had a great time with churches, or other Christians, to be blunt.  These days the SJW’s have taken over many things including christianity and turned it into something I(and others) call churchianity.  It is basically our version of the Pharisees…folks have turned the churches into power centers for their own self-service instead of biblical service and obedience.

I am not the easiest person to get along with.  I am highly opinionated, boisterous, hot-headed.  I am also extremely loyal…(only after you have earned my trust and respect…which is NOT an easy task)..and once you are a friend I will remain your friend unless you attack my family…then all bets are off.  I have been told, more than a few times, that I remind them of Peter.  A highly excitable follower of Jesus that can get himself into trouble with my passions.  This is true…I do my best..but I know who I am as well.  I will accept rebuke when shown, most of the time..i am far from perfect, I am wrong.  Overall, I am a loyal, high faith person with the tendency to be overly blunt and loud…:)  I have found many folks do not handle that well…and so I have to just stay in the background.  I have also found that being in the background is where i am the best.

I have one church I am thinking about returning to though.  i left not because I sensed a massive churchian infestation, but the church suddenly had massive leadership issues and called in another ministry I had never heard of.  My research into this ministry did not give me a good feeling…so i made my exit.  The leadership shakeup was so severe I was not sure the church itself would survive.  I recently inquired of a friend of mine that did attend(and, as i found out, still does) and they have moved into a building, the leadership has steadied up and it appears they are on solid footing.  I will check them out again this Sunday and see how things are going…hopefully things have settled down enough where I do not feel like I am walking into a hurricane.  Do I expect a 100% trouble free time..of course not..it is a gathering of people…but I am hoping for at least minor waves instead of the tsunami I saw coming the last time I was there..:)

“Christian Brothers” Strike Again

This incident took place late last year….it has taken me this long to calm down…as this was a man I respected in the local business community…no more.

I have to tell you…if my faith in Jesus wasn’t as strong as it was I would have left Christianity long ago.  Here recently I was attacked by a “Brother in Christ”.  One day I get a call from another friend of mine saying he was notified that our stream hosting arrangement was being cancelled.  Considering it was a free virtual machine and was given free bandwidth to host our stream(and the website as well) I was not upset.  Sooner or later that was going to be called back…I expected it.  What i did not expect was for the other person who owned the company to say I was doing things on the virtual machine that were never agreed to and that was why the agreement was being terminated.  SERIOUSLY?  I replied back angrily and demanded to know what i was doing that was not in the agreement(I had the first person CC’ed in all correspondence).  The reply was so comical…i was informed that the unauthorized activities was hosting two other websites in addition to the first website on the vm.  That’s when the first person jumped in and reminded company owner those other two sites were HIS ministry pages and he has PROOF that those two sites were authorized by the dude who was pulling the agreement…and that the attack on my integrity was not acceptable.

Ultimately we were given two weeks to move.  I had the stations entire online infrastructure moved to my hosting services in 24 hours.  I never received an apology for the unprovoked attack upon my integrity either.  The reliability of incidents like this only serve to reinforce my belief that many folks who claim Christianity…aren’t.  They are churchians at best and demon possessed at the worst.  It worked out well for me in the end.  I gained another web hosting client who is very satisfied with my services, and I am also gaining clients at a slow but steady pace.  The other business has since been sold(not because it was doing poorly…he wanted to finance another business he owns) but at least I know to steer clear of him and any business he touches.

An Open Letter to the FCC RE: “Net Neutrality”


The Net Neutrality Debacle: A Submission To The FCC*

An open letter to the FCC, transmitted to openinternet@fcc.gov, the FCC’s comment address for their “Open Internet” rulemaking process.

Dear Mr. Wheeler;

The recent debate on Open Internet has been entered by stakeholders on all sides.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, many of those presenting positions are failing to disclose their true intentions and bias, and in fact are attempting to use the government to force cost-shifting from their firms to others.

I am a former CEO of an Internet concern, MCSNet, which operated in the greater Chicago area during the early days of the public Internet (1993 – 1998.)  The company was sold to Winstar Communications in 1998.

The issues being discussed today are not new.  As the Internet transitioned from a government-funded (primarily National Science Foundation) interconnection for research and education into a privately-funded network accessible to the public, technological change brought many points of friction that served to place competing interests into conflict.

Internet providers, then and now, sell service to consumers and business interests.  These providers either purchase the service they resell or they build private networks and interconnect them at public “meet points” operated by various entities.  Many have a hybrid structure where both private network construction and the purchase of transport takes place.

All providers of Internet service, for cost reasons, oversell.  That is, a service provider who has 100 Mbps of aggregate capacity in and out of his or her network will sell far more than 100 1Mbps connections to the public.  This is very similar to how roads, water, telephone and electrical systems work.  There were approximately 7 million people in the Chicago metropolitan area in the 1990s when I was operating my ISP, but all 7 million of them could not possibly travel on the freeways in the area at one time.  My home has 200 amp electrical service but there is not sufficient electrical power available from my power company for myself and all of the other people in my neighborhood to each consume all 200 amps of electrical power at once.  I have a connection to the water main at the street and nominally there is 40psi of pressure at my tap, but if myself and all of my neighbors open all of our taps at once the pressure will drop to nearly zero, because the main cannot serve every house in my neighborhood using its full capacity to deliver water at one time. And while we all have cell phones in our pocket these days, and used to have a phone on the wall or a desk in our homes, if everyone tried to make a call at the same time the majority of them would not go through as there is insufficient capacity for everyone to make a phone call at once.

The same is true for the gas station on the corner.  The owner has purchased enough storage to hold a reasonable amount of gasoline, but if I and everyone in my neighborhood tries to buy gas all at once not only will we wait for hours in line to get to a pump he will run out and be unable to serve all of us.

Please take note a few points in the above examples, however.  My electrical use, water use and purchase of gasoline are usage sensitive.  That is, there is a natural process by which I am disabused from consuming an unlimited amount of water — the size of my water bill.  Likewise, I do not waste electrical power, because I am charged by the kilowatt-hour for it.

Most Internet access at the consumer level, with the exception today of cellular phone delivery, is unmetered.  That is, I pay a flat price no matter how much I use.  This model, with minor changes (e.g. a cap on use) is what has evolved in the marketplace as the pricing model preferred by consumers.  MCSNet sold service we called “PackRAT” during the era of dial-up modems which was nominally unmetered but had a 200 hour per month cap on it, with a fee per-hour beyond that.  This amounted to about 6.6 hours/day of actual use.  Since you must eat, sleep and do things other than stare at a computer the cap was not intended to prevent you from using the Internet as you choose but rather to prevent you from abusing the service by locking up a limited (and expensive) resource on our end (in this case, the line and modem you were connected to) when you were not actively using the connection.

As the Internet has developed there have been people who have sought to try to shift their cost of innovation and content delivery to others.  These people often couch their “innovation” in lofty terms, as if they are somehow providing a public service.  What they are actually doing is attempting to run a business at a profit.  Today’s pet example is Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) but they are hardly the first.  Youtube, back in its early days, created somewhat-similar if less-severe issues of the same character we face today.

Let’s take the Internet “neutrality” position out of cyber-space and into the physical world.  We’ll assume that I develop a really innovative movie theater that immerses the viewer in some new way in the film they are seeing.  We’ll also assume that this theater only works financially if I can manage to get 10,000 people into it for each showing; the cost of building and operating it is large enough that unless I can amortize those costs over that many people I will lose money and eventually go bankrupt.

Whose responsibility should it be to construct the roads, infrastructure and parking lots so as to be able to fill that theater every two hours during the business day, efficiently directing traffic into and out of the complex so that I can attempt to make a profit?  Should that cost fall on the persons who watch the movies (whether directly via fees on their use of the infrastructure or indirectly via my ticket prices, with the city assessing me for the necessary improvements) or should I be able to force everyone in the Chicago area to pay those expenses, whether they want to watch movies in my theater or not, by convincing the City Government to increase property and gasoline taxes?

This is the essence of the problem we face today with the Internet.  Netflix has developed what many view as a “disruptive technology” through on-demand delivery of movies to the consumer.  In order to perform that function they must deliver a multi-megabit/second uninterrupted stream of data to your computer that meets certain specifications.  Any failure to deliver this stream, even momentarily, results in your display “stuttering” or stopping entirely.

But this requirement is dramatically more-stringent than it is for you to watch short video clips on Youtube or to view a web page.  There a short interruption in transmission or slowing of the transport results in you waiting a few tenths of a second before your page refreshes or is displayed in full.  The same delay while watching Netflix makes their service unusable.

There are other firms that would like to develop and deliver other services over the Internet with similarly-stringent requirements.  Most of these attempts will fail commercially, but some will not — and eventually another “great new thing” will burst onto the scene.

The problem Netflix and similar services produce is that the technical requirement to deliver their service on an acceptable performance basis to the end customer is dramatically more-stringent than existing requirements for other Internet services.  Netflix purports to sell their service to the end customer for $8 per month.

But this premise, and thus the entire business model Netflix is promoting, is a chimera and unfortunately the common law of business balance (which states that you cannot get something for nothing) has caught up with them.

When Netflix was first starting the available margin between the engineering for a typical customer connection and what the customer actually used had some slop in it.  This is good engineering practice, and what most ISPs do.  That is, the ISP models all of their user behavior and says “We sell 20 Mbps service” while knowing full well that the customer bursts to 20Mbps of performance but on average uses a tiny fraction of that — typically less than 10%.  The reason is simple: You browse to a web page — even a very graphically-intensive web page — and then read it; during the time you’re reading the usage is zero.

Enter two new paradigms that break this model: Embedded audio/video advertising and streaming video content.

Let’s assume that I am a site such as Facebook, and I want to sell video ads to companies.  Now when you browse to a Facebook page Facebook “pushes”, without user request, video advertising content to the user’s screen.  This dramatically increases the amount of data that the consumer is using and requires that the data be delivered on a highly-stringent technical basis, lest the video “stutter” or fail to play at all.  Note carefully that the consumer did not request or benefit from this “video advertising” yet they paid an ISP for the connection to deliver it.  Facebook sold the advertising and benefited from it but did not compensate the consumer or their ISP for the higher load on his connection despite imposing that load on him or her.

The question becomes this: If Facebook delivers a sufficiently-large number of video ads such that it begins to impact network performance and thus forces upgrades of the ISP’s infrastructure who should get the bill for that upgrade?

If the bill falls only on those who use Facebook and thus view their ads consumers may (rightfully) reject Facebook since the additional cost imposed on them is not present so they can look at a picture of their friend’s cat, but so companies can advertise to them!  It is thus strongly in the interest of Facebook to hide this cost from those users by trying to impose it on everyone across the Internet so it cannot be traced specifically to their commercial, for-profit activity.

The same applies to Netflix.  If a sufficient number of people subscribe to Netflix the stringent demands for delivery of Netflix bits to the consumer will force the ISP to upgrade their infrastructure.  Who should get the bill for that upgrade?  

If the bill falls only on Netflix customers then their bill will likely more than double; suddenly that “$8/month all you can eat” video streaming service might cost $25 or even $50.

What is before the FCC today is the fact that the cost increment to deliver what Netflix and Facebook are pushing to the consumer is real; the only point of debate is who pays for it and how.

Those arguing for “strict” Net Neutrality argue that the ISP should be barred as a matter of law from telling Netflix or Facebook that if they wish to have this level of performance available to them, since it is outside of the engineered and normal realm for all customers, that they should pay for that enhanced delivery — and if they refuse, there is no guarantee their content will display as desired.

If the “Net Neutrality” argument wins the day it will force ISPs to bill all customers at a higher rate to provision that level of service to them whether they want it or not.

Why should a customer who has no interest in having high-bandwidth advertising shoved down his throat pay a higher bill because Facebook has decided to force him to watch those ads in order to use their service?

Why should a customer who doesn’t want to watch Netflix pay a higher connection charge to an ISP because 20 of his neighbors do want to watch Netflix?

This is the question before the FCC, in short.

When you boil this down the question before the FCC is whether it is about to implement Communism when it comes to the Internet.  Does the FCC, in short, use the government’s ability to forcibly compel the purchase of a service by a customer who doesn’t want it and won’t use it, leaving the consumer with only one option to evade a forced and undesired purchase: Buying no Internet service at all!

There is a legitimate issue with the Internet today when it comes to “last mile” services.  Unlike ISPs who typically can purchase long-haul services from many different providers and enjoy a competitive marketplace for those services consumers do not typically have free and open choice between multiple providers. When I ran MCSNet there were roughly one hundred dial-up and several dozen ISDN provides selling service in the greater Chicago area.  We all competed on price and service, and some of us were more successful than others.   For business leased-line services in the Chicago Loop we had three competitors available to us; MFS Datanet, TCG and Ameritech.  This competition kept prices low and service levels high; during a five year period I enjoyed a roughly 60% decrease in the cost of leased line services to customers where multiple options were available.  This resulted in “all-in” monthly recurring cost for T-1 service to business customers falling from approximately $2,000 a month to about $850 over the space of a few years.

Sadly, that same competition was not available to the average consumer; they had exactly one choice, Ameritech, for their “last-mile” phone service.  Thier phone bill over the same time period did not decrease.

But even in the “business service” area we had occasional problems; the only “neutral” meet point available in the area was the Chicago NAP, run by Ameritech.  To get to the NAP since it was on Ameritech’s property you had to buy a circuit from them.  I was able to buy circuits of the same speed and character that spanned much larger distances from competitors going to other places at a dramatically lower price, yet I could not use those competitors to reach the NAP.  It was Ameritech’s government-granted monopoly position along with its effective monopoly on the so-called “public meet point” that enabled this distortion to exist in the market.  Attempts to appeal to the State Regulatory apparatus in this regard (the ICC) were unsuccessful.

Today the promise of competition for high-speed Internet access is essentially non-existent for most consumers.  Most households can only obtain like kind and character high-speed Internet access from one, or perhaps two, companies.  In my local area we have a cable company and a phone company but they are not equivalent — DSL service is not of “like kind and quality” to Cable Internet with the disparity being as much as 10:1 in terms of available speed.  Virtually all Americans today have an insufficient set of options available to promote effective competition, and as a result we have relatively high costs and relatively poor service compared against other developed nations.

We should not, however, and indeed must not conflate these two distinct issues.  The problem with last-mile access and discriminatory conduct is real, as are the issues with previously-granted monopoly access to rights-of-way that exist across our nation.  Not only do those effective monopolies exist but many states and localities have passed ordinances and laws prohibiting municipally-funded or other third-party alternatives from being established, with carrier lobbying groups typically spending large amounts of money to influence that process.  That activity facially appears to be a rank violation of The Sherman and Clayton Acts and should be met with investigation and, where appropriate, prosecution.

Resolving the last-mile monopoly issue is separate and distinct from creating a government mandate that effectively allows established businesses to shift their cost onto others who do not wish to consume their service.

At the end of the day what those arguing for “Net Neutrality” in the context of today’s submissions are demanding is the ability to use government force to compel the subsidization of a private, for-profit business service.

The FCC not only has the right, it has the obligation under the Constitution’s demand for Equal Protection as found in the 14th Amendment to reject such entreaties and expose them as a sham argument and blatantly improper attempt to force consumer subsidization of their businesses interests.

PS: On 5/21 I got back a letter from Chairman Wheeler (presumably a form letter) thanking me for my submission — and including what appears to be a unique response number.  I presume this means it was “accepted” into the public record.  Good.

A Sad State of affairs

A young college couple sat down in the dunkin i was in working on various remote projects.  Listening to their interaction was depressing.  The dude was acting like a whipped pulpy and the female he was with was taking great joy in denigrating him and not only insulting him but also using the fbomb towards him.  His response was basically to laugh, cover his face and cower.  It was embarrassing to watch.  the female was taking every opportunity to insult him..however his responses(the cowering and refusing to stand up for himself) also encouraged the bullying by his companion.  the times i looked up her contempt for him was plainly showing on his face but his response was to cower and try to hide in plain site.  I guess this is what modern parenting and the schools have wrought.

More 737 MAX details emerge(Long post warning)

Get ready for a long post folks with embedded links.  For previous posts please look in the 737 category.


Yesterday’s post gave some details about the 737 MAX issues.  Karl’s post yesterday goes into greater detail:

Let me note up front — I’m not a pilot.  I am, however, a software and hardware guy with a few decades of experience, including writing quite a lot of code that runs physical “things”, some of them being quite large, complex, expensive and, if something goes wrong, potentially dangerous.  Flight isn’t all that complex at its core; it’s simply a dance comprised of lift, gravity, thrust and drag.  What makes it complex is the scale and physical limits we wish to approach or exceed (e.g. you want to go how fast, in air how thin, with a distance traveled of how far and with how many people on board along with you as well as with a bunch of other aircraft in the air at the same time?)

The sequence of circumstances that has left the 737MAX to arguably have the worst hull safety rating in the history of commercial jet aviation appears, from what I can figure out reading public sources, to have basically gone something like this:

  • The 737, a venerable design with literal millions of flight hours, a nice, predictable handling paradigm and an excellent safety record (the basic design of the hull is 50 years old!) was running into competition resulting from its older-series engines that bypassed less air (and thus are less efficient in their consumption of fuel.)  Boeing sought to correct this competitive disadvantage to keep selling new airplanes.
  • The means to correct the efficiency problem is to use newer, higher-bypass engines which, in order to obtain their materially lower fuel consumption, are physically larger in diameter.
  • The aircraft’s main landing gear has to fit in the space available.  To make the larger engines fit the landing gear has to be made longer (and thus larger, bigger and stronger) or the engines will hit the ground when taking off and landing.
  • The longer landing gear for where the original design specified the engines to go (but with the larger engines) would not fit in the place where it had to go when it was retracted.
  • Boeing, instead of redesigning the hull including wings, tail and similar from the ground up for larger engines, which would have (1) taken quite a lot of time and (2) been very expensive, because (among other things) it would require a full, new-from-zero certification, decided to move the engines forward in their mounting point which allowed them to be moved upward as well, and thus the landing gear didn’t have to be as long, heavy and large — and will fit.
  • However, moving the engines upward and forward caused the handling of the aircraft to no longer be nice and predictable.  As the angle of attack (that is, the angle of the aircraft relative to the “wind” flowing over it) increased the larger, more-forward and higher mounted engines caused more lift to appear than expected.
  • To compensate for that Boeing programmed a computer to look at the angle of attack of the aircraft and have the computer, without notice to the pilots and transparently add negative trim as the angle-of-attack increased.
  • In other words instead of fixing the hardware, which would have been very expensive since it would have required basically a whole new airplane be designed from scratch it appears Boeing decided to put a band-aid on the issue in software and by doing so act like there was no problem at all when it fact it was simply covered up and made invisible to the person flying the plane by programming a computer to transparently hide it.
  • Because Boeing had gone to a “everything we can possibly stick on the list is an option at extra cost and we will lease that to you on an hours-run basis, you don’t buy it”, exactly as has been done with engines and other parts including avionics in said aircraft, said shift being largely responsible for the rocket shot higher in the firm’s stock price over the last several years, the standard configuration only included one angle-of-attack sensor.  A second one, and a warning in the cockpit that the two don’t agree is an extra cost option and was not required for certification! (Update: There is some question as to whether there is one or two, but it appears if there are two physically present the “standard” configuration only USES one at any given time.  Whether literally or effectively it appears the “standard” configuration has one.)
  • Most of the certification compliance testing and documentation is not done by the FAA any more.  It’s done by the company itself which “self-certifies” that everything is all wonderful, great, and has sufficient redundancy and protections to be safe to operate in the base, certified configuration.  In short there is no requirement that a third, non-conflicted and competent party look at everything in the design and sign off on it — and thus nobody did, and the plane was granted certification without requiring active redundancy in those sensors.
  • Said extra cost option and display was not on either the Lion Air or Ethiopian jets that crashed.  It is on the 737MAX jets being flown by US carriers, none of which have crashed.
  • It has been reported that the jackscrew, which as the name implies is a long screw that sets the trim angle on the elevator, has been recovered from the Ethiopian crash, is intact and was in the full down position.  No pilot in his right mind would intentionally command such a setting, especially close to the ground.  It is therefore fair to presume until demonstrated otherwise that the computer put the jackscrew in that position and not the pilot.
  • Given where the jackscrew was found, and that there is no reasonable explanation for the pilot having commanded it to be there, why is the computer allowed to put that sort of an extreme negative trim offset on the aircraft in the first place?  Is that sort of negative offset capability reasonable under the design criteria for the software “hack-around-the-aerodynamics” issue?  Has nobody at Boeing heard of a thing called a “limit switch”?
  • It has been reported from public information that both Lion Air and the Ethiopian jet had wild fluctuations in their rate of climb or descent and at the time they disappeared from tracking both were indicating significant rates of climb.  For obvious reasons you do not hit the ground if you have a positive rate of altitude change unless you hit a cumulogranite cloud (e.g. side of a mountain or similar), which is not what happened in either case.
  • The data source for that public information on rate of climb or descent did not come from radar; while I don’t have a definitive statement on the data source public information makes clear it almost-certainly came from a transponder found on most commercial airliners known as ADS-B.  Said transponder is on the airplane itself.  It’s obvious that the data in question was either crap, materially delayed or it was indicating insanely wild fluctuations in the aircraft’s vertical rate of speed (which no pilot would cause intentionally) since you don’t hit the ground while gaining altitude and if the transponder was sending crap data that ground observers were able to receive the obvious implication is that the rest of the aircraft’s instruments and computers were also getting crap data of some kind and were acting on it, leading to the crazy vertical speed profile.
  • The Lion Air plane that crashed several months ago is reported to have had in its log complaints of misbehavior consistent with this problem in the days before it crashed.  I have not seen reports that the Ethiopian aircraft had similar complaints logged.  Was this because it hadn’t happened previously to that specific aircraft or did the previous crews have the problem but not log it?
  • The copilot on the Ethiopian aircraft was reported to have had a grand total of 200 hours in the air.  I remind you that to get a private pilots license in the US to fly a little Cessna, by yourself, in good weather and without anyone on board compensating you in any way you must log at least 40 hours.  Few people are good enough to pass, by the way, with that 40 hours in the air; most students require more.  To get a bare commercial certificate (e.g. you can take someone in your aircraft who pays you something) you must have logged 250 hours in the US, with at least 100 of them as pilot-in-command and 50 of them cross-country.  The “first officer” on that flight didn’t even meet the requirements in the US to take a person in a Cessna 172 single-engine piston airplane for a 15 minute sightseeing flight!
  • The odds of the one pilot who actually was a commercial pilot under US rules in the cockpit of the Ethiopian flight having trained on the potential for this single-data-source failure of the aircraft and what would happen if it occurred (thus knowing how to recognize and take care of it) via simulator time or other meaningful preparation is likely zero.  The odds of the second putative flight officer having done so are zero; he wasn’t even qualified to fly a single-engine piston aircraft for money under US rules.

So there are some pilot issues with the Ethiopia pilot training in terms of the co pilot.  However that doesn’t change the fact that an engine design change without subsequent airframe changes means the aircraft had the large potential to stall itself.  the solution was a software package that was able to effectively say F-U to the pilots and do whatever it wanted.  the A330 had a similar issue..a hidden system designed to prevent stalling that would freakout if it got bad data from one of the two or three sensors.  please read the linked article at the market ticker above from a guy who writes code.  the thinking that software can fix everything is a dangerous concept that is killing folks..and will continue to do so.  Remember..the automation is made by people who are not perfect.  “AI” which is a term that is thrown around without any thought to what it means..is designed by flawed people..it will never be perfect.

Karl has posted an article today that pretty much agrees with me..folks need to go to prison over this.  There was plain knowledge that Boeing knew MCAS was trying to fix a flawed airframe design.
This led to Boeing rushing the certification(which never should have passed FAA certification) trying to get the 737 out to complete with the A320.  The Seattle Times(which Karl linked to in the above linked post) has some shocking details and IMO there’s no way folks at Boeing didn’t know the design of the 737 MAX and the subsequent MCAS system wasn’t a dangerous combination that inevitably turned deadly.


The 737 MAX is not the first aircraft affected by computer issues

Quantas flight 72 nearly crashed after one of it’s sensing computers got inconsistent data from it AOA(angle of attack) sensors.  It seems that AOA sensors also cause a freekout of the MCAS software system aboard the 737 MAX series.  The reason the MAX has MCAS is the engines.  The engines on the MAX 737 are larger and because they are unable to fit under the wing they are not only further forward but they are also in a higher mounting position than previous gen 737’s.  Frankly, an aircraft that requires a hidden, pilot overriding, system to be certified by the FAA needs to be removed from the airspace and never allowed to return.  The FAA seriously dropped the ball when it came to certifying this aircraft.  Why Boeing was allowed to do ANY self-certification is unconscionable.  Anyone who knew of this issue should be held personally and corporately liable and suffer fines, loss of revenue and prison time.  This is the only way(not even hundreds of deaths) will change the behavior that lead to these disasters.  Here are a couple of videos about the 737 Max MCAS system:


the world grounds the 737 max aircraft, the faa doubled down to leave them flying so trump forces groundings.

The 787 was grounded after battery fires and there were no fatalities.  While I think the rest of the world grounding or denying airspace to the 737 MAX series is partially anti-Trump,  I also think it is partially because for whatever reason two of these brand new jets have crashed within 5 months of each other. What was startling was the FAA refusing to ground the jets in the face of the following factors:

  1.  The new jets had even more software complexity with possibly inadequate documentation and training for the pilots
  2. Multiple reports of the aircraft having sudden nose down instances requiring intervention by the pilots
  3. Pilots filing multiple complaints of inadequate documentation and training about the new aircraft’s systems and automation

More has yet to come out but I do agree with Trump telling his FAA administrator to ground the jets after some serious allegations and the proximity of two aircraft of the same type crashing within 6 months of each other.  Only after Trump ordered the FAA to ground the jets has Boeing and the airlines now said they are grounding the jets.  The entire US aviation industry was doubling down saying the jets were safe.  I am not confident in the quality of the software in modern anything…and with civilian jets more and more depending on software I think something like this was bound to happen either in aviation or in automobiles.  Unfortunately, it usually takes a number of fatalities to take place before folks listen to the folks who have been talking about the horrid state of software in everything.  Maybe now, in high life hazard industries some code quality regulations will be put into place to prevent something like this from happening again.  If this is not done, the number of crashes will continue to stack up.  It will also be interesting to see if the “findings” are truthful or if yet another coverup of deadly code will occur)The Prius software bug comes to mind here.  It was finally outed and Toyota was forced to fix it via a software update instead of blaming the operators of the vehicles.)


Juan Brown gives his take on both Lionair and the Ethiopia crashes:


taxing the rich via capital gains does no such thing

The very multi-millionaires proposing this know good and damn wlel this will not impact them….otherwise they wouldn’t propose it.  Raising the capital gains will hit the middle class..sell your house?  That’s capital gains..which is what the middle class does more often as they try to stay afloat.  this isn’t a stealth attack on the rich..this is yet another tax on the backs of the middle class..so the elites can keep their class from being invaded by the middle class.





Time to Make some churchian heads spin


Can a Christian wife withhold sex as a way to change her husband’s bad behavior?

Can sexual refusal be used by a wife to change her husband’s bad behavior? Does God allow sexual refusal as method for addressing wrong behavior on the part of a husband? Can bad behavior on the part of a husband justify a sexless marriage?

I recently received this very heartfelt comment from a Christian wife named Jenn and you can see how much she is hurting as you read this. I would be willing to bet there are many Christian wives that face a very similar scenario. The emotion runs deep in this story, and I think for some valid reasons.

Jenn’s story

“I agree that a sexless marriage is not God’s plan and that both parties should do everything in their power to maintain their physical union and covenant. However, I do not believe it is appropriate to give a blanket statement that denying sex in a marriage is sin. Sometimes, refusing sex becomes necessary as an effort to PRESERVE THE MARRIAGE when the husband repeatedly shrugs off spiritual leadership in the home, ignores the wife’s emotional needs, treats the wife as a roommate, does NOT consistently do the steps you outlined above (going on dates, upgrading around the house, show any type of affection, etc.) leaves ALL THE PARENTING TO THE WIFE, and then just expects to get laid!

Continuing to engage in intercourse under those circumstances is submitting to sexual abuse, even though there is no force or violence involved. Continuing to engage in intercourse for the wife leaves the door open for bitterness and resentment to fester. NO! The wife does NOT want to live in a sexless marriage, but neither does she want to be devalued and violated, either.
Yes, private communication was sought out to correct these issues… as was counseling that went on for 18 months… communication among godly, loving friends. To make matters worse, this person is an elder and a counselor in the church! Is all this grounds for divorce? Most say no. Does one uproot the children because one spouse is spiritually lazy and hypocritical? Difficult call.

Should the pleading spouse continue to allow the husband to treat her this way? Or should she stand her ground that she needs to be valued and cherished? The sexless part is actually the decision of the husband for refusing to correct his behavior out of pride.
So before you heap on condemnation, perhaps you should spend more time encouraging the husbands (or the wives, for that matter) to deeply investigate WHY there is no interest in sex in the first place.”

My response to Jenn and any other Christian wife who finds herself in this situation

I believe it is possible based on Jenn’s statements that her husband is sinning against her by not “knowing her” as the Bible commands him to do:

“Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.” – I Peter 3:7(KJV)

I wrote a post a while back entitled “10 ways to know your wife” – and these things are a challenge and admonition to all of us as Christian husbands (including myself). Yes we will fail as husbands and we may not do all these things as we should, but we need to get up each and every day and ask ourselves as men – “Am I communicating with my wife as I should? Do I know her concerns? Am I addressing areas where she needs my help?”

God knows that a wife needs her husband to know her on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. This is why he commanded husbands to dwell with their wives “according to knowledge”. A man cannot know his wife as God would have him to without talking to her, and listening to her on a daily basis.

Sometimes we as Christian husbands can become so wrapped up in our careers, hobbies or even our ministries (as this woman’s husband is a church elder and counselor) that we can become neglectful of the needs of our wives and children. This woman’s story should serve as reminder for each of us as believing husbands to make sure we are knowing our wives as God would have us to.

The second thing that Jenn’s husband might be doing is neglecting to honor his wife. This is a duty that God calls Christian husbands to. He does not appear to be honoring her in her role as his helpmeet. I also wrote a post on this subject entitled “12 Ways to Honor you wife” where I go into detail on how a man can honor his wife.

A big part of honoring one’s wife – is to show her that she is valued and to praise her for her work in the home. It is also about making sure that her children are respectful of her. From what I saw in this woman’s sad account – it appears her husband may not be doing any of this. This story should serve as admonishment to all of us as Christian husbands how it makes our wives feel when we don’t know them(talk to them and listen to them) and when we don’t honor them(value them and praise them).

It appears that if this woman’s account is accurate – her Christian husband has been neglecting many of his duties to her (and perhaps his children as well).

Is withholding sex a tool that God allows a wife to use to change her husband’s behavior?

Jenn as well as many other women (Christian and non-Christian alike) believes that withholding sex is valid and justified tool when a husband is neglecting his duties to her and his children. But as sad as these types of stories are – two wrongs never make a right. God does not allow for sex to be withheld as a tool to modify bad behavior, or to encourage right behavior on the part of a spouse (either the husband or the wife).

“Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband.

The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife.

Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.” – I Corinthians 7:3-4

“Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.” – Ephesians 5:24 (KJV)

The Scriptures are clear in the area of sex that a wife is to willingly give her body to her husband, she does not have the power to deny him or withhold sex from him. The Bible says she is to submit to her husband in “every thing”, and this includes in the area of sexuality.

The only way sex can be halted or denied in marriage is by mutual agreement to do so for a short time. People talk about consent in regards to sex all the time. Biblically speaking sex is only to occur in marriage. But in the context of marriage, consent is about ceasing from having sex for short period (mutually agreeing to not have sex). Consent is not about ALLOWING sex as sex is a duty and responsibility in marriage – it is a central part of the marriage covenant that you freely give your body to your spouse for the purposes of sex.

I have talked in previous posts about a husband having the right to discipline his wife, to motivate her to repent and change her bad behavior. But a husband is never allowed to use sexual denial to his wife as method of discipline. So for instance, if a man’s wife keeps denying him and then eventually she comes to him for sex – he is not allowed to deny her because she previously denied him.

The Bible tells us we should not repay evil for evil:

“Recompense to no man evil for evil..” – Romans 12:17 (KJV)

A wife in the same way is not allowed to deny or withhold sex from her husband in an effort to reform his bad behavior. When a wife withholds sex from her husband because of his bad behavior in other areas – this is a textbook example repaying evil for evil and God will not bless such actions by a wife.

In fact when we look at sex from the wife’s role, this is just one part of her overall submission to her husband. God does not allow a woman to stop submitting to her husband in any area of her life (including sex) in order to reform his bad behavior – except if he asks her to engage in an immoral or sinful activity.

But doesn’t giving a husband sex when he behaves wrongly encourage bad behavior?

Many women ask this question, and I think Jenn is inferring it by her comments above. The answer is that it is never wrong to do what God has commanded, in fact it is ALWAYS right to do what God has commanded. Short of a husband asking his wife to engage in a sinful activity – she is always to submit to him (including submitting her body to him for sex).

The Bible tells us this:

“Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.” – I Peter 3:9 (KJV)

In God’s view if a woman’s husband is treating her sinfully by neglecting his duties to her, she is to repay this evil behavior by blessing him with her continued submission, even in willingly giving her body to him for sex.

I know what I just said sounds CRAZY from a human perspective. But this is God’s way, not man’s way.

I completely realize that Jenn’s head is probably spinning right now and I truly feel for her situation with her husband. If she does not withhold sex, but blesses her husband with her body – freely and willingly won’t this tell him that everything is ok and she is fine with his neglectful behavior?

No – and here is the reason why. Jenn and any other woman can continue to bring her grievances about his neglect of her and her children. Nothing stops her from doing that. I think it would really make a man’s head spin, that his wife brings her grievance before him in a respectful manner in one hour, and later that evening willingly gives herself to him when he initiates sex with no attitude or hesitation. This can be a powerful tool for change in a husband, when he sees that his wife continues to submit to him, even though she has legitimate grievances with him.

Isn’t this abusive behavior?

Jen said this about submitting her husband sexually under these conditions:

“Continuing to engage in intercourse under those circumstances is submitting to sexual abuse, even though there is no force or violence involved.”

This is not sexual abuse for her husband to have sex with her while neglecting her legitimate needs in other areas.

Her husband’s behavior in other areas may definitely be inconsiderate, neglectful and sinful by Biblical standards. But him asking for sex and her yielding to him for sex(regardless of his failings outside the bedroom) is NOT sexual abuse. I have said this in previous articles and I will say it again here. Christian wives need to be very careful of using terms like “abuser”, “rapist” and “molester” when it comes to their sexual relations with their husbands. Unless a husband actually rapes a woman(has forcible sex with a woman he is not married to), touches a person other than his wife in a sexual manner, or actually physically abuses his wife, his children or others these terms have no place in these kinds of discussions.

Let be clear as I always have to be in these posts. If a husband forces himself sexually upon his wife, Biblically speaking this is not rape but it could be abuse. So in that case it might be legitimate to call the husband an abuser, but it would still not be right from a Biblical perspective to call him a rapist.

But based on this story, there does not seem to be any forcible sex going on.

But won’t allowing sex to continue cause bitterness in the wife?

Jenn said this about bitterness:

“Continuing to engage in intercourse for the wife leaves the door open for bitterness and resentment to fester.”

I think we could safely say, and Jenn would probably concede that bitterness toward her husband has definitely “festered” in her heart. God says this about bitterness:

“Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice” – Ephesians 4:31

Someone once said of bitterness, “Bitterness is like talking poison when you are mad at someone for wronging you, and then hoping they will die from it”. I have many men write me with bitterness in their hearts towards their wives over their wife’s sexual denial – some say some very hateful things toward them and I have to remind them that they need to let go of that bitterness, that it is a sin against God, their spouse and really their own bodies (because it hurts you when you are bitter).

This same truth would apply to Jenn and other Christian women that are dealing with husbands who are sinning against them by neglecting their duties.

A wife needs to understand the source of her bitterness towards her husband about sex

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled; “ – Hebrews 12:14-15(KJV)

If you don’t understand the root of your bitterness as a Christian wife, then you will never be able to remove it. The reason you grow bitter and resentful toward your husband when he initiates sex is this – you believe he did not earn it.

Let me put this another way. It is very easy for us as men to shut our wives out, to stop talking to our wives when they deny us sexually. It is easy for us to grow bitter and think – “She wants me to sit down and talk with her when every time I go to touch her she tells me “not tonight honey”. But our wives do not have to earn the right to talk to us by having sex with us. Talking to our wives, whether we feel like it or not is a duty of every husband.

In the same way as a Christian wife you must realize the truth that your husband does not have to earn sex with you by talking to you(as he should), honoring you(as he should) and doing other nice things for you. He has a right to sex with you because of the vows you made to him and before God.

When you as a Christian wife let this truth really settle in your heart, then you will find that you are no longer bitter at your husband when he goes to have sex with you – even when he is not doing right in other areas.

Does the husband’s behavior warrant divorce?

A husband being “spiritually lazy and hypocritical” is not grounds for Biblical divorce. Now if a man fails to provide for his wife and children and just sits on a couch all day while they lose their home and starve that may be another issue. But nothing I have seen in this story would allow for Biblical divorce.

A wife is not responsible to discipline her husband

A wife is not Biblically responsible (or allowed) to discipline her husband. The husband is spiritually responsible for his wife and his children and as the head of his wife and his home he has the right to attempt to discipline. As I stated in previous posts when it comes to the wife I don’t believe physical discipline is warranted or prescribed by the Scriptures. But other types of non-physical discipline like taking credit cards away, or stopping household upgrades may be used as discipline.

God does not hold a wife responsible for her husband’s wrong behavior, he only holds her responsible for her own behavior.

A situation like this can be extremely frustrating for a Christian wife, and we can see that all throughout Jenn’s post. But she and any other wives facing this type of situation needs to make sure they take a step back and realize they are not their husband’s mother, they are his wife.

What recourse can a wife take in this situation?

I think we can see that scripturally speaking a wife has no right to discipline her husband for sinful behavior and she does not have the right to stop submitting to him in any area, including in the area of sex because of his sinful behavior. To do so amounts to repaying evil for evil – something that is very plainly condemned in the Scriptures.

But a wife can continue to bring her grievances to her husband in a respectful way. She can ask her husband to attend counseling as this woman did.

But what if the husband never changes his ways?

Jenn would most likely respond to my last comment that “I tried counseling with him for 18 months and nothing changed! He says he will change with the counselor but he comes home and nothing changes!”

Is it possible that even if Jenn repents of her bitterness, and submits herself in all ways(including sexually) to her husband that he will still not change his ways and do what God would have him do as a husband? Unfortunately the answer is yes – he may never change his ways.

Also it can help to realize that you are not the only woman or man that faces these issue of being mistreated by their spouse. I often get emails from Christian husbands asking if they can divorce their wives for less than Biblical reasons.

These are some of the things they ask about:

They ask if they can divorce their wives for belittling them and disrespecting them – the Bible says no.

They ask if they can divorce their wives for going against their wishes and disobeying – the Bible says no.

They ask if their wife is giving them sex, but with a bad attitude and she just lies there like a dead fish can they divorce their wives – the Bible says no.

They ask if their wife is too involved in her career and other activities outside the home can they divorce their wife? Unless their wife is sexually denying them or cheating on them they cannot divorce her for being too involved in her career.

The truth is that we live in a sin cursed world and sometimes people do not submit themselves to God and repent. Sometimes our spouses have horrible attitudes, or they are neglectful of our feelings. Sometimes spouses are extremely selfish.

I believe though in these cases where husbands are not doing what God says they should do for their wives – Christian wives can get through this difficulty by depending on the Lord, and recognizing that their submission to their husband, is really them submitting to God.

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.” – Ephesians 5:22

So perhaps from a human perspective, your husband has done nothing to earn your submission. But would say you don’t owe God your submission? It is God who is commanding you to submit to your husband.

What Jenn and other Christian wives need to do in this situation

Acknowledge your hurt and your feelings of disappointment with your husband, don’t bury it, don’t repress it. Give it to God, Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.(I Peter 5:7)

Pray and ask God to forgive you for any bitterness you are harboring in your heart toward your husband. Pray that God will strengthen you to be able to submit to and please your husband with a right heart and a right attitude. Pray that God will change your husband’s heart and reveal his sin to him so perhaps he will be the husband that God meant him to be.

Pray that God will continually remind you that your submission to your husband is really submission to God himself.  When you submit to your husband it pleases God, especially when he knows it is hard for you to do it because of your husband’s behavior.

All of us need God each day, we can’t live this Christian life in our own strength.

Is there a problem with the new 737-8MAX MCAS automation?

Two new 737-8MAX aircraft crashing within 8 months of each other.  I have been warning folks closest to me about the horrid quality of software these days.  Frankly even if i could fly right now I wouldn’t.  Self-driving cars?  No way.  My favorite operating systems(Linux and BSD) are not immune from poor coding.  It’s everywhere.  I hope the MCAS is not the cause…I was interviewed about the state of Windows updates.  Needless to say I was not kind.  The state of software today IMO means if you want to depend on automation you are sacrificing lives.  Keep in mind when peple are presented with high amounts of automation..they get lulled into a false sense of security…and loose the ability to think critically and react properly.  MCAS has not had a spoteless history:

I was interviewed for an article on the state of Windows 10. Windows 10/Server 2016 REALLY needs to have the QA team brought back. Microsoft is seriously affecting the security of their products. I am not the only one holding off on multiple versions(not several as mentioned in the article..but an average of two)…and I have automatic updates disabled on three of my clients that have run into serious issues with Server 2016 updates. IMO Windows10/server 2016 is working its way to becoming another Vista if Microsoft doesn’t either bring back their QA team or start listening to their insiders.

Opinions of Windows 10 run hot and cold for IT experts

By Eddie Lockhart

As 2018 gives way to 2019, opinions of Windows 10 range from praise to disdain.

For some IT pros, the operating system is a big step up from Windows 7, and hiccups such as the October 2018 Update file-deletion problem are just business as usual with any technology.

“Everybody makes mistakes, and [Microsoft] rolled it back in a hurry,” said Willem Bagchus, a messaging and collaboration specialist at United Bank, based in Parkersburg, W.Va. “No company and no technology is infallible.”

For other experts, it’s a sign that Microsoft doesn’t listen to its customers and a gateway to bigger problems.

“Their insiders told them they had a major problem,” said William Warren, owner of Emmanuel Technology Consulting, an IT services company in Brunswick, Md. “Microsoft released [the October 2018 Update] anyway. I guess they figured nobody was going to complain.”

No matter a person’s opinions of Windows 10, the past year was anything but smooth for the operating system, with the last few months in particular making headlines — and not always for the best reasons.

Windows 10 update approach comes under fire

Willem Bagchus, messaging and collaboration specialist at United BankWillem Bagchus

The biggest problem Windows 10 ran into in 2018 was issues with the October 2018 Update, which it released on October 3. Microsoft recalled the update only three days after releasing it because users reported missing files after they updated. The company did not re-release the update until November 14.

“If you try to push [updates] wholesale to everyone, invariably, you’re going to find some problems and you’re going to look bad,” said Jack Gold, principal and founder of J. Gold Associates, a mobile analyst firm in Northborough, Mass.

The entire Windows-as-a-service model, which includes two major feature updates a year and limits the amount of control IT has over who gets what updates and when, has elicited strong opinions of Windows 10 from IT experts since its inception.

Jack Gold, principal and founder of J. Gold AssociatesJack Gold

“Microsoft decided they know better than everybody,” Warren said. “People are advocating disabling Windows updates and doing everything manually once there’s been a few patch cycles.”

Microsoft relies on customers, particularly Windows Insiders, to serve as testers for updates to ensure that there aren’t bugs or other problems. This puts pressure on IT pros — who have their own systems to worry about — to identify and report any issues. Microsoft’s decision to release updates at such an accelerated pace compared to past versions of Windows means that even as it tries to fix issues, the company continues to add more code and features to the OS.

“They try to fix things in the monthly updates that they’ve screwed up from the biannual updates,” Warren said. “It’s just not a good way to write software, but they’re determined to do it.”

These issues are forcing some IT pros to delay updates. Warren purposely keeps some servers four or five updates behind to prevent his clients from running into issues that cause downtime.

“You need to have more options that allow people to delay if they want to,” Gold said. “Not forever, but maybe one major update back. Something that lets the rest of the world work with the update for a while and see where it goes.”

Security and Windows 10 updates

Regardless of IT pros’ opinions of Windows 10 updates, security is a key concern. The fact that a serious issue, such as the one that deleted user files, got past Microsoft set off alarm bells for Warren.

William Warren, owner of Emmanuel Technology ConsultingWilliam Warren

“[Without] proper testing there’s going to be issues that you won’t know about until the bad guys find them,” he said. “Then you have even more problems.”

The service model approach can have security benefits, however, because it prevents users from working with unpatched versions of the OS, which can be a gateway for attack.

“It’s like putting a seatbelt in a car,” Bagchus said. “Because computers are what they are, the magnitude of the risk of having unprotected computers on the internet cannot be overstated.”

Edge gets an overhaul

One area where opinions of Windows 10 seem in sync is that Microsoft Edge needs changes. In December, Microsoft announced it would discard EdgeHTML as Edge’s code in favor of the open source Chromium. It’s not a major surprise considering Edge — the default browser in Windows 10 — was a distant fourth in terms of usage behind Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer as of November, according to NetMarketShare.

“It’s about time they grabbed somebody’s code that’s standards-based,” Warren said. “Make their own browser, but make it standards compliant.”

One of the problems with Edge today is that it only works with Windows 10 and does not support certain features, such as ActiveX controls and X-UA-Compatible headers. In addition, certain sites don’t load right on Edge, Gold said. Chromium can help eliminate these problems and open the browser up to work on other operating systems, including Apple macOS.

“The Edge compatibility issues have stood in the way of Windows 10 rollouts,” Bagchus said. “This is a step in the right direction for more than just their browser.”

17 Dec 2018

All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2008 – 2018, TechTarget | Read our Privacy Statement

HOw much pain in moving to a single FreeNAS setup?

Not that much actually.  I looked around here and realized i now only have two machines utilizing a 12/core 24 thread monster server.  Because my FreeNAS is unix based like my Linux webservers I do not need to run a linux vm at all.  I have my firewall setup to only allow SSH connections from the primary ip addies o each of the three server that are allowed to send their backups here.  Since I do not want to simply reconfigure the two towers(mine the the girl’s tower) I am just going to nuke them and set them up standalone.  I only have to create 4 accounts.  One for each of us and my backup account in case something happens to me so he can get to my important data and other things.  I then point FreeNAS to Backblaze B2 and let that be my backup target..:)  FreeNAS snapshots will allow me to control versioning and retention so I will be able to control how much data i actually store in the cloud…and it will be pre-encrypted as well.  I will be interested to see how much my power draw drops as well.  I will go down to one single Dell R310 and then my Unifi networking gear and cable modem.

Server Changes

I have been trying to figure out how I want to change the rack to save power and reduce complexity.  Given i am switching away from ETC Maryland i do not need the massive amount of computing power i have sitting upstairs.  It just hit me..:)  My FreeNAS machine has the capability to hold everything not only from my local home use but also as the backup target for my webservers.  I will need to upgrade the amount of storage..but that will be cheaper on the front end than replacing everything.  My power draw savings will not be as good(still should be around 50%).  it will take a few months to transition things over.  What happens to the current r410 and r610?  I wll prepare to move them to the datacenter where they will become my primary webserver(R610) and my in datacenter bckup target(R410..fter an upgrade).

incoming: A ton of content

As i transition away from https://etc-md.com to https://emmanuelhosting.com I wanted to preserve the posts over the eyars from ETC Maryland.  I am going to pull the posts from ETC over to this site….it wil take a whle to clean them all up…but i did not want my decade of work to simply vanish..:)  Now i will post things here but as a personal hobby not as my primary business.  Emmanuel hosting is where hosting related stuff will go from now on…it’s going to take a few months at leasxt to get things moved over…:)

Recycling was always broken…the greens are just now figuring out exactly how.

Recycling was flawed to begin with.  it can be done but not for the pricing it was at.  Why?  the recycling companies relied on a single point of failure….in this case…China.  We shipped most of our recycling overseas to get processed and used over there…most of this stuff never made it back over here…we were simply dumping our recycling over there.  China…for whatever reason..decided that was stupid and implemented some serious quality controls.  Suddenly the promise of cheap, fast, and reusable recyclables went up in smoke.  Most folks will cry it’s Trump’s fault….that very well may be…but also China has it’s own issues to deal with.  I expect recycling costs are now going to come up to reality and yet another “Green” utopia is going to be seen for what it really is.


15/hr Minimum wage. What are the costs?

Amazon is going to be the leader…and the costs are already apparent:



This high minimum wage is going to mean the very folks who say they cannot live on minimum wage will not be able to live on the higher minimum wage because it will result in hourly cuts.  the minimum wage is not mean to be a life wage..it is a starter wage.  Most folks have the ability to gain skills that will allow them to move up…the biggest issue i have seen is folks are UNWILLING to do the work needed to improve their skills to enable them to EARN a higher wage…they want it GIVEN to them.  A higher minimum wage will most likely not pull folks out of poverty..it will simply expand the ranks of the impoverished as their hours get cut in proportion to the mount the higher minimum wage costs the employer.

remember the Global Cooling Hysteria? I do.

I remember it well as we had zero degree actual air temperatures back in Allen, TX and the gas companies were rationing natural gas because they could not keep up.  The news was full of many of the same charlatans as right now saying we are headed for another ice age right now!!!!!  The ice age never happened..the world didn’t freeze….now of course it’s Globull warming/Climate change.  Same charlatans opposite side of the coin scam.  Just a reminder:


The 1970s Global Cooling Consensus was not a Myth

Hunting Happiness and Being Thankful

I have the house to myself for about half the day(until Alessa comes back home) and I finally have some time to relax with some good music. After the emotional storms I have been hit with during the past few months, I have been saying daily to the Lord thank you for my truck…and I am still giddy over how He provided for me to get it. Now that things are feeling more settled(despite the storms raging around me) I can now fully appreciate another gift. Shortly after heather died I had some money and I spent quite a bit on house repairs and the hvac upgrade. I put a little aside for myself and the one thing I purchased was some computer speakers….not just any speakers..but Kplisch THX Promedia 2.1 speakers(i thought about getting two sets for front and rear..but my computer is not near my tv so i decided against it). I had heard the Bose acoustimass 2.1 system for computers but there were a ton of negative remarks about build quality and durability…which surprised me. the Kplisch come from another name with a high pedigree in the audio world so I grabbed them.tonight I sit with a server upgrade going behind me, Some good music, and my own thoughts..when I heard this song come over called Hunting happiness.  I have always been a sonic fan..aka a fan of good sounding audio.  It doesn’t happen much anymore unfortunately with most of our music either slightly compressed(CD audio) or even more compressed(MP3, Ogg Vorbis, etc etc).  Luckily Spotify allows me to run at the highest possible digital compression.(one day I’ll try out Tidal is which lossless compressed music but that discussing is another blog post).  This song came on and it was a nicely done mix with the bass not being so heavy it rattles everything sending me scrambling for my subwoofer’s controls to tone it down.  This mix has a good blend of mid-bass and low end bass.  I heard this sub doing some really low notes I have not heard it doing before.  I snatched up my phone and fired up my Spectroid app to see what kind of tones this system was putting out.  I was quite shocked to hear and see 45 hertz tones not only coming through on the screen but so clearly that it belied the size of the sub that comes with my speakers.  I can tell by listening that i do not have much more in terms of low end capability nor loudness..but at this level it is silky smooth and seems to be coming from behind the exact center of the monitor.  Bass, while TECHNICALLY being non-directional, can be influenced a great deal by placement in your room.  I was pleasantly surprised I have this sub exactly where it needs to be for the clearest sound and the best soundfield.  20 years ago I had a Velodyne subwoofer that was nearly 16 inches in diameter to produce the kind of bass this Promedia system is putting out now.  These speakers will not approach the sound pressure levels of the Velodyne or my old rack audio system i built many years ago but the advances in 20 years of audio technology are impressive..:)  The song I am enjoying as i type this? Hunting happiness.  How many of us get caught up in life  either in purpose or accidently and get intoa rut?  The Lord has a great thing planned for this children…it’s Heaven.  The Lord does not say we will have eternal happiness on this earth…but it’s waht is to come is what we are to look forward to.  I am surrounded by gifts of the Lord…as Thanksgiving approaches..let’s not forget the thank HIM for jsut the fact we are alive at all….but the things of life are nice to have.  It isn’t Christmas time..but it IS time to give thanks.  What have you thanked the Lord for in the past week?…the past three days?…today?  Do not look past today into Christmas as the world would have you do…do not forget everyday is a day to give thanks.  Thanksgiving is the time we should give thanks more than usual.

Hunting Happiness

[Verse 1]
Beautiful lights shine like champions
But I find the fault in the stars
Cause I’m so caught up hunting happiness
That I cannot see it’s hunting me

The moment I start feeling comfortable
I hear a voice in my head
Fast cars paint guides on the pavement
And say “don’t look back, find greener grass”

The road to paradise is easy to pass
And you’ll never see the sign if you’re moving too fast
I’m so caught up hunting happiness
I move so quickly that it can’t catch me
Ooooooh, ooooh

[Verse 2]
Show me a shot of a miracle
And I’ll find the dirt on the frame
It’s easier chasing a fantasy
Than trusting your heart won’t rip mine apart

The road to paradise is easy to pass
And you’ll never see the sign if you’re moving too fast
I’m so caught up hunting happiness
I move so quickly that it can’t catch me
Ooooooh, ooooh
Ooooooh, ooooh
Ooooooh, ooooh
Ooooooh, ooooh

If I could stay still
Just for a minute
I’d find myself in it

If I could see clear
And count all my blessings
Instead of the seconds

The road to paradise is easy to pass
And you’ll never see the sign if you’re moving to fast
Oh, I’m so caught up hunting happiness
I move so quickly that it can’t catch me
Ooooooh, ooooh
Ooooooh, ooooh
Ooooooh, ooooh
Ooooooh, ooooh

The night before Halloween: What haunts you?

My late wife honestly.  For the longest time I felt lost…now it is a more frightening time…moving on without her.  I type this with tears flowing because an episode of 911 drove home this point for me.  Substitute the name Heather for Abby here and it is mostly accurate as to my feelings.  The thing about Heather that haunts me the most is the tiem I had to sign the DNR on her.  I then fell asleep…I had been awake for nearly 90 straight hours….but that is what haunts me..is signing her death warrant.  It was her time to go..it just doesn’t help me feel any better.  Me and Heather had some rough times…but I am a better man from her being here with me for the short time she was here.  I think the behind the scenes trigger was finally realizing the Kia is gone.  Yes I sold it and the vehicle is now in WVA getting the repairs it needs..but it never hit me as to what that meant.  She’s gone…and I am moving on…no matter how hard that is going to be.  She will always be a part of me…I will see her again once my time is done here.  Here is my haunting for this year’s Halloween:


Here is the song in the background:

I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind
And I’ll use you as a focal point
So I don’t lose sight of what I want
And I’ve moved further than I thought I could
But I missed you more than I thought I would
And I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me
Talk some sense to me
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me
Talk some sense to me
And I’ll use you as a makeshift gauge
Of how much to give and how much to take
I’ll use you as a warning sign
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me
Talk some sense to me
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me
Talk some sense to me
Oh, and I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me
Talk some sense to me
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me
Talk some sense to me

Why I Salute During The Anthem

Simply put,. I am an honorably discharged US Navy veteran.  As such I am afforded the honor of rendering the salute during the national anthem.

As per the US Code:

36 U.S. Code § 301 – National anthem

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The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem.
(b)Conduct During Playing.—During a rendition of the national anthem—

(1)when the flag is displayed—


individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note;

members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform; and

all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and

when the flag is not displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same manner they would if the flag were displayed.

The Saudis Are Feeling Uppity…

The Saudis want to threaten us with price hikes. I hope they do try it..we can easily make up the difference as we have plenty of reserves…especially with ANWAR now open…but the Brakken oil field is not being touched much either…all we would have to do is cut off all of the exporting of energy we are doing..keep it all in country..and the Saudis will not bother us much at all.

Karl Denniger’s take is on his site.  I will reproduce it here as his posts sometimes disappear:

Heh KSA And All Salafists: **** YOU

In my opinion we’re well past the point where we should be putting up with the jackasses in the Middle East waving their oil wells around like giant penises that are theirs to use to **** anyone up the ass they wish.

Without a market for said oil Mr. Crown Prince will be riding a camel.  Should the US decide it’s had enough of KSAs bull**** and give the Saudis 24 hours to move all American-sold arms to a safe place before we will blow them up wherever they are the so-called “great Saudi military power” will turn into a ball of Saharan sand.We should have told the Saudis to go **** themselves and leveled a full embargo on them after 9/11.  After all the vast majority of the hijackers were Saudi nationals — that’s not supposition or rumor, it’s fact.  Then there’s the fact that the evil ********** Bush (then President) let several flights leave full of Saudis after 9/11 when our airspace was locked down.  Who were they and why?  We’ve never had that disclosed and we have a right to know.

It is a fact that Saudi Arabia has spread its Salafist bull**** through the Middle East and we’ve not only tolerated it we’ve called them “friends.”  Well, with friends that kill 3,000 of your citizens may I ask who the hell is supposed to be our enemy?

If, as it appears, they murdered a journalist because he said things the Crown Prince didn’t like then I suppose said Crown Prince has declared that if you don’t like what someone says you can murder them.  Those aren’t my standards, they are theirs.

Well now, perhaps a bounty is in order, since murder is now considered acceptable to the Saudi Crown.

The King (and his crown princes) must live under his own law or there is no law at all.  If it’s acceptable for Saudi’s Crown Prince to order up murders then it’s also acceptable for others to order up his murder.

Since no nation can call itself civilized if it subscribes to that crap the solution is obvious: They’re not civilized and thus they have no right to expect any sort of trade at all, nor any ability to travel here, nor to own anything in or made by this nation — including our funds, Treasuries and land.

Yes, we should be able to prove it first, of course.  Then again maybe the standard of proof could be similar to that the Saudis employ when it comes to how they view gays.

In fact I think using their standards ought to suit them just fine — right?

However, just to make sure they know we’re serious, let’s pass NOPEC right ****ing now After all 15 USC Chapter 1 is the law in our land, and just like KSA thinks they can have their laws no matter the consequences, even if it means their “monarchy” can murder people, well, that sauce works on the goose as well — so let’s cook theirs right now.

A Startling Revelation

I recently bought a newsed(thanks to Chris K..I told him I was stealing this one)…Ford Escape./  I am VERY thankful to the Lord for giving me the means to purchase it and I have noticed something.  In terms of tidiness…i take MUCH better care of the truck than i ever did for my other two vehicles that I basically inherited.  I then came to a startling revelation.  I do not know when, how, or where….but it is time for me to leave the house I am currently living in.  Now i will just wait for the Lord’s guidance on where, when, and how this move is going to happen…and to start seriously preparing for it.

Rack Upgrade Plans…:)

It has been a while since I have been able to post about any kind of research I am doing. Right now I am figuring out just exactly how I want to build my new rack mounted PfSense firewall to replace my USG-pro-4.  I want this machine to be fast enough to eventually handle a 10GE port and pass traffic at wire speed.  This isn’t as much of a challenge as many think as I am not going to be using Snort but Suricata for IPS.  Given enough high-speed cores I should be able to achieve the speeds I am looking for.  On top of that i am looking to build a new primary server.  It is going to replace the R610 and the R410 and combine them into one chassis.  It will have a large storage capacity with room for me to grow into.  The final piece of the puzzle will be the replacement of the FreeNAS Dell R310 with another custom rackmount server.  This machine will have an even more massive storage capacity to act as a backup target for the primary server, my one remote FreeNAS machine that replicates to the R310 and other purposes.  The main server will keep it’s Crashplan Pro cloud backup as well.  For full details about the current rack layout click here.

I have some basic requirements here:

  1. Update my server technology to something more recent.
  2. I want to at least, to maintain my current level of performance while saving a total of 15% power across the entire rack
  3. Maintain the same power draw while increasing performance
  4. I am going to custom build the firewall, primary server, and storage server.
  5. The primary CPU vendor is going to be AMD.
  6. The order of the builds will be the new PfSense firewall, primary server, and the storage server.

I have seen some serious drop in performance on Intel with the Spectre patches.  AMD is largely immune to most of these issues.  Ryzen does support ECC ram.  AMD has their Epyc 3000 series out which I would love to use but availability is problematic at this time.  The reason I want to go custom build is flexibility.  Dells are everywhere but I am running into serious restrictions in terms of drives, and in some cases, what operating system I can use on the hardware.  Getting the r310 working with 32 gigs of ram was a highly convoluted process that took tons of research.

The primary server will have 8 cores.  This will give me equivalent performance of my current R610(vs 12) while saving at least 30W of power.  The modern CPU will have more than enough performance gains over the current Intel based setup.  I will start with 32 gigs of ram for this server.  The primary storage devices will be 3.5” HDD’s while the boot array will be SSDs.  This machine will replace the R610 and the R410.

The storage server will have at least 4 cores and will be based upon FreeNAS.  This machine will start with 32 gigs of ram with the ability to go up to 64 gigs or more.  It will have the same connectivity layout as the current storage server(R310).

A Picture of demonic possesion

Anytime a title like this gets put online folks are filled with skepticism…it’s understandable, most folks have never truly come face to face with a real demon.  This includes most pastors, faith leaders, etc etc etc.  Demons do exist..not in the Hollywood way but they do exist.  The picture I am going to show you is one that’s been everywhere…but most folks were confused by this person’s appearance.  Normally I would write this off to just a person with a serious narcissistic personality traits….but something stopped me:

For those with the gift of discernment you will instantly “feel” what is going on here.  This person is not acting of his own accord but of the demon that is possessing him.  I personally have had several dealings with demons…back when i was a Druid.  I honestly had no idea what i was doing in the world of the occult at first…once I started attracting and then inviting demons(I never knew they were demons until my reconversion back to Christianity…not Churchianity which is everywhere) did i truly understand what I had gotten myself into.  Demons do not often show themselves this outwardly which is why most times when I see this I write it off as a narcissist…but this time my spirit told me…hold up..you have dealt with this type of entity before.  Do not assume in the future if you see someone act this way that they are possessed…It is rare that demons actually show themselves in this way…but it is striking when they decide to do so….

The Death of a Spouse…How it Affects The Spouse Left Behind

I have personally experienced what this text below talks about.  I got this from a shared Facebook post.  I have amended it into a form I like without changing the meaning of the post.

The death of a spouse or partner is different than other losses, in the sense that it literally changes every single thing in your world going forward.  When your spouse dies, the way you eat changes.  The way you watch TV changes.  Your circle of friends changes (or disappears completely).  Your family dynamic/life changes(or disappears completely).  Your financial status changes.  Your job situation changes.  It effects your self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, rhythms.  It effects the way you breathe.  Your mentality.  It even changes your brain function.(Ever heard the term “Widow Brain”?  if you don’t know what that is, count yourself as very lucky.)  It changes your physical body.  Your hobbies and interests.  Your sense of security.  Your sense of humor.  Your sense of woman/manhood.  EVERY SINGLE THING CHANGES.  You are handed a new life that you never asked for and you do not particularly want.  It is the hardest, most gut-wrenching, horrific, life-altering thing to live with.

Some Tinkering and Self-Education

While my current server setup is great for business use it really doesn’t have enough space for a hardcore cord-cutting setup.  I will require more than the 4 terabytes I have available on my storage server right now.  25% of that is for business backups..the rest is for my new personal experiment.

Plex media server is all the rage but I stumbled across something that integrates Plex AND several other programs into a Linux virtual machine.  I decided i wanted to run this VM directly off my storage server and then have it be a target for Hyper-V to use the storage server as only storage…the main server will handle the ram and the cpu processing(my server has 12 physical cores and 12 more virtual cores) so ram and cpu are not going to be a problem.  The issue was using the storage server disk array as if it was local storage.  Considering I have a 10 gig fiber connection between the main and storage servers bandwidth is not a problem.  I have a few choices, SMB(EWWW), NFS(possibly), and ISCSI.  I really know little about the latter two so off to research and learn I went..:)

If you want to read the details of my current network setup head here.    After my preliminary research was done I decided on ISCSI and Windows and NFS really do not talk as reliably together as ISCSI does.  FreeNAS made ISCSI setup a cakewalk…so did server 2012 R2.  Within 10 minutes I had them connected over the 10G fiber connection that already existed.  This also solved my backup to a remote location(aka i have the 610 now backing up to the 310 over ISCSI as if it was a local disk without having to “lie” to windows).  The performance is astonishing.  I have the FreeNAS box now doing nearly 2 gigabit per second sustained writes over the 10gig connection from the 610.  This is getting geeky to the extreme..i’ll post a full write-up on etc-md.com….but I digress.


Back to Business

The job hunt has turned into a great pit of nothingness.  Usually when i hit this it means it is time to change direction…and so I have gone back into self-employment full time.  I have a new plan and a good core of clients that stuck with me during my trip into the corporate world.  I am now looking to rebuild things.  I will go down this road until I am presented with yet another direction from the Lord..:)

Being Stuck and Moving Forward

It’s been nearly 3 years since my wife died.  I have been in what I would call a personal morass.  I have seemingly been stuck in one spot…unable to move forward.  I was then blessed with a good job opportunity…but the sacrifice required was immense.  I had to sacrifice my nearly 15 years of self-employment.  This self-employment I had built from nothing up to what it was when I received the job offer.  That was a full stop moment for me.  I had to pray and honestly think about this.  Eventually I knew this was the right choice…but it was a hard one in terms of burning down everything I had built for nearly 2 decades.  The Lord has a habit of doing that…how much do you trust me Christian?  Are you willing to give up something very meaningful to you to trust in me?  That is the overarching theme of the Christian walk.  The job paid well and the benefits were the best I have ever seen…and better than many in my circle have ever seen.  When that employment ended I now had no additional income from the business I burned down and was in an even worse financial prospect going forward.  This time I had no doubts about what to do….I sat and waited on the Lord to guide me.  Eventually it was putting an application on Ziprecruiter…the result was a phone call within about 10 minutes.  Now I once again wait on the Lord to see where I am headed.

The hardest thing to get through has not been the death of my wife itself…but the lingering after effects.  I learned of something called widow’s fog or widow’s brain…and it describes perfectly the issues I personally encounter on a daily basis.  For a while it has bothered me…i began to wonder about my own sanity.  Luckily one of my moms friends lost her husband and she posted about widow’s brain on Facebook.  At least I know this is not a permanent condition..:)

Some sage advice fro my mom:  Think positive thoughts and don’t let any negative thoughts get in your mind. Concentrate on only good news and getting the job. Give it all over to God and just follow HIS path. I know HE is working for you. It is what it is…this could definitely be the door that HE is opening for you. Be thinking about what you are going to say about why you left. As someone who hired and fired that will be a very important answer. As a suggestion, don’t even suggest that it was anyone’s fault at all…you may just say that their was a personality conflict that couldn’t be resolved…which is true and this way they won’t know if you quit or were let go…not a lie, just stating the facts…don’t say any more than you are asked about that is my suggestion. You are definitely well qualified and now all you have to do is pray that God will work with you to take comments and/or suggestions without commenting anything…just remain quiet if necessary. Unfortunately this is not our personalities, but sometimes we have to remain quiet.

A song has been put into my mind that is oddly relevant to my life.  The name of the son is Bridges Burn by needtobreathe.  I heard as the trailing music on Chicago Fire.  There are several poignant statements in this song.  The  lyrics talk about wanting to watch burn all their bridges.  When you are intense mental pain and you feel you cannot stand it..you want to relieve it…somehow.  Ultimately you want there to be some point to your pain..a lesson, an eventual relief, something.  You jsut want it gone..bury it..cover it up…destroy it…something to gain freedom from whatever pain is being felt.  Folks turn to multiple remedies:  Drugs, addiction, isolation, murder, suicide, jsut to name a few.  I am blessed that the Lord has given me what has been called a “bulldog faith” that i simply refuse to let go of.  It has been my lifeline more than once and continues to sustain me.  Multiple times I have hung onto that faith…Jesus is good…He has carried me when I simply could not move anymore.  There is nothing that truly makes life easier…we all have huge trails we face everyday….it is simply how you get through it…without getting permanently stuck…or worse..going down into a pit.  If you are feeling stuck..or worse going into a pit…keep one thing in mind.  Jesus will help you..even when you screw up…and you will…This second pit I am in is one of my own doing because I simply didn’t keep my trap shut.  Jesus has come beside me and is comforting me..but he is also forgiven me for my mistake and has already told me he has something else coming…I know wait to see what my heavenly Father has for me.  it’s time to move forward…:)

The lyrics go as follows:

Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo
Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo
Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo
Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo dooIt’s time for moving on
There’s some things you can’t forget
It’s sinking us like a stone
I just wanna bury it

I wanna watch all my bridges burn
Stand in the rain ’til the page is turned
Dance in the light of a lesson learned, lesson learned
I wanna leave everything that hurts
Never go back to the way we were
Set it on fire, baby, watch it burn, watch it burn

Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo
Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo

Out into the unknown
We traded in our regrets
Not gonna go alone
‘Cause we’re gonna finish this

I wanna watch all my bridges burn
Stand in the rain ’til the page is turned
Dance in the light of a lesson learned, lesson learned
I wanna leave everything that hurts
Never go back to the way we were
Set it on fire, baby, watch it burn, watch it burn

Burn it all, set me free
And let the smoke blow on out to the sea
I need to find somewhere I can believe
I need to know there’s a chance we can be
Burn it all, set me free
And let the smoke blow on out to the sea
I need to find somewhere I can believe
I need to know there’s a chance we can be

I wanna watch all my bridges burn
Stand in the rain ’til the page is turned
Dance in the light of a lesson learned, lesson learned
I wanna leave everything that hurts
Never go back to the way we were
Set it on fire, baby, watch it burn, watch it burn

Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo
Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo
Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo
Da-doo, da-doo, doo doo doo, doo doo

Will There Be Arrest? If Not Then Trump is Part of The Swamp.

Nough said.  There are online links but I have a copy hereKarl Denniger breaks things down really well.  MULTIPLE PEOPLE should be going to prison..for a loooooong time.  Start the arrest AND lengthy sentences…or Trump is part of the swamp.  I would then follow any congresscritter in moving for impeachment if arrests and subsequent lengthy prison sentences(with no retirements allowed) do not start immediately



My New Job…One Month In

I am growing to love this job.  Once i get the kids taken care of and off to school my interruptions are few and I can really get some work done.  Right now it is researching the documents provided by the client and working with my team to get the deliverable products done.  I just found out that my team supervisor is a believer…yeah!  So far she has seen the “worst” of me..my tendency to react quickly and voluminously with seeming random emotions.  Luckily for me, she is patient enough to guide my passions into where she needs them but not to stifle my ability to quickly size things up.  However instead of multiple small snippets she would like them put into a larger document…i’ll try..:)

The medical benefits are beyond outstanding.  However I think there are some disturbances within the company that I am not sure if the owners are aware or not.  The person who literally handed this job to me on a platter was supposed to be moving to a new, higher paying contract that he was supposed to be not only leading the team but also have a direct hand in hiring…didn’t turn out that way.  Instead he is stuck with the exact same pay he had before, the folks who were supposed to be his subordinates and who had less technical knowledge than him, got hired to higher paying, higher positions over him.  Needless to say, he is pissed and i have no doubt he is looking for another job after nearly 5 years at MBL Technologies.  I am going to hold my tongue(at his request) and will watch and see what happens.  If he leaves I might get queried about it..and i will tell the truth.  Eric(not the one in Va beach..that’s Erik…has already said if he finds another position he will bring me with him if he can.  That’s tantalizing..but we will see what the Lord says if that situation arises.

C.Diff, The Hidden Killer Fed By A Hidden Fuel

For a long time I tried to figure out how Heather went from pneumonia to sepsis to dead. After talking to quote a few medical folks(most of whom would not say officially) I have learned C.Diff is what finally got loose. right after she died I had several close friends of hers and mine tell me to take immediate hazmat style precautions in terms of what Heather had laid on or used or anything else. Luckily my military experience helped to figure out immediately the actions to be taken…everything she has touched, has fluids on, etc etc was immediately double plastic bagged..and then double trash bagged. and thrown out. I still had lingering questions about how this got so out of control….
C.Diff can also ravage a person due to the current medical procedure of starting large doses of general antibiotics instead of waiting for a culture. In many cases this works but now with this kind of bug around this leads to all of the good gut bacteria being decimated. C.Diff then explodes because it is immune tot he general antibiotics. By the time the doctors had any clue it was too late for heather. They tried switching to a targeted medication…but it was too late.
If you like to eat large quantities of Ice Cream…i would seriously consider severely limiting your intake…also keep in mind that hospitals are some of the most dangerous places you can be…do not eat theses kinds of products while hospitalized…and not for a while afterwards either. In this way my diabetes is a blessing in disguise.

New HVAC Vs Previous System

Since installing this new central HVAC system back in Oct of 2015 it really has not gotten a bitterly cold winter to test the oil burner side with it. This winter…i am getting that cold test i wanted. So far the results are excellent:
The last time we had temps in the single digits with the previous furnace only system that system was an 85k BTU unit and only discharged air directly into the dining room. Warm air would work its way into the living room slowly. The kitchen got plenty of heat due to its proximity to the dining room. Keeping the house set at a temperature of 60 degrees I would go through half a tank of oil in less than three weeks with temperatures this cold. One half of the downstairs was bearable and the other half(the living room) was cold. There was not heat going directly into the upstairs bathroom nor the upstairs hallways. The bedrooms and bathroom doors wee kept shut to allow the baseboard heaters the opportunity to keep those individual rooms from getting freezing cold. Our oil bill was well north of 2.5k per season just for oil and the electricity bill would also jump to more than $300/month.
This year so far this new system has several major differences:
  1. It covers the entire house for both A/c and Heat..including the cellar.  There is at least one register in every room of the house except the upstairs bathroom(not needed if the door is open) and my network room(do not want heat going in there).  A/C is handled by a different system if required.
  2. This is a “dual-fuel” hybrid system.  It has the usual a/c capabilities but it also has a heat pump as the outdoor unit as the primary heat source.  Once the temperature gets below 35 degrees it switches to an oil furnace that is built into the indoor air handler unit.*
  3. This system now covers the entire house from the upstairs(including the hallway) to the cellar(a smaller amount is diverted there simply to prevent freezing in the winter and to aid in humidity control in the summer).
  4. The new system is rated at 105,000 BTU/hr instead of 85,000 BTU/Hr.
  5. The new system keeps the house at a programmed 64 degrees during the day vs 60 degrees for the old system.

So far this new system is saving me money all year round.  My electricity bill went up from @105/month in the summer to about @140/month.  However the entire house is at the same temperature instead of just a couple of rooms.  That rise in costs also includes the increase in power draw from the infrastructure upgrades(a constant 300Watts) i did around that same time to improve my business back-end infrastructure.

Now that wintertime has sunk its teeth into this area I am able to evaluate the heating costs.  During November more than half of the month was spent on the heat pump.  The electricity bill went up about $10/month so far due to the increased use of the hvac system in heat pump mode.  Now that i have been on a steady diet of oil for the past month I can also evaluate the oil usage.  With the old system we would go from a full tank to less than half a tank in a month.  In really frigid times that old system could not stop the house from developing a chill that would make it uncomfortably cold in the house requiring a bump to about 62.  The old system would be struggling to keep up 60 degrees much less 62.  With this new system,  the burn rate is actually less.  We are at, as i write this, just above 1/2 tank…but the system is at 64 degrees and there is not a chill in the house.  The system is also not having to run very much to maintain that temperature.  So an uprated system covering a larger area, while maintaining a higher internal temperature with higher efficiency = less cost to heat the house in the same conditions as the last system.  I will probably spent less than 1k on heating oil this year.

Now it helps that I did a ton of research on various systems while also taking into account our climate in the past here and a close eye on fuel consumption, the pros and cons of various heating technologies, and the costs involved.  Luckily oil prices have been stable the past couple of years so a direct comparisons was easy to do.  Having a dual fuel system is highly advantageous in this area.

* This is one reason when I installed my new HVAC system i went with a heat pump/oil furnace hybrid. When it is above 35 degrees heat pumps work well…below that and they just run themselves to death. Below 35 degrees my system switches to the oil furnace. heat pumps cannot operate with any real efficiency below freezing…so you wind up on the electric heat coil system(which is nothing more than a huge set of electric baseboard heaters). This spikes the crap out of your electric bill. When you are in “emergency” heat mode your efficiency is 1 to 1. You get one dollar of heat for every dollar of electricity. With oil it’s much higher. A properly maintained, high-efficient oil furnace has approximately 139000 BTU’s of energy per gallon. right now oil prices are hovering at @2.95/gallon. Sure oil heat gets expensive because you see the bill immediately with each fill up. Over time though it is cheaper than electric heat. Heat pumps work according to their SEER rating. IN a highly simplified nutshell the minimum temperature for most heat pumps is 32 degrees…below that and their efficiency quickly approaches that of baseboard heat. Get them into real cold(like below 20 degrees) and they actually burn more money in power usage than heat they produce. If your heat pump is more than 10 years old I would highly advise you look into replacing your heat pump with a newer, higher seer heat pump and back it up with an oil furnace.  There are some heat pumps rated for teens and below…but their efficiency at that point is barely above electric baseboard heat. I know of a local business facing this. Their location has the split ductless systems that promise to be able to heat at temperatures as low as zero degrees. Last night, with the thermostats set at 50 degrees the heat pumps could not keep up with the temperatures here in Brunswick. Despite the fact it got to “only” 10 degrees the building was 45 degrees. The heat pumps(which is what split ductless heaters are) ran continuously from midnight onwards. Their building right now(as of 10am) is hovering around 55 degrees and slowly rising. The temperature outside my house in 16 degrees. The client called me asking if her networking equipment is ok..to which i replied, “yes your equipment and servers are loving this”.  There is monitoring software running on their servers that e-mail me every half an hour..which is how i know at least what temperatures the servers are seeing…

If You Are Not Married…Might Not Want to..Yet…The Fleecing of Men Goes Into High Gear But The Winds Of Change Are Blowing Stronger

I was blessed with a loyal wife who honored the wedding vows we both took literally…until the day she died.  The newly signed tax law takes a further dig at men.  However since men are now being drained of all of their livelihood by the legal system this latest dig now has the “let’s drain them dry” crowd concerned.  why?

One of the changes in the new tax law involves the tax status of alimony. Previously the payor (men) could deduct the money they pay in alimony, and the payee (women) would have it taxed as income. Starting with divorces commenced after Dec 31 2018, alimony payments will be treated like child support payments have been. Men won’t be able to deduct the amount they pay from their income, and women won’t have to pay taxes on alimony received.

Now folks may be thinking this is a good thing…except that men financially are being drained dry through divorce and the subsequent alimony awards.  It has long been established that the legal system is highly slanted against men.  The defenders of this are not bothering to hide it now that their fleecing of men is almost universal.  This latest award however brings with it significant risks:

You would expect that the pro divorce lobby (nearly everyone) would be cheering this enhancement to the cash and prizes we offer as a reward to women who don’t honor their wedding vows.  However, the problem is ex husbands are already being bled white.  It has gotten so bad that the parasite is now expressing concern for the host.  All of the articles I could find on the subject object to the changes, not because they object to soaking men for women’s benefit, but because the change is seen as potentially hurting women.

There are many linked articles in the following linked post.  I would read them as well.  When the “parasites” are now concerned for their “hosts” you know the problem has reached a crescendo..at least in their eyes.  As usual though, by the time the “parasites” are raising alarms it is too late.  Men are checking out of even the though of getting married at an even quicker rate.  Many are checking out of relationships with women altogether and even more are finding ways to not be in individual private contact with women.  What is interesting is the course men are taking is actually very close to the Biblical standard for how men and women should interact.  it will be interesting to see how this latest turn of events plays out.

Some Network Tweaks

I decided to go from software dynamic disks raid on the VM mirror to direct hardware raid. This was relatively painless. I exported the Hyper-V VM’s to the backup server (which took about an hour at a gigabit)..deleted both disks from storage spaces…then using the web interface logged into the raid controller and created the mirror on the controller. Since I have the rebuild on low priority (and the fact these are only 1 TB 7200 RPM disks) I then recreated the volume in storage spaces, grabbed the now single drive and formatted it NTFS and imported the VM’s back to the drive. I am only getting about 50MB/s in sequential reads and writes right now due to the rebuild of the mirror on the controller. That is all I need for now. The rebuild should be done in a couple of more hours.

I wanted to get my 10-gig connection between my primary server and my backup server working again without needing to buy an expensive (and potentially noisy) 10 gigabit switch. I found out that direct fiber connections will work without the need for an interposing switch…:) I ran a fiber connection directly between the fiber nics of the two servers, manually set IP addresses outside of my current internal range (I am using and and fired things up. They both came up chatting nicely. I then told FreeNAS to have SMB talk only on the fiber nic but I left the web interface on the internal network so I can manage FreeNAS via the web interface. Right now, I have seen maximum transfer rates at 5 Gbps. I have manually launched a backup and we will see what the more random I/O patterns of a backup max out at. I should see an average of 1.5 Gbps with a max at 2-4 Gbps once the backup process hits the data mirror. If i do not see at least 1.5 Gbps I’ll start replacing the last 4 HDD’s(disks 2-5) with equivalent capacity SSD’s then I should REALLY see an improvement.

Now my backup strategy has at least two layers both protected against ransomware and corruption:
Layer 1 is the backup from my primary server to the FreeNAS machine. I use the built in Windows Server Backup to send all local backups to the FreeNAS machine. This backup is done once per day. FreeNAS runs the ZFS filesystem which protects against corruption via the scrubbing function (which detects bitrot and file corruptions). If a file gets deleted from the main server or if I should get hit with ransomware here, I can first head to the FreeNAS machine. If the ransomware got into a backup I can use the snapshot function to back off however far I need to, and then use that image to restore any files that are lost or deleted. If for some reason that fails I have my second option.

Option two is my crashplan offsite backup. All files on the vm mirror and the data mirror are sent to the crashplan site every night. A different version is saved for each day and the daily versions are not deleted. The amount of storage available is unlimited. If something REALLY bad happens that destroys the house crashplan is my Disaster Recovery fallback. I have already had to recover a client’s system from ransomware using a similar system so this type of versioning, encrypted, cloud backup has proven its value to me. For $10/month this is cheap insurance.

Future goals: With the latest release of FreeNAS 11.1 a FreeNAS machine now can access BackBlaze B2. This is similar to crashplan but you pay as you go…the more online storage you use the more you pay. This is similar to amazon S3 but Backblaze is half the cost of S3. I have not had a chance to leverage yet but I intend to test it using my FreeNAS machine. If this works out (and has the security features I want and once i get my upgraded fiber connection installed) I may FINALLY be able to resume my secured storage research. I hit a major wall that i was not able to overcome financially due to the massive storage investments that would be required and also due to a security concern I had using earlier FreeNAS replication technology.

Social Security is a ponzi scheme..the real problem with the gov’t budget.

Let’s start off with a definition.  What is exactly is a ponzi scheme?

There’s wikipedia  definition.  In a nutshell newer investors are required to continually payoff the existing investors.  When(not if) this fails everybody looses.  Many government programs are variations of this….most pension funds are variations of this as well as the ACA.  Right now according to this article on cnsnews the Social Security trustees have been warning that there is not enough money to cover the payouts.  In this case right now the ponzi is working..there are 2.x workers for each recipient…until the gov’t went in and spent any surpluses for other programs.

The ACA is an example of the program failing from the start.  The ACA depends on healthy folks signing up to provide the funding for sicker people who sign up.  However that has not happened…why would a healthy person sign up if they do not need it?  They didn’t.  Some folks(like myself) could not afford the premiums at all….and the penalties are crushing.  The penalties do not cover the entire cost of not carrying insurance though and the penalties get to the point that not event he super rich could afford to pay them.  At this point either you ahve to let the folks off he hook or you jail everyone….good luck.

The gov’t continues to tax in record tax revenue but cannot balance it’s books.  We do not have a taxation problem..we have a spending problem.  Unfortunately until the electorate stops demanding these free lunches it is only going to get worse.

A good freakout tonight RE: finances.

God is good.  I got my first paycheck from my new job and it alone is almost what i normally make in one month.  I started the day with $1995 in my account and as i walk in the door this evening i have…$523 left.  The vast majority of that is bills that have been left to wait as I didn’t have the funds to pay them off.  Now they are paid…we have everything we need food and grocery wise..and i have money in the bank left over that only has to last for two weeks before I get more funds in.  My eldest is freaking out because we usually have to make that money last the rest of an entire month.  For the first time in literally years we could actually afford to buy a month’s worth of everything we need.  Between the cat supplies and the groceries we spent $540.  Now by raw numbers I could have cut a hundred or so off of that..but that would have been getting everything at Walmart and Costco.  The intangibles that most folks do not see are the amount of time it takes to drive to Frederick, the time spent in the zoos of Costco and Walmart..and the trip back home..plus the fuel.  My time is worth  at a minimum of 36 bucks an hour.   It is about 1 hour of travel time, more than 2 hours in Walmart and then 2 hours in Costco.  That alone is $180 dollars.  I usually burn 10 bucks worth of fuel..so $190 bucks.  This does not take into account the wear items on the car that have these miles put on them or the oil changes…etc etc etc.  I am just doing the most obvious one that folks see..time and fuel.  We usually spend around $350 at Costco and Walmart combined.  In total it is $350 + 180 = $530.  I spent 10 more dollars this month than I normally would shopping in Frederick.  We are not totally familiar with Weiss yet..once we are that $10 expense will go down to a negative number and then we are saving money.  In this case folks…shopping locally does save you money as long as you take proper accounting of the intangibles.

Moore Fakenews..It is Too Predictable

The Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten to the point that anything in the media that comes out I hold off on before I post.  I would say about 90% of the time if it is anti-conservative(not cuckservative), anti-trump it’s bullshit.

The instant this Roy Moore stuff started coming out I was highly suspicious.  Back on November 15th Karl Denniger called this story for what it was..an obvious forgery and therefore a total falsehood.  I have included Karl’s post below to make sure it doesn’t disappear due to his site expiring posts from time to time):

You Can’t Possibly Be Serious

[Comments enabled]  

Jesus, it’s that obvious and CNN ran this crap?

People need to go to ****ing prison for this.  NOW.

Yes, including Gloria Allred.  The yearbook is an obvious forgery and she peddled it on national television; that needs to be good for disbarment and prosecution.

The original tweet from CNN can still be looked at.  We’ll see how long it is before they try to take it down.  (Update: It appears one of Getty’s photographers shot the original photo; it’s been linked in the comments, and I checked it.  It’s pretty-clearly the image CNN used and it was also clearly shot in color as it includes portions of the people holding it in the picture….)

I took the image on the right side of their tweet, brought it into Photoshop and increased the size.

I will swear under oath that I did nothing to tamper with the color or tone and in fact did nothing other than increasing its zoom level to 400% because it would be impossible to tamper with the image at said greatly enhanced zoom level without causing visible artifacts in the background and periphery of the letters.  There is also a gradient in the paper caused by a B&W photo being in part of the area where the signature is, which again will cause visible artifacts if I were to try to tamper with it.  In other words I did this to add irrefutable proof that I did not in any way tamper with the image itself.  I also saved the extract from the tweet as a “PNG” which is lossless from my desktop to yours; no compression so there are no artifacts added in my process either; whatever CNN put forward, that’s what I (and you) have.

Those are clearly different inks for everything after the first name.

Was the original signature Roy or was it Ray?

Whatever it was, someone added “Moore DA”, the date and “Olde Hickory House” in a different ink color.

By the way, the claimant says that Moore knew she had a boyfriend “and offered to give her a ride home” when he assaulted her.  Was the boyfriend’s name RAY?

This must be criminally investigated right ****ing now as attempted federal election tampering.  Jeff Sessions, you claim to be “for the rule of law”, let’s see a search warrant for that yearbook to perform forensic testing of the ink, and if the latter part of the “signature” is not 40 years old indictments must issue right now for everyone involved in this crap or you are a lying, sniveling sack of ****.

A bit of truly independent, critical thinking and this is an obvious forgery..isn’t that a crime?  Where are the handcuffs?  I ask that question because now the accuser has admitted to forgery herself.  Karl Denniger on November 14th voiced suspicions about this as well.  Guess what network broke this “story”?  You guessed it..the fakenews network..CNN.



A Heart Attack Moment That Turned Funny

When my eldest was between 2 and 10 there were nearly weekly instances of her saying or doing something that at first were not funny but then turned out to be hilarious.  Tonight..at 9 years old…it was finally time for the youngest to do something that at first was nearly scary…but then once some investigation was completed the truth was very funny.

My youngest comes downstairs after her nightly shower with a severe case of skin peeling.  She was only a little concerned until i noticed both of her arms were covered in peeling flakes.  The concern must have showed on my face because my youngest got real upset really fast.  I then heard that the peeling was covering her whole body.  I began preparations to possibly run to the hospital as I thought she had contracted some horrible disease and my eldest began talking to her sister and then…began chuckling.  That stopped me cold and I asked, “what’s so funny?”  It turns out the youngest thought this was a skin moisturizing bottle:

Needless to say we were all rolling after that.  I will be picking up a bottle of moisturizing lotion tomorrow and the youngest is now back in the shower(with her sister helping her) removing the facial mask…from her entire body….:)

I’m a big tough guy…at least sometimes on the outside…

I have noticed more than a few times recently from a friend and a relative that I have a tough presentation on the outside but once you take the time to get to know me I am really a teddy bear..:)  Music is a spot for me that i love.  it can move the soul and stir emotions like nothing else i know.  STNG had two episodes that the music leaves me speechless.  One is the episode “The Inner Light” with some of the most beautiful music I have heard in a long time.  It is followed up by the episode “Lessons” where we hear Picard play the theme in a duet(or he fakes it well..<G>).  either way this song is very moving and I listen to it from time to time.  I could not find any real clips from the actual episode…if you can watch the episode titled “Lessons” on STNG it will blow you away if you are into great, classical plot lines.  I am providing a few links to some renditions.  I have saved all of these to my local system so i can listen to them when the feeling strikes me. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do..:)

here’s the duet sequences.

here’s another performance.

One more.




A long posting absence…broken.

I have been doing a fair amount of commenting on Facebook.  However this post needs more formatting control than what i can do on Facebook easily.

I am not a total MGTOW type but I can see some of their points.  There lies fault on both sides in the current male and anti-male conflict going on.  The death of my wife has forced me to look at myself, about my shortcomings, and examine some of my beliefs but mostly reaffirm beliefs I have always held but laid dormant for decades.

this is an interesting debate: https://spawnyspace.wordpress.com/2017/09/20/unshakable-belief/

One excerpt I am posting here:

And there is something else here as well – I have nothing to back this up except my gut – but I suspect a subversive ‘fake it til you make it’ dynamic would also come into play here. Long a mantra men new to Game, it think it would also act on women, but less consciously; for I suspect it is hard to fake femininity for any length of time without actually becoming feminine. Just about all women have the true feminine inside them – and faking it would inevitably tap into it. I suspect that once they see the power of their femininity (and make no mistake, femininity and submission ARE female power, in relation to men) many would continue down the road to authenticity. Just like men, many women too have never experienced true femininity.

Since men have checked out..from my generation to the current generation mentioned about, women are beginning to realize(again) that this ultra militant anti-male propaganda has taken their choice of truly mate-worthy men away. How do they find them now? They get em young..like 18 or even younger…when they can be shaped and molded(or so they think) into their vision of “perfect men”. However since women who are now acting with some sense of true feminism…laced with heavy doses of desperation…think they can mold these young boys into their version of men…but they inevitably get outed because young men and boys are braggarts…always have been..and no amount of anti-male ideology is going to change that.  Be careful what you wish for ladies.

The paragraph above is very revealing for the enormous spike in male pedophilia. Because women are screaming various anti-male slogans, using the state to brand men rapists, deadbeats, among other things(even moreso if you are white..and State forbid if you are Christian…and GOD forbid if you aren’t a Churchian)…and using the power of the gov’t to make it financially, mentally, and emotionally uneconomical to bother with women they have gone to things they can find that are “good enough”. What many anti-males do not understand is men do not desire perfection..good enough is just that…good enough. If there are no other options available we will check out and be perfectly fine with “good enough”.  Men will always be on the lookout for something better but it will be evaluated thoroughly, over a long time, and be looked at with abject and open skepticism until it is proven to be better than what is available. That can be years, decades, or even a lifetime in the making.  For some men the thought…or the reality of being alone without a mate leads to the same destructive desperation that has led to the rapid rise in male pedophilia.  Whereas women are emotional, and often mercurial creatures; men are much more logical, long term thinking, and objective. There are exceptions of course…and those exceptions are what make things interesting.(Of course there are those in both genders that are jsut mentally ill in whatever way..this post is about rational folks).

My take on things? Defcon 2 right now. I am on the lookout for future disturbances and doing my best to build up myself to be self-sustaining….if that means having to work two jobs(my business and another job…or taking a full time job long enough to get 100% out of debt and then get back into self-employment) so be it. The more i dig into things the more my radars go off and the more cautious i get in terms of my long term viability. I have two kids to provide for…the gov’t is NOT a viable long term solution(never has been actually)..and so far i have been able to stay off the gov’t welfare teat.  Due to many factors I am only concerned with getting my girls onward in life ready for things to come.  I cannot give them everything but they will have the benefit of my life experiences(which is much more vast than many folks realize).  Conceited?  You can call it that…but i know what i know.  Those few that have taken the time to REALLY get to know me(and there are very very few) know i say this with confidence..not false pride.  Divine intervention will be required for me to deviate from my singular course of action(in terms of relationships with the fairer sex) or most churches for that matter.  I have not lost my faith in Jesus.  To the contrary, it has been immensely strengthened.  My biggest hurts, most vicious attacks, and biggest problems have been from, plotted by, and carried out by Churchians masquerading as Christians.  Real Christians are few and far between.  To the few I actually respect, keep up the good work in your own way.


The Google Debacle

I saw this popup online and I was not surprised at the document nor was I surprised at the reaction and fallout.  It took a bit but the original, unaltered document finally got released.  I have archived it here on this site just in case it disappears.

A Recollection of Feelings After the Death of my Wife.

I have been asked what I was feeling right after Heather died.  The days immediately after her death I do not remember much. I literally slept nearly 24 hours the morning I somehow drove myself home and then collapsed on my bed with no concern about anything else. The next month is a blur as well. Over the intervening 24 months I still struggled with recalling my feelings..or if I had any. Now it’s just over two years from her death and I heard one song that describes how I felt pretty well.
I have also been asked after the obvious trauma that put me through, how have I moved forward?  One name is all you need to know.  Jesus Christ.   I can tell you this…if I did not have my Jesus in my life I am not sure I would have been able to move forward in the timeframe I have.  I still have my nights where I break down.  There are some days I just fall apart.  While I try to not let my girls see me lose control there are some days I cannot help it.  The number of days I break down either in private or in eyesight of my girls are decreasing…but I am not sure it will ever cease.  What I do know is that with Jesus at my side and as my guide I will make it through this life.
All the Kings Horses
I knock the ice from my bones
Try not to feel the cold
Caught in the thought of that time
When everything was fine, everything was mine
Everything was fine, everything was mine
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
Run with my hands on my eyes
Blind, but I’m still alive
Free to go back on my own
But is it still a home when you’re all alone
Is it still a home when you’re all alone
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
There is a reason I’m still standing
I never knew if I’d be landing
And I will run fast, outlast
Everyone that said no…
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put me back together again

The Opiod Problem is Growing. What is Maryland’s response? Even MORE Enablement and a Statement of Faith and Personal Responsibility.

I made a post last year about how the push to put Narcan in the hands of all first responders was going to enable more overdoses.  I am not saying this is the only reason but it is one of the biggest reasons.  The economic circumstances for so many people has not changed…or in many cases has gotten worse.  This has been part of the reason the overdose problem is getting even worse.  Now as of June 1, 2017 anyone can get narcan without a doctor’s prescription.  This also does not include any medical training requirements, only a crash course in symptom recognition and how to administer this powerful drug.  So now this drug is now being carried around by not even first responders but regular civilians.  I can hear the , “what if you had overdosed.  Wouldn’t you want somebody to help?”  My answer?  Not unless you were an EMT or paramedic with proper medical training.

Keep in mind an opioid overdose is rarely spontaneous.  It is a choice to take more and more of the drug..unless you are addicted to the point where you can’t get away from it….”doing it for fun”.  I am not against drug addiction intervention treatment either.  HOwever this push for Narcan everywhere only enables folks to continue to make poor choices.  As with most “feel good” response plans this has disastrous second order effects.  For those who are truly addicted…I am all for this lifesaving substance…as long as it is followed up with appropriate intervention by appropriate medical professionals.  Narcan everywhere however is only going to enable the further explosion of overdosing by those who wish to not be responsible for their own actions.

I think Narcan should be only administered with either an actual prescription or by properly medically trained first responders.  This gives the best balance between getting the drug to those who really need it vs to those who do it because they no longer have to fear the results of poor choices.  I am a big proponent of personal responsibility.  If you make a poor conscious choice…you should suffer the consequences of that choice.  So if an ambulance cannot get to you in time..even if you were hooked by a “friend” or some other reason…i am sorry..too bad.  Yes this means folks are going to die…it also means that those who choose this poor choice of action will suffer the consequences of said poor choices.

I’ll give you a personal example.  I am a type 2 diabetic because of years of poor eating habits and lack of physical activity due to my chosen field of expertise.  I do not expect “diabetic drugs everywhere” like narcan folks are asking for as I am now dealing with my poor choices and having to change my lifestyle.  Obamacare took my insurance away from me so I am out of meds and the physical alone is $700.  The medication is not very expensive.  I am not moaning here about my poor choice…I am living with the consequences of it.  Why do I not have insurance?  I make too much for subsidies(which do nothing to offset the monthly cost) and the costs of coverage right now would cost me more than 1k/month.  That’s more than my mortgage of $755/month.  I literally cannot afford two mortgage payments.  What does that 1k/month get me?  I have a deductible of 10k first of all.  This means i have to spend 10k in medical expenses out of pocket before bronze kick in..which is 60%.  That insurance does not cover the following:

  1.  any out of pocket expense the physician charges.
  2. no coverage for balance billing(which many providers charge)
  3. no coverage for any other fees, co pay, other medical charges, equipment charges that are charged.

Only after 10k in deductibles does the 60% coverage kick in.  All in all I am looking at 21k per year before I get ANY coverage.  That’s more than 45% of my GROSS income(mind you Social Security is considered taxable gross income and counts in these calculations).  As I am self-employed my taxes alone take a majority of the rest.  So I have two choices.  Shut down my business, work for somebody else who may or may not take my family dynamic into account, or reduce my income to a point that I can get all of the gov’t assistance(ebt, medicaid, food stamps.etc etc etc) and basically become a ward of the state.  I do not want to live like the latter and I do not want my kids learning to live like that either.  Right now any job I have been able to find would have any gains in income be immediately offset by the massive increase in daycare costs for my youngest that would be incurred by me taking a job.  One day a solution that is acceptable(either my business will grow to the point this is not an issue or i will be able to find a job with enough extra take home pay that daycare expenses will be manageable) will come up.  Until then I will soldier along with help from friends and family…but most importantly from Jesus Christ himself.

For those who are overdosing because you do not have to suffer the consequences for your poor choices…shame on you.  The folks in this society who live with their choices have zero sympathy for you.  For the ones who have a truly devastating medical condition?  I truly hope you get the help you need before it’s too late.  Right now resources for you are being taken by those who wish to abscond from their personal responsibility.

The Churchian Cancer Spreads. Children are not Immune.

I have often posted links to my churchian experience. As I was surfing I came across this post on Vox Days site. My experience was at least confined to me. However another parent had his children attacked. Let me say one thing. If your church condones political correctness in ANY FORM your church is infested with this. If you are church leadership who follows this insanity I would call you a false prophet at the best…demon possessed at the worst. If you find this offensive…good..it means you have a serious problem brewing and you had better get back to the Bible to fix it.  The excerpt points out something I point out very often.  I have been attacked and wronged more often by my “Christian Siblings” both personally and in business.

*Here is a poignant excerpt from the linked article*

When I was an atheist, no ambush by backstabbers happened to me, neither in my personal nor professional life. The moment I converted to Christianity, within minutes of my answering a question about my faith posed by a high school newspaper reporter, I earned the enmity of relatives and strangers.

Editors and publishers who had hitherto been willing to publish my work, and readers who had been hitherto willing to vote awards for my work, suddenly denounced me with a fury unrelated to reality. International newspapers were eager to dunk my name in calumny, and facts be damned. No accusation was too untrue or too absurd to level against a man who dared be Christian and take the faith seriously.

But I had been warned by Christ’s own words that the world would hate me for His sake, so I express no surprise. I knew before I signed up what I was signing up for.

Since I was the same person before and after conversion, one can conclude with the precision of a scientific experiment what provokes the hellish ire and reckless slander.

It is not me they hate, or, at least, not me for my own sake. It is Christ. I am not their judge. I have no authority over them. I cannot shed the unwelcome light to make them see their own corruption. He is. He has. He can.

Hence, I cannot take offense with them for my sake, since I am not the offended party. Christ is the one they slander, mock, flog, scorn, stab and crucify. He prays to the Father that they be forgiven. They know not what they do.

Such love is beyond my comprehension. A deep mystery is here.

My observation is that these are not bad people. They are good people deceived and controlled by bad ideas. I am tempted to say possessed by bad ideas, or, rather, by a bad spirit. Such is the spirit of the age. It devolves them into Morlocks and Eloi: but their blood is still human.

From my youth up, I have always been phlegmatically indifferent to the opinions of those whose opinions are based on neurotic emotion, because such opinions are without merit. From my point of view, if Tor Books wishes to insult my readers, or World Con voters wish to vote my works under ‘No Award’, their reputations are harmed, not mine. I continue as before.

In such a case, forgiveness is logical and necessary: the hatred harms only the hater, who inner darkness and unreason is exposed to the candid eye of man and angel alike.

But my son is not prepared for betrayal by people, such as Christian pastors, such as his own scoutmaster, whom I taught him to trust, respect and obey.

The world where chaplains will denounce you for being Christian, or Boy Scouts will expel you for being patriotic, is a new world to him.

When a Leftist Christian has to decide between Leftism and the teachings of Christ, he goes Left. When a Leftist Scout has to decide between Leftism and the teachings of Robert Baden Powell, he goes Left. Leftist put Leftism before all other loyalties.

Perhaps the lesson with toughen his spirit.

The lesson may be useful for my friends and readers as well:

The corruption is everywhere. To judge from their acts rather than their words, the corrupt wish not only to cow you into silence, dear reader, they wish to rob your children of innocent happiness.

In the broader picture, protests against Sharia Law were organized across the country this weekend, and community organizers on the Left gathered against them, not without violence, to silence this defense of Constitutional liberties and Angloamerican Common Law.

The countermarch by homosexuals and lesbians heckling and rioting in favor of the barbaric laws of Mohammed, which, if enacted here as they are abroad, would execute or mutilate the coutermarchers, or reduce them to chattel dressed in garbage bags, is an irony only a psychopathologist can explain, or perhaps an exorcist.

In the Looking-Glass world, no pastor stands up for Christ, nor do Boy Scouts stand up for Scouting.

We are not dealing with a political movement. A political movement would be satisfied with political power.

Whether the enemy’s rank and file are knowingly hypocritical or unknowingly, only mindreader could know. Such nuances of guilt or mitigation are not for us to judge.

All an outside observer can tell is that their words are always, always, always contrary to their actions.

In the name of liberating women, they urge mothers to commit infanticide.

In the name of antifascism, they commit fascism.

In the name of alleviating poverty, they enact minimum wages laws to increase unemployment.

In the name of lowering health care costs, they enact rationing which creates shortages which raises costs.

In the name of equality, they enact socialism, erect barbed wire walls, and make whole nations into prison camps.

In the name of safety, they hamper the Second Amendment which makes free men safe.

In the name of liberty, they forever expand the state.

In the name of charity and compassion, they enact socialist death camps the size of nations, and surround who continents with barbed wire.

And so on, and on, and on.

(Update: It approved the resolution so it is now full Churchian mode)The Southern Baptist Convention could be heading squarely into Churchianity.

The Southern Baptist Convention, if this proclamation is ratified, will have gone from one of the most biblically based protestant denominations to squarely within the churchian theology.

Resolution for the 2017 SBC Annual Meeting – Condemning the Alt-Right & White Nationalism

Resolution On The Condemnation of the “Alt-Right” Movement and the Roots of White Supremacy

Submitted to the Resolutions Committee for the
SBC Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, June 13-14,  2017
by William Dwight McKissic, Sr.

WHEREAS, Scripture teaches that from one man God made every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation (Acts 17:26); and

WHEREAS, the prophet Isaiah foresaw the day when the Lord would judge between the nations and render decisions for many people (Isaiah 2:4); and

WHEREAS, the Psalmist proclaims the Kingdom is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations; and

WHEREAS, the promise of heaven includes the eternal blessings of the Tree of Life for God’s people, which includes the healing of the nations that comes from the leaves of that tree; and

WHEREAS, the supreme need of the world is the acceptance of God’s teachings in all the affairs of men and nations, and the practical application of His law of love; and

WHEREAS, all Christians are under obligation to seek to make the will of Christ supreme in our own lives and in human society, opposing all forms of racism, selfishness, and vice, and bringing government and society as a whole under the sway of the principles of righteousness, truth, and brotherly love; and

WHEREAS, just societies will order themselves as free men and women and organize at various times and for various purposes to establish political order and give consent to legitimate government; and

WHEREAS, the liberty of all nations to authorize such governments will, at times, allow for the rise of political parties and factions whose principles and ends are in irreconcilable conflict with the principles of liberty and justice for all; and

WHEREAS, there has arisen in the United States a growing menace to political order and justice that seeks to reignite social animosities, reverse improvements in race relations, divide our people, and foment hatred, classism, and ethnic cleansing; and

WHEREAS, this toxic menace, self-identified among some of its chief proponents as “White Nationalism” and the “Alt-Right,” must be opposed for the totalitarian impulses, xenophobic biases, and bigoted ideologies that infect the minds and actions of its violent disciples; and

WHEREAS, the roots of White Supremacy within a “Christian context” is based on the so-called “curse of Ham” theory once prominently taught by the SBC in the early years—echoing the belief that God through Noah ordained descendants of Africa to be subservient to Anglos—which provided the theological justification for slavery and segregation. The SBC officially renounces the “curse of Ham” theory in this Resolution; now be it therefore

RESOLVED, that the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Phoenix, AZ, June 13-14, 2017, denounces every form of “nationalism” that violates the biblical teachings with respect to race, justice, and ordered liberty; and be it further

RESOLVED, that we reject the retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases, and racial bigotries of the so-called “Alt-Right” that seek to subvert our government, destabilize society, and infect our political system; and be finally

RESOLVED, that we earnestly pray, both for those who lead and advocate this movement and those who are thereby deceived, that they may see their error through the light of the Gospel, repent of their perverse nationalism, and come to know the peace and love of Christ through redeemed fellowship in the Kingdom of God, which is established from every nation, tribe, people and tongue.

The problem is the author either doesn’t know the Bible at all or is willingly ignorant of it….right before my wife died she had mentioned she was beginning to have serious reservations about both the church she(not I though) was attending and the broader SBC as a whole.  Rather than re-invent the wheel when it comes to analyzing this proclamation I found another post of someone who has already done it.

This is a very good analysis of the most recent proclamation brought before the SBC for ratification:


Today is a sad day.

“Resolution for the 2017 SBC Annual Meeting – Condemning the Alt-Right & White Nationalism”

   It is important to be precise when delicate situations like this exist. As I begin to write this response to the Southern Baptist Convention’s Resolution that was posted on May 28th, 2017, I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and to convict those peoples who happen to lay their eyes on my words to be convicted and see the truth within them.

It is time to dissect this resolution and introduce some context.

The Southern Baptists have been in decline.

1. Their Birth rates are down.
2. Their Evangelism rates are down.
3. They don’t have an accurate grasp on the condition of their organization, statistically, as they are missing data from 1/4th of their congregations.
4. People are giving less to them
5. In contrast to their decline in population and wealth, they have been steadily growing the NUMBER of churches for the last 18 years, with another 479 (1%) net growth last year. This indicates a tendency to focus on Churchianism instead of being Followers of Christ.
6. More liberal churches within the convention contain the largest amount of baptisms.

   I’ve only been a Christian for about 9 months. Within those months, I have hopped around Central Virginia trying to find a church which is not Social Justice Converged nor lacking in truthful scriptural backing. Initially, I felt a draw towards Baptist churches. Disturbingly, I also felt an intuition that there was a disharmonious spirit in the air within these churches. I concluded that I simply did not have a large enough sample size to formulate a coherent reason why I felt that. With this new resolution, I now have enough information. The corruption has spread to the top.

In their attempt to appeal to the masses, the same masses which would condemn Jesus Christ to Death, they have rejected Him and have become blind.

Now for the line-by-line analysis to back up my rhetoric.

Resolution on The Condemnation of the “Alt-Right” Movement and the Roots of White Supremacy
Submitted to the Resolutions Committee for the SBC Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, June 13-14, 2017
By William Dwight McKissic,Sr.

   The use of air quotes indicates that the author does not understand what the Alt-Right even encompasses. Bait and Switch snake-tongue tactic used, swapping out White Nationalism with White Supremacy, even though they are different conceptual models. Note: I do not endorse White Nationalism because it is an incoherent model, seeing as there is no such thing as the “White Nation”. White Supremacy is also dumb, primarily because the differences between the white nations are too substantive and broad to categorize as a single entity of supremacy, although there are also ethical conclusions which are foolish in regards to the supremacy of any people over another. I am not up to date on church politics, but it appears that the Resolutions Committee has an opportunity to reject this resolution on June 13-14, 2017. I advise that they do so due to the lack of precision detailed within this document. The author, William Dwight McKissic, Sr. has not taken the time to understand exactly what the Alt-Right ideology is, and therefore is not making correct conclusions. Although he has already been caught in snake-tongue tactics and I haven’t even begun to look at the body of the resolution. A couple minutes of intensive research reveals that he has not been known to make wise decisions in his expression of his theology, and I would posit that this resolution is within that same category.

WHEREAS, Scripture teaches that from one man God made every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation (Acts 17:26); and

This piece of scripture is relevant only in pointing out that nations do, in fact, exist, and that they were made by God himself. It is important to note that directly following Genesis 10 to which Acts 17:26 is obviously referencing, The nations then unified in the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. One can properly infer that this has been the most diverse place in regards to nations, in the history of the biblical story. What did God do? He dispersed them and confused their language. It is God-willed that the nations exist separately from each other, and not mixed together in Unity and in the name of Diversity and speaking the same language. The natural objection would be Galatians 3:28 where Paul says that there is neither Jew nor Greek. If you stop the analysis there, then I would agree with the objection. But we do not stop the analysis there. In context, Paul is talking about how we are not held captive under the old law due to our justification through faith in the Lord Christ Jesus, and because of this, the faith is not limited to any singular nation, class, or sex. If we are to take Paul’s words as an indication that when one becomes a Christian, they immediately lost all nationality, then we must also conclude that the concept of slavery and freedom are no longer in existence when one becomes a Christian (thus rationalizing slavery) and that there neither female nor male Christians exist. Now, Acts 17:26 also gives a hint to how we should conceptually model the nations. This verse says that God determined the boundaries of their habitation, which would lead to the conclusion that the nation is not talking about the legal structure above a people, but instead about the people themselves.

WHEREAS, the prophet Isaiah foresaw the day when the Lord would judge between the nations and render decisions for many people (Isaiah 2:4); and

The only comment I have upon this reference to scripture is the fact that we are observably not in the day when nation shall not lift up sword against nation, and I also propose that, as the scripture says, be God who determines that day, not us.

WHEREAS, the Psalmist proclaims the Kingdom is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations; and

Yes, but a nation can refuse to follow his commands

WHEREAS, the promise of heaven includes the eternal blessings of the Tree of Life for God’s people, which includes the healing of the nations that comes from the leaves of that tree; and

Do not fall into the false song of utopia on Earth, for it is in Heaven that this healing will be done.

WHEREAS, the supreme need of the world is the acceptance of God’s teachings in all the affairs of men and nations, and the practical application of His law of love; and

Yes, which must necessarily include a stringent adherence to the Truth, the Logos. Which is why the author’s complete ignorance of Alt-Right philosophy is worrisome, in the least.

WHEREAS, all Christians are under obligation to seek to make the will of Christ supreme in our own lives and in human society, opposing all forms of racism, selfishness, and vice, and bringing government and society as a whole under the sway of the principles of righteousness, truth, and brotherly love; and

Racism is not a coherent idea, and has no applicable definition. The cause of Racism as we conceptualize it is rooted in sin which is deeper than simply a buzzword. Opposing all forms of selfishness? Is this guy following the same Jesus that I claim to follow? You know, the one who said to the Canaanite woman that It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs. Additionally, His law of love as described in Matthew 22:34-40 is dependent on selfishness. The command to love your neighbor as yourself is dependent on the idea that you have a selfishness inherent within you, and that it is to be used in the functionality of empathy in order to love your neighbor in the same selfish manner in which you would love yourself. Yes, oppose Vice. The next statement is where he goes even further off the deep end. Bringing government and society as a whole under the sway of the principles of righteousness, truth, and brotherly love? I would love to see the justification for that statement. Christianity has an individualistic philosophical foundation. There is a reason that Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods. Note that he does not say to make Caesar righteous, to give him truth, or to give him brotherly love.

WHEREAS, just societies will order themselves as free men and women and organize at various times and for various purposes to establish political order and give consent to legitimate government; and

Depends what you mean by free. and political order. and consent. and legitimate government. Lack of precision indicates sloppy thought processes, possibly an emotional reaction, partly caused by his confusion of the incoherent ideology of White Nationalism/Supremacy with the Omninationalist ideology of the Alt-Right.

WHEREAS, the liberty of all nations to authorize such governments will, at times, allow for the rise of political parties and factions whose principles and ends are in irreconcilable conflict with the principles of liberty and justice for all; and

This is actually a completely truthful statement. The only problem is that the context of the rest of the resolution points towards the idea that he is referring, at least partially, to the Alt-Right. This would more accurately be attributed in the context of ideologies which are cradled with Marxist undertones.

WHEREAS, there has arisen in the United States a growing menace to political order and justice that seeks to reignite social animosities, reverse improvements in race relations, divide our people, and foment hatred, classism, and ethnic cleansing; and

Wow, I did not expect him to pivot towards attacking the BLM movement, Post-Modernists, Feminists, and Neocons. Alt-Right philosophy is designed as anti-Marxist. More evidence that he has no idea what he is talking about, and is simply virtue-signalling, or conflating White Nationalism/Supremacy with the Alt-Right, which is inaccurate.

WHEREAS, this toxic menace, self-identified among some of its chief proponents as “White Nationalism” and the “Alt-Right,” must be opposed for the totalitarian impulses, xenophobic biases, and bigoted ideologies that infect the minds and actions of its violent disciples; and

I have now concluded that this man is either not well-read, or has a low IQ, or both. The Alt-Right arose from an opposition to all of the accusations he is throwing at the Alt-Right. Holding the gun backwards in your hand is not useful to shooting your enemy. What part of OmniNationalist does he not understand? The right for all nations to have sovereignty over themselves under God is a fundamental right which he is denying due to its “xenophobia” and “bigotry”.

WHEREAS, the roots of White Supremacy within a “Christian context” is based on the so-called “curse of Ham” theory once prominently taught by the SBC in the early years – echoing the belief that God through Noah ordained descendants of Africa to be subservient to Anglos – which provided the theological justification for slavery and segregation. The SBC officially renounces the “curse of Ham” theory in this Resolution; now be it therefore

Not necessarily true, but I agree with the renunciation of the curse of Ham theory, as it is not based in truth. I would also suggest that a separate resolution be made for the renunciation of that theory, due to the potential gravitas of the idea. Although, I have not met a single person in my 20 years on earth that actually subscribes to this theory.

RESOLVED, that the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Phoenix, AZ, June 13-14, 2017, denounces every form of “nationalism” that violates the biblical teachings with respect to race, justice, and ordered liberty; and be it further

To denounce every form of nationalism, which he air quotes due to his inability to grasp the concept, is to embrace globalism and all of its subsequent consequences. This NeoBabelism that has taken over this man’s mind is dyscivic. Sad! I will take this moment to make the claim that OmniNationalism does not violate the biblical teachings of anything, let alone respect to race, justice, and ordered liberty.

RESOLVED, that we reject the retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases, and racial bigotries of the so called “Alt-Right” that seek to subvert our government, destabilize society, and infect our political system; and  be finally

Right here he exhibits another instance of snake-tongue. He has attributed retro-gradation to the Alt-Right, which is a modern movement which is harmonious with historical reality, and he does not distinguish the concepts of race vs nation in his mind. It is almost as if the author is incapable of seeing anything except the color of peoples skin. Societies which have fallen to the Prince of Lies should be destabilized, and the modern day political system is worse than a joke, it is fulfilling the agenda of Neobabelism and Anti-Christianity. The author sees a needle enter into the political system and assumes that a virus is about to be injected, when in fact the vaccine is being administered for the infection which already exists within the system.

RESOLVED, that we earnestly pray, both for those who lead and advocate this movement and those who are thereby deceived, that they may see their error through the light of the Gospel, repent of their perverse nationalism, and come to know the peace and love of Christ through redeemed fellowship in the Kingdom of God, which is established from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue.

   I appreciate the call to prayer. In the same way that I appreciate the Islamic call to prayer. If one is praying that his resolution goes through, then one is not praying to the Creator God of the Universe, the Logos who is Lord Christ Jesus. It is not the Gospel which brings light, but the Word Himself. It is humorous that he claims that the people who are fighting for the sake of Christendom are deceived. I seem to recall a saying by someone important about taking a log out of your own eye before taking the speck out of your brother’s. His last statement is particularly troubling, as he claims the the Kingdom of God is established from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue. This is false. Christendom is established by the Christians. By definition, if a kingdom is established by any other people, then it is not the Kingdom of God.

Conclusion: William Dwight McKissic Sr. Should immediately resign from all of his positions within the Church due to:

His Lack of understanding of the concepts to which he purports to write about.
His blatant endorsement of the destruction of a Pro-Christian movement.
His bearing of false witness to brothers in Christ.
His snake-tongue presentation of this resolution.
His being a Social Justice Warrior.

If the SBC makes this resolution permanent, that institution shall be fallen to the Prince of Lies. To prevent this, all members of the SBC must get a copy of SJWs Always Lie and to clean up the convention of any Anti-Christian offenders. No matter how big they are, or insignificant they seem.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
Theodore C. Brave

An article on FNP about downtown Brunswick

Vacant buildings drive dissatisfaction in downtown Brunswick

Machelle Lee wants to work with the Brunswick city government, she said, but still felt a twinge of concern when she independently hired workers from Building Veterans to pull overgrown weeds along West Potomac Street.

“I just feel very sensitive about tourists coming through our downtown,” said Lee, the owner of Roots and River Yoga studio at 17 W. Potomac St. “I tried not to make it seem like I was pointing out the city, but I did reach out to the mayor to say, ‘This is what I did — I hope you can maintain it.’”

Lee is one of several downtown business owners to express frustration in recent weeks over the aesthetics — or lack thereof — in downtown Brunswick, an issue that many say is impeding growth in the area.

Multiple owners said they’ve actively considered moving their businesses to a new location based on longstanding issues in the downtown area, or at least questioned their ability to stay open within the next few years.

“I did say that if we don’t see some real change downtown, I don’t know where we’ll stand in 12 months,” said David Blackmon, the owner of Smoketown Brewing Station at 223 W. Potomac St. “We’re just not seeing any progress, and our tasting room is very dependent on downtown traffic.”

Lee and Blackmon were two of several business owners to meet with Mayor Jeff Snoots and city administrator Dave Dunn earlier this month to discuss problems in downtown Brunswick. The complaints ranged from the relatively minor — such as a lack of trash receptacles on city streets — to major concerns over unoccupied properties downtown.

The number of vacant buildings was generally agreed to be the biggest issue, and one that effectively discouraged visitors from lingering downtown.

“First and foremost, the vacant properties are the biggest ‘eyesore’ and have been for years,” Cindy Nichols, the owner of Boutique Eclectic by Cynthia at 5 W. Potomac St., wrote in an email.

“The irony is that there’s a tremendous amount of commercial square footage, but people who want to rent are turned away or discouraged,” added Blackmon. “And there’s nothing worse for business than having empty storefronts.”

According to Snoots, vacant storefronts have been an issue in Brunswick for several years and are largely driven by property owners who seem unable — or unwilling — to rent out or sell the buildings.

But most business owners also said the city has played a role by failing to effectively enforce blight and vacant property ordinances, which has empowered out-of-state property owners to allow buildings to fall into disrepair.

“There are all these vacant buildings and the owners are not being held accountable,” said Keith Marks, the owner of Three Points Cycle bike shop at 5 W. Potomac St. “They’re not helping themselves, and they’re not helping the merchants.”

Brunswick currently has two pieces of legislation that enforce the appearance of vacant properties. Ordinance 518, passed in 2015, sets several inspection standards, including requirements for exterior lighting and landscape maintenance. The town also passed an International Property Maintenance Code in 2014 that laid out several requirements for unoccupied buildings.

The issue, Snoots said, was that the city never enforced the ordinances after they were passed, which empowered property owners to neglect upkeep of their buildings. He also suggested that the lack of enforcement sparked a cycle of disrepair downtown.

“It’s something that, as the mayor, I’m trying to address,” he said. “It’s hard to get prospective business owners to come and open a business when downtown looks the way it does.”

Starting Monday, Snoots said that the city will begin to actively enforce vacant building ordinances. A number of business owners, including Nichols and Marks, also said that Brunswick should enact legislation that penalizes property owners who fail to rent or sell their buildings.

“These property owners … should be fined at the amount of $100 per day for every day they’re empty after 45 days,” Nichols wrote. “In hopes that would get storefronts up and running.”

Property owner Don Devine, however, objected to claims that unoccupied buildings were the source of problems downtown. Based in Leesburg, Virginia, Devine owns both the Newberry building — partly occupied by a karate studio — and the unrented Kaplon building, both on West Potomac Street.

According to Devine, he’s invested thousands in renovating both buildings and initially faced difficulties from city officials in obtaining an occupancy permit for the Kaplon building. While many business owners have said that downtown landlords expect too much in rent for the area, Devine said that he’s frequently expected to lease for too little.

“In Leesburg, I could get $10,000 … for the Kaplon building,” he said. “In Brunswick, I can’t get $2,000.”

Devine also said that he’s currently trying to sell both buildings, but objected to the concept of penalizing property owners for code violations or for failing to rent out buildings. The pre-existing disrepair in downtown Brunswick was hurting property owners, he added, not the other way around.

“I’m the victim in this,” Devine said. “We’re desperate for tenants. So, you don’t penalize us. You go to the town and say, ‘Why don’t you offer tax credits for landlords? Why don’t you offer incentives for people who want to rent downtown?’”

“The whole area is kind of slummy now,” he continued. “That’s the problem with it.

College financing is a scam…and it automatically puts parents as co-signers if said parents fill out FASFA.

The gov’t has now made education a total financial debt trap not just for the students but the parents as well.  IF you fill out the FASFA form you are co-signing for your child’s student debt.  since there is a high high chance of default the gov’t can(and will) come after the parents income…however that may be derived.  There are parents now having their social security garnished as the children have defaulted on the loan and the parents as co-signers via FASFA are now on the hook.  Karl Denninger lays it out.  The the paragraph with the (1) next to it for the summary of the scam that is FASFA.

Contemplate a few things as you go through the remainder of your week.

What has had its increase in cost cause the most harm to American households and individuals over the last 30 years?

There are two things: medical care and post-secondary education.

What do they have in common?

Financialization and the removal of risk from those providing the financing.

Let’s take post-secondary education first.

Starting in the 1980s the Federal Government, in a series of legislative moves, started removing bankruptcy as a means of discharging educational debt.  This greatly incentivized various organizations to provide “educational loans.”  The government then put in place policies that declared adults to be children on a legal basis when it came to finances.

(1) Specifically, the FAFSA prohibits an unmarried person under the age of 24 from being financially independent!  You are legally an adult at 18 and will go to an adult prison if you commit a crime, you can enlist in the service, get married, sign a contract (even if to your severe detriment), borrow money and be obligated to pay same, you can drink at 21, all over the objection of your parents, but the Federal Government will force your parents to disclose their income and assets and will penalize you if they make too much or have too much even if you get none of it now or ever, until you’re 24 and if either or both parents refuse then you’re cut off from all financial programs and are charged the highest possible price.  This is outrageously unconstitutional on its face as it declares a parent an indentured servant to the state and penalizes a young adult due to no act of their own.  There’s a pretty-clean argument that this system, in fact, constitutes extortion and since there are multiple parties including the college involved it’s Racketeering.  Finally the parents are not entitled to any sort of information or input on their former kid’s grades, progress, choice of major or spending while in school — whether via loans or otherwise.

Then the Federal Government went further in the wake of 2008 and basically took over educational lending entirely.  The exception remaining are “PLUS” loans which are actually co-signed by the parents of said adult children but even those that are not federally-made remain non-dischargable in bankruptcy.

Let me be clear: There is almost-never any reason for any person to take out any “educational” loan of any sort to attend a post-secondary educational institution.  PLUS loans are purely abusive in every single case and ought to not be outlawed they ought to be considered racketeering on their face as they attempt to coerce parents into being responsible for another adult’s decisions and outcomes.

It gets even worse in the post-graduate world because for Masters and PhD work there are essentially no grants of any sort — only loans.  There are plenty of Masters and PhD fields that do not reliably return salaries in the six figure range and many fields, particularly in the arts and social sciences, where a Bachelors degree is close to worthless as anything more than an admission ticket to graduate school!  As just one example National Geographic is rumored to refuse to even consider employing someone in their writing, photography or graphics arts areas without a post-graduate degree in some area of fine arts — and they’re not alone.  Look at virtually any social science field and you will find myriad “Masters+” requirements, effectively forcing six to eight year college attendance. With educational loans being amortized over 10 years a $100,000 college debt @ 4% requires just over $1,000 a month in payments to be made after tax, which means you need $12,000 of free cash flow after all taxes and living expenses to be able to afford it.

What salary must be earned to do this assuming (1) you own a house or rent something at a similar capitalization rate to the principal and interest on same, (2) you own a car with a modest ($250) monthly payment amount (note that this is roughly half the going payment for car loans today) and (3) you have no other consumer debt whatsoever, and take none in the future (hopelessly optimistic based on current statistical data.)

Let’s look at the basic rules of finance: You can afford 28% of your gross income on P&I (or rent) for your residence and no more than 36% to service all debt — including the $12,000 for college loans.

So let’s assume you pay $800 a month for either rent or P&I on a house.  This is possible in many communities, but not in most large cities; there it’s at least 50% higher.  We’ll also add the $250 car payment monthly, and then the $1,000 for educational debt.

This amounts to $2,050 monthly in mandatory free cash flow.  For that to be no more than 36% of gross income we thus see that you need a $5,700 gross income per month to meet this expense ratio and that allows for no mistakes, no savings and no additional consumer debt of any sort such as a credit card or otherwise.  It is extremely aggressive, in other words in that one serious financial accident (e.g. a bad car wreck, illness, layoff, etc.) leaves you screwed.  The basic rules of reasonable safety require that you have six to 12 months of gross income stashed which means you need at least $35,000 in cash in the bank in addition to have a reasonable level of financial safety.

This is nearly $70,000 a year in salary plus another $35,000 in the bank which is wildly beyond first-year salaries and savings capacity for virtually all fields with a Bachelors degree.  In fact for 10 broad categories including engineering and communications the first-year salary average in 2015 was just $50,000 or roughly 40% short of the minimum requirement to be self-sufficient and on the bleeding edge of financially dangerous!

What if you get out of college with $50,000 in total debt?  That helps a lot and drops your mandatory spend to about $1,500.  Now you just make it as an average person if nothing goes wrong.

Does that make it a reasonable deal?  No, and here’s why:

1. That $50,000 wage survey value is an average.  Half the people will do better, half worse.  If you’re in the bottom half you’re hosed and in the street immediately.  Taking any bet that is a literal coin-toss between barely making it and falling off the cliff is insane.

2. More importantly you might not finish college, either in 4 years (in fact the majority of students do not finish “on plan” in 4 years) or worse, at all!  The odds of you being able to make those payments if you don’t get the degree are an effective zero.  The odds of making the payments if it’s $75,000 in debt instead of $50,000 because it takes you six years to finish is likewise much closer to zero.  While some cases of people finishing late or not at all are their fault this is not exclusively so; you could have a serious accident or illness that forces you to interrupt your college studies, for example which is completely beyond your control and yet if you leave school not only do you owe all the money you borrowed payment must begin almost immediately.

3. If you default there are statutory penalties and interest that are immediately applied and cannot be renegotiated or removed.  These will add as much as 50% to the debt immediately and irrevocably!

4. Finally, if you can’t pay you also can’t declare bankruptcy and get out of the debt.  It will literally follow you until you die and they will take your Social Security check if you live that long — after applying interest for all those years!  If your parents are dumb enough to have co-signed they will take everything they have too, even their house in states that protect it from bankruptcy.  Why?  Because when they garnish their income your parents will not be able to make the property tax payments and thus they’ll be forced to sell which immediately exposes the net cash that can and will be seized.  There are many “Boomers” who have made this mistake and had any hope of retirement permanently destroyed.  If you’re a young adult and allow your parents to sign on these loans, say much less ask them to you are a monster and deserve to be BBQd alive and eaten, and yes, I mean that literally.

It is in fact the design of these “lending” programs and the FASFA that have led to the cost of college escalating.


Because human nature works this way; if you financialize something then those who provide the financing will seek to take from the consumer (that’s you, as a student and your family) all but one dollar of value you gain from whatever it is that you’re buying — in this case the education you receive.  This has led colleges to add five times as many “administrators” as Professors, all of whom do not teach one single student, while they build gilded edifices including “dorms” and “food courts” most akin to luxury condominiums and five-star restaurants!  Not one penny of that money goes to improving your understanding of Calculus, Engineering or Fine Art but with everyone making a percentage it sure does go to the college’s employees, administrators and suppliers, driving costs up at ridiculous rates while doing exactly zero to improve the quality of said “education.”  In fact it can be argued that ridiculous incentives are created to pass failing students since essentially none of the funds go to actual education and all go toward those dorms, food and other administrative things which continue to exist and be profitable whether you learn anything or not!

The most important take-away from such a process is this:

The college only cares about taking all but one dollar of the earnings potential they impart on average; whether you personally get something more than a dollar out of your education or lose everything doesn’t matter to them one bit as you are nothing more than a number on a spreadsheet.  That is a fact because they are protected from losing anything irrespective of how well you make out — or don’t, as the case may be.

Now let’s look at Health Care and you’ll notice the exact same dynamic in play — but through slightly different means.

Health care firms are notorious for pricing procedures and drugs on what they claim is the “imputed value” of the procedure instead of what it costs to perform or produce.  In other words if a drugmaker comes up with a cure for Hepatitis C (which they did) they will price it at whatever they think the average person with the disease would either spend on health care for the rest of their lives if the drug did not exist or worse, what they might earn if cured!

This is the exact dynamic that has driven up college costs and it’s everywhere in the health field.  You never hear drug makers, doctors or hospital administrators talk about what it costs to make a drug, to extract a tooth, to remove an appendix or to birth a child.

They all talk about what the perceived value of that thing is as justification for their price.

This model cannot work in a competitive market because the floor on prices in a competitive market is set by cost, not value.  If someone tries to price a product or service beyond a reasonable profit they provide an immediate incentive for someone else to come along, enter the market and undersell them.

Why doesn’t that happen in the medical (and college) field?

It fails to occur because of artificial and illegal constraints these businesses place on competitive entry.

Both businesses severely restrict competitive supply — colleges via the “accreditation” process (an unaccredited degree is likely worthless) and medical providers via both overt restraint of trade (including restricting the supply of doctors through college admission constraints!) and a combination of CON laws and state licensing requirements that allow them to deny entrance or exit of competitors, along with the supply of doctors, directly.  In addition the medical field refuses to publish a price list and rampantly engages in both collusion and discrimination based on what else you buy from unrelated parties.

I note that the government has passed consumer protection laws at both Federal and State levels that bars such behavior, if it tends to lessen competition, as an illegally tied coercive sale but both federal and state governments refuse to enforce these laws against anyone in the medical field.

Think about how crazy this all is in the context of your car.  How long would the local gas station last if they didn’t post a price for gasoline and how much you paid was only knowable after you pumped the gas?  Worse, what if the price varied by as much as 1,000% depending on which car insurance company you used — with some being “out of network” and thus forcing you to pay $25/gallon while others left you billed at $2.50/gallon?

One local gas station would go out of business in a day if they tried this crap.  If all the gas stations got together with the car insurance companies and did this in a given town, or any reasonable percentage of them, the government would show up with handcuffs and padlocks within an hour, throw everyone involved in prison and chain the doors closed because such conduct violates not only consumer protection laws but federal criminal laws on the books for more than 100 years in the form of 15 USC Chapter 1.

The same thing would happen if the car dealers got together and tried the same thing with repairs; your oil change is $50 if you’re insured with Allstate, $100 if with State Farm and $5,000 if with Progressive because they’re out of network.  Oh, and you can’t buy the oil filters and oil to do it yourself either as they would refuse to sell either to you since you’re not “licensed” as a car repair shop.

Incidentally car dealers used to refuse to quote prices claiming they “couldn’t” tell what was wrong until after they did the work, and before the Monroney Sticker (the window sticker on new cars) they also refused to post prices on new cars as well.  If you’re old enough you remember the exposes’ that the media ran on this scam in the car business where they sent in a little old lady with a car that had absolutely nothing wrong with it, or some minor $20 part that needed replaced and came out with a $1,000 bill.  Today that doesn’t happen any more and you get a binding estimate before the first wrench turns, along with a federal requirement to post a sticker price on every new car because the government at both the state and federal levels passed laws barring deceptive practices and told the dealers and repair shops that if they didn’t cut it out people would be going to prison.

Folks, there is nothing effective that will be done about college education or health care until we put a stop to the forced assumption of risk being thrown off the people making the loans and prosecute the colluders, price-fixers and other violators of both consumer protection and federal anti-trust laws.


Let’s ask the question another way: Since basic human nature will seek to maximize the dollars extracted from you why doesn’t this same thing happen with Televisions or Computers in the local Best Buy?  In other words since it is human nature to seek to maximize profit why is it that a 4kTV is under $1,000 today and a 1080p (much inferior) TV was $3,000 a few years ago?  Why didn’t, in short, the TV makers and Best Buy do the same thing to TV prices that colleges did to college prices or hospital prices?

Simple: There is effectively no recourse if you don’t pay at Best Buy and Best Buy can’t refuse to give you a price until after the TV is in your house because it’s both illegal and Wal Mart down the street has posted their prices!

Further if Best Buy and Wal Mart try to keep Joe’s Appliances from opening down the street and selling TVs because Joe noted that both existing stores were selling at an uncompetitive price the executives of both Wal Mart and Best Buy would face prosecution.

Finally the best case for Best Buy if you don’t pay is that they can come repossess the TV.  But a year from now, when you don’t pay, the $1,000 television is worth $400!  They can’t take your house or Social Security check.  In other words they have no recourse if they try to jack up the price through financializing the transaction because when you default they lose money.  It is exactly that counterbalance that prevents the financialization of television purchases (which is extremely common; many are in fact bought on credit) from leading to $20,000 TV sets and people losing everything because they signed on the line instead of paying cash.

In short competition is the check and balance on what is otherwise an entirely expected human behavior that will and does screw you out of every single penny you have.  Without competition there is nothing that will prevent this exploitation especially when the good or service is something that is believed to be “essential” such as food, gasoline, medicine or education.

As a nation we must stop this crap.  If we don’t the medical scams will destroy our economy within the next four to five years, and the educational scam has already destroyed the earnings power and forward outlook for millions of young Americans.

That blood is on your hands.

This nation’s people collectively and individually own it — all of it — and that all those “smiling faces” can show up on mainstream TeeVee without a line of pickets 20 people deep around the studio says everything I need to know about the people of this nation’s willing consent to the daily financial******you not only take dry yourself but serve up on those who have no voice — including those who are not yet born.

I find especially vile those who preach or demonstrate about the evil of abortion while sitting on their ass in this regard.

Yes, I understand that resolving these issues will cause a large short-term drop in GDP (15% or more) and that would be viewed as “bad” by those in power — and the administrators in those hospitals and colleges!

But if the local hospital or college went out of business because it had borrowed too much money and, faced with an 80% reduction in revenue they couldn’t make the interest payments on the debt that’s good, not bad!


Because there are plenty of people with money out in the economy and they’d jump at the chance to buy a hospital or college at 10% of the cost of building a new one, complete with lecture halls or operating rooms and, just as importantly, no existing employment agreements that drive up the cost of operation.

With that 90% discount on the capital equipment necessary to provide those services and no existing employment agreements, freeing the new owners to negotiate from the ground up prices would crash instantly by more than half and that’s good if you’re someone who needs health care or wants an education — not bad.  Yes, it would bankrupt a lot of companies and colleges who took out stupid loans but it would benefit you tremendously along with those who didn’t do stupid things and thus could buy those assets for pennies on the dollar and make a nice profit while providing you with services you wish to buy at a rational, market-based price.

Don’t tell me it’s impossible to do this in the medical field because it clearly, on the evidence, is not.  Right now you can get on a plane, fly to India, and have bypass surgery done for $2,000.  The doctor was trained in the United States or one of the other world-class international hospitals, the equipment was all made by the same firms that make it here in the US, the hospital rooms are private and appointed like a luxury hotel and the complication rate is lower than the best hospitals in the United States while the price is 1/50th of what it is here.  Why? No financialization at all. Cash on the table or no procedure — period.  And finally actual competition is present.

Even in the United States you can go to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma where there’s no formal financialization — just cash.  Unfortunately here the supplies and equipment are still price-controlled so it’s only 1/10th of the price in the hospital across town instead of 1/50th, but that’s still a hell of an improvement.  Oh, and the complication rate is lower than those other hospitals here in the US as well.  Why?  Because complications are included in the price at the Surgery Center (and not at the hospital) so there’s a very big incentive for them to not screw up (and give you an infection, for example.)

Likewise, how is it that we put men on the moon more than once with college educations that cost 1/10th of what they are today in inflation-adjusted dollars?  It’s simple — dorms were block concrete, chow was a mess hall and there were damn near no administrators to be found — just professors.  If you borrowed you did it privately and if you couldn’t pay the lender ate it, so nobody would lend you money unless they were real sure you’d pay it back.  No college could price credit hours, dorm rooms and food like they do now because nobody was going to be able to stroke checks for it and if someone borrowed and couldn’t pay the lender wound up chewing his own arm off.  In short there was no “free money”, there was no enslaving either the student or their parents and bad financial decisions were taken by the person who made them instead of shoved off on others.

Are you going to stop this America?  Are you going to demand that our legislators repeal all college financing protections including the bankruptcy law changes and FASFA — right ****ing now?  Are you going to demand that colleges and businesses that collude to “require” degrees in unregulated businesses be prosecuted for anti-trust, extortion and racketeering?  Are you going to demand that hospitals, drug companies and your local doctor’s office post prices and charge everyone the same amount under penalty of prosecution through long-standing consumer protection laws at both the state and federal levels, and that states either repeal their “CON” laws now or be sued by the DOJ for anti-trust?  Are you going to tell Trump, the Republicans and Democrats that you will not accept either “Obamacare” or “repeal and replace” without prosecution of those who are fixing prices and extorting the public with their “Explanations of Benefits”, along with a refusal to post prices, provide pre-procedure binding quotes and bill in a level fashion at all?  Are you going to demand that any hospital that shows up next to someone in pre-op who has already been drugged with sedatives to sign a blanket consent form be criminally prosecuted for intentionally addling someone’s consciousness and taking advantage of them exactly as you would expect someone who Roofie’s a woman’s drink to be?  Are you going to demand that the import ban on drugs be repealed now and that any drug company that engages in differential pricing across borders or other anti-competitive behavior, including bogus patent extension filings that occur on a literal daily basis today be hit with indictments and prosecution under 100+ year old laws that forbid such acts?

Are you willing to enforce said demands with any and all lawful actions available to you, including sign-waving protests, voting people out of office, showing up at town halls and confronting these jackals face-to-face, refusing to associate with anyone involved in these scams in any social or professional setting while being very public about why, telling your Alma Mater to go **** a duck when the fundraisers call or write, picketing the homes and offices of lawmakers, college administrators and hospital executives along with their families who all personally profit from their activities, refusing to work for them or serve them in your profession and even extending your activism up to and including a general strike that you will not return to work from until and unless all of the above happens?

No?  None of the above, you say?  You’re gonna cheer for your favorite college team that’s screwing young adults in the ass 5,000 at a time and buy football tickets instead?

Well then **** y’all because I’m not paying for your decision to sit on your ass or, even worse, cheerlead for not only your own financial destruction but also that of every young adult and child in the nation including your own.

For more than ten years I’ve made writing columns on the economy, markets and the abuses served up on America a priority.  I’ve written those columns from all four corners of the country, I’ve taken my laptop and done it on vacation, I’ve written on news of the day that pops up in the middle of the night and I’ve got dozens of data tables that I have to update on everything from employment to the Z1 flow-of-funds to consumer debt.  I’ve written the checks for colocation space and servers, business-class Internet complete with a conduit feed here and more.  I pay the bill every month for the additional power and A/C consumed by the equipment that runs here 24×7 and I keep a backup set of both data and hardware “just in case” — and those who have been around since ’07 have seen times it was needed.  Yet for all of this and pointing out both the inevitable math — there is no arguing with arithmetic, nor can political considerations wave it aside — nobody gives a ****.  There’s nothing but excuse after excuse, never mind the clear evidence that your children and those who came of age during this time are being screwed blind (gee, why do you think all those millennials are living at home and many aren’t bothering to work?) and you are about to take it in the pooper in a big way within the next few years, not decades from now.

I’ve cut it way back over the last couple of years but the few articles here and there still don’t get through and generate anything more than a few clucks of “oh yes, we see it.”  Not one bit of activism.  Every now and then they generate a spate of “guns, gays and God” in response and I get out the banhammer to knock that sort of stupidity into the next county.  Three or four articles a day didn’t do jack and focusing on the two largest areas of the screwing that will come apart and destroy the economy over the last two years hasn’t changed a damn thing in terms of the number of people who will get off their ass either.  The count is a statistical zero — and that’s a fact.  The people of this country are all engorged in selfie nation telling yourselves how pretty, sexy, masculine (ha!) or macho you are on Facesucker, Instrascrew or finding someone to diddle for a night — or an hour — on Tinder.

That’s what the data says, and what’s where the money is going and I need only look at the price of Facebook’s and Amazon’s stock to see it.

Well y’all have at it and y’all deserve what’s coming.  For my part  “winding it down” is on its way to be taken to a whole new and much lower level.

I’m not starting a new business, despite having a few of them in my back pocket. I won’t take business risk, I won’t create jobs and I won’t hire. It won’t be all that long before I tire of paying that outsized internet bill and chop that too, since most of it is there so you can consume this — then immediately discard the mathematical truth of it all as unworthy of action or response. I won’t entice my offspring to do something that is financially suicidal.  I will evade every bit of the scam to the maximum legal extent available to me, and I’ll evade all the people involved in it too, with my middle finger erected in their face if they won’t take the hint.  I won’t partake of the medical and educational scams you all explicitly and implicitly support and I will label every one who sits on their ass or preens on Facebook a scum-sucking bastard unworthy of the air consumed. If I require medical attention and can ambulate to somewhere it can be provided at a rational cost I’ll go there and deny all of your cronies a single penny of my money.  If I can’t for whatever reason then I accept death and will use my last breath and beat of my heart to give everyone in both areas of this scam — along with all who silently refused to act — a big fat bird.

Let me know what your decision is but remember the words of Rush in “Free Will”:

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.

I’ve made mine and now it’s your turn to make yours.

Pettiness shows itself in interesting ways.

I had hoped the last election which led to Former Mayor Karin Tome being defeated by Mayor Jeff Snoots would result in Karin tome returning to the generally personable person I have known her to be throughout my time here in Brunswick.  While I am diametrically the opposite of her on many political issues I found her to be generally pleasant and polite in everyday life.  When I first moved into town back in 2002 it was winter time and we were still settling into our recently purchased home.  July of 2003 saw my family going to our first local fireworks celebration.  It was a great turnout…I could tell the small town atmosphere was in full swing and we talked casually with the folks around us during the runup to the show.  My late wife drew my attention to something that was unusual for her to see.  There was a woman literally nearly diving into each trash can.  My wife thought she was a bit nuts….I told her that no there are people that through either environmental concerns or the financials like to grab the cans and bottles because each container is worth a cent or two.  Get enough of them and it really adds up.  I did agree that it was a bit extreme in the manner of the gathering but otherwise we moved on.  What further surprised me is nobody else even took a second glance…as if this was expected.  I put it out of my mind at that point.  I ran into her several times throughout the city but mostly at the city library where she worked as a volunteer there.  I never had anything but the most pleasant time interacting with her and even my youngest daughter liked to see her.  While we disagreed vastly in the political realm personally I had zero problems with her.

Years later Karin Tome was elected Mayor of Brunswick.  While I again opposed her agenda and did not vote for her I took the time to congratulate her.  I also informed her that the only way i would not vocally dissent against Pay as you Throw(known here on as PAYT) is if the minimal fee was zero.  She asked why.  I told her i would then startup my own neighborhood trash service because I could do it for less than anything the city could do and with no worse than the level of service the city could do.(I could…i had already figured the numbers).  There was no hostility no threatening..just a statement of fact.

I think her biggest stumbling blocks were the following:

  1.  Her refusal to lead as a representative of the entire city
  2. Her inability, either by political inexperience or by choice, to not let her personal agenda lead her decisions

This led to her nearly loosing her office via a recall and to choosing a city administrator so polarizing that he would only get along with a small subset of the entire city population.    I will say this..i could still walk up to her..address her as Karin..and who would greet me with a smile.  I ran into her multiple times at City Hall..out in the community…and at the library and personally she was still the pleasant person I had run into for years.  We never made real friends but it was nice to see that two totally polar opposites politically could have a civil conversation.

Over her term as mayor she was set on her agenda nearly to the point of being an ideologue.  The citizenry made it clear to herself and the council that PAYT was a non-starter.  The council defeated multiple attempts at trying to move forward.  When the council had gotten browbeat enough and showed signs of wavering the turnout against PAYT was strong.  Even in the face of such strong opposition the mayor would not budge.  She brought in outside “consultants” and even representatives of the sole source for the special bags that would have to be used as part of PAYT trying to “sell” the citizenry on the idea.  The results were not pleasant for her or the city.  The fight that ensured lead to her nearly being removed via a recall election.  this tension continued until the next election cycle began.

The subsequent election was brutal….one i was not happy to see take place in our small town.  I am not blaming the former mayor for it…but her style of governing contributed to an already tense situation.  Folks from outside the city brought in their big guns for this election.  Local parties, county parties, in a few cases even the state parties were brought in.  I, being normally politically inactive, even decided to support Jeff Snoots.  This was nothing personal(though i was accused of making it such), I just opposed the current mayor’s agenda style of governing.  I considered a run of my own…until I asked around and found out two things:

  1.  Jeff Snoots was vacating his council seat
  2. His support amongst the citizenry was going to crush anything I could come up with.

It was an easy choice at that point.  I supported Jeff Snoots.  Wit the considerable resources being thrown into this race I did not stand a chance to get enough support to make a dent in either candidates support level.  The hype grew until, mercifully, it was time to cast our votes.  The turnout was good for our small town and Jeff Snoots was the new mayor.  I hoped our lives would return to normal.

I haven’t run into former mayor tome in person since that day.  I had no reason to believe that her behavior would continue.  I figured(maybe with a bit naivete) she would settle down into the personable Karin Tome I had run into many times over the years.  I was rudely awakened to reality today on facebook.  A post showed up on the City’s Facebook page announcing the City Administrator was stepping down.  It was announced the Dave Dunn was stepping in as the interim City Administrator.  Folks are disappointed but I made a remark about at least it isn’t Bob.  The former City Administrator who was generally disliked by the citizenry.  The response from Karin was what I have come to call snowflake mentality.  While trying to demean me she also pretty much demeans the ENTIRE city..including many of her supporters.(That would the Original Brunswick citizens Facebook Group).

That was it for me.  I then posted my response to her three posts:

William Warren Hey it isn’t Bob….
Karin B. Tome Please don’t go back to “Bob bashing” on this….it makes Brunswick look so petty…..
Karin B. Tome Or, if you DO want to look so small, take it to the Original or “Real” page – not on the Citys page…..please. We came a long way in being professional. Let’s not lose that.
William Warren Karin… ROFL! I am being small? Really? You the mayor who routinely…IN PUBLIC…threw temper tantrums when she didn’t get her way politically. You who as mayor refused to drop the leftist greenie PAYT that the majority of the city DID NOT WANT and made every possible back-handed way to try to ram it down the council and citizens throats? You who was so belligerent in your agenda REFUSED to back off until faced with a recall to remove you for your belligerence? I have been diplomatic and mainly silent and even defended you OUTSIDE of the political arena…until now. YOu have just called the entire original brunswick group and the entire REAL residents brunswick page petty and small. That’s a vast majority of the residents of the entire city. You ma’dam are the one being petty and small. If you want to call me names and the entire city names go ahead….I have not personally attacked you in ANY WAY. Now I know that what others have said about you is 100% true. Even when I saw you the first year i was in town and you were literally diving into trash cans during the 4th of july fireworks going after cans..my wife thought you were a bit nuts..i said no she’s just getting a few cents for the recycling. I agreed it was a bit extreme..but I gave you the benefit of the doubt then. I have given you the personal benefit of the doubt in the personal realm ever since…until now. Do not talk to me about being small and petty when you have showcased it over and over and over again in public.
 *update 1*
Karin B. Tome William Warren Wow – anger issues
William Warren not at all. the emphasis was to refresh your memories of how things actually went instead of how you wish to see them. Keep coming Karin…..
*update 2*
Karin B. Tome Just asking you to take it off the City page….
William Warren shhhh…..
*update 3*
Michael Tome Just as a point of clarification, Mr. Warren, because one thing I think we can all agree on is that the truth matters, and exaggerations of the truth don’t benefit anyone. So, first, PAYT was not rammed “down the council and citizens throats” by anyone. Yes, a couple of public meetings were held to introduce people to the topic and they were very lively to say the least. But, not one citizen in Brunswick was forced to adopt PAYT. Second, please provide your data supporting your statement that the vast majority of Brunswick citizens were against PAYT. Yes, there was a vocal group against it, but I’m not aware of anything close to a scientific poll that provided information on percentage of people for or against PAYT. I would hazard that there were actually a lot of people who are not in your realm of communication that were for PAYT. Third, you personally were not called names by anyone that I have seen in this thread… and Finally, yes, it is kinda odd that Karin likes to separate trash from recyclables. She has done it for years, and I guess I’m just used to it now. But, in the big scope of things that’s a pretty minor character attribute. It that’s all you have in terms of truth in your criticism, I’m thinking that’s pretty insignificant.
William Warren Michael I appreciate you will come and defend your wife…however your whiteknighting does not change the facts as they have been stated.
William WarrenI also find it interesting the folks calling for this to be moved off this page continue to respond ON this page.
*update 4*
Michael Tome William Warren I pretty much gave the facts… its you who chose to alter them.
William Warren Wrong. The elections spoke volumes. The majority of folks i talked to spoke volumes….however what i saw and observed is what i based my post on. It just happens others agree. The fact that you do not doesn’t make it any less true.
Michael Tuthill Wow, William Warren – the fact that you’d have to come behind this post to blog about how the former Mayor asked you to lay off bashing someone who was a consummate professional just makes YOU the snowflake. Get a hobby bro.
William Warren I have several hobbies. She was not a consummate professional. That was shown in public multiple times. If she was truly the consummate professional, even though her agenda was opposite of what most people wanted, she would probably still be in office. True leadership means you can get along with folks..not try to ramrod your agenda through to the point a recall is required to get you to listen. Allow me to quote,”Or, if you DO want to look so small, take it to the Original or “Real” page – not on the City’s page…..please. We came a long way in being professional. Let’s not lose that” Hey I am not the one who effectively called most of the population of Brunswick petty and small…talk about unprofessional. If you want this off this thread..engage me elsewhere..or do what i mentioned earlier….SHHHHH
Some folks would say I should have not responded.  That’s in fact wrong.  if you do not respond folks will walk all over you.  I had to respond if only for myself.  The rest of the citizenry…that’s up to them.  I am sure if you have managed to read all of this you might be wondering what is the point?  The point is this…despite the past behavior i have mentioned here if I was to run into her again it will be with a smile and graciousness…..unless I am given reason not to.  I am looking for a reason to be pleasant…and that is how I will continue to be.

The problem with “Green Energy” that nobody talks about.

Karl Denninger talks about the one thing greens do not want to acknowledge,  Green Energy will not be able to produce energy 24/7 on its own.  Either it needs batteries or some kind of storage system system for when..not if the green energy doesn’t produce.  Nuclear or fossil fuels are much more reliable and cost effective.  The selling back of electricity that is nothing more than a gov’t subsidy are being phased out further reducing the competitiveness of “Green Energy”.

We keep hearing about carbon taxes, “renewable” or “green” energy and similar.

Folks, it’s time to cut the crap — well, actually, it’s far beyond that point.

Let’s take a base cost, which is reasonably conservative (in other words, too low) of about 8 cents/kwh for wind power.  Costs vary widely at the consumer level across the country, but that starting figure sounds pretty reasonable from the published data when it comes to actual cost of wind generation.

The problem is that it is a false paradigm unless you are willing to accept limitations nobody will in today’s world.

A fossil fuel or nuclear plant will produce power except during either (1) planned shutdowns for maintenance or (2) unplanned shutdowns (e.g. emergencies, unanticipated failures requiring a shutdown to correct them, etc) during its design life.  There is no such guarantee for either solar or wind because both rely on something you cannot control.

Our expectation as a society is that whenever we wish to flip the switch and have the lights come on they will.  We can only achieve the “claimed” cost figures for “green energy” if we are willing to violate that expectation; that is, if there is no wind or solar at that time, when you flip the switch nothing happens because the power is in fact off due to lack of supply.

In order to prevent that from happening we can add on the following options either singly or in combination:

  • We can build much more capacity than required and store some of it.  So, for example, let’s say that we need 1,000MWe (1 Gigawatt of electrical power) for a given area.  We can generate more than that much during the time the wind is blowing and store some of it.  However, the laws of thermodynamics tell us that all energy conversions have loss; that is, not only is there no such thing as a free lunch but you can’t break even either.  If we convert the energy to potential energy (e.g. pump water up a hill) and then when we need it use that water to power a turbine (generating electricity just as we do with a dam) a highly aggressive target would suggest that we might achieve 80% efficiency from each of those two steps.  Arithmetic tell us that this comes out to 0.8 * 0.8 = 0.64, or 64% of the energy we put in will be returned.  This means that if we are absolutely certain (p = 0.995, or 1 in 1,000 odds that we’re wrong) that the wind will blow at a sufficient velocity to generate the energy we want 2/3rds of the time in a given location we must in fact produce 1 + (0.33 / 0.64) = 150% of the energy we wish to consume (that is, install 50% more windmills) and we must also install (and pay for) the pumped storage and generation system.  Note that this immediately takes that 8 cents/kwh to 12c plus the cost of the storage and generation system and the people to run it. 
  • We can build a fossil fuel plant to back up the windmills and staff that too.  Given the above figures, since we’re not storing anything, we must now build a 1,000MWe fossil plant and keep it both maintained and ready to be put online as required so as to provide any percentage of the shortfall up to and including 100% (if there is no wind.)  However, you must add the cost of said plant, its staffing and the fuel to run it when its operating to the wind power cost!  While the fossil plant is competitive with wind power on the operating cost that assumes its depreciation is on a 100% use basis.  It’s not; in the above case where the statistical data says that 1/3rd of the time the wind will not blow at a sufficient rate to provide the power we are in fact tripling the deprecation rate assigned to the fossil plant when it is running because the depreciation must be spread over the whole, not just when the fossil plant is “on.”  This makes the backup source cost skyrocket, and thus we no longer are anywhere near competitive.

Solar has the same problem, for the same basic reason — you cannot control when the sun shines at a sufficient flux to generate the power required.  Yes, there are places in the United States where the sun is likely to shine on an unobscured basis far more often than in other places, and transmission via HVDC lines (rather than AC) has materially less loss over long distances (and is convenient for solar since a solar cell generates DC power in the first place; as such it requires only one conversion, to AC at the receiving end, if HVDC transmission is used.)  But again, unless we are willing to be blacked out when we’re wrong we must cover the solar production the same way we cover wind!

Nobody is running the numbers in this regard on an honest basis when they talk about “green energy.”  The fact of the matter is that the claims of the proponents are, in essentially every case, understated by 50% or more, as the above shows.  This means your electric bill, in such a system, will either rise by at least 50% or you must be willing to make the trade-off that when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining you have no electricity available at all.

Let’s debate the actual issues with actual costs — not pie-in-the-sky intentional lies put forward by the so-called “green energy” folks and their political “partners.”

Outside agitators invade Brunswick’s election

I just got the most despicable, libelous publication about a candidate in the upcoming Brunswick City election.  Eric Beasely is being targets with allegations that had been expunged that are now apparently being dug up illegally.  I am not a lawyer but this kind of activity cannot be allowed to go unaddressed.  Eric has not asked for this response but I am going to do so.  Eric addressed all of these allegations on a miner detail already:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Whether you support Eric or not please join me in denouncing this behavior from a failed politician who made threats about this earlier.  The postal permit is from Rockville and is the same permit Ficker used during his failed primary run.  This is despicable behavior by anyone and this should not only be denounced but potentially litigated.  If these records were expunged then they have been illegally accessed and now illegally disclosed.  Somebody or potentially some people should be prosecuted and if called for by the law jailed.  Robin Ricker if this was done by you I hope you are prosecuted for this.

The Latest Jobs Report Actually Sucks

The unemployment rate of 4.x percent is an outright lie.  BIG excerpt from the economic collapse blog:


This is exactly what we have been expecting to happen.  On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the U.S. economy only added 38,000 jobs in May.  This was way below the 158,000 jobs that analysts were projecting, and it is also way below what is needed just to keep up with population growth.  In addition, the number of jobs created in April was revised down by 37,000 and the number of jobs created in March was revised down by 22,000.  This was the worst jobs report in almost six years, and the consensus on Wall Street is that it was an unmitigated disaster.

The funny thing is that the Obama administration says that the unemployment rate actually went down last month.  Almost every month since Obama has been in the White House, large numbers of Americans that have been unemployed for a very long time are shifted from the “unemployment” category to the “not in the labor force” category.  This has resulted in a steadily falling “unemployment rate” even though the percentage of the population that is actually working has not changed very much at all since the depths of the last recession.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the number of Americans “not in the labor force” increased by 664,000 from April to May.  If you believe that, I have a giant bridge on the west coast that I would like to sell you.  The labor force participation rate is now down to 62.6, and it is hovering just above a 38 year low.

When you add the number of working age Americans that are “officially unemployed” (7.4 million) to the number of working age Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force” (an all-time record high of 94.7 million), you get a grand total of 102.1 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.

This is not a game.

So far in 2016, three members of my own extended family have lost their jobs.

According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, layoffs at major firms are running 24 percent higher up to this point in 2016 than they were during the same time period in 2015.

It was only a matter of time before those layoffs started showing up in the official employment numbers, and I fully expect that this trend will accelerate in the months ahead.

And here are some other brand new numbers for you to consider…

-Since Barack Obama entered the White House, 14,179,000 Americans have “left the labor force” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

-The quality of our jobs continues to deteriorate.  In May, 59,000 full-time jobs were lost, but 118,000 part-time jobs were gained.

-Since September 2014, 207,000 mining jobs have been lost.

-We just learned that U.S. factory orders have declined once again.  This marks the 18th month in a row that this has taken place, and we have never seen such an extended decline outside of a major recession.

-JPMorgan’s “recession indicators” have just soared to the highest level that we have seen since the last recession.


Karl Denninger at the market-ticker blog says:

The unemployment rate declined by 0.3 percentage point to 4.7 percent in May, and nonfarm payroll employment changed little (+38,000), the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment increased in health care. Mining continued to lose jobs, and employment in information decreased due to a strike.

Uh huh.

Not seasonally adjusted (that is, before book-cooking for political purposes and attempting to bludgeon The Fed) out of the household survey) the figures are a different matter.

Employed in the household survey went from 151,075 (thousands) to 151,594an increase of 519,000.

Oh, and the employment:population ratio went up by two ticks to 59.9%!

So you expect me to believe that the economy created basically zero jobs when the household survey says it was over 500,000 and the employment:population rate went up two full ticks?

I’ll tell you what is terrible though.  Part time for economic reason workers were up sharply, 467,000, nearly back to levels from a year ago and reversing a lot of progress.  Meanwhile the number of part-time workers who were intentionally working part-time went down by 572,000.  Hmmmm…..

The workweek remained stable at 34.4 (gee, Obamacare anyone?) as did overtime hours while average hourly earnings ticked up five cents.

But I’m supposed to believe that headline number.


Send the guy with the handcuffs over to the Bureau of Lies and Scams please.

PS: Bite me Cramer.


Obama and by extension obamacare have been disastrous for this country.  It is only going to get worse unless things are resolved quickly AND correctly.

What is wrong with the modern church? Churchianity.

Just a quick preface note:

I am going to break all kinds of punctuation rules starting with the title.  I will capitalize things I feel are the most important not necessarily what grammar calls for and most assuredly not what the modern churchanity cultists call for.  I have spent many months and even years and this is only an excerpt of my overall feelings but it gives an insight into my overall thought line.  There are several links right after this section of text.  You will need to read them AND the links inside of those linked pages to be able to take this post into it full context.  This is not a quick exercise so get ready to invest some time.

  1.  Feelings towards “fellow christians”
  2. Persecution in America
  3. Churches Tweaking the Lions Tail
  4. Pastors Challenging the IRS 
  5. How the Gov’t CAN Interfere With NPOs
  6. Are Churches Ready to be Told How to Operate?
  7. The Fear Infestation of the Modern Church
  8. Christian Persecution is Only Just Beginning
  9. Destroying the Cult of Nice
  10. *UPDATE* 12/8/2016 How Christians are loosing the culture war by becoming Churchians..from a demons perspective.

I went into my time with my old church with grand illusions of wanting to do good for the cause of Jesus Christ.  The first warning sign was the entrenched you are an outsider attitude me and my family received.  My first instinct was to turn away but Heather being the eternal optimist convinced me to stay and keep trying.  So we did.  it turns out this church is pussified in many ways.  It is totally woman dominated with the men related to a support rule. In hindsight it always struck me as funny at how folks would bitch about the men not being very active in the church yet they did everything they could to minimize the role of men in true leadership of the church.  The real power was(and as far as i know still is) in the morass of committees that run the church which is where the real power is.  Finally after several attempts to energize the men which either were meant with inaction or were actively resisted I finally gave up.  It was only when I began to begin pushing to restore the Biblical role of men in the church dig various, very damaging incidents take place.

The first was I started hearing rumors around the church that folks were worried about my access to the church’s databases and how I could abuse the data.  To have my integrity questioned like that angered me and hurt at the same time.  I then made it known that first of all the staff could easily verify when any data had been accessed and it would be seen as what it was..baseless accusations.  When the accusations accelerated I found out who was spreading these lies and I then personally confronted the individual and told HER that if I am so untrustworthy she could have my keys and I will walk away from not only IT at the church but the church as well.  I also told this person good luck on finding someone who can run a 10k/year operation on literally next to nothing for NOTHING in pay.  I told her I did not need this bullshit.  If she has someone better in mind here are the keys.  She refused to take them and while she never apologized the rumors stopped.  This person would later be instrumental in organizing my exit from the church years later.

Next was when a worship band director at the time took issue with me and he cornered me in one of the offices and closed the door and proceeded to threaten me with physical harm and financial ruin.  Looking back I could have kicked his ass but I was so shocked at what I had just experienced that all I could do with cower back.  This person was very very rich and of decent influence in the church.  About 6 months later this person did something that I felt the need to stand up to him in public…right after a church service..in front of the entire congregation.  What is humorous is I did not instigate this incident the other party did apparently thinking I would back down.  Not this time butthead.  This time he did not threaten me like he did the last time but his behavior got him removed from the worship team.  he eventually left the church..and years later he sold his business.

The next incident was even more egregious.  At this point I do not even know why this occurred but I remember the details of the incident outside the building very well.  There was a “gentleman” that for some reason decided to come after me and my family and started making threats.  By now I had a well established reputation as a hothead(well deserved looking back…but it is who I am when I am passionate about something.  My family is one thing I am VERY passionate about.  You can attack me that’s fine but you go after my wife(who was able to take care of herself) or my kids and all bets are off).  This person decided to make some threats out in the church parking lot which led to a serious disagreement and eventually led to me becoming so enraged all I could think about was getting my hands on this individual.  Only one person stopped me..probably one of maybe three or 4 people I actually respected in that church(the senior pastor at that time)… physically stood in front of me and that is the ONLY reason I was not on top of this individual.  Several people saw the incident including one man who at the time was about 6 foot 7 inches tall and nearly 400 hundred pounds.  We talked about this years later and I asked him what he would have done had the senior pastor not shown up.  He told me that he would have let me,” knock the fucker down at least” before pulling me off of him.  Later I had child protective services crawling in my life due to a malicious false complaint of child abuse.  Me and Heather successfully fought this off and upon my own investigation I found out the individual who cowardly attacked me was a former promotional pass-over in the school district and I was able to confirm my suspicion of who made the false complaint. It was the same individual who made the threats in the parking lot weeks earlier.

The final straw was when the person who originally questioned my integrity got into conflict of authority with her superior.  I heard an disagreement between these two women and finally the superior said she was done and I tuned out.  I then heard the superior turn and re-engage with the subordinate.  I had enough of this persons crappy attitude and I physically interposed myself in between the two and told her straight up..back off or you won’t like the result.  I was firm but never raised my voice but made it clear with my tone that in my eyes this conversation was over..she was in the wrong..and she needed to move on.  I knew I had started a shitstorm as every time I had interfered with her plans I got a huge backlash.  I settled in for what I knew was going to be a big fight.  Keep in mind this person was less than half my size and I made no attempt to dial down what must have been a very intimidating pose.  Me and the superior(who also my superior in this wing) were talking and she asked me if I knew the hornets nest I had started up.  I basically replied..what else is new?  I see something wrong going on..I step in to put a bulwark in place..I get blow back….and everybody moves on after it is discussed and a resolution is in place.  We then heard the subordinate talking to the senior pastor castigating us.  I then intercepted this explaining to the senior pastor that no deacons have been informed of the incident and that we have not been notified of her disagreement which forced the pastor to refer her to her deacon.  Of course that didn’t happen.  The churchian aspect took over and the elders jumped right in and without talking to me or the superior and they came down with a judgement.  I do not remember what my superior had to do but I was immediately and forever removed from my duties at the security desk.  I was beyond angry and hurt.  There was no following not only church policy but most importantly the Biblical course for conflict resolution.  We never got in a room with the three of us to discuss it.  I and the superior offered the other person refused.  It comes down the elders demanded that I do two things…I must accept the elders decisions as just, Biblical, and final…and that I apologize for my role in the matter.  I decided at that point I could not submit to authority that could not even follow the Bible itself while self-righteously declaring themselves God over the church and that I MUST obey.  I left the church after that.  There were other minor incidents that took place afterwards that led to other actions being taken by me and I have finally been freed from the churchians grip.  Here is a modified version of the final e-mail I sent to the elders spokesperson about thing as they stand.  I have removed personal references.

In my final meeting with the elders spokeperson I was told we live in sensitive times. Unfortunately for me that means I am now seen as a physical threat to children apparently by the leadership of the church.  Not because of unbilical behavior….not because of the not willing to be held accountable..but now nearly two years later I am being blocked from the security desk due to the sensitive times we live in.  In other words the elders are worried that I am perceived as a threat to children based on one sentence uttered more than two years ago. 

Here is the issue:  If I am such a threat then why is the church so determined to keep me around?  If I am such a threat why do I have small children and their parents both inside the church and mostly outside the church asking me if I am refffing again every year?  If I was truly a threat I would not be getting my certification to referee middle school and high school game mainly at the request of parents outside the church in the community at large.

I’ll tell you why.  It is one word.  It is called FEAR.  It is as the root of these “sensitive times” we live in.  The fear of offense.  The fear of perception.  The fear of unforgiveness.  I could go on and on and on.  In a nutshell this locking me out of the children security desk is based on the fear of how I am perceived and by extension how the church would be perceived.  Shouldn’t the church be an example of forgiveness and reconciliation?  Locking me out of the security desk is the exact opposite.

after he clearly baited me in the front parking lot and was forgiven and after a short time of discipline and reflection is back in the band in a highly visible ministry.  The woman whom I interposed myself in front of after our conflict while resigning from the children’s area is still one of the biggest power brokers in the church and is highly visible doing so.  She has been forgiven and mostly restored.  The band leader who nearly physically assaulted me in front of the entire congregation was offered forgiveness based on discipline.  I do not know the specifics but he continued leading worship for a bit before he left.  Yet I, a man who mainly works in the background, am locked out due to a pervasive fear of what it may be perceived as. 

The Bible addressed fear over and over and over again.  If you want me to cite verses reply and I will.  It sounds like the Elders are worried me loosing my temper or threatening somebody.  I have not publicly lost my temper or raised my voice in the church in more than 3 years.  Even when I was conflicting with the subordinate not once did I raise the volume of my voice.  Not at any point while this was going on did I raise a hand towards nor raise my voice towards the subordinate or anyone else.  Yet because of the fear of how I may be perceived I am locked out. 

In closing you wanted to know why I have a fundamental problem with the elders that’s it.  I have already laid out my issues with how the initial conflict was handled by the elders.  I have been unable to articulate my other issues with the elders until today.  I was driving down the road and had this inspiration to articulate my feelings in a more clear way than I could even at the meeting today with two elder spokesmen.  I hope this missive helps the elders understand the reason I have a fundamental disagreement with them.  In my mind the elders are handling this issues incorrectly by Biblical standards.  If something isn’t Biblical no other regulation matters.  Please take the time to read this..reflect upon it and pray upon it.  I do not want to get a reply full of we are right..throw Bible verses at me..and continue down the same path the elders have been taking.  I have been IMMENSELY flexible having discourse let’s not take a step back from what progress has been made.  I fully expect for the Elders to disagree with me in many if not all areas.  This is just something that came to me during prayer driving down the road…take it or leave it as you see fit.

Now I know you are reading all of this and thinking..on my God what a horrible church.  That is not totally accurate.  What cemented my decision to leave and request my membership to be terminated and removed from the rolls is when in an attempt to at least reconcile I agreed to one more meeting after Heather’s death.  The elders pretty much told me the same thing which led me to say we are done and leave…forever.  I then had some member of the congregation reach out to me and ask why I have not been to the church in so long.  I explained I have serious issues with the elders which preclude me from attending to which i was told MULTIPLE TIMES,” just ignore them…we usually do anyways”.  Talking about a shock.  Multiple congregants telling me to ignore the leadership because they do?  I had to ask why would I attend a church that thinks so unfavorably of it’s senior leadership that they are routinely ignored?  That would explain why the only folks that attend church business meetings are usually the committee members and a few other that are in the good graces of the committees.

The congregation of my old church has stood behind me and my family throughout the years…good and bad.  Every time the leadership attacked me members of the congregation would rally around my family and help us.  When cps was sent against us they came in and helped us get everything perfectly organized so cps would close the case.  When we had serious financial problems they stepped in and helped us fill our oil tank without anything in return.  When Heather died the senior pastor and many many congregation members came to my side and helped out in so many ways.  Unfortunately I cannot in good faith and sound conscience attend a church with it’s members in closet rebellion to their senior leadership and whose senior leadership continue to hold to the judgement based on fear and lies in terms of removing me.  I have finally told the elders I will accept my excommunication from the security desk if the elders will admit they failed to follow the Biblical code for conflict resolution.  This will give my spirit peace so I can move forward…but it will still mean I will not step foot inside that church for worship ever again.

I have been searching for why I am so disillusioned with churches these days.  It really comes down to what is guiding the church….churchianity or the bible.  What is the difference? churchianity is the touchy-feely wimpy, fearful of offense type of Christianity that infests the modern church in so many forms.  My former long-term church was always this way but in the past 5 years really began the slide into churchianity. so what am I talking about here?  Well the biggest lie is that Jesus was a gentle person and didn’t even do anything violent or offensive.  This is a lie that so many churchians believe in and it is EASILY refuted in the Bible itself.  Just read the new testament when Jesus talks about the religious leaders of the time back then in context.  The translations I am sure also watered the language down a bit but Jesus was calling the Jewish leaders of that time some vile names.  For us the names are not shocking but again most people know nothing of history or the culture of the time.  I have yet to hear many pastors talk about the Bible in the correct context…yet they wonder why their messages are so hollow. Combine this with the touchy-feely, sjw/lgbtqjeudmdhdy(who knows how many letters will be added?) compatibility fear based let’s not offend anyone “preaching” and we can see why false teachers are so prevalent and/or why so many pastors sermons are ignored.  Churchianity also drives churches to do other things as well like:

  1.  Hang onto a government granted tax avoidance scheme which does NOTHING but guarantee the govt’s ability to interfere with their operations
  2. An overwhelming desire to affiliate with some kind of umbrella organization
  3. expel those who have a true passion for the Lord’s work
  4. Hat tip to Vox Day for this one:  Subscribing to the cult of nice

I have since been sporadically attending another church that has broken away from the sex scandal ridden sovereign grace movement which gave me hope.  I have since heard they want to associate with another movement whose name I cannot remember.  The first thing that came to my mind was WHY? Isn’t the bible all you need to guide a church and it’s flock?  It has led me to question do I want my family attending a church that their first move after breaking away from a corrupted movement is to immediately associate with another movement?  Why not just ride the words of scripture for your guidance?    I am not sure how long I am going to attend this church at this point either.  It has led me to realize that so many churches are leaning on the wrong things.  I was only just now able to articulate my feelings about this second church.

So what am I looking for?  A Biblical church.  One that is NOT afraid to stand on the Bible as it guidance and accountability with a fully Biblical structure.  If this model is followed they will give this world what it is so hungry for.  Jesus was not this dovesih, offend no one figure that modern churchians have put forward.  This has resulted in Christians becoming the fearful, weak, conflicted, and ineffective ministry we are now.  What do we need to do?  Let’s reject the cult of nice….the unbiblical view that ANYONE can get into heaven.  Honestly when I look at myself am I deserving of paradise?  How well have I followed the Lord’s Word and his Son Jesus Christ?  I think I have some work to do…and I think many many Christians do to.  Where is that leadership going to come from?  Is there a truly biblical Church out there?  I have for a few years wondered if I am on this thought journey to starting my own Church?  Right now I do not know the answer to these questions…but with prayer the Lord will show me the answers to these questions.  If he deems me worthy to lead a church…I will do so very reluctantly at first…let’s be honest..:)  The Lord may have me be the pillar since I am very very good at being the foundation and working in the background.  Right now I do not know what the answer is..but I do know what and where the answer is NOT.


SHIT…Today is Here

That’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw my phones notifications and the first one was from Jessica Shullenbarger and Arden Herzberger about Heather’s one year anniversary of her passing.  As the tributes roll in, and there will be many of them all of which she deserved, all I can say is first keep them rolling in…today is about heather….and next…this is going to be a hard day…one I would hope would not come.  It is here anyway, as cruel as life can show itself to be, all I can do is ride the emotional waves that today is going to bring.

Moving Forward….Sometimes Staying Put

I just got done with a cry.  Not one of loss but one of shame.  I let an entire side of my family down and it jsut hit me how much that relaly bothers me.

My Mother in law asked me recently if I had gone to Heather’s grave recently.  i admitted I have not been since we buried her.  I had to explain that as of that day I would not be able to drive back for quite some time.  My MIL told me something that made me feel quite ashamed of myself.  She had been to Heather’s grave and found it in disrepair.  My MIL has taken steps to get it rectified.  I honestly was struck nearly silent at my inability to go there and all i could say was, “You are a stronger person than I”.  Father’s are a strong bunch but sometimes what I have seen mothers do is also astounding.  here was a woman not a year removed from loosing her daughter and had more fortitude to check on her daughter’s grave than I did.  Needless to say I felt ashamed of myself.  I was being honest as well I know that when i go and visit heather on her birthday I will be torn up for quite some time.  I owe some people an apology and they will get it once I share this with them.


All i can say is I sincerely apologize that I was not the one properly tending the grave.

Another Enablement is Taking Hold

This is not going to go over well with some close friends of mine but here goes.  There has been a long standing push to get narcan in the hands of every possible first responder as a way to “combat” the scourge of opiate overdose that is running rampant.  When this first started here in Frederick County, Maryland ambulance crews and paramedics have it onboard and I have no problem with them having it as they are properly medically trained.  That quickly became not quick enough as it was then pushed that people are still dying…we need to get them into the hands of the sheriff’s office and any other LEO’s that can “usually respond before the EMT’s do”.  I argued against this for a variety of reasons.

  1.  Leo’s are NOT medically trained.  They are given a crash course in symptom recognition and administration.  There are other protocols yes but the fact of the matter is if they administer narcan and there is an adverse reaction they have just put the life of that person in even more danger.
  2. EMT’s ARE medically trained and even then they have protocols to follow that include consultation with personnel on the scene AND the inbound paramedic before a dose is given.

I also argued against non medical personnel carrying these things for another reason.  It WILL remove the fear of dying from a CHOICE you make to take a powerful drug for non medical reasons.  I am not concerned about the illegality that is another issues separate from this one.  I was told I was wrong, heartless, narrow minded, and called bigoted.   I decided to not fight anymore and let things play out.  Sure enough it took a couple of years but now it has begun.  I shall elaborate.

I was getting maintenance done on my vehicle when I saw somebody I have watched grow up over the years.  He didn’t look as good as he normally did but what set me off was the obvious heavy drug use of his passenger.  My stare must have been noticed because I was then told a story about this person’s long history of drug abuse.  However this person stayed on “the lighter stuff” to stay away from the consequences of the heavy stuff.  As of this day, that pattern had recently changed..  The young person recently went to South Baltimore with some “friends” to get some heroin and have some fun.  Everyone did their doses but the young man went right into OD.  His friends responded by literally dumping out of the vehicle and basically leaving him for dead.  A passerby called 911 and a LEO arrived first and gave him narcan which saved his life.

You may think that’s a good thing…actually it isn’t.  The ensuing conversation revealed the disturbing truth.  The young man intends to go back and do more heroin.  Why?  He now knows(as do many many others) that they can safely OD as long as they are in high visibility areas and the first thing they get is narcan…they get all the benefits of the high and no real other issues.  When asked why would he do this he replied, “with narcan everywhere overdosing isn’t that big a deal”.  When I heard that all I could do is shake my head.  Opioid dependency is the product of two things.  Our bad economy and the lack of fear of death due to OD.  The war on drugs and the “humanitarian” responses are going to cause this epidemic to explode even IF the economy turns around.  May God have mercy on our populations.

Obama says a mental choice is a civil right.

How many Constitutional violations must we put up with?  Unfortunately there is not a single senator who will impeach Obama.  Karl Denninger has it nailed with this latest version of government tyranny.  In a prime example of governmental overreach, the aObama administration is now using the threat of the removal of Unconstitutional bribes(funding) to make the states stay in line.  Never mind that there is nothing in the Constitution about education and the Constitution clearly states anything not given to the central government is left for the states.

The Obama administration will send a letter to every public school district in the country telling them to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their chosen gender identity, as opposed to their birth certificate.

The letter, which is signed by officials at the Justice Department and the Department of Education, will be sent out to the districts on Friday. 

While the letter does not have the force of law, it does warn that schools that do not abide by the administration’s interpretation of civil rights law may face lawsuits or loss of federal aid.

I remind Obama that Title IX mandates that everyone be treated equally when it comes to sex.

The word in Title IX is sex, not “gender identity.”  SEX is a physical, immutable characteristic.

Those very few confused individuals who believe they are trapped in the “wrong body” do not have the right to create a discriminatory environment for 99%+ of the rest of the individuals, especially when those others are mandated to be there through government force.

That means, incidentally, students in a school.

My daughter is a legal adult but were she not, were our local schools to implement such a policy and a boy was to change and take showers in the girl’s locker room in PE class you can bet your last nickel I would sue the living bejeezus out of every single individual at that school who facilitated and permitted such to happen along with said student’s parents in their individual capacities for violations of my daughter’s right to reasonable peace and non-discriminatory conduct on the basis of sex.

This crap must stop now.

I do not care how you dress.

I do not care what sex you care to associate with when it comes to interpersonal relationships, including but not limited to intimate relationships.

I very much care when a boy, sporting a penis and testicles, decides to enter a girl’s locker room, disrobe and take a shower in front of my under-age and forced-to-be-present daughter.

There are still a few men in this country who consider their duty as a father quite-seriously when it comes to protecting their offspring, especially their daughters, from predatory males.

Again Mr. President: The word in Title IX is sex, not “those who are pretending to be that which they are not.”

A boy who claims to be “caught in the wrong body” is not a girl and no act by either man or God can make him one — period.

Obama continues his path towards turning the United States in the Amerika.

I talked about this a while back.  I had warned that obama is going to come after retirement accounts.  I warned about this back in 2012.  We can trust obama and/or the gov’t right?  Socialized medical care was supposed to save us money right?  How did you like the premium increases?  Nice savings.  As long as obamacare is law it does not matter who the president is the gov’t will continue this push.  We need to not only change the president but both congressional houses as well.  That has gotten more difficult with the gov’t sanctioned invasion that is happening right now.  What’s worse is the fact the many american citizens ACCEPT this as the norm.  Many of these “immigrants” are from countries with despotic or socialist backgrounds so they will be happy to vote for the gov’t they had regardless of what that means for the true citizens of this country.  So get ready for folks to move out of private retirement accounts to government ones because of these new regulations.  Of course those will be properly run right?  Sure thing.

How Cruz can shut Trump up.

Karl denniger has a good breakdown of this issue when it comes to Ted Cruz.

first there is this question about his citizenship:

There’s a clean question on the table regarding dual citizenship for persons born in Canada prior to 1977 (when they changed their law to officially recognize dual nationality.)

Prior to that date, with few exceptions, you could not hold dual nationality with Canada.  In other words the very act of “renouncing” Canadian Citizenship means that Cruz never held US citizenship at birth because his parents had to declare his nationality at the time he was born.

There may be exceptions that were available at the time but the law now is immaterial.

The only material fact is what the law was then, in 1970, in Canada when Cruz was born.

If his parents declared US for him then he had nothing to renounce and he has a document called a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

This is the legal equivalent of a US Birth Certificate and Cruz either has one from the time of his birth or he does not.  If he does not then he is not a US Citizen as he was never naturalized by his own admission and at birth the nation in which he was born did not recognize dual nationality.

Where is that document Cruz?  Your mother’s birth certificate is immaterial.  What matters is whether you were declared a Canadian or US Citizen at birth and what documentation you have to prove it.

You see, in 1970 there was no “and” option.

Cruz either has that Consular Report of Birth Abroad, which is his legal proof of US Citizenship just as my Birth Certificate is mine, or he doesn’t and he’s not a citizen at all as his parents declared his citizenship as Canadian and the land he were born in prohibited dual nationality at the time.

If he doesn’t have that document, of course, there’s a little problem with the office Senator Cruz holds now, say much less his running for President.


So this has not been answered by Cruz.  Why not?  Now Trump has risen the stakes even higher by threatening a lawsuit.  If Cruz doesn’t provide proof of the required documentation then there is no way he is eligible for citizenship at all which means his senate seat should immediately be forcibly vacated as well.  This also puts all votes he did as invalid and the votes would have to be recounted WITHOUT his vote taken into account.

Come on folks.  Does everyone figure that because the Demopublicans got Barry into office under cloudy circumstances now mean the Republicrats can now up the ante and have a potential clear cut case of an ineligible person serving in our highest office is now ok?  What is even more dismaying is i am seeing many “republicans” blindly following their national party into this cesspool.  Aren’t the local party offices supposed to be able to think for themselves?  Ted Cruz can EASILY have Trump shut up on this issue and embarrass him by producing the Consular Report of Birth Abroad.  Let’s go Ted…if you are a US Citizen this should be easy for you to produce.  If you really want to show Trump up and Shut Trump up produce this document immediately.  Otherwise you are not a potential non-citizen like Barry but there’s no way you are one and you are even worse than Barry and the “Republican” party is even worse than the Democrats.  This means both parties are out to destroy this country…and most likely most of the citizens will happily vote these criminals into office.


Employment is not doing well(despite what the media says)

Take a look at what Karl Denniger has on his site.  I can only grab the text so hit the link..:)




Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 151,000 in January, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 4.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in several industries, led by retail trade, food services and drinking places, health care, and manufacturing. Employment declined in private educational services, transportation and warehousing, and mining.


Well, that’s not very interesting…. let’s look at the big chart that matters (employment:population ratio):

And yet the mainslime lying media is quoting the participation rate from the adjusted numbers and claiming that it improved.  It did not; it was down 4 ticks to 59.0.

Now to be fair, last year, same month, it was also down four ticks.  It’s called “seasonal firing” in January, and it happens every year.  This year the household numbers say that while the population went up about 461,000 people the number of people actually employed went down by 666,000.

Yes, you read that right — negative 666,000.

Oh, and the unadjusted unemployment rate was up from 4.8% last month to 5.3% — a huge jump.

Who got screwed the worst?  Women and teens; teens saw their unemployment rate fly higher by 2.3% (!) from 14.2 -> 16.5%.

But, this is expected in January as seasonal employees are fired.

There’s another problem here in the data though….. that’s found here:

What? There were 2.99 million jobs reported lost in the establishment survey with over 2 million of those in services.  In other words the “gain” was due to “seasonal adjustment” and it was utterly monstrous; if reported on the establishment survey without same it would have been a ruinously bad print.

Is there any good news in here?  Yes; average weekly hours is up a tenth to 34.6, all in services — in goods-producing jobs the workweek was down a tenth.  And hourly wages were up materially (12 cents/hour), after being flat last month.  I suspect most of this was minimum-wage increase laws that took effect in January although the dispersion was pretty even, which would not be expected if that was the cause (you’d expect most of it in hospitality, for example.)

As they say….. interesting….



The State’s Revolt Against Syrian Refugees is Meaningless in the Short Term

Why?  Immigration as defined in the constitution is one thing solely handled by the federal gov’t.  This means the states really do not have a choice in the matter unless they want to secede…which they won’t do.  karl denniger sums it up nicely as follows:

Rick Scott was on this morning going on about his “letter” to the Federal Government, in which other governors have sent as well.  This sort of milk toast crap accomplishes exactly nothing.

Here’s the law: Immigration is a federal matter.  The States cannot be compelled to act but they are barred by interfering.  To do so would be to effectively secede which is an effective threat only if you intend to actually do it, and that means backing up your words with acts, which nobody has the balls for (and incidentally, I’m not convinced there’s any real support for it either.)

These “letters” serve exactly one purpose: Political cover for when, not if, a so-called ‘refugee’ is a terrorist and decides to start shooting up or blowing up things here.

The only answer to this problem comes from the federal side (which won’t happen because neither Congress or Obama will do a damn thing) or a mass movement by the American public.

Make no mistake folks, you either stand up now or you’ll get shot or blown up.  ISIS isn’t going away; the group is a creation of our funding and both malfeasance and misfeasance by the west.  Our coddling of people who intend to commit mass-murder and are willing to play the long game to do it will be our destruction if we don’t cut it out.

Consider this: We bring these so-called “refugees” into the country and then pay them to live.  This means they can sit at home and **** like rabbits, and we will fund that.  So guess what they’ll do?  Exactly that; producing three, four, five, six or more kids.

Remember that the reason Washington is doing this (along with Europe) is that the cost of having and raising kids has gotten so out of hand that citizens are refusing to do so.  That cost is not just economic; it’s also social in that we’ve destroyed the ability of half the population (men) to be reasonably certain they can participate in that creation and raising of their own progeny.  This drop in the birth rate by people willing and able to work means that the tax base is threatened especially when you are counting on exponential growth to pay for all the political promises you made.

But there’s a problem with importing “refugees” to “fix” this demographic disaster: Those people have no intention of funding the pension and medical promises made to our citizens nor will they assimilate into our culture.  What they will do is take all the handouts we will give them, making as many children as we’re willing to pay them to create, and indoctrinate them with their culture.  They will work in the underground economy which not only fails to contribute to the tax base but worse, tends to intersect with criminal elements that we’d rather not stoke (like, for example, running guns to drug lords.)

Germany is on-course to be majority Muslim immigrant and child-of-immigrant within fifty years.  So is most of the rest of Europe if they don’t cut this crap out.  We’re behind them, but not by much.

It is our social welfare policy that makes this sort of invasion possible and it is foisted on the people in the name of “compassion”; this looks exactly nothing like the sort of positive and functional immigration that this nation was built through.

Your ancestors probably came through Ellis Island but none of them had access to any sort of “social safety net” that paid them to produce children and funded their every life need and want.  We did that over the last fifty years and what we got for it is an explosion of Mexicans living off everyone else and now a bunch of so-called “refugees” that are nearly all fighting-age men.

 Understand this folks: These policies are nothing more than an attempt by the worms in Washington DC to get out of the corner they painted themselves into through granting medical monopolies and then promising to cover the ever-ratcheting higher costs that those monopolies shove down the throats of our citizens.

That’s what’s behind both the intentional tolerance of illegal immigration and now the importation of hundreds of thousands of so-called “refugees.”  The problem is that these people have zero intention of providing the funds necessary to make those promises good and they cannot be compelled to do so; instead, they will take the welfare we hand to them and live off it, cranking out more and more children that will be raised to live like them, sucking off the government teat and increasing cost rather than revenue.  Worse, those children will be citizens, at least in the US and once they gain majority status there goes our Constitutional Republic.

I’m sure you think this is alarmist nonsense, but you only need to listen to what’s spoken at a “La Raza” rally to hear it with your own ears.  Those folks have no intention of being Americans; their intent is to take America.  Likewise, these “refugees” have no intention to assimilate and be Americans; they intend to take from America and, when their numbers are sufficient, to take America.

Our policy on immigration is literally suicidal; no nation can take in people who have no intention of becoming one with that nation but instead come with the intention of exploiting their welfare systems and overrunning the country and its government.

That’s what’s going on here folks — these people are not stupid, but those in Washington (and in the halls of Europe) are.  They believe these “immigrants” and “refugees” will assimilate into their cultures and that their welfare handouts are “temporary assistance.”  They, and we, are wrong.  Those handouts are simply taken as a means of supporting the production of as many children as these “refugees” are able to produce and yet both these immigrants and their children utterly refuse to becomeFrench, German or American — at best they hyphenate their claimed nationality and at worst they don’t even bother with doing that.


The Persecution of Christians is Just Getting Started and Being led by the Federal Government

For those who think appeasement of those who are against the biblical view of Christianity…look at the following.  Do you think that living in fear of what others think is going to protect you?  Absolutely not.  Appeasement only leads to more aggression.  Folks just look back through history for that one.  Churches if this act passes you are now too late to protect yourselves from direct governmental interference.  Even if you give up your NPO status this act “authorizes” (in direct violation of the Constitution) the gov’t to start ordering ANYONE or any business to comply with any request irregardless of their Christian beliefs.  yes this is targeted against Christians as the Muslims and other religions would be exempted.  I am not saying ti is going tob e immediate but if this act passes how bold are churches willing to be in defending their beliefs?  I can truly say most will not…and it will be time for Christians to remove themselves from places like Facebook so as to be able to weather the incoming persecution storm.  So churches what are you going to do now?  Soon even giving up your NPO status is not going to protect you.  Are you still willing to stand not only for the bible but for the US Constitution?  When i see a church that shows me they are willing to make that stand I’ll attend it.


So the Supreme Court has established “same-sex marriage,” and that will quiet the LGBT crowd, because, after all, they got what they wanted, right?

Not even close.

How about protections for LGBT people in jobs, jury duty, credit applications, housing, facilities that provide exhibitions, facilities that provide recreation, facilities that provide exercise, facilities that provide amusement and even facilities that provide “gatherings”?

Already, there’s a bill in Congress to do all those things and much more.

It even would gut the 1993 federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act so LGBT-based discrimination complaints could be brought against churches that follow the Bible, which teaches homosexual behavior is a sin.

The “Equality Act” would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 “to include sex, sexual orientation and gender identity among the prohibited categories of discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation.”

It would unilaterally change public school desegregation standards “to provide for the assignment of students without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Churches that hold to biblical beliefs about sexuality would not be immune, according to Paul Kengor, whose book “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage” addresses the problem.

He shows how, beginning with Karl Marx and continuing with Margaret Sanger, Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse and assorted ’60s radicals, formerly fringe concepts have been accepted. And they’re being used by leftists to attack traditional marriage.

“I think we’re already seeing what’s next from the ‘LGBT’ and same-sex-marriage movement – that is, an aggressive and uncompromising push for forced acceptance, forced compliance, and forced acquiescence,” he said. “For these people, ‘tolerance’ doesn’t actually mean ‘tolerance,’ just as ‘diversity’ doesn’t actually mean ‘diversity.’ What they want is a very selective tolerance and very selective diversity, which, of course, isn’t actually real tolerance or real diversity.

Kengor said they support what Marcuse called “repressive tolerance.”

“They are going to coerce those who disagree with their movement and their agenda, and that will include an aggressive attempt to force religious believers into full compliance with their movement and their agenda,” he said.

“For that, they will enlist the long arm of the state, and they will seek to do so with liberal politicians as their handmaidens. The force will take the form of fines, pickets, boycotts, demonization and, in some cases, incarceration,” said Kengor

In Kentucky, a county clerk, Kim Davis, already was put in jail for nearly a week for refusing an order from U.S. District Judge David Bunning to violate her faith and issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Activists obtained their marriage licenses from her deputies, under a judge’s order, while she was in jail, and now they’re taking her to court again demanding she reissue the licenses with her name on them.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/equality-act-creates-lgbt-rights-everywhere/#VSyQPPPAgocb53wu.99

A Prime Example of the Sheeple

Americans have allowed themselves to be so pussified..yes that’s right..pussified that we will cower in fear.  It turns out the shooter reloaded TWICE! Not from his belt but from a backpack?!?!?  Come on folks if within that amount of time you cannot bring yourself to at least charge this asshat then frankly anyone who got shot and died while allowing this fool to reload deserves what they got.  Call me insensitive but this is the final straw for me in terms of the wimping of the American public.  For all your citizens who voted in people who advocated gun control, who advocated the dumbing down of the education system, who voted for representatives who hate this country….the blood of every massacre victim now and in the future is on your hands.


Go ahead folks, call me “insensitive.”

The shooter reloaded two handguns with ammunition from his backpack during the killings, Downing said. Harper-Mercer was “firing on people who were just lying there,” Downing said.

The shooter reloaded twice?!

Further, he didn’t have his magazines immediately at-hand (e.g. in a belt pouch or similar) and got them from his backpack?

What are we talking here — 10 seconds or so for each reload?  The people in the room, who had just witnessed their friends getting shot in the head, sat still for long enough to allow this clownface to reload twice?

It gets better.  What I have long maintained is that these shootings are about control and as soon as challenged by anyone who gets aggressive the shooter tends to kill themselves because control is the entire point.

This is why the shooters go to “Gun Free Zones” to commit their horrific act — they know that law-abiding citizens will not be carrying arms suitable for attempting interruption of their control.  It’s also why the mall shooter who was confronted by an armed citizen retreated into a side hallway and shot himself; he lost controleven though the citizen never got a shot off because there were too many other people in the area he might have hit by accident.

And it’s why this shooter, once wounded, killed himself instead of going down fighting.

He didn’t come to fight, he came to exert “control” and murder defenseless people.

As soon as that paradigm was shattered in this mind he was done.

If we removed that paradigm from his consideration by dropping the so-called “Gun Free Zones” that he read as “Murder Here, You’re In Control”, thereby raising the risk that he would confront others willing and able to offer armed resistance to his plan, the assault probably wouldn’t have happened.

But until such a change takes place (and it only will if you insist that the Second Amendment be enforced as written, America) the fact remains that if you find yourself in such a circumstance your best option is to take any tactical advantage, no matter how fleeting, to attack.  There were two such opportunities here and while there is no guarantee of success it certainly beats lying on the ground while the shooter reloads; not only might you succeed in preventing him from getting that mag into the gun it’s a hell of a lot harder to hit a moving target than one that’s quietly lying on the floor.



Gun Free Zones are the Problem

This is from Philly.com not exactly a conservative bastion with some startling revelations:


Since at least 1950, all but two public mass shootings in America have taken place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In Europe, there have been no exceptions. Every mass public shooting has occurred in a gun-free zone. And Europe is no stranger to mass shootings. It has been host to three of the six worst K-12 school shootings and by far the worst mass public shooting perpetrated by a single individual.

Still, Kelly said, “There’s no indication from other — from another study that any shooter intentionally went to a gun-free zone.”

Kelly might be surprised to learn that killers have frequently talked about their desire to attack where guns are banned. The suspect in the Charleston, S.C., shootings in June originally aimed to attack the College of Charleston. He chose a church instead because the college had armed guards.

The diary of the Batman movie theater killer, James Holmes, was finally released just a few months ago. He decided against attacking an airport because of the “substantial security.” Out of seven theaters showing the Batman movie premiere within 20 minutes of the suspect’s apartment in 2012, only one banned permitted concealed handguns. That’s the one he attacked.

Or take a couple of cases from last year. Elliot Rodger, who fatally shot three people in Santa Barbara, Calif., explained his reasoning in his 141-page “manifesto.” He ruled out various targets because he worried that someone with a gun would cut short his killing spree. Justin Bourque shot to death three people in Canada. His Facebook page made fun of gun bans, with pictures of defenseless victims explaining to killers that guns are prohibited.

Americans seem to understand these points. A June Rasmussen Reports survey found that 68 percent feel safer in neighborhoods where guns are allowed, while just 22 percent would feel less safe. A Gallup poll last December found by a whopping 63 to 30 percent margin that Americans thought guns in their homes made them safer.

If you don’t think deterrence works, ask yourself if you would post a sign in front of your home saying it is a “gun-free zone.” It’s very likely that such signs aren’t going to be going up in any neighborhoods soon.
Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/thinktank/Would-be-killers-target-gun-free-zones.html

The Oregon Shooting and Gun Fear

I am tired of seeing Obama take every incident of shootings to scold this country on the exercising of our rights under the Constitution even though more and more of us are actually giving up those rights. This shooting was a targeted attack on Christians.  Where’s the media outrage? Where’s the Al Sharptions? Where’s the mention of a hate crime as this is what this is? Nowhere. Karl Denninger has a great take on this. I’ll post it here because he puts things so succinctly I do not need to add anything further to it:

There are some very disturbing reports coming in about the Oregon shooting.

First off, it was clear within minutes that the shooter targeted Christians. How many people in our political system have been outraged that Christians were targeted for execution while others were either shot in the leg or not shot at all? I have heard exactly nothing from Obama or anyone else in political power in that regard. Why not?

Second, you’ve heard my screeds over the years about The Second Amendment. If you cannot argue facts and logic then get the hell off my lawn — you’re unwelcome around me. In matters of life and death there is exactly zero room for any sort of “squishy”, “touchy-feely” or “feel good emotionalism.”

Let me be clear: If you resort to emotion when life or death are on the line you are going to die.

If you wish to entertain the debate here on firearms, gun control or anything of the sort then you are going to argue logic and facts. Here they are:

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. You call the police when there is an active shooter and they show up with guns. They don’t willy-wally around; they look for a tactical solution and if they get one that works they shoot the bad guy. That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

We cannot have cops everywhere, all the time. We are not only incapable of paying for it nobody would want to live in such a world. Even if a cop is just one minute away from anywhere in the United States (an utterly fanciful expectation even in a big city) a person with a bolt action rifle or single-shot pistol can shoot a dozen people (or more!) in that one minute. As a result the faster any good guy with a gun can engage the bad guy with a gun the lower the risk is of everyone in the vicinity winding up dead — and the more good guys with guns and the closer they are to the situation the better the odds are for you and everyone else.

Virtually all (something like all but three) mass-shootings in the last couple of decades have taken place in “gun-free zones.” To those who want to further restrict firearms — since there are literally over 100 million peaceful Americans that never have and never will commit a crime with a firearm, and that is an overwhelming majority of the population that owns guns, why don’t we ban gun-free zones since virtually every single mass-shooting has taken place in one? There’s an obvious reason that these homicidal maniacs don’t shoot up a cop shop — everyone there is armed and will shoot back! If our President — or anyone on the left — gave a good damn about human life they would both take down the “Nobody here that obeys the law is able to defend themselves, commit mass-murder here” signs.

You have an unalienable right to life. The Constitution does not grant you that right because the government never possessed it in the first place and you cannot grant that which you do not first possess. The Founders understood this and we know that because they declared it to be so in the Declaration of Independence; that’s why such a right is not in the Constitution, but the recognition of same, in the gravest extreme, is found in the Second Amendment.

You are free to decide at any time to give up. You are not free to demand that others give up, including giving up their right to protect their own lives. Any infringement on the Second Amendment is a declaration of your disrespect for someone else’s life and an indirect assault upon same. The only means by which that is legitimate is if and when you are willing to die in the place of those who you demand be disarmed. If you are not willing to take a bullet intended for me then you have no right to demand that I, in any situation that I find myself, be debarred the ability to effectively fight back against such an assault.

A right cannot be conditioned upon a permit. By definition a permit or license gives you the ability to do something otherwise prohibited. If I have a right to defend my own life I need no permit to do so.

For the above reasons people at large have the right to own, possess and carry upon their person arms suitable for defensive use without any damn permits. Period.
If you cannot argue these points from a perspective of logic then you have no basis to be here as a member with the privilege of commenting and having your state (e.g. what you’ve read, etc) between sessions. In point of fact this is a perfect illustration of the difference between rights and privileges — you have no right to be on this site on the Internet at all as it is private property, and therefore I may deny you entry as I wish.

Now let me leave you with one more thing to contemplate.

There are reports that the shooter reloaded during his rampage. If these reports are true and he was in the room with a bunch of people who were about to become deceased then you need to hear this very clearly and must read this next sentence over and over until it sinks in:

Stop watching the damn movies and become educated now about firearms.

The instant that jackass dropped his magazine and thus announced he was out at the close range that exists in a classroom (30-50′ or so maximum, right?) there was absolutely no reason on God’s Green Earth why the persons there should not have immediately grabbed something (e.g. a chair!) and threw it at him and/or bum-rushed the shooter.

He was empty and thus at that point he was a thug with a club until he could reload.

Everyone reading this needs to spend some time in the deep, dark recesses of their mind and drill this singular fact far, far into your consciousness:

If you find yourself in a situation like this you must assume you are dead.

Therefore, logic says that anything you do from that instant forward can only change things for the better. Yes, you may fail. One ex-military member reportedly did try to rush the shooter and was shot several times. It is reported he is expected to survive. His doing so likely prevented some number of other people from being shot as the shooter was occupied with shooting at him. He is a hero but the point here is not to urge people to be heros — it is to point out that once your life is under assault in this sort of fashion nothing you can do will make the situation worse; you can only improve your odds.

You won’t hear this from the mainslime media nor from the so-called “pundits” and “experts” but it is true. You do not know how many rounds or what other weapons the person threatening you has. You only know that that person’s very presence and presentation means that from an objective point of view you must assume you are dead and thus if you get any tactical advantage, no matter how small, you must take advantage of it immediately and without a second thought.

On United Flight 93 the passengers did exactly this, collectively. They saved a tremendous number of lives by doing so. They correctly surmised that they were all dead at the moment they learned the plane had been hijacked and was intended to be used as a bomb. There was, for this reason, no downside to any action they might take — they could only improve their odds and those of others, and decided to do so.

This was the correct decision. It is the only logical decision and the only logical set of actions in a circumstance such as this.

Folks, firearms do not shoot themselves. They do run out of ammunition. If they are not aimed, but rather wildly fired, they either miss or if they hit someone it is much less likely to cause serious injury or death than if they are deliberately aimed. Bullets do not have a GPS embedded in them as you see in the movies and without deliberate, concentration action most of the time they will miss. There is an infamous Youtube video of a bar fight in Toledo a number of years back in which many shots were fired at close range typical of the distance you’d find in a classroom. Watch the video folks, and then realize this: Not one of those rounds hit anyone.

Therefore anything you can do that detracts from an active shooter’s concentration and deliberation who is targeting you increases your odds of survival and that of everyone in the area with you.

If you are scared of firearms then do something about that. Take a shooting lesson from an instructor or someone you trust that owns firearms. Learn how they work and how to handle them safely without quivering in fear. A gun is just a mechanical device and simpler than most that you use every day; it is vastly less-complex than a bicycle, lawn-mower or car. Safe use and handling of firearms is not difficult to learn at all and every gun works essentially the same way. Understanding this and having at least a passing level of comfort with it means that if you find yourself in a situation such as what occurred the other day and you are given a tactical break no matter how small you will have a clean opportunity to save not only your own life but that of everyone in the vicinity.

Giving Jesus the Glory

I usually do not post things of a personal nature here but since my beliefs are part of my businesses foundation I feel this is appropriate. Since my wife died over memorial day I have been having to adjust to such a huge loss and trying to keep not only myself together but also keeping my family together, continuing to operate a business, and start a new advertising campaign. It has been hard to say the least. I have had folks tell me they do not know how I am continuing to go on. Honestly I almost didn’t. The first month was so chaotic I just wanted to shut down this business and go work elsewhere. The name of the business is Emmanuel Technology Consulting for a reason. i truly felt led not only to start this business but I felt led to honor my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in doing so. That is why the business logos are very prevalent signs of the cross. That is why I am as open as I can be about things. It is also why I am willing to work with folks even to the point of “leaving money on the table”. I did not start this business to become wealthy but I did start this business to make a living for my family.

It has taken from My 26th until tonight for me to really be able to find a song that really inspires me without triggering my ongoing grief about the loss of my wife. Casting Crowns was one of my wifes favorite music groups of any genre and honestly one of mine as well. I had the following lyrics going through my head for the past week abut I could not recall what song it was from. Here is the lyric “snippett” that was running around in my head:

When You call my name, I’ll run to You
I’ll do anything You ask me to
Falling on my knees I worship You, my Lord
We give You glory
We give You glory
We give You glory
We give You glory

Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia

Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia

When You call my name, I’ll run to You
I’ll do anything You ask me to
Falling on my knees I worship You, my Lord

We give You glory
Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia
We give You glory
Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia

We give You glory
Alle Alleluia
Alle Alleluia
We give You glory
Alle Alleluia
We give You glory

figure it out yet? It is by Casting Crowns and the song is “Glory”. I have been thanking the Lord for many things during these past few months. The fact that I know beyond a shadow of doubt that my wife is in heaven singing praises to the Lord. The fact that her death put me in a much better financial position to get badly needed repairs to our house completed. The fact that I am finally able to embark on a major marketing campaign bigger than anything I have ever attempted. This includes this website, new shirts, hats, signs for my vehicle, trade memberships, trade shows and other things. What has given me the inspiration for all of this? My own personal faith in Jesus Christ. I named the business after Him so I am letting Him guide my steps. My life is not anywhere back in even a few pieces but with His help it is coming together in so many ways it is hard to keep up with. New things are beginning, old things are being swept away and new things are being revealed. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Jesus says the walk of a believer is hard but He will never abandon me nor forsake me. I have seen this not only in my personal life also in my family, my business, and my own faith. He has carried me for the past couple of months although I just recently figured that out. I now know why those lyrics are in my head. Alle Alleluia Alle Alleluia to he who has carried me when I didn’t know it. Pastor Bill Mullins, wherever yhou might be now, I am striving to get that “bulldog faith” back. It looks like the Lord thinks it’s about time I do the same thing..:)

Massive life changes…it is time for my family to be able to breathe

I was going to make a book sized blog post but for right now i simply do not wish to take the time to write one of my missives. I am not going to tag anyone because i do not want this to be construed as i am targeting any specific person. I have draft posts about various incidents i had at my old church. Dating all the way back to 2009(i think that’s the earliest one) to the using of CPS as a weapon against me and my family in 2012 to the latest long term conflict that has resulted in me leaving my old church. I also have many many folks saying they want to be involved in my girls lives and so on and so on.

The offers of help are appreciated trust me….the statements of wanting to stay in the girls lives i understand….but…..folks…..it’s time to back off and chill out.

Me and the girls are being suffocated by everyone wanting to stay close. We have not even had a chance to get our lives together as our own unit yet. I am not going to take the girls into a cave..cement the entrance..and never come out….but we need time to breathe. We need time to grieve. We need time to figure out our own family dynamic.

Allow me to explain something basic to everyone who interfaced with Heather Warren more than me. I have my limits on repeated requests for the same thing in rapid succession. If you ask me once wait…use patience. If it is in my facebook feed or my text messages I will get around to reading it. If i do not decide it needs action that second it will not get responded to or acted upon. If you start repeatedly asking the same thing over and over i will simply install a block with no warning nor explanation. Once i feel your request warrants my attention i will bring the block down and address the request.

After the new year the amount of requests i am going to address(much less honor) for travel are going to be curtailed. I want us(me, chloe and alessa) to have time to get our lives in sync. I am still figuring out chloe’s school things…the same for alessa’s. I need time to get to know them much more than i ever did. I have the job of two parents to do. I still do not have all of heather’s affairs in order and i need to concentrate on that. I am not overwhelmed per se but in order to finally get a handle on everything we all(the warren family) need to get our own affairs in order.

If you want to take this as me being isolationist that’s your prerogative but this is not my intent. This is not a permanent situation but it is for the short term future. Please continue to make your requests and such but if is a delay it is because it is not that requests turn for me to address yet. if it is a true emergency trust me the delay will be minimal..if any.

The Fear Infestation of the Modern Christian Church

I have been visiting many churches in the past couple of years looking for someplace I can call my church home.  My anchor throughout this journey has been two things:  First is my faith in Jesus Christ.  Second was my now deceased wife Heather.  She helped me stay grounded in many ways.  When she passed the church I currently “attend” was sent from heaven to assist me and my family in our time of shock, grief and need.  That church congregation for the most part has been excellent and caring towards my family and myself.  However things elsewhere aren’t nearly as pleasant.  I have seen both in this church and many others a reluctance do so some things we are called to do by the Bible and an unwillingness to do other things due to  “sensitive times” we are living in.  I had only taken a passing notice of this phenomenon until it came to a head at my current church.

What is this pervasive infestation that is dragging down so many church and ministries?  FEAR.  It is at the root of so many actions and inaction in the church today.  You can now make a bad choice of words prompted by somebody’s else’s bad actions and because of that you are locked out of a ministry forever due to the fear of a perception of a dangerous individual being allowed around children.  You can now be effectively excommunicated for daring to speak the words of truth at a church function or meeting for fear of offense.  I have yet to hear a sermon recently not condemning the homosexual but showing how God sees the act of homosexuality, which by the way is the same thing as fornication(there’s a huuuuuge difference there) for fear of reprisal.  There are many many militant Christians out there who are using the Bible as a club instead of preaching the salvation of Jesus Christ for those who turn from there sinful ways for fear they will not be heard.  So many things that are being done out of fear and so many things NOT being done out of various fears. Do not take this as my changing what i think if Biblical or what is not.  This is mainly a statement of what I have seen in the Church for the past couple of years…and not jsut one church but many churches that i have visited in the past couple of years.  We are told to go boldly out and spread the Gospel….where has that spirit gone?

I have a warning for ALL Christians.  It is already nearly illegal to stand in your religious beliefs when conducting business.  It soon will be illegal to refuse service to anyone as the gov’t sees the First amendment as nothing to be enforced for everyone but those whom the gov’t thinks should have those rights.  The day is fast approaching when preaching the truth from the Bible in regard to sexual immorality will be cause for the gov’t to take financial actions against your church.  I have talked about what is coming more than a few times on this site.  Simply uttering the name Jesus now is most likely offensive to more than a few people.  I have the signs of the cross on my vehicle, my shirts and my hats.  I get more than a few ugly stares when I am out and about.  However with the Lord’s help I am hoping to return to my earlier days when I was told i have a “bulldog” faith.  Now that i have some years on me the faith is tempered with compassion but my ability to hang onto my faith has not wavered.  My faith in “fellow Christians” is low but my faith in Jesus Christ is not.  What I have seen quite a bit of in the past years is “Churchianity” not “Christianity”.  Our lives are not supposed to revolve around the church but around Jesus Christ.  Many Christians think the Bibles admonishment of gathering in fellowship means a church but I strongly disagree.  I am a member of a Monday(or Tuesday or whenever during the week..(G).  I have learned more in the year of attending that Bible study than more than 10 years of consistent church attendance.  Why is that?  I can tell you why…THE LACK OF FEAR.  We do not always agree…actually there have been strong disagreements among ourselves.  We have always though agreed the Bible is the final arbiter and the word of God has the final say.  That is how it should be.

I was HIGHLY worried about how i was going to makeup the huge income hole Heather’s death left behind.  While it has not been totally filled in I will be able to keep the house and keep a roof over my family’s head.  I was terrified as a matter of fact.  Only when i gave it to the Lord did he send me the finances I needed to keep the house.  Everything else is going to be tight but that seems to be how God works things…:)  Fear is the opposite of trusting God.  It leads to poor decisions….bad financial management…unforgiveness…a multitude of things.  Christian get the fear out of your life.  Churches, get the fear out of your decision making.  You are hurting the very people you are supposed to be helping and you are severely hampering or destroying the ministries that are supposed to be thriving because of your existence.  Hurt people won’t come into your building and hurt Christians are left feeling even more bitter and hurt than the unbelievers.  When you stunt, degrade, hurt, utter falsehoods against a Christian you not only hurt the person Fear must be exposed for the demonic presence it is and rooted out and cast out.  Which church will be the first to stand on and with God against this modern day infestation?  I know not about the church but as for me and my house we will stand with the Lord.  Without fear and with the strength of Jesus Christ.

Same Sex Marriage Ruling by SCOTUS

Gay marriage is only the beginning. Words do have meaning and do have consequences Mr. President to wit:
This morning, the Supreme Court recognized that the Constitution guarantees marriage equality. In doing so, they have reaffirmed that all Americans are entitled to the equal protection of the law; that all people should be treated equally, regardless of who they are or who they love.

Do not think that this stop with gay marriage but all other kinds of marriage band are going to fall now. I do not believe this was an unintentional act either. I think you were fully cognizant of the ramifications of this ruling.  That second sentence says it all Mr. President.  It will soon be legal to marry anyone or anything you wish and as i warned in a previous post (Obama’s lawyers even said the following during arguments: Religious institutions could be at risk of losing their tax-exempt status due to their beliefs about marriage if the Supreme Court holds that gay couples have a constitutional right to wed, President Obama’s attorney acknowledged to the Supreme Court today. )

So churches I repeat my call.  When are you going to drop your NPO status to at least buy some time before you are TOLD you must officiate gay weddings or loose your tax exempt status?  How many will capitulate to keep that (inset golem) “preciousss” tax break?  The ones that boldly have faith in God and renounce their NPO status and adhere boldly to the Bible are the ones who will flourish….the rest will flounder.

This will put me at odds with some friends I know.  I see it this way.  If a church doesn’t want to perform a same sex ceremony they shouldn’t have to.  They should also not fear reprisals(VERY common right now) from same sex couples either.  A new wave of attacks and persecutions are going to fire up.  My question is are the militant LGBTQ’s also willing to go after the Mulims for whom homosexuality is more violently opposed?  If they are so right where’s the outrage against the Muslims?

Churches: Are you ready for the government to be able to LEGALLY tell you how to operate?


Welcome to 2015 and the Obama admin has stated at the SCOTUS case now being heard about gay marriage that if the SCOTUS rules for gay marriage any institution that fails to comply might loose(let’s be honest it WILL change to WILL LOOSE) it’s NPO status.  Do you understand what this means for ALL CHURCHES????  It is time to relinquish your NPO status NOW if you don’t want the gov’t to tell you how you are going to operate.  The government is atheistic and doesn’t care about the Bible anymore than the muslims do.  BTW do not think this revocation will be applies equally.  There will be some other faith churches revoked but the vast majority will be Christian churches….namely the “protestant” ones.

Do not think this will keep you NPO’s safe forever though.  Once there’s a mass move away from the NPO status the government will just start taking harsher measures to bring the “non-compliant” to heel.  However while there is still time to act independent form government interference drop your NPO status now.

I said this a loooooong time ago at my now former church and i was dismissed and ridiculed for saying it is time for churches to give up their federal NPO status. WHY? Because if you are going to use a gov’t provided instrument to avoid paying taxes do not be surprised when the gov’t starts to interfere with your operations as you are effectively taking a gov’t subsidy. With gov’t subsidies come the gov’t being able to dictate how you are to act to continue to collect that subsidy. I made this blog post back in 2011 to this point when a bunch of pastors were going to “defy the IRS” and dare them to revoke their NPO status.  What stopped the IRS back then?  Nothing they could have and there’s nothing anyone could have done about it.

The Constitution forbids this!  I can hear this coming back to me.  Yes it does but what has the electorate told the government for the past 50 or more years?  It is not, “You exist at our consent and we DO NOT consent to these invasions of our rights!”.  no america that is not what you have been telling government at all levels.  What you avhe been saying is,”If you give us enough money, subsidies, welfare, freebies of any kind we will allow you to interfere with our basic rights and will not do anything when you violate the Constitution right in front of us.  We will not take action when you not only violate the Constitution but when you taunt us and tell us what you are going to do BEFORE you do it we might complain but will take no meaningful action.  We will elect those into power that give us these abuses over and over so we can keep getting our stream of freebies”.

There are some that have taken real measures like voting corrupt officials out…running for office themselves…getting other citizens involved and active…but sadly that number is waaaay to small.  Even our churches are apathetic when it comes to the rights abuses that are ongoing in this country.  I do not know if it is too late or not.  I DO know it is time for radical action on the part of our churches AND their congregations.  Yes this means the churches are going to have to raise much more money and that congregations are going to have to dig much deeper.  Where is thy faith?  Any church that takes this bold step of relinquishing their NPO status and doing so in a way where their congregation is informed AND is faithful in God’s provision might be really surprised at the results..:)