December 31, 2019 Church 0

Politicians are saying idiocies like, “Our representatives in Texas have left us open to these kinds of attacks,” he tweeted. “Time to change our representatives.”.

If you want to see what happens when there is NOT a gun free zone…this is it.  How many more shots would this lunatic have gotten off when the police responded?  It would have been 5-15 minutes for them to get there.  Guess what?  Stricter gun control would have disarmed the congregation and not the criminal.  Criminals do not follow laws written on paper.

This video points out the flaws with the responders and points out good procedures and training points for church security team members.  Talking about putting a hard reminder on churches needing security I will be pointing this out to our pastor.  time to plan for this at the beginning…instead of having this happen and we face this without being prepared like this church was.

I think something else that needs to be pointed out IMO is if someone is not acting in a normal way it’s time for the security team to escort the individual out.  Like the presenter says I know you want to be accommodating…but IMO safety has to come first.  Better to loose one than to loose two or more when the individual snaps.

One more thing the presenter points out.  If you are going to be a church security member…you best have your worldly and spiritual details in order because you will be expected to be the first one to face down this type of threat.  This shook me to my core and has also made me think about some things here with my own life and household that will get addressed in short order.

This video shows two murders and the killer himself being shot and killed by a responding church security team member.  If you are squeamish or cannot handle violence do not watch the following video.