Month: February 2006

Explorer Exposes Sensitive Information on Copy(Cut) Paste Operations.

February 26, 2006 General 0

Explorer vulnerability posts copy text to web Score another point for IE integration into the system kernel. Don’t use copy/paste in IE for anything sensitive since it is easily accessible from outside the computer by any website that wants to get to it. The workaround is simple though.

Some Busy News, Some Good News, Some Bad News.

February 22, 2006 General 0

hey ya’ll I wanted everyone to know what’s going on with me. I have two huge IT projects going right now with a third one coming online in the next three weeks. I have been very very busy. Our car has had to go in for repairs to the driver’s side seat..however in the process… Read more

New OEM Mobo? Must Buy another Copy of Windows

February 22, 2006 General 0

Microsoft forces mobo upgraders to buy new licence, claim I never knew about this one. After hunting around it’s part of the OEM license agreement.

Intel Viiv: Is It Simply Marketing Hype and Nothing useful?

February 22, 2006 General 0

Intel Viiv is stupid and broken Ths is an interesting read. It references a previous article which I blogged about. NOw the details of viiv have come out and they look quite..well….read the articles..:)

Bush Didn’t Know About East Coast Port Terrorist Sellout…Uh Right.

February 22, 2006 General 1

Bush unaware of Dubai ports deal before approval – Yahoo! News Now this is a good one. The following statement by bush means he is either a horrendous liar or totally out of touch: President George W. Bush did not know about a deal to hand over operations at six major U.S. ports to an… Read more

It’s Official..Bush Doesn’t Care About National Security

February 21, 2006 General 0

Bush Threatens to Veto Any Bill to Stop Port Takeover – New York Times “After careful review by our government, I believe the transaction ought to go forward,” Mr. Bush told reporters who were traveling with him on Air Force One to Washington, according to news agencies. “I want those who are questioning it to… Read more

Captain’s Quarters

February 21, 2006 General 0

Captain’s Quarters Frankly, I won’t be voting for McCain or any other demopublican or republicrat. I’ll be voting a different party.

Firefox Memory Leak Called a “Feature”. I Call it Wasteful.

February 20, 2006 General 0

As much as I like Firefox..this decision was brain dead. Firefox caches your tabs data in memory. It then tries to cache 4 -8 levels deep PER TAB in ram. I have watched Firefox use 250 megs or more. I found two tweaks. Both of them chop the amount of memory Firefox uses. Unless you… Read more

Big Brother in Houston?

February 19, 2006 General 0

The Herald Democrat Houston?s police chief proposed Wednesday placing surveillance cameras in apartment complexes, downtown streets, shopping malls, and even private homes as a way of combatting crime with a shortage of police officers. ?I know a lot of people are concerned about Big Brother, but my response to that is if you are not… Read more

The Great Windows Vista Ripoff-First it’s HD Content.

February 13, 2006 General 0

The Great HDCP Fiasco Guess what? These shiny new vid cards right now including the 600 dollar ones don’t support HDCP adn therefore you have no HD blue-ray or HD-DVD. You’ll get those played at 75% reduction in quality. Lovely isn’t it? *Update* I forgot to mention that HDCP is not available since the players… Read more

Do You Like Being Ripped off? Windows is a Big One…

February 12, 2006 General 0

? Blog Archive ? Microsoft Message To Windows Users?Shut Up And Pay Up. Wow what a great article. I don’t bash MS too much mainly because i am too lazy to migrate to Linux full time. i like my games but there’s nothing holding me back from migrating otherwsie. i could dual-boot..but again laziness. Also..if… Read more

Power Line Calls for Stifling of the New York Times

February 12, 2006 General 0

Power Line: The New York Times breaks silence This is interesting. While I am not a huge fan of the NYT, it is interesting that when the NYT uncovers an illegal program foistered by the Bush Admin bloggers like Power Line call for them to be prosecuted under un-Constitutional laws. What happened to freedom of… Read more

Intel to go four-core in early 2007

February 12, 2006 General 0

Intel to go four-core in early 2007 Hannibal has this oen correct. I posted earlier on conroe and merom as well here.

“Patriot Act” Appears to be Headed for Approval.

February 11, 2006 General 0

Power Line: Patriot Act to Sail Through Congress Powerline cheers this further erosion of the Constitution. It really bothers me how many “conservative” bloggers hail this as a positive thing. Now we just need a terrorist attack to prove these folks wrong. Before anyone goes off the deep end and thinks i am calling for… Read more

Another Hallelujah!

February 11, 2006 General 1

First it was my daughter accepting Jesus into her heart. She has since said she wants to be baptized..:) She also has taken a keen interest in reading her Bible at night..:) The party in heaven Jsut keeps getting better and better. I am so happy that now i know i will see my whole… Read more

Hamas Wants to Silence Critics in Order to Stop Incitement…not!

February 11, 2006 General 0

Printer Friendly Version Ah yes. Here goes Hamas..that bastion of freedom telling the rest of the world we will calm things down if you agree to give up your freedom of speech. Sorry folks ain’t going to happenin’ here..not in this household. I intend on excercising my freedom of speech while i still can. One… Read more

Parental Notification Upheld in Florida

February 11, 2006 General 0

Sun-Sentinel Via WorldnetDaily This is good. If a minor goes for an abortion the parents must be notified. The child is a minor after all.

Nforce-4/Hard Disk Compatibility Issue Fixed for Maxtor Drives

February 8, 2006 General 0

Maxtor fixes Nforce 4 S-ATA 2 problems I don’t know if this is a chipset problem that Maxtor had tow ork around or if Maxtor actually had a problem. If you ahve an Nfroce-4 board and a Maxtor drive follow the link for information on a firmware fix from Maxtor.

I Love the Krashpad.

February 8, 2006 General 0

Kidan says it like it is. The reaction of muslims around the world over a simple cartoon is astonishingly predictable. I’ll let Kidan say the rest: The Religion of Peace 2/3/2006 7:28:19 AM You know, one day people are going to wake up and realize that Islam is not a religion of peace. It’s adherents… Read more

Bush Wants Another Unconstitutional War.

February 8, 2006 General 0

KCTV520 Keep in mind war was never declared by Congress. Keep in mind if we head to Iran Bush will not take this to Congress either. Unfortunatly all branches of our government are totally out of control right now.

Socialists Face Fight in Their Attack on Wal-Mart

February 8, 2006 General 0 – Politics News – National Retail Group Sues to Block Md. ‘Wal-Mart’ Bill This should be an interesting one to watch..:)

I Could not Have Said it Any Better

February 2, 2006 General 1

KrashPAD Kidan posts on his site that men have won the sexual revolution. He’s right..:) Sexual Revolution: Men 1, Women-0 1/24/2006 8:45:26 AM As a guy, I must say that men have finally won the sexual revolution. This is much to the chagrin of fundamentalists (especially the father of little girls) everywhere. How exactly did… Read more

Nuke Old Drivers

February 2, 2006 General 0

Removing unused device drivers from Windows XP machines I found this on It turns out that ghost devices(remember that nightmare in windows 9x?) are still present in 2k and xp. I have tried it here under my 2k machine and was astonished at the stuff still loading. Time to clear out the rest of… Read more