February 8, 2006 General 0

Kidan says it like it is. The reaction of muslims around the world over a simple cartoon is astonishingly predictable. I’ll let Kidan say the rest:

The Religion of Peace
2/3/2006 7:28:19 AM

You know, one day people are going to wake up and realize that Islam is not a religion of peace. It’s adherents are fanatics who willingly and happily call for the blood of the innocent.

Need proof? If you’ve turned the television on, or opened a newspaper, you’ve probably heard about the cartoons in a Denmark newspaper depicting Muhammad. Which of course means that the Muslims have announced the cartoons as being evil and blasphemy and have called for the heads of the cartoonist and the newspaper editors. Remember that Denmark is a nation which has a free press. Various Muslim nations have called on Denmark to censor and punish the newspaper. Denmark’s response was basically “Can’t do it, that’s not how it works here.”

So, what was the reaction of those who adhere to the Religion of Peace? One Muslim is quoted as saying “Slit their [Danes and Norwegians] throats in the style of (Abu Musab) al-Zarqawi,” while another is on record stating ‘The infidels must know that the coming days will see a bloody war and a series of blessed conquests.”

Yeah that’s peace for you.

For many years Christian icons have been used in profane and blasphemous artwork, and of course it has upset Christians. We are not particularly fond when an artist puts a cross in a jar of urine and then calls it art (and not just because of the blasphemous aspects of that). Of course when all of Christendom’s ire at such things, Christians do not call for the wholesale slaughter of those artists, plus their families, friends, neighbors, country men, and neighboring countrymen.

Of course you have the lefties out there, supporting their decisions to slaughter Danes. President Clinton is on record as saying that Muslim behavior in this fiasco is justified and that the newspaper should apologize for the cartoons.

One has to wonder if the lefties realize that Muslims would just as happily kill those who support the terrorists as they would someone who doe not? It does not matter to them, if we support Palestine or not, all that matters is the fact that we are an infidel and they believe we should die for such a grievous crime.

After all, Islam is the Religion of Peace, on the provision that all the infidels are dead.

Go get ’em Kidan!