Month: August 2021

A Moving Testimony RE: Covid Mandates.

August 22, 2021 Christianity Church Churchianity Covid-19 Faith Family Health Pandemic 0

listen to this healthcare..CRITICAL care worker in California has to say: Here’s Karl Denninger’s take I can hear it now..he’s so selfish..but if he dies because of the vax..there is now 50 percent less in his field in that town. Also his family looses their breadwinner. Let that sink in folks. We are being told… Read more

The Afghanistan Disaster(TONS OF Links)

August 16, 2021 General 0

I will keep adding links..but hell it’s not hard to find stories about this everywhere.  I find it hard to believe even Biden is this incompetent…or that our military is this incompetent. I can only surmise this was done on purpose…maybe it’s truly gross incompetence…but i find this level hard to believe: Post 1 Post… Read more

It’s Long Overdue for us to Have Left Afghanistan

August 15, 2021 General Military 0

It’s about time we pulled out of Afghanistan. I’ll explain’s very simple. The muslims hate each other so much they were3 very busy killing each other(iraq iran war anyone?). There’s only one thing a Muslim(and i am talking about the fundamentalists…the ones the media calls radicals. They are not radical..they are following their Koran… Read more

Archived Mike Rowe FB Post

August 9, 2021 General 0

From  mike rowe FB post: Off the Wall Here’s a delightful headline, followed by a charming article, written by a guy named Jonathan V. Last. I don’t think he likes me. Strap in. It’s a doozy. MIKE ROWE’S DIRTY LIES The voice of the working class goes anti-anti-anti-vaxx. Mike Rowe—the famous real man, dirty-jobbing, tough… Read more