August 15, 2021 General Military 0

It’s about time we pulled out of Afghanistan. I’ll explain’s very simple. The muslims hate each other so much they were3 very busy killing each other(iraq iran war anyone?). There’s only one thing a Muslim(and i am talking about the fundamentalists…the ones the media calls radicals. They are not radical..they are following their Koran to the letter…just read it..I have)..and that’s infidels. Now there’s different levels of infidels. If you are orf a different muslim sect(like shia vs sunni) you must die. That’s why muslims often fight each other so hard. There’s one thing even more hated..and that’s a non-muslim infidel. That will unite ALL fundamental muslims together. The US being in the middle east has given the two largest sects something to unite against…the American and western infidels. Instead of attacking each other they are now united in attacking the western infidels. Guess what? If we get out of the middle east..they will soon stop coming here. Why? They have infidels closer to home than’s other sects. That will flare back up. There is..and was absolutely no reason for us to be putting United states lives on the line…which DOES bring the terror to our shores. Want to “solve” the terrorism problem? get out of and stop meddling in the middle east. Israel is a target yes….they always will be. Where does this come from? The bible..all the way back to jacob and Esau. When you trace things forward Esau is the father of modern islam and the palestinians/arabs. Israel is going to have this issue..until the end of time. We do not need to interject ourselves into this family fight. The ussr was driven out..of course our leaders thought we could do better…you are not going to solve family/religious issues with troops, planes, and tanks. I am saddened at the loss of lives..and friends of mine that bear the mental and physical scars from the poor policies that took them over’s time to withdraw…and let this family affair work itself out.  It’s sad that it’s being done in this feckless and embarrassing way..but this is the latest in a series of governments we elected.  Let’s get ALL of our people out of there…quickly.