Month: March 2008

Dobson editing radio show to avoid ‘hate crimes’ laws

March 30, 2008 General 0

I’ve lost a ton of respect for james dobson over the years.  He is now joining a growing number of ministries that choose to water down the work of God to please some earthly laws.  I would like to see him just remember that the internet is global and there is an easy way around… Read more

Rosemont de-annexation to referendum(Village’s obstructionism rears its head again)

March 21, 2008 General 0

Rosemont de-annexation to referendum At first it was the burgess Jackie Ebersole crying foul and throwing various kinds of monkey wrenches into Brunswick crossing. There were various reasons but the biggest one was the small parcel of land they owned was going to be developed and they did not want that. But because they hung… Read more

Bye-Bye Verizon

March 19, 2008 General 0

I recently canceled their dsl service due to them taking 1/3 of my bandwidth away.  When i called to find out what was going on i was told be glad you have that much by more than one tech support person.  That same day i called comcast and went to their high-speed.  Now it turns… Read more

The Bailout May Deepen

March 19, 2008 General 1

According to Vox Day it appears Lehman is also in trouble.  Also the Fed Bernake had this to say about the bailout, Mr Bernanke then announced a new Primary Dealer Credit Facility. Dealers can now lend the majority of the $50 trillion of credit market instruments to the Fed in return for cash equivalents, “allowing… Read more

The bailout begins in earnest

March 17, 2008 General 0

Bear Sterns is being bailed out by the Fed and being sold for nearly pennies to JP Morgan Chase.  The Fed has also opened up unlimited lines of credit to the top 20 banks.  This means the dollar is going to plunge even worse than it has now and is only going to exacerbate the… Read more

JPMorgan Chase, Fed to aid Bear Stearns (The Fed Bank Bailout Begins..and it’s going to crash and burn)

March 14, 2008 General 0

JPMorgan Chase, Fed to aid Bear Stearns – U.S. business- Last week, the Fed announced an industry-wide rescue package that would provide as much as $200 billion in loans to banks and investment houses and allow them to put up risky home-loan packages as collateral. It was the Fed’s latest effort to stem a… Read more

N.Y. governor reportedly in prostitution ring – Crime & courts-

March 10, 2008 General 2

N.Y. governor reportedly in prostitution ring – Crime & courts- I bet Spitzer is done. He came into power as the tough on crime and going to clean up wall street platform. This appears to be the result of a prostitution bust at a high end club called the Emperor’s Club that was a… Read more

Officers Chase Stolen Police Cruiser|ABC 7 News

March 8, 2008 General 0

Officers Chase Stolen Police Cruiser|ABC 7 News When officers boxed in the suspect vehicle, they say the driver began waving a box cutter at the officers, who took cover. As they instructed the driver to surrender, police say the man suddenly got out of the car and got into a police cruiser. Officers wrestled with… Read more

Accusations of child abuse lead to major assault on parental rights.

March 6, 2008 General 1

Parents of 166,000 students could face criminal charges The real truth is about halfway down in the story as noted below: The current case was brought by two attorneys who had been appointed by the state to represent the family’s minor children in a dependency case stemming from accusations of abuse that resulted from the… Read more

Twit is having issues lately

March 5, 2008 General 0

The latest TWIT was a political podcast and very little to do with technology. Leo has said in the following macbreak podcast that he wants TWIT(the twit podcast not the network) to be more than just technology. Leo, if that is the case then rename the podcast or add a political podcast. Listening to an… Read more

New Virus With Strange Behavior

March 5, 2008 General 0 – Analyst’s Diary It’s name is MonaRonaDona and it’s very unusual for malware. It takes over the system as visibly as possible and demands you buy a $40 product called unigray nti-virus. It’s a scam. How it gets onto systems is not yet known but the a/v makers have started pushing out updates for… Read more

The Sad State of our State Legislature

March 4, 2008 General 0

Early in the session of Maryland’s General Assembly, several bills were introduced dealing with Child Support related issues. A list of the bills can be found on the state’s website. Bills were introduced in both the house and the senate to support the custodial parents who are trying to collect child support that is owed… Read more

Illegal Immigrants “activists” try to Legalize Illegal Immigration

March 1, 2008 General 0

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper If you are in this country illegally…you should be deported..period.