March 21, 2008 General 0

Rosemont de-annexation to referendum

At first it was the burgess Jackie Ebersole crying foul and throwing various kinds of monkey wrenches into Brunswick crossing. There were various reasons but the biggest one was the small parcel of land they owned was going to be developed and they did not want that. But because they hung onto the land they were jeopardizing some major areas of the project…the biggest one being the relocation of the Brunswick Fire Company. What makes this ironic is the BVFD provides the fire coverage for Rosemont. Finally after some wrangling a deal was struck and all were allowed to move forward. Now some of the citizenry of Rosemont are crying conflict of interest because her husband is president of the Brunswick Volunteer Ambulance Company. I guess after years of obstructionism by their leader they decided to rise up themselves and bite the very ambulance company that serves them as well. They are simply following their duly elected burgess’s example…..

I do have to give the Rosemont residents credit though for being active enough in their community that when they see something they don’t like they use the power of their votes to rise up and say something to their elected officials.