March 19, 2008 General 0

I recently canceled their dsl service due to them taking 1/3 of my bandwidth away.  When i called to find out what was going on i was told be glad you have that much by more than one tech support person.  That same day i called comcast and went to their high-speed.  Now it turns out they never deactivated my dsl account as i have been charged for the entire march billing period.  When i call in this time I get told they won’t refund the entire charge because the cancellation was only for today.  I told them they should credit me the whole thing as it’s their issue that they didn’t cancel the service when i asked them to.  The person then told me the fact is that we are not going to credit you anything but a prorated refund for htis billing period.  Looks like as soon as comcast digital voice comes along verizon goes totally bye-bye…of course me and my wife could go totally cellular and bypass both of them.  The discussions continue as to which option this household is going to use but it won’t be verizon.