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How to (almost) beat a patent troll | Fonality

The problem is Fonality didn’t win..they settled therefore rewarding this troll.  They mitigated hte damage to themselves which is laudable but they most assuredly did not win.

Dakota Voice: Dobson Says He Plans to Vote for McCain Palin

Unfortunately Dobson and all of those “Christian conservatives” don’t have a clue.  MCcain is one of hte authors of Mccain-feingold, one of the largest attacks on the first amendment in modern history.  Of course he doesn’t mention this glaring fact and therefore many “values voters” will fall like lemmings over the ledge that is the modern conservatism movement.

Medical Bills You Shouldn’t Pay

I was wondering what was going on as we have started getting bills form some of the medical providers for “remaining balances”. Our insurance pays 100% after our very reasonable deductibles. This just blows the lid off of it. This is not money you owe it’s the medical practice trying to recoup whatever loss they felt they have taken.

I am including the businessweek article below:
Medical Bills You Shouldn’t Pay
In a controversial practice known as “balance billing,” health-care providers are going after patients for money they don’t owe

by Chad Terhune

As health-care costs continue to soar, millions of confused consumers are paying medical bills they don’t actually owe. Typically this occurs when an insurance plan covers less than what a doctor, hospital, or lab service wants to be paid. The health-care provider demands the balance from the patient. Uncertain and fearing the calls of a debt collector, the patient pays up.

Most consumers don’t realize it, but this common practice, known as balance billing, often is illegal. When doctors or hospitals think an insurer has reimbursed too little, state and federal laws generally bar the medical providers from pressuring patients to pay the difference. Instead, doctors and hospitals should be wrangling directly with insurers. Economists and patient advocates estimate that consumers pay $1 billion or more a year for which they’re not responsible.

Yolanda Fil, a 59-year-old McDonald’s (MCD) cashier in Maple Shade, N.J., got tangled up with balance billing after gall bladder surgery in 2005. She and her husband, Leon, a retired state transportation worker, have coverage through Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Horizon made payments on Fil’s behalf to the hospital, surgeon, and anesthesiologist. Then, in 2006, Vanguard Anesthesia Associates billed Fil for an unpaid balance of $518. Soon, a collection agency hired by Vanguard started calling Fil once a week, she says. Although she thought her co-payment and insurance should have covered the surgery, Fil eventually paid the $518, plus a $20 transaction fee. “I didn’t have any choice,” she says. “They threatened me with bad credit.”

Luckily for Fil, her insurer decided to get tough with Vanguard. In December 2006, Horizon Blue Cross sued the medical practice for balance billing Fil and more than 8,000 other policyholders who received invoices for a total of $4.3 million for service from 2004 to 2006. A New Jersey judge last year ordered Vanguard to stop billing the patients and provide refunds to those who had paid. Fil is awaiting her $538 refund. Vanguard didn’t respond to requests for comment.

National statistics aren’t available, but there’s little doubt that many consumers unwittingly fall victim to balance billing. The California Association of Health Plans, a trade group in Sacramento, estimates that 1.76 million policyholders in that state received such bills in the past two years, totaling $528 million. The group found that 56% paid the bills. “Patients think they owe this money, and it causes tremendous stress and anxiety for people,” says Cindy Ehnes, director of the California Managed Health Care Dept. “It is inappropriate to put the patient in the middle of this.”

Balance billing most frequently occurs when medical providers participating in a managed-care network believe the plan’s insurer is imposing too deep a discount on medical bills or is taking too long to pay. California, New Jersey, and 45 other states ban in-network providers from billing insured patients beyond co-payments or co-insurance required by the plan. Similarly, federal law prohibits providers from billing Medicare patients for unpaid balances.

These laws require medical providers to seek payment only from the insurer for services covered by the plan. Many states also shield insured patients from balance billing by out-of-network hospitals and doctors in emergencies, since patients usually don’t control who treats them in those situations. (Bans on balance billing generally don’t apply when a patient gets an elective procedure, such as cosmetic surgery, or seeks out-of-network, non-emergency service without a referral.)

Some physicians, hospitals, and labs take advantage of consumer befuddlement, argues Jane Cooper, CEO of Patient Care, a Milwaukee firm that employers hire to help insured workers fight billing mistakes. “Medical providers count on the fact people will pay these bills because they don’t have time to figure it out,” Cooper says.

Quest Diagnostics, the country’s largest lab chain, with revenue last year of $6.7 billion, has faced investigations and lawsuits over allegations of balance billing. A private suit that seeks class-action status in federal court in Newark, N.J., alleges that Quest has balance-billed thousands of patients covered by private insurance and Medicare, turning over many accounts to debt collectors. Quest, based in Madison, N.J., denies any wrongdoing.

In a separate case in 2003, the New York Attorney General’s Office alleged that Quest encouraged consumers to overpay or billed them after Quest had already been paid by insurers. The company denied wrongdoing in the New York case and said only five people were due modest refunds. Quest agreed to pay New York $150,000 in legal costs and revise some practices, such as waiting longer to dun patients while a claim is pending with an insurer. A Quest spokeswoman says: “The vast majority of our transactions occur problem-free when correct information is provided by patients, physicians, and payers.”

As some authorities get tougher, physicians are trying to overturn prohibitions on balance billing. The American Medical Assn. is lobbying Congress to allow balance billing within the Medicare program, as was allowed until 1991. Two Republican congressmen, Tom Feeney of Florida and Tom Price of Georgia, have sponsored legislation that would accomplish that goal. The AMA cites declining reimbursements from Medicare and private insurers in support of its bid to bill patients directly. AMA member David McKalip, a neurosurgeon in St. Petersburg, Fla., says patients can trust doctors to behave ethically and not gouge the poor: “Doctors will know up front which patients are willing to pay” beyond what the government reimburses.

Consumers overwhelmed by medical bills might dispute that. Many lack the resources to fight balance billing on their own. With an eye on their legal fees, private attorneys hesitate to take on individual disputes over amounts that usually don’t exceed $1,000. Glenn Siglinger is one exception. He fought a lengthy battle against a surgeon all the way to the Connecticut Supreme Court. In 2006 that court upheld a trial verdict awarding the Siglinger family nearly $40,000 in punitive damages from a doctor.

The case began in December 1995, when Siglinger’s wife, Laura, and his daughter, Allison, then three, were injured in a car accident. Both were taken to the emergency room at Bridgeport Hospital, where Dr. Charles Gianetti, the plastic surgeon on call, stitched a cut on Allison’s face. The Siglingers’ insurer paid Gianetti $1,981 under a contract with the family’s health plan. Later in 1996, he claimed the Siglingers owed him an unpaid balance of $4,496. The Siglingers refused to pay, and Gianetti sued them. Ruling for the Siglingers, the trial judge ordered Gianetti to pay their legal fees, in addition to the punitive damages. The Siglingers say he hasn’t paid them anything.

“It was traumatic enough seeing my daughter go through a serious accident, but then to go through this,” says Siglinger, a real estate investor. He and his wife have since divorced; Allison is now 15. “I wonder how many people paid these bills without giving it a second thought,” he says. The Siglingers are among 150 patients Gianetti has sued for unpaid balances, according to state records. The Connecticut Attorney General’s Office is scheduled to go to trial next year against Gianetti, having accused him in a civil suit of improper billing.

Gianetti, 69, no longer practices medicine, but he continues to pursue former patients in court. He says the state of Connecticut has “nothing on me,” declining other comment.

Even routine office visits can lead to balance billing. In Illinois, federal prosecutors say Dr. Janet Despot and Rickey Weir, her husband and office manager at the Cardinal Respiratory medical practice in Springfield, overbilled Medicare, private insurers, and patients by more than $800,000 from 1997 through 2007. Despot, 50, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of balance-billing Medicare patients in February. She didn’t receive jail time, but has paid a $10,000 fine and forfeited $2.5 million that will be used for restitution and additional fines. Federal officials are considering barring her from the Medicare program; the Illinois medical board separately is seeking to discipline her. For now she remains in business.

William Gass, a 41-year-old recycling coordinator, successfully took Despot to small-claims court in 1999 to get $300 in improper bills erased from his credit report. “It’s unconscionable to me she can still practice medicine,” Gass says.

Despot says her husband, Weir, from whom she is getting divorced, handled all billing. She claims she wasn’t aware that patients were being hounded for money they didn’t owe. A Medicare ban “would end my career,” she says. “I didn’t understand medical billing.” Weir has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges and awaits trial in November. He declined to comment.

Regulators in most states have been slow to take action in billing disputes. But in July, California officials sued Prime Healthcare Services, seeking to force the 12-hospital chain based in Victorville, Calif., to stop balance billing. Last September, Thomas Lai was rushed to the emergency room at Prime’s Huntington Beach Hospital because of severe chest pain. The 51-year-old musician stayed for four days, but doctors didn’t find anything seriously wrong.

His wife, Tess, says she asked the hospital staff to transfer Thomas to a hospital covered by his Kaiser Permanente network—but to no avail. She had taken him to the hospital closest to home, which Kaiser advised her to do. Kaiser paid a discounted rate for the hospitalization, and the Lais thought that was the end of it.

They were shocked to receive a bill from Prime in May for more than $16,000. A collection firm threatened to report them to credit agencies. “I’m concerned about our credit report with this huge bill hanging over us,” Tess says. Kaiser instructed the Lais not to pay anything while the state case unfolds.

Asked about the state action, Prime said: “This frivolous suit is not about the actions of one provider but the failure of the [state] to do its job to regulate HMOs and provide assistance to providers who have the right to be reimbursed properly for emergency services rendered to HMO enrollees.” Prime didn’t comment on the Lais.

Cindy Ehnes, the director of California’s managed-care department, says her agency isn’t taking sides between providers and insurers. It holds insurers accountable for paying promptly, she says. Medical providers should use proper channels to press their claims, such as an independent dispute-resolution system crafted by the state, she adds. “Patients are having their credit destroyed at a time when they are already sick and vulnerable.”

Landowner seeks only $1 in lawsuit
While he’s seeking $16.5 million or more from the Town of Walkersville in his federal lawsuit, Walkersville landowner David W. Moxley wants just $1 from a grassroots organization he says conspired with town officials against a Muslim group that wanted to buy his land.

Moxley in July sued Walkersville, the Walkersville Zoning Board of Appeals, Walkersville Burgess Ralph W. Whitmore, Walkersville Commissioners Roger A. ‘‘Sam” Eyler Jr., Donald W. Schildt, Chad W. Weddle and Russell N. Winch and appeals board members Dan Thomas, Vaughn Zimmerman and Harold Roderuck in U.S. District Court in Baltimore. He alleges that the town had discriminatory motives in denying a Muslim group to use his farm for religious retreats.

On Aug. 5, Moxley added Citizens for Walkersville, Ed Marino, Steven R. Berryman and 20 “John and Jane Does” as targets in the lawsuit. He’s seeking $1 from each of the “private” defendants.

Marino is president of Citizens for Walkersville, a group that organized to oppose a Muslim group’s plans to use Moxley’s 224-acre farm for its religious retreats. Berryman is its vice president and spokesman.

This is moxley’s way of trying to seem like he’s playing nice to imporve his chances of getting the feds to give him a payout AND keep is land which he could then sell later for MORE money.  This isn’t about religous discrimination it’s all aout greed on moxley’s part.

Obama camp hits station airing critic

Get islamobama in office and the full blown censorshp of ALL forms of media will begin in earnest.

Report: Studios want interoperable DRM | News – Digital Media – CNET News

They already ahve one’s called windows vista.  Vista has DRM throught the ENTIRE SYSTEM.  Of course it’s hard to standardize something when nobody wants it..:)

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper
The current proposal, which the planning commission recommended to the town commissioners in a 6-1 vote Tuesday night, would allow the Banner School to proceed because it had obtained a special exception more than one year prior to the April ordinance.

Oh yeah.  Just give the spurned landowner a battleship for armament in his lawsuit against the town.  This will give the feds the reason they need to say the landowner is correct in suing for religious discrimination and then walkersville is going to be in a world of hurt.  Trust me guys..don’t go here and invite the federal scrutiny you really don’t want.

Christian talk-host calls Farah book ‘unbiblical’
A Christian radio talk-show host has labeled Joseph Farah’s new book, “None of the Above,” as unbiblical because it advocates not voting for either of the two major-party presidential candidates this November.

Janet Parshall, host of “Janet Parshall’s America,” syndicated by the Salem Radio Network, told Christian TV host John Ankerberg Sunday, “There’s a book floating around now called ‘None of the Above’ that advocates exactly the position that you talked about. When we do that we have advocated the antithetical position to what we know to be biblical truth. Because, when we sit it out, what we’re saying, in essence, is, ‘Our vote doesn’t count. We don’t care to influence and occupy.’ The other person’s vote takes precedence. The other person de facto gets the vote.”

She and others of her ilk are so full of it and have lost anything the Bible says bout our gov’t.  Not voting at all is not unbiblical..however that’s not what farah is saying..just not to vote the two carbon copy cadidates.  Parshall and others of her ilk need to realize we can vote for whomever we want..even if it’s nobody and that choice is perfectly Constitutional and biblical.  Nice try but the more I watch these “conservative” commentators the more I see how far away form the Bible they have become.  They are as bad as the Liberals who wrap their failed and dangerous policies with the’s too bad these “pillars of light” are doing the same thing.

Nearly 600 detained in Miss. plant raid – Crime & courts-
“We have kids without dads and pregnant mothers who got their husbands taken away,” said Velez’s son, Robert, youth pastor at the church. “It was like a horror story. They got handled like they were criminals.”

If you are in this country illegally YOU ARE A CRIMINAL.

Watchdog Decries U.S. Deportation Laws – News Story – WRC | Washington
“The laws are not only cruel in their rigidity, they are senseless,” said Alison Parker, senior researcher for Human Rights Watch’s U.S. program. She authored the report.

“How do you explain to a child that her father has been sent thousands of miles away and can never come home simply because he forged a check?” she asked.

I have a better question:

How do you sent away a criminal that never should have been here in the first place?  Easy..deport them.  If this individual had not come here illegally..gotten his wife/partner pregnant they would not be in this siuation.  Many illegal immigrants come here illegally and purposefully have kids and try to use them as anchor babies…I have no sympathy for these people.

Slashdot | As of October, FBI To Allow Warrantless Investigations

More unconstitutional activity from our gov’t.  HOw long before folks wake up?  Not until we are lliving in a new country caled amerika.

Deported Mexicans face broken lives – Americas-

It’s hard..i’m not denying that but it’s relaly simple…had you not come into the country illegally you wouldn’t be in the deportation scenario you have found yourself in.  Come into this country LEGALLY and stay LEGALLY and folks like me will help you in every way we can.  Come into this country illegally or stay illegally and i’ll be looking to help the gov’t get you out of this country. – Illegal Immigrants Returning to Mexico in Record Numbers – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
Illegal immigrants are returning home to Mexico in numbers not seen for decades — and the Mexican government may have to deal with a crush on its social services and lower wages once the immigrants arrive.

Shoe meet other foot.  After decades of open borders and drains on our social services caused by complicity by our gov’t and active encouragement by mexico’s the hens are coming home to roost.

Vaccine-wary parents spark public health worry – Kids and parenting-

I have yet to see anything public refuting the public statistics about mercury in vaccines and autism.  HOw anyone could htink that injecting mercury into anyone is safe is beyond me.  The vaccines maybe a good thing..but is it worth poisoning our children?  Many parents are opting out of that..and I will be looking into Maryland’s state laws about this as well.

Stryde Hax

Texas executes Mexican in defiance of world court – Yahoo! News
Texas put to death a Mexican convicted murderer late Tuesday, defying a ruling from the International Court of Justice and ignoring a last-minute appeal from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

Jose Ernesto Medellin, 33, was killed by lethal injection in the Huntsville death chamber at 9:57 p.m. (0257 GMT Wednesday), Texas Department of Criminal Justice official Jason Clark told AFP.

Medellin was sentenced to die for the 1993 rape and murder of two girls, aged 14 and 16, in Houston, Texas. The Mexican-born Medellin was in the midst of an initiation into the Black and Whites street gang at the time.

The ICJ told US authorities in 2004 that Medellin’s case and that of other Mexicans facing execution violated the Vienna Convention because authorities failed to inform the foreigners of their right to consular access and assistance during trial.

US President George W. Bush ordered that the cases be reviewed, but the US Supreme Court in March ruled that his request was unconstitutional.

Medellin’s execution went ahead even though Ban urged US authorities to comply with the ICJ’s order.

Read he last sentence above.  The UN and it’s International cronies tried to make the US obey it’s laws instead of our own.  I’m proud that Texas tols them to, “shove it where the sun don’t shine”.

Council awaits legal advice for trash vote
The proposed ordinance would make recycling mandatory in the town and set a limit of the amount of trash each customer could set out at the curb at 70 gallons per household or business.

Leaders want the ordinance in place to reduce the amount of trash New Market residents and businesses are sending to the Frederick County landfill, which had been an average of 55 tons per week per person, well over the Frederick County average of 40 tons.

The ordinance defines “household trash” – waste generated by cooking or preparing food – as the only thing that can be disposed of in the 70 gallons. All other materials, such as recyclables or construction trash, have to be disposed of separately.

Is New market going to raise taxes to cover this?  REcyling costs $$$..lots of $$$.  it’s not hte silver bullet to helping anything.  HOw is this going to be paid for?

Moxley adds Citizens for Walkersville group to federal lawsuit
Moxley in July sued Walkersville, the Walkersville Zoning Board of Appeals, Walkersville Burgess Ralph W. Whitmore, Walkersville Commissioners Roger A. ‘‘Sam” Eyler Jr., Donald W. Schildt, Chad W. Weddle and Russell N. Winch and appeals board members Dan Thomas, Vaughn Zimmerman and Harold Roderuck in U.S. District Court in Baltimore. He alleges that the town had discriminatory motives in denying a Muslim group to use his farm for religious retreats.

The amendment targets Citizens for Walkersville, a group that organized opposition to the Muslim group’s plans and dominated public testimony during appeals board hearings in January and February.

In the Aug. 5 amendment to his federal lawsuit, Moxley alleges that “The officers and members of [Citizens for Walkersville] have conspired and worked in concert with town officials to prevent the [Muslim group] from using the Moxley Farm for its religious purposes.”

The amendment alleges that 20 members of Citizens for Walkersville and president Ed Marino and spokesman Steven R. Berryman “participated in the conspiracy to violate [Moxley] and the [Muslim group’s] rights,” and were “motivated by religious and racial discriminatory animus designed to deprive, directly or indirectly, the [Muslim group] of equal protection of the laws.”

Ah yes.  After he fails to sell his land for a large amount of money due to zoning restrictions instead of following the rules he files a federal lawsuit to get them changed.  This has nothing to do with the zoning laws..Moxley figures if he can get the feds to do his dirty work even after the attorney’s fees are paid he’ll make a healthy profit.  Read the article..the religion part is a cover for the real reason..$$$$$$

Maryland Congressman Pushes for Economic Stimulus|ABC 7 News
Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen says he supports another fiscal relief package to help boost struggling state economies like Maryland’s.

He is an idiot. Maryland’s economy is in the toilet due to the crushing growth of the state gov’t..thanks Ehrlich and now Omalley. Omalley ran Baltimore into the ground who honestly believed he would do anything different to the entire state given the chance? This isn’t a demopublican or republicrat’s business as usual in Maryland and as usual we Marylanders are paying out the nose for it….literally.

The bad new is here. While wordpress comes with askimet askimet isn’t nearly as effective and powerful as SK2 was. That chances of this continuing is nearly zero. Looks like i’ll be taking this site to another platform, disabling comments, or something as without sk2 the spam that will appear on this blog will be too much for me to keep up with(and most of it is jsut plain filth). So the race is on to find a replacement..either a cms with blogging built in(with good anti-spam technology) or restrict registrations and not allow unregistered users to post ANYTHING.

Nearly 2 in 3 voters want someone else

Even the “non mainstream media” has been very slow to catch on. The unfortunate part is many Americans don’t know you are able to write in a name so you do not HAVE to vote for only the slate presented to you. If more people would use their write in powers the political landscape would change in a tectonic way.

Town struggles after immigration raid – Life-

The town decided to hitch it’s future to illegal immigrants. Unfortunately now that’s come back to bite them. As usual they are blaming the feds for simply enforcing immigration laws instead of taking responsibility for their own illegal actions.

Vox Popoli: The puppet jury

There’s a way around this. Simply vote not guilty.

Lawmakers take up battle against light bulb ban

It’s not too late to stop TERC math

I’m investigating this closely. I’ll read the linked website and then verify via other sources. I’ll post my findings here.

Unfortunately it’s time for me to part ways with Astaro Security Linux once again. Back in the version 4 days things were running great and then version 5 came out. it was an unmitigated disaster. I quit using Astaro for a while until version 7 came out. I have run v7 up to 7.2x. I have suddenly had issues with vpn’s not passing through, high amounts of resource usage, and annoying bug and coding quality lapses. Their memory configuration tuning is far form optimal(that’s because they have to try to shoehorn this into 256 megs of ram for their exceedingly weak asg 2xx series). Add to that they have replaced the anti-spam engines and http proxy caching engines with proprietary ones and it is starting to look like a trend is forming. The final straw was a recent anti-spam update starting hanging and crashing Astaro firewalls everywhere. The fix it to either reboot your machine and hope it gets the new fixed update or log in as root and restart the proprietary daemon that is responsible for the issues. I tend to find weird bugs. Astaro’s attitude has relaly changed. Back in the v4 days when i would find a weird one they would acknowledge it, fix it, and move on. Now the policy is to deny it exists, blame the bug tester, and sweep it under the rug. With them now taking more and more of it proprietary plus their commercial success I think they feel they don’t have to listen to folks who find the strange bugs but only the showstoppers and minor ones most folks will notice. After this i figured it’s time to depart once again watch from afar and see if v8 is going to be better or continue the trend towards mistuned kernel settings, bloaty and buggy proprietary software, and slow performance. I hope not as Astaro has some awesome potential and for home use you can’t beat the However untangle and ipcop are the same

How Obama deceives non-discerning Christians

this is an excellent article and most Christians these days really need to read this article and then read your Bibles without today’s PC rose colored glasses on your face.

Libya to receive reparations for Reagan air strike
Despite 189 American lives lost in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing, the U.S. settled all lawsuits against Libya for terrorist killings and restored diplomatic relations with the country today – with reparations to be paid to Libya.

President Ronald Reagan ordered air strikes on Tripoli and Benghazi on April 15, 1986, after Libyan terrorists planted 6 pounds of plastic explosives packed with shrapnel on the dance floor of La Belle discotheque in Berlin, killing three people – including two U.S. soldiers – and maiming 200 others.

You have got to be kidding me. Libya killed hundreds of American citizens and he gets paid?!?!?!?!?! Our gov’t has become a bunch of PC, toothless, spineless pansies. I have stronger language in mind but I’ll bite my tongue on that.

Navy to Limit Sub-detecting Sonar

This case has been going on for a long time. The environazis have now managed to get the Navy to capitulate. Frankly the courts have no power over how the military does it’s work.

Pelosi, Pickens plan to pick your pocket

I’ve had relatives sending me invites to the site but I looked at it with a large dose of suspicion. As it turns out my suspicions are very well founded.

Anyone who though the hard line communist regieme would loosen up and put their best face forward is deluding themselves.  This is a hard line, atheistic, totalitarian regime the likes we have not seen since the days of the USSR.  The Chinese have managed to do just enough openness to fool the folks who have bought into the nanny gov’t culture we have going.  It’s amazing that to hear the msm praising china for a wonderful job when they are engaging in all kinds of deceptions. Here’s the list:

1. Fake Fireworks for those who watched on tv
2. Sold out venues not really sold out
3. Lip syncing of their own national anthem
4. Use of possibly underage gymnasts Let me go further. half of the chinese team looked to be no more than 12. The IOC will never admit it nor will china but look for yourself and decide. More from the AP
5. The supposedly 56 ethnic children that were actually all from the Han majority jsut wearing the 56 different ethnic colors.

krashpad: Newsgroups and N.Y. Attorney General

I have to agree this is beyond unconstitutional.  What’s more unfortunate is with the entitlemnt cluture that’s infesting this country nobody’s going to care until the AC comes and it’s too late for them.

krashpad: A Lesson On Human Nature

This is another great one but i have to disagree with one part.  It’s not the republicrats or demopublicans that will take you away form the socialistic, entitlement culture that has infested our society…it’s following Biblical principles.  I quote specifically:

2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you: that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

You can read the entire chapter here.

krashpad: John The Farmer

Oh this is a riot and soooooo true about the upcoming election.

Pro Gaming Table Houses All Your Gaming Gizmos – Born Rich

Oh i like this. Now i just need my own office for something like this..

Vista security discovered to be even more useless – The INQUIRER

Some on. Vista IS NOT a new windows version. It’s based on NT which is over 20 years old. Look at some of the security issues that have come out..they affect vista all the way down to windows 2000! Windows has a deep design flaw and that design flaw is IE and activex and now .net.

Anandtech has a rebuttal to this story

Blood moon eclipses: 2nd Coming in 2015?

this is ridiculous. The Bible specifically says we will not have foreknowledge of Jesus’s return. He will come with the aforementioned signs but the exact start of those signs is not something we are ever going to have foreknowledge of. Another silly prediction form those who wish to try to guess God’s timing instead of trusting in His word.

Homeschooling OK – even in California
An appeals court in California has ruled that state law does permit homeschooling “as a species of private school education” but that statutory permission for parents to teach their own children could be “overridden in order to protect the safety of a child who has been declared dependent.”

this is good..but the court said also they can still override the parents “in cases of abuse” for their own safety. The threat to homeschooling is far from removed. – Mexican Soldiers Enter Arizona, Briefly Detain Border Agent – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
Four Mexican soldiers crossed into Arizona and held a U.S. Border Patrol agent at gunpoint before realizing where they were and returning to Mexico, federal authorities said Wednesday.

I raise the BS flag here. They knew exactly where they were. Mexico is simply trying these incursions to see if our gov’t has the balls to defend out borders..of course we know they don’t and that’s the sad thing.

Christian Gamers Alliance Forums – View Single Post – GOD’S LIL TELLS….

What a great video. I have embedded the video here:

Here’s A google search of laminin:

if you want the high quality version get it here.

Obama plans to grab oil company profits
Sen. Barack Obama announced today an “emergency economic plan” he wants enacted by this fall that would use oil profits to give every “middle-class” American family $1,000.

Guess what this communist law is going to do? The oil companies will simply raise rates to compensate for this. Everyone will get TWICE and the total cost is going to well exceed the supposed $1,000 everyone would get.

McCain Web Ad Mockingly Compares Obama to Moses – America’s Election HQ

7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

MCCain has managed to anger just about every Christian out there. If he wanted to hand the presidency over to Obama I can’t think of a better way. It will get really interesting if Obama reciprocates with something as vile..if he does then we know they are BOTH playing to the entire non-christian block.

I absolutely despise vista. it has been a disaster on every machine i use it on. I have a laptop that’s now a year old and i can’t find a single thing i want to run on it. vista is just terrible, Linux works(depending on distro) but such simple things as hibernate don’t work out of the box w/o serious tweaks(something i’m not willing to put the time into getting working). My hardware isn’t that old(that’s probably the problem). MaxOSX isn’t available to those of us who would desperately love to run it without paying the unreasonable hardware premium(since their now just pc’s with OSX and the EFI firmware lock in). I would love to run XP on this laptop(as it’s the only decent MS OS they still support) but there’s no drivers available for it..only for vista..bleh. Vista when I install it on this laptop jsut works. I ahve to enable hibernation but that’s as far as i have to go..double bleh.

Laptops may be detained at border – Washington Post-
WASHINGTON – Federal agents may take a traveler’s laptop or other electronic device to an off-site location for an unspecified period of time without any suspicion of wrongdoing, as part of border search policies the Department of Homeland Security recently disclosed.

Also, officials may share copies of the laptop’s contents with other agencies and private entities for language translation, data decryption or other reasons, according to the policies, dated July 16 and issued by two DHS agencies, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This is so hugely against the Constitution it’s unreal.  the bad part is?  Most folks who are subjected to this won’t say a word.  Come on folks..stand up for the Constitution and by extension your rights.