August 21, 2008 General 0

Council awaits legal advice for trash vote
The proposed ordinance would make recycling mandatory in the town and set a limit of the amount of trash each customer could set out at the curb at 70 gallons per household or business.

Leaders want the ordinance in place to reduce the amount of trash New Market residents and businesses are sending to the Frederick County landfill, which had been an average of 55 tons per week per person, well over the Frederick County average of 40 tons.

The ordinance defines “household trash” – waste generated by cooking or preparing food – as the only thing that can be disposed of in the 70 gallons. All other materials, such as recyclables or construction trash, have to be disposed of separately.

Is New market going to raise taxes to cover this?  REcyling costs $$$..lots of $$$.  it’s not hte silver bullet to helping anything.  HOw is this going to be paid for?