August 21, 2008 General 2

Moxley adds Citizens for Walkersville group to federal lawsuit
Moxley in July sued Walkersville, the Walkersville Zoning Board of Appeals, Walkersville Burgess Ralph W. Whitmore, Walkersville Commissioners Roger A. ‘‘Sam” Eyler Jr., Donald W. Schildt, Chad W. Weddle and Russell N. Winch and appeals board members Dan Thomas, Vaughn Zimmerman and Harold Roderuck in U.S. District Court in Baltimore. He alleges that the town had discriminatory motives in denying a Muslim group to use his farm for religious retreats.

The amendment targets Citizens for Walkersville, a group that organized opposition to the Muslim group’s plans and dominated public testimony during appeals board hearings in January and February.

In the Aug. 5 amendment to his federal lawsuit, Moxley alleges that “The officers and members of [Citizens for Walkersville] have conspired and worked in concert with town officials to prevent the [Muslim group] from using the Moxley Farm for its religious purposes.”

The amendment alleges that 20 members of Citizens for Walkersville and president Ed Marino and spokesman Steven R. Berryman “participated in the conspiracy to violate [Moxley] and the [Muslim group’s] rights,” and were “motivated by religious and racial discriminatory animus designed to deprive, directly or indirectly, the [Muslim group] of equal protection of the laws.”

Ah yes.  After he fails to sell his land for a large amount of money due to zoning restrictions instead of following the rules he files a federal lawsuit to get them changed.  This has nothing to do with the zoning laws..Moxley figures if he can get the feds to do his dirty work even after the attorney’s fees are paid he’ll make a healthy profit.  Read the article..the religion part is a cover for the real reason..$$$$$$