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I would not expect a true conservative like Scalia or Thomas. Bush is simply not politically conservative enough to do it. I figured this was bad news the instant I heard Schumer liked her.

The Captain notes this is not over yet.

LaShawn expects the next pick to be just as bad. I’m thinking it will be worse. I bet he’ll get a flaming liberal nomiated.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup and breathes a sigh of relief.

ThePunditGuy has a huge roundup as well.

Like me and Cosmic didn’t call this one eh? Cosmic has great commentary on this.

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Well I hope the UN doesn’t find this surprising…but they will probably be shocked at the venom spewed here. Luckily for Israel God promises they will not be abandoned and most assuredly will not be destroyed.

And folks wonder why California, Oregon, and Washington state are called the Left Coast. These are illegal immigrants. Frankly the company should be heavily prosecuted for hiring said immigrants(which is being admitted to just by the arguments they make in the article.) The worker in quesiton should be immediatly deprted. They should not be in this country at all in the first place.

Until companies are heavily prosecuted and fines and/or shutdown for hiring illegals this wil continue.

The Register

Holy cow. Talking about a desperation part. the fastest Xeon furnaces can’t keep up with the slowest opteron parts and consume a stupid amount of power. Gamepc tries to spin it positivly but there are not positives to the latest Xeon.

The Register has another article on Paxville in response to a release by Dell.

Schneier on Security:

I am not a fan of WOw and now i have to reconsider every putting a blizzard product on my machine ever again. this is too bad.

There’s more at the Christian Gamers Alliance forums.

La Shawn Barber?s Corner
Is too much government dependency destroying Black families? What role did racism play in the Hurricane Katrina response? Are establishment Black leaders exercising legitimate moral authority or simply fleecing their constituencies? How well are Black churches combating the moral crisis in urban America? How can Black Americans achieve true success? These and other questions will be addressed by our distinguished guests.

Too much governmant dependency is destroying the entire country..not only blacks. However the “civil rights leaders” of the black community are so intent on keeping their fellow blacks wrapped in fear means they will not as a whole be able to rise above their own self-induced state of welfare depndency until they wake up and shake off those who wish to keep them in bondage. For many whites I have seen in that situation it is their own individual choices(usually laziness) that keeps them there. Just look at what the entitlement/welfare culture that has been so carefully cultured has done in New Orleans and the south. When faced with it first true test it falls on its face. The government was never meant for this kind of chore and never will be. The same goes for whites, indians..etc etc etc.

I saw this other post on Lashawn’s blog too. She eloquently talks about the issues facing the black community. Some of this also applies to the rest of the country regardless of your ethnic background. The entitlement culture is destroying this country but I cannot deny how hard it is hitting the black community.

Here’s the direct link to the discussion. I had to dig through the broken coding to get it.

I?m honest about who I am. I am independent, but I don?t use the word the way some do (i.e., moderate, centrist, progressive). I take an unambiguous stand on just about everything, and like it or not, there are only two viable parties to choose from. While I am not a Republican, I do for vote for them. And I am as conservative as they come, and unlike some liberals, not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops. The so-called I-don?t-tow-the-party-line types are often thinly-disguised Republican-hating liberals. Nothing more, nothing less. The righteous pose is embarrassingly asinine.

I have to disagree with Lashawn here. There are two MAJOR parties. The constitution party is viable. However more folks needs to truly educate themselves about the Republicrats and Demopublicans. Look into their records then checkout the Constitution party. If the true conservatives would storm the gates and get behind the Constitution party there would be a Constitution Party candidate in the White House.

Down With Absolutes misreads LB’s post.
Despite all the safe sex messages, there has been little progress in stemming the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. STDs like chlamydia and herpes are more common than ever, and doctors are now starting to see a couple of new or previously unrecognized infections.

Expect this to get worse as folks continue to actively deny that the Bible has it right all along. No sex of any kind before marriage. When you get married it is to another monogamous individual. No “open” marriages. Marriage is between one man and one woman. As long as the world keeps swallowing the “safe sex” lie things like this will continue. Abstinence DOES work. Africa is one place to take a look at things. Where abstinence is practiced the STD’s and AIDS fell down by huge amounts and wedlock births went down as well. The safe sex areas have almost 100% AIDS or STD infection rates and wedlock births are through the roof. Real-world implementaitons totally destroy this articles arguments.

The message that sex must wait until marriage is not the right message to send to a young person. The people sending the message almost never lived up to it in their own lives and nothing turns a kid off like hypocrisy. Furthermore, most kids themselves just don?t believe it.
Does this person have children? Trust me..your kids even though on the outside they act like they want nothing to do with you..they really do. They look to their parents for guidance on everything. Even if the dont’ say it..they are watching you. Your actions will go very far in determining a bunch of their makeup. You want well-behaved children..act the way you want them to act. Children also need discipline. Are you embarassed when your kids run wild in public? Guess what you do? You drop the hammer. Sometimes a swat to the backside is in order. Not only is firm discipline required but loving attention and consistency in your rules. Make sure your children only are filled with Biblical things first. Then as they are exposed to the world you can show them how to filter the world through the Bible. You’ll have much better children for it. Many parents take the easy way out and let society indoctrinate their children. Stop please! Take the hard job you signed up for by having a child. Parenting is tough but the rewards of seeing people surprised by how well-behaved your child is in public is just one of the many many reqwards for your hard work. I could go on and on..but i’ll end this post..for now..:)

My daughter made the greatest decision of her life. She has officially accepted Jesus as her savior! I am beyond words with joy and I cannot wait to see the party that heaven is throwing right now. it’s amazong to see Jesus at work. i praise the Lord that He is in such mighty control!!!! I was concerned i might not see her in heaven but those concerns were washed away with her dicision..:)

The Tech Report – EU plans to end US Internet control

ROFL. The only way this is going to happen is if our Gov’t gives it up. Right now that jsut is not going to happen. The EU might setup their own DNS tree..which would go against their internet for all humanity line since this would partition the internet..:)


Now this is interesting. If this discounting is not deemed illegal it is certainly unethical. I would hold BOTH sides(Intel AND the vendor who agreed to this lockout) accountable with my wallet. I will be watching this one very very closely.


Here comes the biggest ripoff in computing history. Windows Vista.

There’s only one Linux. Yes there’s tons of distros. i would rather have tons of distros than the Microsoft monoculture or any other monoculture for that matter.

That’s what this columnist basically says in this posting.

Here’s a quote from the article:

Among pro-lifers, I have long held the minority view that Bush never had the slightest intention of packing the Supreme Court with justices who would seek to overturn the 1973 decision legalizing abortion. Karl Rove would throw himself in front of a train before he let that happen.

So where did I get my inside intel on this?

There have been several not-so-subtle signals from Bush himself. When asked, during his first campaign, whether he thought the decision should be overturned, he said the country was not ready.

At a news conference in Iowa in 2000, he was asked whether he would counsel a friend or relative who had been raped to have an abortion. He answered, “It would be up to her.”

Michelle Malkin:
A small minority of readers say we should wait and see, trust Bush, and hold out hope that Miers is a stealth candidate. This last line of defense is truly pathetic. We have a Republican House. A Republican Senate. And a Republican White House. Why is it, after working so hard to put a president in power who promised to appoint conservative judges, that we have to settle for crossing our fingers and accepting a blank-slate Supreme Court nominee with an ideological paper bag over her head?

I’ll tell you why. The Republicrats are spineless and many(if not most) Demopublicans are near communists. Bush is somewhere in the middle probably because of his advisors. The Republicrats have blown every opportunity and squandered the mandate the people gave him and his party in office. It is clearly going to take a Constitutional party candidate to fix this mess. We need to elect one of them now and for about the next 40 years if this country is to be salvaged. Read the linked post. There are tons of links from Michelle’s article.

I am seeing reponses from conservatives saying they are not going to vote. Let me caution you against that. It is your civic DUTY to vote. I see it this way. If you don’t vote…you have no right to complain when things don’t go right. Enough said.

*UPDATE* has several articles about Miers. Here, Here, and Here.
John Hawkings at Right Wing News chimes in on the negative.

Vox has been on a tear against many things in the feminist agenda and women’s rights. I am interested in how he is going to react to this. I find this very refreshing. Hopefully this is the beginning of cracks forming int he feminist movement as women realize they have a very limited time to conceive and that the medical fertility drugs may not be worth the hassle.

A pretty fast machine. You can read it in this word document.

Jihad Watch:

As much as I love Israel, They have no business telling us to stop iran. If you want to stop their nukes via it.

You have to love these p2p applications. Considering there is a way to create registry entries that are invisible to admins in windows it appears getting rid of spyware will soon become impossible. MS has poo-pooed this flaw which is unfortunate.