October 4, 2005 General 0

Michelle Malkin:
A small minority of readers say we should wait and see, trust Bush, and hold out hope that Miers is a stealth candidate. This last line of defense is truly pathetic. We have a Republican House. A Republican Senate. And a Republican White House. Why is it, after working so hard to put a president in power who promised to appoint conservative judges, that we have to settle for crossing our fingers and accepting a blank-slate Supreme Court nominee with an ideological paper bag over her head?

I’ll tell you why. The Republicrats are spineless and many(if not most) Demopublicans are near communists. Bush is somewhere in the middle probably because of his advisors. The Republicrats have blown every opportunity and squandered the mandate the people gave him and his party in office. It is clearly going to take a Constitutional party candidate to fix this mess. We need to elect one of them now and for about the next 40 years if this country is to be salvaged. Read the linked post. There are tons of links from Michelle’s article.

I am seeing reponses from conservatives saying they are not going to vote. Let me caution you against that. It is your civic DUTY to vote. I see it this way. If you don’t vote…you have no right to complain when things don’t go right. Enough said.

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