Monthly Archives:November 2007 – Democratic Presidential Hopeful John Edwards Will Unveil Strategy to Reduce Heating Oil Costs /a>
Noting that home heating oil prices in New Hampshire have surpassed $3 a gallon, the former North Carolina senator is calling on Congress to release some of the nations home heating oil and crude oil reserves as a way to bring down prices by increasing supply. He also is urging Congress to fully fund the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, according to a copy of his plan provided to The Associated Press.

This will do nothing but put us in worse shape in the future. Those reserves are for when we get embargoed..not if. As is typical of Many Americans these days they think sacrificing long term plans for short term game is a good idea..which is what has led to the current credit/mortgage disaster we are now that is going to grow deeper. | Money and Politics: Illuminating the Connection

While they center on Cali politics they also profile federal congressional contributions and show the correlation between the money they receive form who and the way they voted. An excellent site.

WorldNetDaily: Hundreds of banks threatened by new subprime crisis

If your mortgage has been sold to another bank as part of an investment(as many have these days) then the institution holding that mortgage pool owns nothing..they are standing on a time bomb since those debts are unsecured. WOW.

krashpad: Clinton’s Las Vegas Trip

I can admit, I hate social welfare programs. They are evil things, and in effect are enforced charity. It is the government, taking money from me to give to someone it deems worthy by some arcane stricture. A modern-day Robin Hood if you will. While Robin Hood is often classified as a folk hero, let us not forget that he was fighting against the high taxes and social ills which big government impose upon us. If eitherObama or Clinton manage to make it into office, this is the future we have to look forward to. Yet another attack against the capitalistic, small-government dream which our Founding Fathers held dear.

Unfortunately if Ron Paul doesn’t win it doesn’t matter who is in the cerry throne and any of hte other demopublicans or republicrats are all socialistic in their views.

Well here in Maryland now i have to charge 6% sales tax on EVERYTHING i do except webdesign. I was hoping to delay my price increases a while longer but it appears Maryland decided to not only do it for me but to steal that revenue away form me to boot. It appears i will be jumping into this political fray to hopefully get this turned around as MD businesses are going to be paying 800 million of the 1.3 billion in new taxes.

Here’s a link to a google search about the new taxes..i’m interested in the new sales taxes. What Intel Giveth, Microsoft Taketh Away

Also Vista sp1 fails to impress the same blogger in terms of performance with rc0 of the service pack.

U.N.’s landmark report on warming – World environment-

Never mind that the earth is actually cooler than 2 years ago the UN wants control of the world for itself. Global warming, climate change, whatever you want to call it is nothing more than another attempt at a one world government.

*long time needed update* I don’t know how i missed this. When you look at the agendas of the GW people it’s quite stark what their tactics are actually based on. The Czech president actually sums it up totally’s communism rebranded. – Robbery Suspect Charged With Murder After Alleged Accomplices Killed by Homeowner

Three block men break into a house and two of them get shot to death. The third burglar is being charged with murder in the death of his two accomplices. Racism cries abound..but it’s another false charge(as usual). Charging the third man with murder is wrong..but not racist…frankly he’s lucky the homeowner was not able to shoot him dead. Instead of whining to the press and the black shiesters he should own up to his offense and take the jail time he deserves..for burglary and related charges..but not murder. – Cambridge Officials Put a Stop to Boy Scout Drive to Aid Troops in Iraq

A verbal agreement for them is not going to work in these days. ?? The BSA is going to be targeted for more discrimination and persecution while they rightfully take a stand against the homosexual cancer that is infesting this nation. ???? Get it in writing..but be ready, even that will be violated upon the whim of your elected officials.

Here’s the Boston Herald link.

WorldNetDaily: Annapolis insanity

God specifically warns against this very thing. What’s worse is the consequences will make everyone who doesn’t think for themselves(most of the human population and even a significant percentage of modern Christians) run to the UN and set the stage for the future rise of hte Anti-Christ. Hang on folks it’s going to be one heck of a ride..:)

Schneier on Security: Taking Pictures from a Train

Yep. Socialism is on the march. This is harassment plain and simple. If i was watching this happen i would challenge them to produce the relevant regulations. WHEN they didn’t i would go along and then file a federal AND civil lawsuit against the police, the train operator and the conductor asking for no less than 1 Billion dollars.

krashpad: It’s nearing Election Time again.

I’m not voting for Ron Paul because he’s repub. I’m voting for Ron Paul because he’s a strict constitutionalist…:)

Duane Chapman has always been fun for me to watch but we have to be careful with our daughter due to the profanity. Now this recording(which AFAIK was illegal in the first place) gets released and after listening to it I have to say Dog should be embarrassed for himself and his family. I hope the Lord can help him heal whatever needs healing that he felt the need to use nigger in that racial context. The amount of other profanity in that audio is also over the top.

WorldNetDaily: Coed locker room plan sparks surge of outrage

here’s an amazing quote from one of the council members:
“The Montgomery County Council has voiced callousness and arrogance to the concerns of parents who object. When asked by a mother concerned about her 10-year-old daughter who swims at the Germantown Indoor Pool, where she must undress in front of women since there are no separate changing rooms, if under this law she could be changing next to a person with male genitals, Council member George Leventhal responded via email: ‘I cannot absolutely put to rest your concern that girls might find themselves in a locker room or dressing room in the presence of a person who expresses or asserts herself as a woman but who still has male genitals, but based on my own sense of the prevalence of that condition in the population, I think the likelihood of that occurring is remote,'” PFOX said.

This is a sexual offender’s(of all stripes not just pedophiles) dream. This guy is obviously aware of the CERTAINTY of sexual assaults in female locker rooms if this gets passed. Judging by the attitudes of the council it will unless the montco residents don’t wake up and make enough noise to stop this.

Remind me not to head to anyplace in MontCo if i could remotely need to use a public bathroom and it looks like my wife better be using lockable bathrooms or press her employer for that since she now works in montco.

Who Is Behind “Shared Source” Misinformation Campaign? | Open Source Initiative

The approved MS shared source as an open source license. The rub is later in this article they state the below:
Shared source is not open source by another name. Shared source is an insurgent term that distracts and dilutes the Open Source message by using similar-sounding terms and offering similar-sounding promises. And to date, ‘shared source’ has been a marketing dud as far as Open Source is concerned.

If MS’s shared source isn’t open source why did you approve it as such? Their reasoning? They wanted to encourage MS to play nice. That’s amazingly short sighted for a firm that is supposed to be the watchdog for all open source licenses. MS has no intention of playing nice. MS’s shared source is not open source and the OSI needs to rescind their approval based on their own reasoning.

Audio version of Cory Doctorow’s DRM talk (

I originally found this at the link above. This is the text being read by Jason of Cory’s speech. I then searched for the original video. I found it but of course it’s in IE only format. I decided to make a direct audio recording of it but instead of mp3(which is patent encumbered) i made it into an .ogg file. The original text of the speech is here.

The .ogg file is here. However it appears the Q&A isn’t included. I decided to include it in this audio..:) The audio is 60 megs in size and over an hour in length.