November 3, 2007 General 0

WorldNetDaily: Coed locker room plan sparks surge of outrage

here’s an amazing quote from one of the council members:
“The Montgomery County Council has voiced callousness and arrogance to the concerns of parents who object. When asked by a mother concerned about her 10-year-old daughter who swims at the Germantown Indoor Pool, where she must undress in front of women since there are no separate changing rooms, if under this law she could be changing next to a person with male genitals, Council member George Leventhal responded via email: ‘I cannot absolutely put to rest your concern that girls might find themselves in a locker room or dressing room in the presence of a person who expresses or asserts herself as a woman but who still has male genitals, but based on my own sense of the prevalence of that condition in the population, I think the likelihood of that occurring is remote,'” PFOX said.

This is a sexual offender’s(of all stripes not just pedophiles) dream. This guy is obviously aware of the CERTAINTY of sexual assaults in female locker rooms if this gets passed. Judging by the attitudes of the council it will unless the montco residents don’t wake up and make enough noise to stop this.

Remind me not to head to anyplace in MontCo if i could remotely need to use a public bathroom and it looks like my wife better be using lockable bathrooms or press her employer for that since she now works in montco.