Month: June 2007

The wall street disconnect

June 28, 2007 Finance General 0

The stock market is going up right now and projected to go higher. unfortunately they are ignoring the various warnings of a coming recession: 1: Oil is up to $70 a barrel 2: The subprime mortgage mess and the sudden halt of the real estate bubble. 3: Layoffs are starting up again 4: The overall… Read more

Amerika speaks: The judge already granted a temporary restraining order May 21, a day before the ordinance was to take effect, saying public approval of the ordinance does not mean the ordinance is legal.

June 7, 2007 General 0

This is amazing. Talk about an activist judge! He just said the people are not hte gov’t..the judges are. Hello oligarchy. Article text below: Judge Stops Ban That Would Forbid Apartment Rentals to Illegal Immigrants Wednesday, June 06, 2007 AP DALLAS ??? A U.S. judge halted enforcement Tuesday of an ordinance banning apartment rentals to… Read more