June 28, 2007 Finance General 0

The stock market is going up right now and projected to go higher. unfortunately they are ignoring the various warnings of a coming recession:

1: Oil is up to $70 a barrel

2: The subprime mortgage mess and the sudden halt of the real estate bubble.

3: Layoffs are starting up again

4: The overall economy is slowing down.

5: Milk now costs more a gallon than gasoline

Luckily this household runs on CASH not credit. We have zero credit cards and don’t borrow for anything. The only debt we have right now is our house and it is under(i would say protected) by a 30 year fixed mortgage. The only severe cost to our house here is the oil heat which we have supplemented with electric baseboard heat downstairs which is what the oil burner serves. If you are using credit cards for anything or have a variable rate mortgage..refi now to a fixed rate and pay off those credit cards..now.