Month: December 2020

The holidays spoiled..and my rescue plan

December 19, 2020 Family 0

it’s been now more than 5 years..almost precisely 5.5 years since the passing of my wife Heather.  The holidays for her were a time to go all out.  It was nice though because she would make it easy for me to do my relaxing thing.  I am not into the craziness that is the time… Read more

Karl’s take on 2020

December 12, 2020 Covid-19 General Health Pandemic 0

2020: A Look In Review, And Dark Days Forward* [Comments enabled] When I first began writing The Market Ticker I made a practice of doing a “Year in Review” ticker toward the back half of December with a list of predictions for the next year.  Part of this, after the first one of course, was scoring myself… Read more

The Churchian/SJW infiltration of the SBC

December 10, 2020 Christianity Church Churchianity Faith 0

I’ve talked about a similar topic several times over the years..but I didn’t know it went back to 2010.  Sounds about right given what I’ve experienced over the years.  Now there’s this article that exposes what is going on and unfortunately even the North American Missions Board is getting converged.  Sad really..for the churches operating… Read more

Trumps recent speech

December 4, 2020 Anti-Americanism General New World Order Politics 0

I am not sure Trump will triumph in this battle because the establishment simply does not want Trump to win no matter what.  That begs the bigger question of what happens in either result either Trump winds or he doesn’t? I tried to post this link in Facebook but it appears Mike Adams has blocked… Read more

A whitepaper on covid-19 by Karl Denninger

December 2, 2020 Covid-19 Health Pandemic 0

I am going to put a link to the post but Karl is blocking remote access to the have to goto his site and then click the link.  I have grabbed a copy and will serve it from my site if you want a faster way to get to the paper. Here’s my local… Read more

if the election is legit..why are folks rushing to shred entire machines right now?

December 1, 2020 Anti-Americanism New World Order 0

Politicians are now saying vaccines can be forced upon the population

December 1, 2020 Anti-Americanism Health New World Order 0

Politicians are now coming right out and saying they believe they have some kind of right to force a vaccine on you. They fully believe that all they need is a law (words on paper) that they wrote themselves to violate your basic human rights. Anthony Sabatini, a Republican state representative, has already warned Floridians… Read more

The election fraud plot thickens*updated as twitter deleted the link*

December 1, 2020 New World Order Politics 0

Well now…as if the Chinese gov’t didn’t own enough critical infrastructure in this county they have a significant stake in Dominion voting systems as well:   Free trade is good, they told us. The free flow of international capital benefits everyone, they told us. So, we can only conclude, without doubt, that it… Read more