December 19, 2020 Family 0

it’s been now more than 5 years..almost precisely 5.5 years since the passing of my wife Heather.  The holidays for her were a time to go all out.  It was nice though because she would make it easy for me to do my relaxing thing.  I am not into the craziness that is the time from 2 weeks before thanksgiving to the first of the next year.  When she died I got that full force.  I have finally had enough mainly because I have gotten tired of trying to swim in that current…and it’s gotten to the point where i loathe Christmas and the entire “holiday” season…and I did not like what I was becoming.  I decided to step back..get off social media, and withdraw into my house of solitude…at least that is what this house is going to become.  It’s going to take a couple of years to establish my traditions..which wil be MUCH lower key than what folks around me have been used to.  My eldest has moved out and now it is just me and the youngest…and I am going to show her MY version of Christmas and the least on the inside here of this household.  If she wants the nutso stuff she has plenty of friends and family to head to..if she wants to wind down and relax..she knows where to come to..:)