The fearmongers step back a bit as support for Goodwill grows

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper
“There has been a renaissance in Brunswick over the last few years,” said Amy Quillen, a Brunswick resident and an industrial engineer for the Department of Navy in Washington.

People have taken older homes and refurbished them for exorbitant amounts of cash, she said.

“We are seeing a gradual emergence into an artsy town,” Quillen said. “A Goodwill store would not reinforce that image.”

“We have a vision for Brunswick and have built up downtown,” said Catherine Tynan, who owns Phoebe’s Travel Trunk at 6 W. Potomac St. and is president of the board of directors for the Brunswick Railroad Museum.

“We want to change the image, have an eclectic mix of businesses and bring a certain demographic into Brunswick,” Tynan said.

Tynan says Goodwill is an excellent program but she prefers a Goodwill donation drop-off location and training center for Brunswick. Tynan, an information technology trainer for the Department of Commerce, has offered to volunteer her training expertise.

“I think we’re an awfully small town to try and host one of their mega-retail stores,” she said. “I can’t imagine where they’d find the square footage they need or the parking.”

It’s not your concern about where they will find parking or space.  Still running scared are we?  I say bring them in.  If they really are going to buy a place in downtown even better..i’ll be able to WALK there and save the highly expensive fuel even more.  This is a huge boon to Brunswick and just because it doesn’t fit the mold of the vision of a few doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.  I know my family will be looking there for things many times due to the reduced costs AND be sending stuff there way to boot.  A goodwill is not the sign of a depressed or blighted community.  Take a look at my earlier post for how easily that argument is shot down.  Mayor Jones steps forward with a great quote, “”Anyone can start a business. Prospective owners prepare surveys, and if viable, they open. Government has no role in legalizing entrepreneurship,” Jones said. One final thing,  6000 square feet is not a mega’s only three times the size of my house..that’s not a mega store.  They are looking to BUY and EXISTING property not build a new building.  Main street says they want to get more business to downtown..I can’t think of a better thing to jumpstart Brunswick nacent used clothes market than a Goodwill.  This means anyone else needs to distinguish themselves from Goodwill(there are higher-end used clothes available) instead of fearmongering take advantage of the opportunity.

Goodwill Industries plans expansion to Brunswick..and a local vendor engages in fearmongering.

Goodwill Industries plans expansion to Brunswick
It seems like the city has been working behind the scenes with Goodwill, Tynan said. There are several concerned residents who are not pleased. We feel a Goodwill store perpetuates the notion of Brunswick as a depressed community. And we’ve had such an effort over the last few years to dispel that notion and to build up the reputation of Brunswick as a destination.

Having a Good will in Brunswick is a bad thing? I have a TON of stuff to donate and frankly Goodwill is the best place but going to Frederick and Wva isn’t going to happen in this day of $4.00 a gallon or higher gas. This has nothing to do with Goodwill being a sign of blight, “Catherine Tynan, owner of Phoebe’s Travel Trunk, a second-hand shop at 6 W. Potomac St., also said she feared the nonprofit would dominate the used-clothing market in Brunswick. She compared the impact of Goodwill on her shop to the effect a Borders would have on a smaller bookstore.

We just can’t compete”, she said.

So is Charlestown, Wva a blighted community? How about Frederick? How about the neighborhoods where the goodwills are? Not from what I have seen. I drive by these locations weekly either heading to shop for groceries or during my travels with a mowing service. Please…yes they are going to make life more difficult for you..but instead of disparaging a well-respected, highly reputable, community serving charity how about you try to find a way to either survive or move on.

*UPDATE* I’ve only touched on a couple of the shameful things that were said in the article. If you have not followed the link to the article above please do so now and then reread this post. Another full rant follows tomorrow.  I found another version of this where the mayor fires right back and have updated the link with this more detailed version.  Go Mayor Jones!!

Texas Appellate Court begins the reversal of the anal-cranial inversion of the Texas CPS. – Texas Appellate Court Rules Officials Did Not Have Right to Seize Polygamist Ranch Children

Remember this story? it appears that some court in Texas has realized the various problems with this illegal seizure of children. As usual I like Vox Day’s take on this. i really started reading his blog once i saw this post. The quote that had me laughing so hard it woke my wife up is, “Alternatively, perhaps I should have engaged in some chest-beating primate display, bared my teeth, driven away the lesser male and mounted her right there on the sidewalk, all the while shrieking like a rabid chimpanzee on meth.”

The failure of the “system”

“For now, many of the needy, including many in Kladis’ store pushing carts laden with soda pop, bags of cookies and chips — much of it cheaper than healthier food — are doing what they can to stretch their shrinking buying power.

“The bottom line is, a mother trying to feed her kids is not really picky about what she puts in their bellies,” said Dan Gibbons, executive director of the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation. “She just wants them full.””


Gee, the last time I checked, Water was less expensive than soda and much better for the body.

In reading through articles such as this, it becomes more and more evident that we are so dependent on the Government to provide that we have lost the ability to think. Since things need to be spelled out clearly, let me take a stab at it.

Sam’s Club Membership = $35 per year

Gallon of Milk (Sam’s Club) – $2.85 ( 148.20 per year)

Gallon of Milk (per – $3.80 (197.60 per year)

Now, that makes up the price of the membership….but let’s continue

(Note: The non-Sam’s Club prices listed below are the lowest prices listed from stores I routinely frequent)

90% lean ground beef (Sam’s Club) – 2.49/lb

87% lean ground beef on sale – $3.99/lb


Romaine Hearts (package of 6) (Sam’s Club) – $4.49

Romaine Hearts (package of 3) – $3.49


Whole Chicken – $0.79/lb (average 3-4 lbs)

Whole Chicken (same brand and size) – $0.99

Granted, it took some time to research which stores were carrying what this week, but in my desire to save money while having my family eat healthy meals, I look at where the savings are and shop accordingly. Shopping at a convenience store is a great way to throw money away. I love having my hard earned money being thrown away for a “quick fix”

Here is where the system fails. Instead of encouraging those who need assistance to make wise choices, they continue to throw money away. IMO, they should not increase the amount that recipients can receive without receiving documentation that the money is being spent wisely. I can provide for my family of three on less than $250 per month (based on today’s prices). Granted that is up from a year ago, but we have also been making healthier food choices. That $250 also includes care for my pets, cleaning supplies, HBC, and paper products (like napkins). I live in an area where the cost of living is high. So, if I can make that money last, why is it so challenging for others to do the same? And please note: My $250 is money that I earn. I do not receive any assistance from the government or faith based organizations.

Perhaps this will also help.

A great product for pregnant women

I was at our child birthing class which turned out to be much more informative and engaging than i thought it would be.  I wanted those fellow class members to know about a product that has helped my wife immensely.  It’s called the allnighter by leachco.  It’s been a total gosend for my her full supplort of her back, tummy, legs, and neck.  She has slept better the past three days than she has the past 3 months.

I got my wife’s at

You can also find it at

I hope others find this information useful..:)

Weather Scientists demand more computing power so they can continue to get their forcasts wrong

Weather scientists demand more power – The INQUIRER

Give me a break.  If they would jut use their EXPERIENCE and not rely on computers exclusively then they would be relevant.  I watch the forecasts change hourly because the computer models change hourly.  The only time you can be a bit assured of the accuracy is when the forecast stays the same for a few days..but by then what the computers are saying is so obvious anyone can look outside and know what is going to happen.  The days of truly experienced meteorologists i guess are gone.  If they are relying on computers then who needs a meteorology degree?  You just need a bit of computer experience and you can read the crap the computers are putting out and be just as inaccurate as the so called experts are.

Illegal Immigration Advocate Group Says the Cost of Enforcement too High to Continue *UPDATED*

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper
David was brought to tears while speaking at CASA de Marylands press conference to unveil a report about a Frederick County program to detain and deport unauthorized immigrants. She said she has been unable to retrieve information about her partners case.

The negative effects from this program are not only physical, but psychological, David said.

“The fear is immense,” she said.

The Frederick County Sheriffs Office program will cost millions and increase racial profiling without reducing crime, according to the report presented Tuesday by the immigration activists group.

I despise groups that try to say, “please don’t arrest the criminals who came here illegally because it costs too much” or whatever other drivel they can come up with. You came here and stay here illegally so you need to get out. The cost of you STAYING is too high…it’s really that simple.

*UPDATED* I don’t normally agree with Roy Meacham but this time I absolutely agree with him with this column on The Tentacle.