May 7, 2008 General 0

The Frederick News-Post Online – Frederick County Maryland Daily Newspaper
David was brought to tears while speaking at CASA de Marylands press conference to unveil a report about a Frederick County program to detain and deport unauthorized immigrants. She said she has been unable to retrieve information about her partners case.

The negative effects from this program are not only physical, but psychological, David said.

“The fear is immense,” she said.

The Frederick County Sheriffs Office program will cost millions and increase racial profiling without reducing crime, according to the report presented Tuesday by the immigration activists group.

I despise groups that try to say, “please don’t arrest the criminals who came here illegally because it costs too much” or whatever other drivel they can come up with. You came here and stay here illegally so you need to get out. The cost of you STAYING is too high…it’s really that simple.

*UPDATED* I don’t normally agree with Roy Meacham but this time I absolutely agree with him with this column on The Tentacle.