April 29, 2008 General 0

Dell, Lenovo to offer Windows XP beyond June 30 cutoff
Is there any way to get Windows XP after June 30th? Customers may continue to get Windows XP Professional by exercising Downgrade Rights that come with Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate licenses. Dell has the ability to exercise “Windows Vista downgrade rights” on your behalf in the factory if your business is still reliant upon Windows XP and you’d prefer to have Windows XP Professional preinstalled on your PCs.

Users must select either “Genuine Windows® Vista Business BONUS” or “Genuine Windows® Vista Ultimate BONUS,” for Dell to install Windows XP Professional. The computer will ship with a backup media disc for Windows XP Professional, as well as the media for Windows Vista for upgrade purposes (since the computer is licensed for that OS as well). Dell will provide technical support for both operating systems.

There you have it.  You can still get xp Professional through this workaround.  Now there is no need to worry about being forced to run Vista..at least until MIcrosoft kills downgrade rights.