Month: December 2006

AACS(the new HD encryption) already cracked

December 28, 2006 General 0

AACS decrypted There’s more on the doom9 forums here.?? It only took this person 8 days of determined effort…:)

HD disk format wars are over?

December 27, 2006 General 0

The Inquirer seems to think so.?? With the highly draconian DRM put into HD it’s not really surprising.?? Remember my previous post about the Vista DRM mess?

Looking Deeply Into the Mess That is Windows Vista

December 25, 2006 General 2

A disgusting use of Jesus

December 15, 2006 General 0

This is so disgusting.  Jesus has nothing to do with trying to get Wal-Mart unionized.  That’s it.

Pray for Sen. Tim Johnson

December 14, 2006 General 0

Regardless of whether he is a (D) or (R) this is something to be prayed for.  I heard the audio and it seems he had a major cranial event similar to a stroke.  He’s now in critical condition following emergency brain surgery.  Let’s pray he has a full recovery.

A scary proposisiton

December 13, 2006 General 0

That could be very true.  Bush has shown himself to not be a conservative at all but a globalist.  If things are this bad(which i have been saying they are for a while) then the plan to make an American union are ripe for the picking.  Interesting how America is not referred to int he… Read more

Upgrade your AVG now. Also AVG is still going to be free.

December 11, 2006 General 1

I have seen many folks and even some clients wondering if the AVG is going away from the free model. This is not the case. Grisoft is unfortunately trying to scare folks and they also don’t make it easy to find the free program. On it states: New Free Anti-Virus GRISOFT is announcing a… Read more

New sites under construction

December 11, 2006 General 0

I started this blog as a personal thing but figured out how good it is for security alerts and such things. I am going to be taking a copy of this blog to my business site and putting only the business portion of it on that side. This blog will become my personal site and… Read more

The transistion starts

December 11, 2006 General 0

A new admin has been chosen. It’s time to transition that person into my old job. Once i can get him trained on everything I can take that large slice of time and use it towards some very badly needed projects. My run has been long. Only history will tell if it has been good… Read more

Microsoft Word is a Major Attack Vector

December 10, 2006 General 0

Please read this blog posting.  There are now 2 extremly critical holes in MS Word that alow a remote attacker to run code on your system.  If you run as administrator(and most do) this can lead to a remote system takeover.  There is no workaround except to not open word documents.  A/v vendors are slowly… Read more

The ADS are Coming!!

December 8, 2006 General 1

Valve continues to mess with CS.  first they make source impossible to secure against rogue clients with the exception of kick/banning.  Now they are bringing in-game advertising to 1.6.  While valve tries to make it seem they are doing it for the good of the’s all about the money. 

Word is a security breach waiting to happen

December 6, 2006 General 0

From Eweek: Microsoft itself says don’t open word documents from anybody.  Isn’t this lovely.  There’s no patch, workaround, or a/v update for this one yet.  All of Emmanuel Computer Consulting clients are vulnerable to this.  As soon as a patch or workaround is available i will post here.  The security advisory from Microsoft is here.

I Hope this helps

December 6, 2006 General 0

I got tired of the trackback spam. I received 200!!!! trackback spams in the past 24 hours. For me with my small readership that’s more spams than people reading my site. I decided to add askimet and spam karma 2 on the site. I have found a plugin that combine askimet into spam karma so… Read more

A chapter closed

December 1, 2006 General 0

Well i knew this time was coming. I have known it for nearly a year now. I have had to end an Administration project that i took over for the last administrator. As per the rules i have tried to champion I am not going to say which project it is. While i feel like… Read more